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04: Jake Rosenthal, Co-Owner, Elsewhere and PopGun Presents

Jake Rosenthal's job is institutional fun. As (former) co-owner of the beloved (and former) Glasslands Gallery(RIP) and current co-owner of PopGun Presents and Elsewhere, Jake and his partners run NYC's most established independent music booking company and Brooklyn's largest independent venue. PopGun, and, by extension, Glasslands, are known for booking acts just at the cusp of international popularity. Just by way of eg, as the list is long, Glasslands, a room with ~300 capacity, hosted...


03: Szeki Chan, Owner and Designer, 7115

Szeki Chan is designer for and owner of 7115 by Szeki, a low-volume vertically-integrated clothing company. 7115 has a manufacturing facility in Guangzhou with a full-time staff of technicians and craftspeople producing their clothing and housewares year-round, as well as two retail locations here in NYC. Szeki is responsible for forecasting, designing, manufacturing supervision, retail merchandising, customer support, and everything in between. In this interview we talk about her...


02: Adam Bailey, Makeup Artist

Adam Bailey began his makeup career as a teen with a correspondence course from Dick Smith. Since then he's made severed heads with embedded cameras, stigmata wounds, silicone boobs, all kinds of horrible injuries, all kinds of bald caps, a million masks, fake orthodontia, age makeup, alien makeup, and likenesses for film, TV, and stage productions. He's done makeup for Samuel L Jackson, Martin Short, and Cynthia Nixon among others. In this interview we talk about casting, gore,...


01: Cody Masters, Food Scientist

Cody Masters got his start as a nutritionist and cut his teeth as a chef in the restaurant kitchens of New York, but his job is more like that of a chemist than either of those trades. The recipes he makes are produced on industrial scales and sold in national grocery stores and chain restaurants. He calls them 'formulas' (we know, it's 'formulae'), and they're expressed in percentages and mixed in machines called vacuum tumblers. Cody has a some perspective on how industrial food...