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Episode 94. Vampire's Kiss

The Pauls delve deep again into the inferno of Nicholas Cage. This time they shan't emerge until they take on the Cage Rage itself and decide once and for all if Nick Cage is indeed a good actor. Along the way they review possibly his craziest role to date! Are we getting through to you, Alva? (and the rest of you?) Featuring: a brand new accent, subtle office politics, David Foster Niles Crane, Our Leary with dear old Mr Cage, let's-have-sex face, the toughest plot recap yet, cheapies,...


Episode 93. Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters (feat. Baby Beard)

Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Renner Burn and Arterton Bubble! Fillet of Pauly Snake, in the podcast boil and bake. Eye of Sean and toe of Phil, wool of Ellen and Beard of Baby. For a film of powerful trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubble. Featuring: Pleather, Shakespeare with injections, violence, optional sexual assault, morals, the sugar sickness (?), lots of jokes we don't hear each other make, a big bibliography boy, and a movie that you all have to see. Skip to 1:09:20 for...


Episode 92. The One Spooky Thing about the Nightmare On Elm St. franchise!

Bwahaha bitches. It's travelling time... to the episode where Paul Salt shows Paul Goodman every single Elm St. movie from the original run and says "so what did you think?" in the style of a West Coast exec producer. Turns out he said a lot, and Paul Salt said a lot in return. It's prime time, bitch! Bitch bitch bitch. He says it a lot. Guess which Paul is writing this. Happy Halloween! Featuring: Good Accent segment, Creepy Corner, great nun stuff, Sir Ben Kingsley, liquid meta and a...


Episode 91. The Boy Next Door

Oh hey there. We're your new neighbours, Pauls. We were just fixing a few things whilst reciting our favourite macho epic poem, The Iliad, featuring ja boi Achilles. Perhaps we can come over tonight and slide our meaty dogs between your floury buns. What's that? You're busy tonight?! We'll follow you to the ends of the earth to avenge this slight! We hope you drive one of the cars we have blueprints for, dick. Well instead of giving you the privilege of our private length, here's us talking...


Episode 90. Saving The Shadow

Happy 90th everyone! You're all 90 now (Sorry about that) so come listen to us loudly defend The Shadow 1994. The guy who made Highlander 2 struck gold again with this psychic superhero, played actorly by Alan Baldwin (or something). It's like Batman 89 meets legally mandated changes to the script to make it less like Batman 89. Who knows what comedy lies in the heart of a 90s blockbuster flop? The Pauls might. Featuring: Tim Curry The Cartoon Reptile, ageless composite effects, Raymond's...


Episode 89. Siberia

Wow. I mean, Woah. The Pauls don their gaudy winter coats and follow Canoe Reeves to the desolate wastes of Siberia, a region that consists of a cafe and a shed. After a harrowing yet strangely rewarding sexual experience with a Russian Diamond Smuggler, the OGTboys talked about a dry crime thriller... and disagreed! Slightly. Featuring: The Very Lonely Planet, desperate wikipediaing, Molly Ringwald briefly, an exciting new segment, 50% passionate sex, Pee-otor, Sweary Keanu, Paul Salt's...


Episode 88. The Snowman

Get this up your Harry Hole! The Pauls watch brilliant director Thomas Alfredson's adaptation of Jo Nesbo's popular crime novel starring everyone you've ever loved or feared. It's a big frosty flop, and the Pauls are here to find out who meticulously cut this into chunks and stuck it's head onto a comical snowman. We reckon it was Tommy Time Constraints. Find out, twists abound! Featuring: Li'l Holes, a self obsessed Gainsbourg, cutting edge technology with little flappy bits, liberal...


Episode 87. Literature (and Fifty Shades of Grey)

You know how the Pauls talk about films and occasionally also other things? Well this is that! They talk all things literature, why, how, when and why again, including recounting their top ten books of all time AND doing a special never-ever-ever-again mini one good thing episode on Fifty Shades of Grey the book! Never ever again! One Paul wanted you all to know that he almost forgot to describe the books he recommended, but actually didn't. That and more in this episode of One Good...


Episode 86. The Cinema

Those bold and dynamic Pauls regale you with bawdy tales from their adventures in Cinema! Why should you go to the cinema? You've got a lovely lounge/living room/bus station to watch movies in. Why go to the effort? The Pauls will tell you! Also, one of them bangs on about Christopher Nolan, and the other Gaspar Noe so it's a fairly standard episode. Featuring: straw tapping, phone checking, bass thumping, leg jigging, heart rending, head turning, inappropriate snickering fun and 26 new...


Episode 85. At Long Last Love

It's a musical with Burt Reynolds. Look, just give it a go! We explain the plot carefully, there's lots of jokes, there's actually a sweet tribute to Reynolds, you'll be fine! Honest. Don't worry. Also, one of us has seen Blazing Saddles more than the other. See if you can spot which one. Featuring: film criticism in the reign of Caligula, From Hell 2: Another Surgeon, a horsey ex-model, Rodney Ronald and Donald, Johnny Fucking Spanish, far too much singing, a genuine class act and Michael...


