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EPISODE 102 -- AVENGERS INFINTIY WAR PART ONE PART TWO (w / Patrick Willems and Rachel Schenk)

In the second ever (and slightly oversized!) ON THE RAILS, Patrick (H) Willems and Rachel Schenk return to talk Marvel's AVENGERS INFINITY WAR! Which they do! But they also go in on how Andrew W.K. gives gravitas to sincerity, where and when "trigger warnings" are necessary, and do the world's first Screaming Females impression. And if you thought last week got drunk-ish...you ain't heard nothing yet. Featuring beer by New England Brewing Company and Iron Brewing Company! Follow us at...


EPISODE 000 -- Wait, What IS On The Rails?

Host Scott Thomas explains what the heck On The Rails actually is with the help of 'record scratch' effects. Too many 'record scratch' effects. Wait, maybe we should unpublished this... So please subscribe and give us a five star rating / review, because we're just getting started. Cheers!


EPISODE 101 -- INFINITY WAR PART ONE PART ONE (w / Patrick Willems and Rachel Schenk)

On the first official episode of ON THE RAILS, Scott is joined by YouTube superstar Patrick (H) Willlems and Rachel Schrenk to figure out what the hell happened in INFINITY WAR and pour one out for everyone. No hot topic (or Avenger) is safe; sorry, Yeezy. Brought to you by Broad Branch Distillery and their Supercollider whiskey! To be continued next week! DRINKING GAME RULES: *Any time a dusted Avenger is mentioned *Any time an Avenger who died in INFINITY WAR is mentioned *Any time Scott...