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News Fighters is a comedic look at the week in Australian news, media and political hypocrisy, hosted by ex-Tonightly and Chaser editor Dylan Behan.

News Fighters is a comedic look at the week in Australian news, media and political hypocrisy, hosted by ex-Tonightly and Chaser editor Dylan Behan.




News Fighters is a comedic look at the week in Australian news, media and political hypocrisy, hosted by ex-Tonightly and Chaser editor Dylan Behan.




Putin will take your calls! (& guest Andrew Levins)

It's our 75th episode and this week we look overseas to Russia and take a look a bizarre and bombastic annual TV event: Vladimir Putin’s marathon annual call in show, Direct Line (Прямая линия с Владимиром Путиным). This year it offers some interesting insights into the state of Russia as Putin feigns interest in the everyday struggles of his subjects for a massive four hours while dodging responsibility and promising to eventually fix things. Also we look at the controversial use of AI to...


ICYMI: Australia's Vaccine Sh*tshow

This week we revisit our deep dive episode from April on Australia's botched vaccine rollout, updated with some new clips and info that has since come to light. Were we at the front or the back of the queue? How many eggs did we order and why were they all in one basket? Why did Scott Morrison tell us he was going to get AstraZeneca and then he got Pfizer? Watch this segment on Youtube here: News Fighters is a comedic look at the week in Australian news, media...


Sydney's Delta Blow

As Sydney’s outbreak of the Covid Delta strain keeps getting worse, we’re stuck in a Vaccine Hunger War Games (except if you were one of the lucky private school kids who ‘accidentally’ got vaccinated). There’s so many repeats of the stuff ups of 2020 it feels like we’re listening to the same songs over and over again! Also Comedian Bec Melrose stops by with some funny updates on some dark new stories. Follow Bec on Instagram: (Note: this episode was...


Australia's Lockdown Winter Blunderland

As most of Australia goes back into the lockdown for the first time since the pandemic started, we blame Scott Morrison while Scott Morrison blames the virus. And our botched vaccine rollout gets re-botched as AstraZeneca becomes allowed for younger people (kind of) while Queensland says ‘Yuck, No Thanks! Also some good news! Happy News Correspondent Stefan Pazur stops by with some happy good news reports to cheer us up! Happy! See for privacy and opt-out information.


Sydney’s lockdown background & Greg Jericho on the Aussie economic recovery

This week: Sydney catches Covid, NSW State Parliament hosts a super spreading event, Gladys goes casual and Barnaby is back! Also Greg Jericho, economics writer for The Guardian Australia, talks housing affordability and how good Australia’s economic recovery has really been. Follow Greg on Twitter at and read his Guardian columns at Watch the Sydney outbreak mono on Youtube here:...


Our National Buffoon's European Vacation

This week: Scott Morrison observes the G7 in Cornwall, keeps loving coal and can’t get a solo meeting with Biden. Then he signs a biscuit-based free trade agreement agreement with Boris Johnson in London. Also Dylan shares covid jab stories with renowned Aussie TV comedy writer Dave Bloustien. Follow Dave Bloustien on twitter at Donate a Covid Vaccine to a developing country at Watch the monologue on Youtube:...


Expelled China Correspondent Michael Smith on the Australia/China Relationship

This week we have an update on Australia’s evolving and increasingly strained relationship with China and we chat to Michael Smith, one of the last remaining Aussie journos in China who fled last year amid a tense diplomatic standoff. He tells us all his time covering President Xi, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Uighurs in Xinjiang, and his new book, “The Last Correspondent: Dispatches from the frontline of Xi's new China.” Follow Michael Smith on Twitter at Buy The...


NSW Labor Implodes & Melbourne Lockdown #4

This week: Watch this episode on our Youtube here: Part 1 Melbourne Lockdown: Part 2 NSW Labor: News Fighters is a comedic look at the week in Australian news, media and political hypocrisy, hosted by ex-Tonightly and Chaser editor Dylan Behan. • Support us and get monthly bonus episodes:...


Australia's Vaccine Hesitancy. And Southeast Asia goes into lockdown (with guest Rishi Budhrani)

This week I briefly cover Anthony Albanese’s budget reply speech before taking a deeper diver into Australia’s weird vaccine hesitancy and why we should be worried about all the lockdowns now happening on our doorstep in Southeast Asia. Then I chat to accomplished Singaporean comedian Rishi Budhrani about the latest covid measures there and his new online news comedy show, The Rishi Report. Follow Rishi on Instagram here: Watch this episode on...


The 2021 Budget Spendathon Spectacular

It’s our annual quick turnaround, late night Budget Wrap episode! Child Care, Aged Care, Pretending to Care.... we break down the Coalition's Labor Budget in case you fell asleep from too many low tax craft beers (valid!) You loved the 2019 “Back in Black Budget” and the 2020 “Cushion The Blow Budget” - 2021 is the “Blow the Budget Budget”. Tune in as Treasurer Josh Frydenberg steals Labor’s mojo by spending like there’s no tomorrow, which for Labor there might not be! We break down all the...


