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Who Shot a Bunny?

Oh no! We have come to the end of the first series of One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady. But never fear, Jess and Denise will be back very soon with more laughs and more candid chats!


Pubic Hair and the Secret to Happiness

Does it get easier to find what makes us happy as we age? Jess and Denise reveal the things in their lives that make them happy, as well as some cheeky conversation around what has happened to their bodies as they've aged!


Party Pies and Muffin Tops

How loud is too loud when laughing along to a podcast in public spaces? Jess and Denise explore the unspoken etiquette of listening to podcasts in public. Jess is under strict instructions from her daughters to remain quiet at their sporting events, but how long will Jess oblige by her daughters' wishes?


Negative Ninjas and Nits

Do you have Negative Ninjas in your life? They're the ones who are always in a bad mood, who are always complaining and who always see the glass as half empty. They suck all the fun and joy out of anything and everything! If you do, then listen in! Jess and Denise share some words of wisdom on how to manage such people in your life.


Cooking with Gas

Denise loves to cook and is a big fan of the panic crumb, however Jess is the first to admit that she isn't a great cook and often burns the family meals! In this episode Jess and Denise share war stories from the kitchen, as well as some tips and tricks to bring some added flair to dinnertime.


Manners Make the Woman

Let's set the scene: You're walking on the street and you're approaching another pedestrian...You make a move to let the other person pass you...But the other person makes no effort to make room for you! Grrr!! Jess and Denise share the manners they value most, and vent their pet peeves when others don't display common, everyday manners. What manners do you value most?


Botox, Beetroot and Boobs

Where do you sit on cosmetic plastic surgery and Botox? Jess opens up about her occasional use of Botox, and why she is in support of its use for cosmetic purposes (and even its use in some medical scenarios). Also, Jess and Denise explore the key ingredients to making the perfect sandwich!


The Menagerie

It's all things pets in this latest episode of One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady. Denise is having some difficulty warming to her cat, Sweetheart, who is becoming quite aggressive. Denise doesn't know what to do, and Jess is devastated, as she is the one who introduced Denise to the cat breeder where she got Sweetheart from!


Driving, Friendship and Funerals

Jess has a confession to make: she is a nervous driver. In this new episode of One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady Jess and Denise compare their driving styles and explore the key ingredients of being a great friend.


Be a Daredevil

'I'm such a believer in being bold and being brave,' says Jess. In this episode, Jess and Denise explore the different ways they take risks in their personal and professional lives. Jess shares her early beginnings as a receptionist for the Nine Network's Wide World of Sports and reveals the many different routes she has taken in her working life, both the highs and the lows.


Complaints, Cleaning and Champers!

Maintaining a prim, proper and clean household can be the hardest thing to do! Jess and cleaning don't necessarily go well together, but Denise loves a good Spray n' Wipe! Please keep your questions and feedback coming, and like or subscribe to One Fat Lady & One Thin Lady.


Celebrity Splash and Banana Poo

In 2013 Denise featured as a contestant on Celebrity Splash, where a group of well known personalities competed to be the best diver. Denise reveals the horror of learning that the show required her to dive from high diving boards (she had thought it would be gentle, calm swimming!). And Jess and Denise share some prankster tips, particuarly how bananas and cocoa are the perfect imngredients to the perfect prank!


Black Holes, Bedroom Mirrors and Beanbags

There's a black hole in the universe and Denise is concerned. Jess shares the dangers of your children taking your phone and sending text messages. Plus, is it necessary to dissect frogs in science class? This episode is recorded in Denise's hotel room; a hotel room which has a mirrored ceiling in the bedroom! Prepare for more hilarity and good times with One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady.


Love, Heat and the Net

Jess and Denise weigh in on online dating and the quest of looking for love on apps and the Internet. Is it a successful means to meet a partner in today's world, or do we need to revert to pre-Internet methods like going on blind dates or meeting people in bars and clubs? Also, are we ever too old to start looking for love? Buckle up for another fun-filled and laugh-a-minute episode of One Fat Lady & One Thin Lady!


Wanderlust: How Travel Gives You a Taste for Adventure

What was your first overseas trip? Jess and Denise shares their very first trips overseas; Jess' trip to Germany as a 20-year-old to pursue modelling, and Denise's trip to Vietnam with Patti Newton to perform for Australian and US troops during the Vietnam War. Both experiences are vastly different, but the experiences have since defined both women and given them a love for adventure.


Fight the Routine

Now that Jess is home in the mornings to take her young daughters to school, she is trying to establish a calm, yet entertaining, morning household routine to get everyone up and moving. The routine involves vaudeville singing and dancing, and it's having a mixed response in her household...


Life, Death and the Chicken Dance

Are you frightened about dying? Or, are you at ease with dying? Jess and Denise feel that we don't talk enough about death; both the funny side and the serious side of death. So, in this episode it is all things death! Jess shares her own struggles with her mortality, and her recent experiences of disucssing religion with her own daughters. Plus, learn how Denise's damous Chicken Dance has a rather unsuual, but equally hilarious connection to death.


Pelvic Floor and the Kitchen Benchtop

It's all things health in this episode of One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady, plus plenty of surprises along the way! Denise shares her "new year, new pill" mantra and the rather unusual sounds that cause her Tinnitus. Jess dishes up some "dirty work" on her kitchen benchtop and the benefits of peeing in the shower!


Pelvic Floor and the Kitchen Benchtop

It's all things health in this episode of One Fat Lady and One Thin Lady, plus plenty of surprises along the way! Denise shares her "new year, new pill" mantra and the rather unusual sounds that cause her Tinnitus. Jess dishes up some "dirty work" on her kitchen benchtop and the benefits of peeing in the shower!


Beauty Hacks and Nude Beaches

Jess and Denise share their beauty hacks (and Denise's love of inexpensive beauty products), nude beach adventures and how "marrying yourself" is apparently a new thing!