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Episode 131. Casper (Feat. Ellen Graham)

There's some spooky goings on at the Mansion de la Pauls. Crude jokes are making themselves, and we've been feeling strange emotions like fondness for the 90s. There's only one explanation, we're being haunted by a Baby Bearder! And this one has dug up a ripe young corpse for us to all enjoy! Featuring: The longest introduction ever recorded, Way more about Paul S’ early fantasies than you ever wanted to know, every dad you ever wanted, the devastating cheese appetites of the film4 staff,...


Episode 130. Noting Not Another Teen Movie

We did it! We made it through another ten god damn episodes. Time to celebrate by turning to a much maligned film that one of the Pauls has a soft (?) spot for. See if you can spot which one. It's the sexy comedy about sexy comedies, but will the other Paul's heart be won over by the homely dame, or will he turn out to be Sarah Michelle Gellar. Awful. Tune in to find out! Featuring: Idris Elba's crazy emporium of wacky characters, lots of depth for the Pauls to be out of, some political...


Episode 129. The Happytime Murders

The Pauls are back and sleepy! Watch as their sleep-deprived minds try to recall the intricacies of a nonsensical plot that no one was intended to care about. Hear their willingness to talk seriously about this movie ebb away before your ears! It's the maddening spectacle of two men watching pornographic puppets. Listen if you dare! Featuring: our thoughts on the most important trailer of the year, a puppet dynasty, gooch yawns, smut, Emma Watson's mocap mishaps, muppet drugs, a cow having...


One Quick Thing #6. Blood Mania

In the quickest quick thing yet, the Pauls take a sexy stroll through murder town, with Blood Mania! The final recording of three, this finds the Pauls at their sleepiest and most delirious. Good thing they have such a straightforward film to discuss! Featuring: Rowdy sexy music, the best trailer ever, the props guy from Easy Rider, melty melty hitler, Moe Green, the best opening title sequence ever, a pruney beauty, sex Frankenstein, and the ancient art of whatever that...


One Quick Thing #5. The Devil's Hand

It's holiday time for the Pauls! But before they left to enjoy New Zealand and East Finchley respectively, they recorded their reactions to yet another Gore House Great! Will this film live up to the outrageous standards of the other GHGs? Only time and this podcast will tell if you listen to it. Featuring: Alan Alda's excellent dad, Cleasty Yeastwood, more threeman fuckups, Nancy Reagan, wild speculation about the back of Argos, people puppets, Francis the High Executioner, Maureen from...


Episode 128. Baywatch

The Pauls haven't had much luck at the beach in the past. They've had runs with Surf Ninjas, knock off Bodhis and the end of Gigli. Also they're so pale you can see their hearts in direct sunlight like a weird fish. But the sun is out (in one of their countries) so it's time to pull up those thongs and go to town. It's the baywatch remake! Featuring: stunning awareness of the geography of the British Isles, Pamela Anderson 2: Neil Breen, a meal fit for a Travers, Zayfron, naughty words,...


Episode 127. Spice World

Spice up your life by listening to two awful men talk about a twenty year old movie that wasn't made for them! Apropos of nothing, they decide to watch baby, ginger, athletic, wealthy, and frightening in their first and so far only movie. It's a mad trip of a podcast for a genuinely baffling film. Enjoy! Featuring: A surprisingly small number of studio albums, yet more references to David Lynch and That Darn Cat, Roger "The Mad Dog" Ebert, the Brexit bus, and at least two celebrity cameos...


Episode 126. Even More Things You Might Have Missed

It's out longest title yet and probably the longest time we've spent before actually talking about the thing we came to talk about. It's another round of excellent movies those condescending pricks think you might have missed in your busy, busy life. So drop that overpriced fruit drink, stop dancing for five seconds and listen to all the best ways you could be silently staring at a screen. Featuring: a lot of clips in languages you don't know (probably), Paul's near near-death experience, a...


Episode 125. The Conqueror

YARGH! Look out peasants and women minding their own business. It's a time of plunder and rrrrrapine! There are hoardes of rampaging Pauls sweeping across the steppes in search of land or property they can forcibly acquire without due process. RAPINE! Also, they're gonna watch 1956's radioactive misstep, The Conqueror. Featuring: John Wayne as a Mongolian warlord (seriously), some excellent voice work all around, decidedly unafraid children, yet another jingle, Stinky McShitface (tm), a...


Episode 124. Gods of Egypt (feat. Daniel Wilks)

Alottagreen founder Daniel Wilks challenges one of his newest recruits (couple a' Pauls) with an arduous treck through the CGI desert that is Australia, in Alex Proyas' Gods of Egypt. The Pauls battle fervently to reclaim their stolen eyes but only manage to get one of the four back, so they have to share forever. Featuring: More cinema tales, the beard accent, a very special fourmen, Beck, a Scottish Christmas, a very small horn, the loudest thief ever, Brian Brown the King of the Gods,...