Happy Beef Week! (Also: India Flight Ban, Tasmania Election & Bec Melrose on Biden's first 100 days)

Happy Beef Week everyone! It’s been a big week for news too. We look at the Morrison government threatening to jail anyone returning from India, then backing down while Andrew Bolt only just realises Australia might be racist. Then we recap the thrills and spills of the Tasmanian state election campaign. And finally Bec Melrose drops by to look at Biden’s first 100 days and discuss Scott Morrison’s pentecostal beliefs in his speech to the Australian Christian Churches conference. Follow Bec...


Scott Morrison's Hydrogen Dream. Also: Dr Monica Barratt on Psychedelics and Mental Health.

This week we take a quick look at the covid crisis unfolding in India. Then we take a deep dive into Scott Morrison’s fossil fuel powered hydrogen fever dream he revealed at Joe Biden’s Earth Day Climate Summit last week. My interview guest is Dr Monica Barratt from RMIT and co-lead researcher for the 2021 Global Drugs Survey, who talks about what’s stopping psychedelics being used to treat mental health issues and psychiatric conditions in Australia. Follow Dr Monica Barratt on Twitter at...


Canada’s Covid Catastrophe (with guest Jonathan Goldsbie)

This week we take a deep dive into the crisis of the third wave of Covid-19 in Canada, where a battle is raging between vaccinations and variants, and the leader of the biggest province of Ontario, Doug Ford, is seemingly asleep at the wheel. Our interview guest is Jonathan Goldsbie, news editor at the website Canadaland and co-host of the monthly podcast all about Doug Ford, Wag The Doug. Follow Jonathan on Twitter here: Listen to Wag The Doug here:...


The History of Australia’s Vaccine Debacle

irst this week we say “cheers” to Prince Philip who passed away at age 99 last week and answer the big question of “Who is Prince Philip?”. Then jump to the front of the queue as we do a deep dive into the messy history of Australia’s botched vaccine rollout… and why putting all our eggs in one (or so) baskets has meant you won’t be getting jabbed anytime soon! Watch this episode on Youtube here: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:...


ICYMI: A Year of COVID-19: What Australia got right and wrong! Also Guest: Tom Ballard

Taking a week off so thought I'd replay some stuff from earlier this year you may have missed. From Episode 56 (February 10, 2021): A Year of COVID-19: What Australia got right and wrong about the pandemic, and why the state premiers should get the credit for keeping Australia safe, not the Prime Minister. And my interview with comedian Tom Ballard (from Episode 52anuary 11, 2021) who is also my old boss from Tonightly with Tom Ballard. Get tickets to Tom's Comedy Fest show "We Are All in...


Scott Morrison’s Minor Ministerial Reshuffle. Also: Bec Melrose on the Suez blockage!

This week we have an in-depth look at Scott Morrison trying to fix his “women problem” by reshuffling his male-dominated cabinet around so hopefully you lose track of who’s currently scandal plagued and who isn’t. Also we look at the end of Jobkeeper, the Brisbane outbreak and the fumbling vaccine rollout. Then RAW Comedy Winner Bec Melrose joins us to talk the Suez Canal blockage, the H&M China boycott and ScoMo at the footy! Follow Bec Melrose on instagram...


It's Raining Patriarchy!

Episode 61 for March 25, 2021. THIS WEEK: After a “rain bomb” leaves TV reporters gasping for superlatives, Canberra then becomes inundated with a flood of crocodile tears as Prime Minister Scott Morrison attempts to revilatise his image with Australian women and fails spectacularly. Also guest Michael Chamberlin, head writer for Tonightly and co-host of the Junktime AFL podcast, stops by to talk his new Melbourne Comedy Festival show “Calm Down” and the upcoming AFL season. Follow Chambo...


What the WA election means for Australian politics.

In this weeks episode we have an in-depth look at what lead to the Liberal bloodbath in the WA state election and what it means for Federal politics in the upcoming federal election. At the top I also have a quick look at the historic Womens March 4 Justice this week and recent vaccine delays. And finally our showbiz correspondent Stefan Pazur stops by to talk the Grammy Awards and the Oscar nominations. See for privacy and opt-out information.


Why does China hate Australia?

This week we look at Dan Andrew’s recent fall, the Pope’s visit to Iraq and the media reaction to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle going on Oprah’s Sook Club. Then we have an in-depth look at relations between and Australia and China since the start of the pandemic. Is it a just trade war or the start of something more sinister? Also why does China hate us and more importantly: what do we do with all this leftover lobster and barley? News Fighters is a comedic look at the week in Australian...


The Future of Work in Australia

In this special episode on the Future of Work in Australia we look at Labor’s controversial industrial relations policy proposals that includes (shock horror!) minimum wages and sick leave. Then we chat to political economist Ben Spies-Butcher, head of sociology at Macquarie University about a recent study he did into Universal Basic Income (UBI) in Australia and how the pandemic may have given us a glimpse of what the future could look like in regards to free money! At the top of the show...