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Join us as Ian talks to his friend Chris every week about the exciting and not so exciting days of their lives.

Join us as Ian talks to his friend Chris every week about the exciting and not so exciting days of their lives.


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Join us as Ian talks to his friend Chris every week about the exciting and not so exciting days of their lives.








NBR - 10/21/18

The guys are back! If you're in the Phoenix area next weekend, stop by and check out Ian's stand up sets at the All Things Comedy Festival and make sure to say hello to the guys. Enjoy!


NBR - 9/30/18

Ian's been sick, from both ends...the guys have a live podcast coming up at the All Things Comedy Festival in Phoenix next month. Check out for more details. Party on!


NBR - 9/24/18

Why doesn't Ian want children? Well it may have something to do with Pearl's Hoo-Ha.... Enjoy!


NBR - 9/15/18

Ian and Chris chat about the recent Loufest implosion, how Joe Rogan is the new Howard Stern, and how they'll get episodes out more regularly (but they'll be 30 minutes). Thanks for listening!


National Bagg Radio

Ian and Chris discuss scumbags, acting, and the business of comedy. Check out Ian on Marc Maron's WTF pod! Hit us up on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think of the show. NBR will be released on Fridays from now on. Enjoy!


National Bagg Radio

Chris and Ian discuss travel, mystery, and intrigue.


National Bagg Radio

Chris and Ian return with stories of east coast travels, comedy filtration, and new t-shirt news. Thanks for listening to NBR on All Things Comedy.



Chris and Ian are back, finally. The guys discuss Ian's Vegas job that involves skates, recent news, and field a few emails. Welcome back to the fold. Hail to the Bagg, baby!


National Bagg Radio

Chris and Ian discuss the past week's news, what Ian hates about comedy, and what its like to perform in Michigan. The guys end with stories of assault, arrest, and other delightful subjects. Check out Ian in Vegas this weekend, all dates at for more great content.


National Bagg Radio

The guys return after a few weeks of technical difficulties... Space Force, dead people on beaches, and lots of great topics in this one. Thanks for tuning in!


Ian gets a tentacle removed

Chris and Ian get together to finally deliver a new NBR. The guys catch up on all things Bagg, talk about the upcoming tour in Missouri, and what got pulled out of Ian's arm? Look for Ian on The Adam Carolla Show and WTF with Marc Maron in the near future. for Ians June 2nd STL show!


NBR - Chris Denman & Ian Bagg

Ian's back from Australia and we're rockin. The guys discuss Ian's flight back, his upcoming shoulder surgery (Bionic Bagg), and lots of great banter regarding comedy shows and whatnot. for tickets to Ian's Saint Louis, MO show! for Tour Dates!


NBR - Ian checks in from Australia

Ian calls in from tour in Australia! The guys discuss touring, upcoming plans, playing the Sydney Opera House, and even some interesting questions at the end. Kansas City, Missouri & St. Louis, Missouri dates announced! Buy Tickets online at Thanks to


National Bagg Radio 4-19-18

Ian and Chris discuss Ian's big weekend in San Jose, riding along with an officer, roasting hockey professionals, and turning down the sharks. Thanks for listening! @BaggRadio on Twitter! Ian is on tour in Australia right now! Catch him in Saint Louis, Missouri June 2nd at The Send Up on Shaw.


National Bagg Radio - 4/10/18

Chris Denman sits down in THE SAME STUDIO with Ian Bagg. Ian joins Chris live from Gaslight Lounge in Saint Louis, Missouri. The guys talk about Ian's comedy journey, why he's in STL, and freak out a little bit being able to look each other in the eye. Check out Ian in San Jose this week, Australia in May, and back in STL June 2nd! Twitter: @BaggRadio @TweetDenman


National Bagg Radio

The guys jump right into it discussing condom snorting, Orlando shows, Ian's upcoming weekend in Pittsburgh, and more. The guys finish with a list of MTV personalities and read a heartfelt letter. Follow @BaggRadio on Twitter - Check for Bagg info Check out Jay Chandrasekhar from Super Troopers on Chris Denman's other podcast 'We Are Live!' @weareliveradio


National Bagg Radio - 3/27/18

Ian is back in California after his successful shows in Chicago. The guys go long again discussing the current social and political climate. Ian has intersecting social media interactions and removes someone while recording the show. Mike Mcdonald is remembered and Ian talks about his time spent around the late Garry Shandling. Check out Ian in Orlando this weekend! @BaggRadio on Twitter Chris is interviewing Jay from Super Troopers this week on We Are Live! @weareliveradio on Twitter


National Bagg Radio

Ian's back in California after a weekend in Atlanta, the guys discuss behavior of people on St. Patrick's Day. Ian announces a show for a pro sports team, the guys tease summer shows, and a secret crush is announced. Go see Ian in Chicago this weekend! Check out for more info!


NBR- Chris Denman & Ian Bagg

Ian gives the skinny on his weekend in Denver, while looking ahead to Atlanta. The Bagg man talks about the time he heard Carlin rehearsing his set on the other side of the wall, then the guys discuss why Ian isn't a household name...yet.


National Bagg Radio - Chris Denman & Ian Bagg

Chris and Ian discuss French Bulldog's on stage, whale watching, Oscars, and Mr. Bagg tells us something he's learned before the guys go through another list. Thanks to Dan Soder for NOT coming on the show. @BaggRadio on Twitter @TweetDenman on Twitter for tour dates!