Episode 123. Inspector Gadget (family friendly)

Go go gadget Paul boys! It's time for them to awkwardly try to stay kid friendly whilst enduring one of the worst films they've ever seen! Watch as they smoothly avoid mentioning Werner Herzog and his ways. Marvel at their repeated references to Robocop! Witness the Pauls suffer their most Kid Friendly meltdown yet! Featuring: Robocop, Seal and Shaggy's UK tour, two decades worth of threeman, Paul's guide to the internet, Will.I.AMDB, the 90s, and sound effects, sound effects, SOUND...


Episode 122. Pass Thru (Feat. Phil Harker-Smith)

There's a man. He walks alone in the desert. He has an important message for us all. He speaks in a strange manner, but he communes with tigers and he looks like a weird composite effect. His name is Phil Harker-Smith! And he's on this weeks episode of One Good Thing to talk about a Neil Breen Movie. Breen is one of the most unique and hilariously bizarre directors working today. Have the Pauls found a new favourite? Or will Phil have to return to his planet in disgrace? Featuring: Breen...


Episode 121. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No (Feat. Aussie Nerd)

The Pauls are spiralling down into another recommendations month, bumping into many toothed fish along the way. One such fish is Aussie Nerd who has brought us a tasty offering to pick through. It's the third entry into the sometimes known Sharknado franchise, the second the Pauls have wolfed down on the podcast. Will this finally be the one to convince the Pauls these are camp classics and cult films in the making? Or will they just be dicks about it. Let's find out! Featuring: Us being...


Episode 120. Keeping Up With King Arthur (2004)

Pauls of the Realm, it is time to defend a poor, maligned film from one of the Pauls' youths and defend it against overwhelming indifference. I ask this of you, brave Pauls, that you complete one last mission before we let you go and be with Ray Winstone in Valhalla, or whatever the Romans believed in. Featuring: King Clive, Hannibal Lector, Will Graham, Mister Fantastic/Rik Mayall, Ray "put a bet on" Winstone, Hippy Joel Edgerton, DAG, Snarly Knightly, Stellan Skarsgaard the cowboy Viking,...


Episode 119. Holmes and Watson

Good piss balls, Watson, it appears to be the most devilish challenge the Pauls have faced yet. A comedy film of such crippling ineptitude there could only be one culprit! ...and many, many accomplices, all of whom shall share the Pauls' ire. Look the fuck out, Watson, I fear we are in for a Paul onslaught the likes of which we've seldom seen before! Perhaps some crack will calm our nerves. Featuring: Peter 'Baby Legs' Travers, 'Murica Jones, Will Pharrell, Ralph Fiennes' Beard, comedy...


Episode 118. Venom

The Pauls went snooping around Riz Ahmed's basement late one night and caught a nasty bout of CGI face. The only cure is to watch the not-quite-Marvel anti-hero movie, Venom starring Tom "could you repeat that" Hardy. Along the way they discover the true meaning of friendship and how to sniff out homo-erotic subtext at 100 minutes. This one isn't at all family friendly. It's a hard episode, for a totally grown up movie rated PG-13. Featuring: dope rhymez, Bristopher Nolan, the end of...


Episode 117. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (family friendly!)

It’s Franchise FffffTuesday, and you know what that means: a snap game of Russian Roulette! The Pauls remember that they’d only seen Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald once before and apparently a lot of people paid money to see it despite it being a pooper of a picture. Is it deserving of constant upsetting derision or is the real crime of Grindelwald the penny sweets that Mark Kermode pilfers from the pick ‘n’ mix aisle in the local Cineworld that he insists on returning to...


Episode 116. 2018

It's the end of the financial year God Bless the Queen and the Pauls like to celebrate the completion of their returns by dusting off the old podcasting mics and having a chinwag about the best films of the year - in list form! Featuring: everything you could ever imagine and hopefully a little bit more than that, as well. We are proud members of the Alottagreen Network – you can check...


Episode 115. Wild Women of Wongo

Are you sick of the modern world and its values? Tired of the constant need to treat people different from you with respect? I know we is. So let's dive head first into this 50s thing in which simple, dragon-god-fearing folk fear and distrust their fellow man/woman/ape-man as well they should. It's a perfect experiment. What could go wrong? One Good Thing. Featuring: An important Kangaroo Jack update, every Wednesday you've ever had, Casablanca 2, a comedy relief parrot, a Welshman in his...


Episode 114. Mommie Dearest (feat. John from Beyond the Box Set)

John from Beyond the Box Set (@BeyondTheBoxSet) arrives this week with a hefty serving of campy child abuse entertainment: that’s right, it’s the one good thing about Mommie Dearest starring Faye Dunaway, possibly Joan Crawford. It might be a comedy, it might be a double comedy. One thing’s for sure: it’s so much art that we don’t know anything except something something wire hangers. Featuring: tuhbo tihme, the ten percent game, Roger Mooreslehoff, M, G and M, fuck you up death glare, loaf...