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Hollywood keeps on rebooting everything over and over again, and always seems to get it wrong. So Tanner and Lindsay have decided to get one step ahead of them and reboot everything themselves! Through reboots, remakes, sequels, spin-offs, adaptations, and other weird scenarios, these two are gonna change it all for better or worse - which, sometimes, is still better.

Hollywood keeps on rebooting everything over and over again, and always seems to get it wrong. So Tanner and Lindsay have decided to get one step ahead of them and reboot everything themselves! Through reboots, remakes, sequels, spin-offs, adaptations, and other weird scenarios, these two are gonna change it all for better or worse - which, sometimes, is still better.
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Hollywood keeps on rebooting everything over and over again, and always seems to get it wrong. So Tanner and Lindsay have decided to get one step ahead of them and reboot everything themselves! Through reboots, remakes, sequels, spin-offs, adaptations, and other weird scenarios, these two are gonna change it all for better or worse - which, sometimes, is still better.






50: Tanner and Lindsay are Not Comic Economists

Greetings True Believers! We've managed to reach 50 episodes, and for that we decided to tackle something big - Marvel Comics! The House of Ideas could use some new ones, so Tanner and Lindsay are going to address things like the over-use of events and relaunches, the lack of focus on diverse characters, and the lessons that were never learned from the speculation boom. Also discussed are anatomy classes, the 50-State Initiative, and Spider-Man and Mary Jane's Televised Wedding! This week's...


49: Tanner Solves Feminism in 19XX

Sweet reboot are made of these. Who am I to disagree? Well...kind of the premise of the show. This week Tanner is rebooting Sucker Punch. They like about 15% of it but really need to reskin and recontextualize a lot of it so that it doesn't end up infantilizing or exploiting the women it thinks it's empowering. But Lindsay can help give it new life by adding in Nelly Bly, a riot grrrl soundtrack, and a seven metaphor smoothie. This week's friendship promo is @MyFavoritePKMN! Our cover art...


48: Lindsay's Mom Almost Sues Her School

This week, Lindsay's working a cold case: a disney cartoon cancelled before it's prime, given a chance to reclaim some glory by taking place in high school. She's rebooting Filmore, and discovering that making him and his associates high school PIs bears more than a passing resemblance to Veronica Mars. She and her partner Tanner will also be investigating school zoning issues, woodworking conspiracies, and Hicksville. This week's Friendship Promo is for "They, Them, Theirs", as hosted by...


47: Tanner Sees the Time Bra

*Apologies for any audio...weirdness. We had a "great" time recording this episode.* So the video game Overwatch has a bad case of "oops, all backstory". Tanner doesn't like that, they've decided they're gonna fix that. They'll explain to Lindsay issues like the lack of playable black women, robot racism, and justifying your diversity. On the upside they also encounter gremlin D-Va, ethical lootboxes, and breaking down video games to their bare essentials. This week's friendship promo...


46: Lindsay Seeks Out the Treasures of Ireland

This week we're off to the fantasy land of Avalon, hidden within the East coast of Canada. Lindsay is rebooting The Hidden World and it's sequel as an Isekai anime to scratch that Celtic and Arthurian lore itch she's got, seeking out treasures on phantom islands that may or may not be large turtles. Then Tanner realizes they own this book 20 minutes into the episode. The two also discuss terrible newfoundland accents, selkie content, and the planet Jupiter. This week's friendship promo is...


45: Tanner Made Spreadsheets for Degrassi

Please note: This episode contains discussions on drug addiction, body image, eating disorders, and blood donation. Discretion is advised. Whatever it takes, I know you can make it through this episode! Tanner is reviving Degrassi, bringing in the next-Next Generation. They'll tell Lindsay all about the shows history of dealing with heavy teenage topics, the bad boy-ingenue relationship dynamics, and whether or not an arson happened. Along the way they'll also learn all about car boys,...


44: Lindsay's 48-Hour Spy Camp, Much?

Here we go! Here we go! Lindsay's totally rebooting Totally Spies this week! While it may seem like Charlie's Angels for kids on the surface, when you get into it this show is...downright bizarre. Lindsay and Tanner wrestle with whether they want to make things a little bit more serious or just embrace the Silver Age ridiculousness wholeheartedly when they revive it as a comic book. They also discuss dumb acronyms, how lasers work, and dog hurtling competitions. This week's friendship...


43: Kids and Their Dog WILL Make You Like Scrappy Doo

Like zoinks gang! This week Tanner and Lindsay are joined by Cassidy and Lava from Kids and Their Dog to reboot not just Scooby Doo, but entire universe of Hanna-Barbera properties! The experts are drawing influence from Mystery Incorporated to tell the tale of crime-solving teens and talking animals fighting ghosts, capitalism, and the trickster god Magilla Gorilla. Along the way Tanner and Lindsay will be asking questions about whether Atlantis is reel, or if this dog is made of weed, or...


42: Lindsay Draws Down the Moon

We like the moon! She is a pretty girl! This week Lindsay is rebooting "The Buried Moon", an obscure English fairy tale about the Moon being kidnapped and the handsome youth who comes to rescue her. With Tanner's help she's going to make it an animated musical that draws strength from its connections to old English Folklore and even older mythological components. Along the way they'll also discuss Turnip-o'-Lanterns, Kevin Costner, and Grendel country. This week's Friendship Promo is...


