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#35 - F1 lets teams push their favorite driver and Stolen integras

#35 - F1 lets teams push their favorite driver and Stolen integras by Jon & Randy


#34 - We Go to the OC Auto Show and Run the Jaguar F-Type R!

We go to the OC Auto Show at the Anaheim convention center and try out some Miatas and a Jaguar F-Type R!


#33 - Shutting Down Tokyo & Showing a Daily at SEMA with Jofel Tolosa of Super Street & Hoonigan

Randy is a rockstar and Jon finds support for the Malaysia but it gets better, Jofel Tolosa of Super Street and Hoonigan joins us to discuss Tokyo shutdowns, car photography, Super Street, Hoonigan, his FR-S, and taking the daily to SEMA.


#32 -The New Supra appears in Spain and Engine Swaps in Virtual Reality Have Arrived

Under the Hood is back with virtual reality engine work and the new supra gets a test drive in Spain. The D.R.O report comes back with arguably the least desirable cars of all time and an earthquake dorm prank that might have gone too far!


#31 - Eminem Commits Murder, Let's Talk About It and Have You Seen the Death of a Car Forum?

The Rap God sends the Rap Devil back to hell in a big way, so let's talk about it. We breakdown the life of a car forum, obstacles with the Rio race car build, racing at the PureTrack autocross event, and which muscle car would we drive?


#30 - Elon Musk is Up in Smoke Tanking Tesla Again and Jon's Porch Plays With Fire

The Voodoo Ride x Team Synergy Summer Blast, Jon's porch goes up in flames, Elon Musk goes up in smoke and tesla goes down with it, Gatekeepers is back with "FWD is the Wrong Wheel Drive?", and Ford brings back the Mach 1 but it's a cross over?!


#29 - BMW Let's Jon Thrash Some M Cars and Randy Invents NanoTech Cars?!

The Rio loses it's third lip and takes an FR-S to school at Palomar Mountain Road. Randy continues his garage build and invents NanoTech cars! (Would you drive a Lego Bugatti?). Plus, BMW let's Jon have his way with an M240i, M3, and M4.


#28 - Clean Culture LA and the Dangers of Street Racing with Guest Menard of Knocks Brand

We get into Clean Culture LA Summer Showcase at the Stub Hub Center and Menard from Knocks Brand sits down with us to discuss car model shows, fake security detail for models, the Knocks brand, creepers at car shows, the dangers of street racing, and the San Diego scene beef!


#27 - Deer Surprises Us on a Canyon Run and Toyota Drops the Long Beach Grand Prix

Randy discusses his garage build and his vomiting prelude. Jon see's grandma in a Civic Type R and almost buys a BMW Z3. Turnbull Canyon offers up a view of a dear in the middle of canyon run, Toyota drops the Long Beach Grand Prix, and in a segment of The Gatekeepers: Is a 4 cylinder Supra really a Supra?


#26 - We Run the Bloodiest Road in CA & MDPD Measure Camber with @tunedinmaryland

We have @tunedinmaryland on the show to talk about the DMV scene and all the drama that comes with it. Maryland police measure your camber like your alignment shop! Jon takes a trip through the bloodiest road in California, Randy hates on hooning neighbors, we find out why Ford hates Ferrari, and how expensive is the most expensive supra?


#25 - Ghetto Car Audio and Would You Make a Deal with the Devil to Get Rid of C.A.R.B?

We get into our young ghetto car audio days. Jon's Rio gets keyed from end to end. We can no longer ignore the Auto Tariffs and how would you feel if Trump go rid of C.A.R.B? Mobility is evolving, why is everyone on these damn scooters? Electric vehicles are be taking over!


#24 - Girlfriend Puts the GSR in a Wall and Franco Pacoli Joins the D.R.O. Report!

Franco Pacoli joins the guys to talk about the car scene before the fast and the furious. The D.R.O. Report takes on the Integra Type R, Civic Type R , and 1st Gen NSX. Stalking RJ DeVera at shows, finessing car part money as a broke young blood, the CarMax hustle, and take off your damn shoes before you get in my car!


#23 - Scamming for Burgers at SPOCOM and Blockchain Invades the Car World?!

We venture into SPOCOM in Anaheim to find some drama and George the Crypto God joins us to explain the invasion of Blockchain Technology in the Car World! SPOCOM - Babies in Attendance - Burger Drama - Awkward Dancers - Bisimoto Blockchain in the Car World - What is Blockchain? - The Companies Involved - How are they using the technology - Fake Parts at Dealerships


#22 - 1 - The KDM Racing Scene and Losing Fingers in Rally with Eli Villa from Evilla Motorsports

Eli Villa from comes on the show to discuss - Racing the Kia Rio - KDM Scene and Support - How to Improve Driving - Building Parts for the Rio - B-Spec Cars - Racing Safety - Baja 1000 Trophy Trucks - Losing Fingers in Rally Racing - Starting Evilla Motorsports


#22 - 2 - A Rio beats a BMW and a Near Death Track Experience with Eli Villa from Evilla Motorsports

The second half of our interview with Eli Villa of we discuss: - Eli's Mentors - Rally Driving - Cali Rally Series with an Escort - Taking an E46 3 Series with a Rio - Racing Personalities - Endurance Racing with the Rio - Favorite Track to Ride: Nurburgring - Beginners at the Track - KDM Market - Business Ventures Old and New ( - Near Death Experience at the Track


#21 - Randy Plays Chicken with a GT-R and Jon Buys a Hot Dog at The Branded Show

- Branded Show - Randy's Trips to Singapore, Manila, and Chicago - Would Singapore Caning Laws Work in USA? - Project: ninetyoneoctane , should we get a civic? - The Value of the Nissan Skyline - The 5th Annual Branded Show - Auto Enthusiast Day 2018


#20 - The Lotus Elise enters Randy's Radar and Ever Lose 3 Cars Back to Back?

Bonus Podcast - Randy gets a flat and learns to buy car plugs - Tesla down 709 million in earnings - 2 billion in the model 3 - Jon will die before he gets an electric car - Your kids will be better at working on electric cars than you on the gas engine - Lotus Elise In mid 2000s - Randy can't decide between Miata, 124, and S2k - Randy's missed junkyard opportunities with the Prelude - Ford Focus RS and ST go down in price due to announcement off no more passenger cars by Ford - Type R and...


#19 - Jon Learns Not to Be A Good Samaritan and Are BMW Drivers Really Douchebags?

Jon gets crap for being a good samaritan, some lady gets her thumb chopped off by BMW, Randy lucks out with a 7 series uber. Kias you never knew existed, a new Gatekeepers segment: Are BMW drivers really douchebags? and Who's more likely to be the better co-driver in a rally race, Randy's Dad or Jon's?


#18 - Randy Loads 12 People into a Single Van and Zonkeys are Real!

Randy's dad coulda had a dodge stealth Jon's dad's stolen 280zx Randy's family conversion van Filipino road trips from Detroit to Florida Jon's first broken engine mount and what he did to break it 30min Soccer stories Headlines Hennessey Venom GT 300mph Uber introduces the flying car and stations for them Mexican politicians son closes road to play with his Ferraris in Mexico Mexico's Basketball team - The Zonkey's


#17 - Jon Smokes Seafoam and the Tide Pod Kids are Now Doing Takeovers...smh. #notmyscene

Jon's runs seafoam and clears it out on the road Randy ran seafoam solo with no help Randy's classmate who made it to the NBA Randy's roadtrip where he road a shitty bus from the strip to downtown las vegas and back The future of car ownership given rental services from the premium companies and's AirBNB for cars