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Episode 4: "The Worst Episode Ever"

It's been a while for us, and this one REALLY sucks...but get ready for more busting on Scott's drum videos, the completely absurd and inappropriate premiere of Fucko & Petals, plus song parodies, from-the-archives, and more!


Episode 2: "The Ups & Downs Of Pursuing A Creative Career" 11/18/17

In the second episode of 'Neurotic Creatures' Scott discusses Big Fat Snare--a new drumhead which he used at The Amatory Murder's latest gig. Binx and Xian shout-out Black Ring Dreams, a great new artist based in The Bronx, NY. Binx also compares Scott's drum videos to a cheeseburger challenge; and things get serious at certain points when we talk about the recent shooting at The Masquerade in Georgia as well as the ups and downs of pursuing a creative career. Plus prank phone calls, more...


Episode 1: "We Don't Know What We're Doing" 10/25/17

The Amatory Murder start off Episode 1 of our new podcast series in typical fashion of said Neurotic Creatures: bickering over nothing. Scott tells us about Drum Kubes--a new invention replacing pillows in kick drums; Binx talks about his acting showcase at Michael Howard Studios; and the band reminisces about a near-death experience on the road during their last tour.