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North of Newfoundland 034 – “Live and Loaded” Budget Coverage

It’s our provincial budget day podcast. We saw the local news doing “live and local” coverage and decided we should do “live and loaded.” Nick said that if we’re advertising loaded, we need to deliver on our promise, and forces Joel to drink a lot. We go over the boring budget and discuss how we’re...

North of Newfoundland 033

We have storm beers but there’s not much of a storm yet. Joel explains why a rogue air freshener made the house smell gross and tells a story of seeing two guys fight in the mall food court. We talk about the RNC’s problems and how their chief is retiring now, then move on to...

North of Newfoundland 032

Kevin O’Leary was in town wearing a sealskin jacket, and we think he said one thing that lost him support from much of NL. We check out a study showing that NL has a very high rate of heavy drinking, but we think the criteria for “heavy drinker” is too low. Maybe that’s the problem...


North of Newfoundland 031

Newfoundland had a crazy wind storm so we talk about the weather records, damages, and power outages. Nick tells a story about how great he felt seeing a dumb driver go off the road. Gander wants a movie theater. This leads to talking about how boring NL is and how any type of leisure business...

North of Newfoundland 030

Nick is on “vacation” so naturally, we are on the beer. We start off talking about a local beer retailer and a bad experience at the NLC, and move on to an odd awkward text from mom. There’s a misleading non-story in the news about the crowd at the Brier, and we discuss how Newfoundlanders...


North of Newfoundland 029

We start with Joel’s final thoughts on the Snelgrove trial and the childish behaviour of protestors. Then, moving onto important issues, we get into the story about the colour of a kid’s bowling pants losing them gold and wonder how hard it is to get a pair of black pants. Government removed the word “culture”...

North of Newfoundland 028

Jill returns as a special guest, and we spend the first part of the show breaking down the Douglas Snelgrove case and discussing all the things that come along with it, such as consent, the outrage over a Telegram headline, and Joel explains why he is predicting he will not be found guilty. We move...

North of Newfoundland 027 – Valentine’s Storm Show

There’s a big-ass storm outside, so Nick joins us through video chat. He wasn’t prepared for the storm so he’s drinking a strange mix of whatever alcohol could be found in the house. We chat about the snow, Valentine’s Facebook posts, how the day was ruined, and Joel tells a funny Valentine’s story from back...

North of Newfoundland 026

We do a live “storm” podcast and hope the power doesn’t go out, since it’s been so cold we had a warning that the province could be in the dark again. Joel wonders about people who can’t dance, and then sings songs from a guy who is returning to town to play a concert. We...

North of Newfoundland 025

It’s February so Joel is drinking again and enjoying it! We talk about falling off treadmills, then Joel makes a big announcement to top last week’s announcement about quitting Twitter. He explains the reason for the decision, and then we get into the fake/misleading news that’s everywhere, even in local news. Nick talks about the...


North of Newfoundland 024

Brandon joins us for the final episode before Joel is allowed to drink again. We do the inevitable and chat quickly about Trump and the “Women’s March” which wasn’t for women at all. This leads to Joel making a big announcement about Twitter and talking about how tired he is of reading crap from people...


North of Newfoundland 023

Milltown GoFundMe: We get off to the usual rocky start, then dive into a busy show! Newfoundlanders love to talk about the weather, so we talk about recent snowfall, the risk of a big storm coming soon, grocery store panic when there’s snow forecast, a new documentary about sidewalk snow-clearing, Joel tells a story...


North of Newfoundland 022

Another podcast and another week closer to the end of Joel’s “No Drink January.” Joel came home to find Nick drinking a beer outside on the step, making things even more difficult. We quickly run through some half-interesting news bits, then get into a discussion about reports of people breaking into cars. Snow-clearing is the next...


North of Newfoundland 021

It’s our first show of 2017 and there’s lots to talk about. The annual “ban fireworks” petitions are out, and Joel isn’t drinking for January. We talk about New Years Eve celebrations, how drunk Nick got, and how chill concert security is here in NL. Nick talks about how the first day back to school...


North of Newfoundland 020 – Boxing Day Special

Merry Christmas! It’s the Boxing Day episode! Nick is as drunk as he promised he would be. We’re on day 3 of Christmas drinking and drop in to do a live podcast and talk about the fun of Christmas and Nick winning a bologna stick! Many others have nothing to do and are watching live on...


North of Newfoundland 018

It’s Friday and the holiday season, so we’re pretty hammered by the time the show starts. Susan returns as a guest. We talk about how great the Trailer Park Boys were at Mile One and parking boots on cars. We’ve had a big storm nearly every day this week, and nobody hates snow and snow-blowing...


North of Newfoundland 017

It’s a busy show with lots of news and funny stories. Joel talks about being recognized in public, a guy who destroyed a bathroom downtown, and an ex-girlfriend who crapped her pants. We talk about Shaun Majumder coming under attack for a video he made, and remember how he called Joel an idiot. There’s a...


North of Newfoundland 016

Have you ever hitchhiked? We talk to Corey who hitchhiked all the way to St. John’s from Halifax and back again! There’s another food recall and it’s easy to guess what it is (or maybe not, since Nick couldn’t)… Joel thinks the news is trying to start a controversy over a platform that was left downtown...