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ON THE RAILS 109 — CAN’T MISS FALL TV ‘18 (w/ Pete McGelligot And Claire Gresham )

WHAT’D WE MISS? It’s the return episode of ON THE RAILS, featuring Ten Bones co-founders Pete McGelligot And Claire Gresham! The gang goes in on Fall TV, but not before praising Banksy, exploring what’s wrong with Fortnite, and drinking oh so very much Jack O Blast. It’s a pumpkin flavored rum. Shit gets drunk-y. All that and Scott announces an ON THE RAILS spin-off?! Don’t lower those expectations — strap the fuck IN. Featuring Captain Morgan’s Jack O Blast Rum and Downeast Pumpkin...


VINTAGE EP -- THE STATE OF HORROR PT 2 (W/ Nat Cassidy, Eric Gilde, and Sarah Lahue)

Guess who's back (back again) -- it's ON THE RAILS, bae-bae! This week: the anticipated and much delayed STATE OF HORROR '18 PT. 2! Nat Cassidy, Eric Gilde, and Sarah League return to discuss where horror is headed years from now...but not before creating a pitch for National Treasure 3, espousing the virtues of bass guitar, and deciding what horror icons have BDE or not. Plus: Eric's response to Chrissy and Jessy (#Episode106) and all the shart references. We ain't kidding. RULES: "The...


ON THE RAILS 107 -- ART AND ACTIVISM (W/ Shawna Potter of War On Women)

U-S-HEY, U-S-HEY -- it's a holiday ON THE RAILS with special guest Shawna Potter of feminist hardcore punk band War On Women! This week: Scott and Shawna tackle the relationship between ART AND ACTIVISM IN 2018 -- How does vulnerability factor in? When are rock shows safe spaces? And is Scott's phone a sexist asshole? Plus: a toast to Marvel's Cloak And Dagger and why we need to dance like no one's watching more than ever. Featuring Copper & Kings Whiskey by Few Spirits from Evanston,...


ON THE RAILS 106 -- SUMMER TV '18 (w/ Chrissy Shackelford and Jessie Jolles)

Everything is love on this week's ON THE RAILS as we welcome Chrissy Shackelford (HBO's Wyatt Cynac's Problem Areas) and Jessie Jolles (Kohl's "Hauls And Hacks" web series) to the show to talk SUMMER TV! And before going in on their favorite shows, they explore why women are labeled trainwrecks, how Rotten Tomatoes fails us, and recall that OTHER Rosanne show. Plus: Neil Patrick Harris gets cut off, God of War celebrated, and Chrissy's drinking rule breaks Scott -- maybe...


EPISODE 105 -- HEREDITARY AND HORROR FILM IN 2018 w/ Nat Cassidy, Eric Gilde, and Sarah Lahue

WE BACK! ON THE RAILS is rolling again with guests Nat Cassidy, Eric Gilde, and Sarah Lahue! This week: they process their HEREDITARY related trauma and cover THE STATE OF HORROR FILMS IN 2018. Along the way, they decide how The Walking Dead should end, give it up for Logan Marshall Green, and coin the greatest Will Smith pun ever. No, we aren't kidding. Plus a tribute to Anthony Bourdain. Featuring beers by Platform Beer Co, Springdale Beer, and Grey Sail Brewing! DRINKING GAME RULES: *...


VINTAGE EP -- BURN THE YEAR '17 w/ Clare McNulty and Ben Furnas

It's the first VINTAGE EPISODE of ON THE RAILS -- BURN THE YEAR '17 Five months ago, Scott sat down with Clare McNulty and frequent guest Ben Furnas to give a viking funeral to 2017's best and worst. Nothing was spared including Fire and Fury, Google Home, and David Motherfucking Gray. This one's a favorite of ours and we are so stoked to share it with you. New episodes resume in a week -- catch you ASAP Rocky!


EPISODE 104 -- HOOPS RAP (w/ Nate Miller and Osyris Antham)

Pump the hate brakes, Thanos -- it's the fourth ON THE RAILS! This week, Broadway's Nate Miller (The Good Wife) and MC Osyris Antham ("Nah (How I Really Feel)") go in on the wild week that was May 13th-19th, 2018. They debate whether we'll look back at the Trump era nostalgically, why New Yorkers are peak trolls, and make insanely early predictions for the 2019 NBA Season. Plus: Scott takes Nas' drinks for him and it goes south fast. Featuring pilsners from Hanging Hills and Kent Falls and...


EPISODE 103 -- SONG OF SUMMER '18 w/ (Ben Furnas and Molly Gaebe)

On this week's ON THE RAILS, the great Molly Gaebe (Lady Parts Justice League) and Ben Furnas (Upright Citizens Brigade) tag-team the week's biggest stories -- what will the SONG OF SUMMER '18 be? Why is true crime is so appealing? And can Scott pronounce Alden Ehrenreich or XXXTentacion's names correctly?! (No.) Plus: Andrew Garfield is the best, the podcast Slow Burn, and a tribute to the late Scott Hutchinson. Featuring Fainting Goat's CB Fisher Single Malt Whiskey and Djinn Sprits'...


EPISODE 102 -- AVENGERS INFINTIY WAR PART ONE PART TWO (w / Patrick Willems and Rachel Schenk)

In the second ever (and slightly oversized!) ON THE RAILS, Patrick (H) Willems and Rachel Schenk return to talk Marvel's AVENGERS INFINITY WAR! Which they do! But they also go in on how Andrew W.K. gives gravitas to sincerity, where and when "trigger warnings" are necessary, and do the world's first Screaming Females impression. And if you thought last week got drunk-ish...you ain't heard nothing yet. Featuring beer by New England Brewing Company and Iron Brewing Company!Follow us at...


EPISODE 000 -- Wait, What IS On The Rails?

Host Scott Thomas explains what the heck On The Rails actually is with the help of 'record scratch' effects. Too many 'record scratch' effects. Wait, maybe we should unpublished this...So please subscribe and give us a five star rating / review, because we're just getting started.Cheers!


EPISODE 101 -- INFINITY WAR PART ONE PART ONE (w / Patrick Willems and Rachel Schenk)

On the first official episode of ON THE RAILS, Scott is joined by YouTube superstar Patrick (H) Willlems and Rachel Schrenk to figure out what the hell happened in INFINITY WAR and pour one out for everyone. No hot topic (or Avenger) is safe; sorry, Yeezy. Brought to you by Broad Branch Distillery and their Supercollider whiskey! To be continued next week!DRINKING GAME RULES:*Any time a dusted Avenger is mentioned*Any time an Avenger who died in INFINITY WAR is mentioned*Any time Scott or a...