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Wicked Anime :: Goblin Slayer RPG Special

Wicked Anime returns to the BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth) system that launched their first Wicked Anime RPG Special, but this time... they're going on a goblin hunt a la one of the wildest rides in recent anime: Goblin Slayer. Check out that show to get an understanding of the universe we are playing in, or just dive in - but trust us, it’s playing with fire! Join Jonstar, Andrew, Evan, Derek, Greg, and Roomie Raf as they talk about what’s happening in anime and Slay Goblins! PLUS – Apples,...


Nerdy Show Theatre Special Bulletin :: November 2017

There's some BIG CHANGES coming to Nerdy Show Theatre! We're retooling this feed to be exclusively a home to our limited audio drama series and specials. Hear our Network Head, Cap, give more info - and if you want to continue to get the latest from our regular series, please subscribe to their standalone feeds: The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program: The Orphans: Dungeons & Doritos: Ghostbusters:...


Nerdcasting the Multiverse: Thanksgiving Special

What we know as "reality" is just a thin barrier covering an infinite multiverse of parallel worlds. Many scientists agree on this theory, but we have proof. Earlier this year, we discovered a rift that allowed us to hear other realities. Tuning our dials into that strange abyss of alternate broadcasts was a fascinating adventure AND it was free entertainment! Who are we to pass up a bargain? 'Tis the season, after all. Remarkably enough, our holidays are mirrored in these other worlds; so...


Wicked Anime :: Maid RPG Special

Once before the Wicked Anime hosts transformed into cliche anime personas for a massive RPG adventure in B.E.S.M. (Big Eyes, Small Mouth), but this time we're switching genres and going kawaii; this time we're playing Maid. Maid is a tabletop RPG where players become housemaids in a mansion - each of them simply looking to serve and appease the master as best they can. Andrew is the GM and Master of the house, Jojoshiro Kujo-sama (aka Jojo-sama), who lords over a motley crew of servants:...


Nerdy Show: Nerdcasting the Multiverse

When The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast isn’t unloading on the latest geek news and happenings, we’re diving deep into the super-specific with listener-requested discussions and interviews. But then on rare occasions... something much more unusual happens... We're no strangers to strangeness. We've encountered real-life werewolves, experienced hauntings and close encounters; but admittedly it's been a while since we've tangled with the paranormal. Turns out the paranormal isn't done...


Bustin’ with Central Florida Ghostbusters – Part 2

Our ride-along with the Central Florida Ghostbusters continues! Cap and Doug were only setting out to interview the Ghostbusters, but now they’re out on a call with them… to an abandoned hospital! But busting ghosts isn’t all ectoplasmic glitz and glamor – this is just a routine call typically placed by practical jokers and the paranoid. Yet, as they enter the hospital, something seems different. Hear the Ghostbusters try to spook themselves and their tag-alongs, discussing the fan chosen...


Bustin’ with Central Florida Ghostbusters – Part 1

Last year, the Central Florida Ghostbusters saved Orlando, and most likely the world, from an ancient evil that manifested a pyramid atop the arts district… You may have heard about it. We’ve been trying to get these guys on the show for ages, and we’ve finally got em’! Join Cap for a paranormal Halloween treat with The Central Florida Ghostbusters: La Forge, Wall, Briggs, Poole, and their General Manager (and Nerdy Show host) Doug. What started as a chill night interviewing the crew at...


Wicked Anime :: B.E.S.M. RPG Special - Part 1

Wicked Anime plays the anime tabletop RPG BESM, or Big Eyes Small Mouth. No anime cliche goes unexplored! There’s mecha, catgirls, highschoolers, magical girls, and ninjas galore! Join the entire Wicked Anime crew on a two-part high octane anime action thrill ride! This episode is even more special considering that a short year ago is when we started this podcast and what would be more fitting than to do a super-sized, out of the ordinary special! For links and more info, head to the main...


How I Met Your Mothra

Join your favorite suburban saurians in an episode of the hit sitcom: How I Met Your Mothra, featuring Marc With A C’s original title theme! Hapless dad Godzilla and sassy mom, Mothra try to keep their all-monster family from destroying everything in sight. With kid brother Gigan falling in with the wrong crowd, big sis Gyaos stressing over the Junior Social, and King Ghidorah coming over for dinner – tensions are high! Nothing that a visit from Uncle Gamera and the always-loveable antics of...


RPG 1-SHOT :: Paranoia XP

Don your jumpsuit and keep your Commie ramblings at bay, ’cause Nerdy Show is journeying deep, deep into the recesses of Alpha Complex for a fan-requested RPG 1-shot: Paranoia XP! ALL HAIL FRIEND COMPUTER! Yes, because you demanded it, the Nerdy Show crew has braved one of the most beloved sci-fi tabletops of all-time. Where no one is what they seem and everyone is a TRAITOR! Where Friend Computer and Secret Societies rule all! Where your life means nothing! …At least until the clones run...


Nerdy Show: Declassified

Join us as we seek the truth behind UFOs, Atlantis, Paul McCartney, and every government cover-up in-between. Featuring interviews with the illusive blogger behind Crazy Fucking Conspiracies, MK Ultra rapper Mrs. Paintbrush aka Jackson of Grand Buffet, and historical mysticism author Lanaia Lee. Draw the blinds, put on your tin foil helmet, and open your minds. The truth is out there. For more info and links, go...


Nerdy Show: Life Day Spectacular

Winter holiday specials are a time honored tradition. Some are simply strange attempts to cash in on the holiday season (*cough*StarWars*cough*), others are brilliant, creative outpourings in the name of warmth, family, togetherness, and the hope that maybe, just maybe we can make the world a better place. We’d like to think this is the latter, but we’re willing to bet you’ll disagree. Whatever you celebrate this holiday season – Nerdy Show is right there with you! We’ve got a...


Nerdy Show: The Curious Case of Dean Wallace

What you’re about to hear is an unparalleled document of the unusual. We pushed aside our regularly scheduled programming to tackle a pressing matter… the disappearance of our good friend, Dean Wallace. Dean’s an occasional commentator here on Nerdy Show – an outdoorsman who’s had one or two run-ins with the paranormal… including werewolves. Recently, Dean found out his son, Gary, had big hairy secret and was looking to turn the hunter into the hunted. We thought Dean had the situation...