Episode 84. The Pebble and the Penguin

A very special penguin found the most beautiful pebble in the world and brought it to the two Pauls to see if they would accept it. They took turns sitting on it for a week and out popped this podcast! Featuring: Not Don Bluth, every inch of Tim Curry, nerds, a surprising number of references to Gaspar Noe (i.e. any at all), Approximately Gilbert Gottfried, more from Paul's Kitchen, some challenging audio levels and a deeply sick Paul. Guess which one! It's the dead...


Episode 83. Steel

A new kind of crime demands a new kind of hero. A hero who is seven feet tall, 200 lbs and can seamlessly vanish into the night. A hero who will abduct any disabled woman he damn well feels like. A hero who will speak gently around soufflés and will eat the hot dog, not be one. The Pauls know of such a hero. Free throws desirable but not required. Featuring: Shaq, Shaft, Sparks, kidnapping etiquette, the bassiest voice ever, the birth of the internet and some...


Episode 82. The Haunting

Are you having trouble sleeping? Well no need to participate in a crazy Liam Neeson Style Study, Jan De Bont has you covered! Can the Pauls survive a trip around the Director of Twister's spooky manor? Will they hear all of Owen Wilson's Wows over the sound of Robert Wise spinning in his grave? Find out all of this and more! Right here on One Good Things. Featuring: two zelda references, rats in a maze, a spooky fist, hilarious dead children, Sarah Jessica Parker, the worst poker face in...


Episode 81. Sex and the City 2

The Pauls undertake a long and arduous trip through the desert wearing nothing but the entire Versace Summer Collection. Are our favourite gal pals waiting with anticipation on the other side? Or have they all fucked off to be replaced by grotesque caricatures of womanhood? Settle in everyone, as the two Pauls try to express all of their thoughts about Sex and the City 2 in under 90 minutes. And they haven't even packed yet! Featuring: Wealth, Michael Pichael Paulie Posey, Dick Spurt, Kim...


Episode 80. Equivocating on Equilibrium

You didn't ask for it and we didn't listen to you! It's another ten episode, which means one of the bloody Pauls has to defend a film. As no one in the world has ever seen Kurt Wimmer's Equilibrium we thought we could get away with this one together. Featuring: a real offence to sense, a total weapon, a super bad liar, a whole room full of bad liars, some party boy action and Taye...


Episode 79. Norbit

This week the workmen in Paul G's attic use a 3/16 inch bit to drill holes into the corrugated iron roofing panels before dragging them over the purlins that have already been attached to the trusses. Once they've screwed those down with some #10X2-inch screws with polycarbonate washers that'll be a lovely job. Meanwhile, the Pauls try to discuss Norbit, a crap film. Featuring: hammers,...


Episode 78. John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars

oooooOOOOOooooo, it's time for some spooky ghosts! But on Mars?!!! Only one man could have concieved of such a mad premise. And that man made The Thing once. No time for that though. Ghosts of Mars! Featuring: Jason Statham's "fuck me" eyes and pleas, The Ice Cube Bounce, Natasha Henstridge, nu metal, aaa kaa kaa gaar gaar gaaaar, Pam Grier (just about) and a matriarchy!


Episode 77. One Good Thing About Music

Have you heard of music? It's big. Get the scoop at One Good Thing as we discuss why music is so hard to talk about and then spend over an hour talking about it! We also try to recommend some music to each other to take us out of our already puny comfort zones. Featuring: Ariana Grande and the unlimited Greggs adventure, farty George Ezra, teen heart-throbs Portishead, Pingu, The Decline and Fall of the Nu Metal Empire, doge, and my various failed German experiments. Listen to it! You'll...


Filmtal Kombat: Armageddon vs Deep Impact

We've got something very different for you this week, OGTeam! The Pauls each have to defend a terrible disaster movie for the pleasure of a panel of judges to decide which movie about a giant asteroid squishing the earth is the least rubbish. The Panel members are the oft mentioned Nell, OGT artist Dave, and JENNY! (an actual one this time). Featuring: Jason Statham, Richard Schiff (and don't you forget it!), a dog that definately should have died, a beautiful young couple who definately...


One Quick Thing #4. Blood of Dracula's Castle

Enter into the Paul's Castle and experience the ultimate experience in ultimate horror experience, yes? Witness the twisted perversion of two grown men genuinely enjoying a campy horror film from the sixties IF YOU DARE!!! Featuring: John Carradine, David Carradine, Paul Carradine, Horror Carradine, Liz Carradine, Carradine Carradine, and more Toucans than you could wave a Carradine at. I think you'll enjoy this vintage. Bottoms up!