41: Tanner & Lindsay Put Their Hands in Genuine Canadian Slime

What do you say when you stick a man in a gimpsuit and have him cover children in slime? UH-OH! That's right, it's everyone's favourite Canadian gameshow Uh-Oh! to get rebooted - and just in time for Canada day! Tanner and Lindsay don't have much in the way of how to change it because it works best when preserved in all it's bizarre glory, be it dunking kids in gusher water or rewarding them with a brick of cheese. Along the way they'll also discuss corporate sponsorships, high-impact...


40: Tanner Enters the Duck Dimension

Quack quack quack quack quack, let's hear it for The Mighty Ducks! But is Tanner rebooting the movie or the show? Or both? What medium is it? Is there a rule that says ducks can't be in a musical performed entirely on ice skates? They and Lindsay will try to answer these questions while also discussing Taika Waititi directing everything, fitting things onto your face, and 100 duck names. This week's friendship promo is @WaywardOCPod! Our theme music is "The Metamorphosis [Instrumental]" by...


39: Charlie is Actually an Anime Protagonist

The Secrets of the Clow were once a mystery, but when special guest Charlie came on the show this week their powers were set free! Ce'll team up with Tanner and Lindsay on a mystic adventure of explicit queerness, fixing the concerning romances there already, and really long legs. Their quest for all time will also have them encounter weirdly lazy sorcerers, dub name changes, and Brooklyn accents. This week's friendship promo is @Letsstealcast! Our theme music is "The Metamorphosis...


38: Tanner Has No Chill About Be More Chill

What's that noise? It's a theremin and teen angst! This week Tanner is seeing what kind of movie adaptation they can make out of the Broadway musical Be More Chill! They'll team up with Lindsay to determine the pros and cons of having it in live action versus animation, the mixed payoff of mixed mediums, and multiapplicability. The duo will also discuss illegal musicals, which Norse Gods had anxiety, and party city hair dye. This week's friendship promo is @PowerUpENAB! Our theme music...


37: Lindsay Presents: The Legend of the Dead Nun Lady

Lindsay is still in a Sword Gay mood so this week we discuss the tale of Julie D'Aubigny, who left a trail of broken hearts, broken bones, and arson all across Paris in her time. Lindsay suggests an anime about it before she and Tanner take a hard right turn into a completely different genre...and medium...and subject matter. They also discuss queer alignment charts, gendered conjugation, and policing vices from a moon base. This week's friendship promo is #InterstitialAP, as hosted by...


36: Tanner Hosts the Ross Roast

After years upon years of asking, we're finally giving the people what they want (apparently). A Friends reboot! Lindsay's never seen the show so Tanner gives her the lowdown on the series' iconic moments, telenovela-like plots, and just how awful Ross was. Even when they try to steer away from it he crashes back in to be a pathetic tool. In spite of this the duo also find time to talk about Royal Weddings, David Schwimmer's actually good acting skill, and Tanner eating shrimp. Our theme...


35: Lindsay is Looking for Single Female Fencers to Duel in Her Area

This week we're delving into the most Anime Anime that's ever been forged. Lindsay takes Tanner on a guided tour of Revolutionary Girl Utena, showcasing the show's complex portrayals of relationships and adolescence (even though Tanner keeps getting distracted by the cars and sword lesbians). Along the way they'll also find a rough understanding of the Japanese education system, flower language, and rules lawyering. Our theme music is "The Metamorphosis [Instrumental]" by Osiris Saline,...


34: Tanner's Gucci Medabot Mods

It's agreed! I officially declare this podcast a People's Choice Episode! Tanner and Lindsay are discussing Medabots despite remembering very little about it, including a serious plot at some point? But they're going to almost entirely disregard it and make it a slice of life anime instead - if they don't get distracted by all the other late 90s nostalgia instead that is! Along the way they shall encounter discuss children for wasting money, terrible government translators, and Wife Swap. As...


33: Tanner and Lindsay Give a Baby a Lightsaber

This episode takes place a long time a go in a decade far far away - the nineties! We kick off 90s Month with a look at the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, mainly The Phantom Menace. To turn it into the good movie that we know is deep inside there somewhere we're going to have to better establish Anakin's character, take inspiration from the fall of the Roman Republic, and get rid of all those stereotypes. Along the way we'll also discover Australian Qui-Gon Jinn, extra legroom, and power...


32: Lindsay's Gothic Bisexual Brand

Tanner's away this week so Ryan fills in for him, and gets the full blast of Lindsay explaining the book A Great and Terrible Beauty in order to divine a movie adaptation from the material. They'll discuss how best to evoke a gothic brand while also hitting a Mummy-level of campiness. Along the way they'll also engage in sibling shaming, look at Russel Crowe's rippling abs, and play some muffled Kelly Clarkson in the distance. Our theme music is "The Metamorphosis [Instrumental]" by Osiris...


31: Lindsay Climbs the Hittite Line of Succession

This week we're travelling back 3000 years to the ancient Hittite Empire. Lindsay's rebooting Red River/Anatolia Story, an Isekai series from the 90s. She tells Tanner about how it got her hooked on Manga with the powerful character developments, historically badass women, and all her favourite Bronze Age civilizations. The two also discuss reading manga in the wrong direction, the Babylonian receipt archive, and raiding the supermarket for tin. This week's friendship promo is...