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Episode 67. Videogames!

The Pauls are trying something new! At the incest and folk-dancing party they were asked to attend by a member of Oasis they sat down and discussed ALL of videogames! On a film podcast! Imagine. Anyway, they’re pretty knowledgeable about all this Cuthbert and Maribo stuff and they’ve left absolutely nothing out at all, so strap in, grab your game-stick and try not to get a game over, you bloody game…fans. Featuring: And many other things! Game…...


Episode 66. 2017

Tally-ho fellow 2017ers! The Pauls cruise in with the timing of a dead dog falling out of a plane into an explosion to talk their top films of 2017! That is to say at precisely the correct time. Everyone else bollocksed it up. Jingles from episodes 1-50 now available on Bandcamp – just £2.50 for more than 20 tracks! Dockhead by Paul Goodman is...


Episode 65. Howard the Duck

Holy duck! This week the Pauls take their first step into farty cinema of the past because, believe it or not, people did crap things back then too. It’s not all Morrissey and Thatcherism you know. That’s right, ladies and gentlemallards, this week the Pauls find the one good thing about Howard the Duck, because they sure did made movies like that anymore. Featuring: some lovely duckplay, stickin’ it with Tim, the science series that really will stamp on evolution, whatever a sex clinic...


Episode 64. Super Mario Bros.

This week the Pauls were waylaid by fan of the show Jennifer Sohns showing up in the middle of a plumbing job and waving a shiny rock in our faces. “Take this to another dimension,” she cooed, then when I reached out for it she beat us over the head with a hammer and dragged our bodies hundreds of miles into a moody dystopia populated by folk-singing mushrooms, men evolved from dragons and goo hanging from literally fucking everything. “It’s just like Mario!” cried Jennifer, taunting us by...


Episode 63. A Sound of Thunder

Well, we only went and asked the very good Movie Maintenance podcast for a recommendation. Originally that recommendation was to stop calling them and standing outside their window with boomboxes (Wagner, obviously) – but eventually they relented and poured the boiling vat of A Sound of Thunder all over our faces. And you know what? We lapped it up. Turns out people who are very good at fixing films on the side can also pick a very bad film when prompted. That’s talent for you. Featuring:...


Episode 62. Wild Wild West (feat. Baby Beard)

Howdy y’all/y’all’all, what up and shut up: the Paulboyz are once again overrun by Australians (though they still refuse to show us their birth certificates) – what better way to celebrate this latest subjugation by looking at an infamous part of history that has nothing to do with Australia nor any real grounding in reality? That’s right, this week the Pauls and Sean and Phil and Chris looked at Chopper! Also Wild Wild West, because it is a bad film. y’all. Featuring: spiders! genders!...


Episode 61. Epic Movie & Superhero Movie

And so into the grey those sweet Paulboyz ride – MATTHEW GREY (GRAY) that is. He (@clockworkwriter) suggested we do some of the movie movies, we put it to a poll, nobody could make up their bloody minds and now the Paulboyz are stuck with three hours of something approximating satire. It was witnessed, recorded and swiftly dumped into a well. Was it a wishing well? H.G. Wells? Welwyn Garden City? Nobody knows, so dense are the references. Better just ask Crispin Glover like we always...


Episode 60. Antsy about Antichrist

We’ve hit another tenner and you know what that means: one of the disgusting Paulboyz pulls a film favourite from the pile of stink that amasses around the truly deranged and defends it for the whole world to see! This week, one of the Pauls somehow thinks Lars Von Trier’s 2009 film Antichrist isn’t a loathsome piece of garbage and that maybe we need to have a chat about it. So there you go. Other Paul doesn’t have much of a choice. Tens is tens after all. Featuring: Northern Dad, Willem...


Episode 59. Pixels

This week the Paulz confuse their timelines and whisk themselves back to a crazy era where only men played videogames, music was repetitive and only men played videogames, did I mention that? That’s right, they went to a 2015 Adam Sandler film. Arf. Pixels. That’s about all this fucking thing is getting. One good thing. Featuring: memory lane, …FUN???!!!!, a winning formula, good lessons for your kids and everything pretty much in its right and holy place where gender roles and...


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