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[5-24] Failing Upwardly

It's the last episode of Season Five of Out For Delivery, The Number One delivery guy podcast in the world. Wolf Kid had trouble with his pants and then got stuck in the driveway THEN got hung in traffic. That's my tit, bitch! Fred drinks anti-union beer. Brian's "Saddam theory" of weapon ownership. Jason listens to a dog bellybutton podcast. Brian's easter rant redux. Rooster Jesus. Velcro wallets. More lotto studs and it gets weird. THANK YOU for using the amazon link!! If you are doing...


[5-23] Heavy Petting

It's the number ONE delivery professional show out there, this is Out For Delivery. Irish Jason hates St. Patrick's Day. How would a different stereotype play out if it were treated like St. Paddy's Day? Colonel Brian hates "guac". Skinny guys who can eat like fat dudes: We are everywhere. Fred brought a gift for Brian. He knows how to repay a favor. Jason doesn't like mob movies. Brian receives a telegram style intelligence briefing from a strategically placed asset in the office. In...


[5-22] Toilet Man

The #1 podcast for people who deliver for a living...this is Out For Delivery. The show, itself, is rebellion! Wolf Kid shows up late and interrupts a perfectly good discussion on the merits of laser tag. Funko Fred was away, so the boys trashed him a little bit. We are adding words to the Hicktionary at a record pace. The boss has disgustingly long fingernails. Unprofessional. Jason's kid broke his arm roller skating, but IT WAS A GOOD FOOD DAY! Colonel Brian has declared WAR on the...


[5-21] Bowling for Horehound

It's back! It's the Number One delivery guy podcast in the high country, this is Out For Delivery. Bowling leagues are firing up all over town and the boys explore options as they climb out of the sick bed and get back into the studio. Jason calls it "blowling". Jason got new glasses so he could see his crazy Croatian customer climbing into the truck with him. At what point does your manager tell you to protect yourself against an aggressive psychopath? Obeying stupid/improper orders....


[5-20] Flat Paul Stanley

It's STILL the number one delivery professional podcast in the world, this is Out For Delivery. Brian and Jason went to see the Kiss tribute band and it was a success. Jason shares his notes from the evening. Fred earns his a-hole merit badge. The boys discuss the crowd at the show. Always a good time. Superfan Jourdan joins the boys in studio. Then - in a moment of amazing clarity - Jason admits KISS was a good band. When used as a prop for sympathy, crutches can be quite fun. Please...


[5-19] Emotional Support Chicken

It's the number one delivery guy podcast on the mountain, this is Out For Delivery! Jason screws the opening, no big deal. The boys get right into listener hillbily questions about trailers versus modular homes, and are there modular home parks? The boys watch to see if the DVD screen saver logo will hit the corner of the screen. Fred bought donuts. All the wrong pizza toppings are discussed. Horehound! The boys disagree on the subject of volunteering information to the authorities in...


[5-18] Hookers and Hoes

Season 5 of Out For Delivery continues! It's the number one delivery guy podcast in the northwest. Funko Fred is still celebrating Christmas as Brian explains all 12 days of it to the boys. Bruce went roller skating for a birthday party and - surprisingly- no one was injured. Jason, not to be outdone, was thrown out of a roller rink in the 1990's. Tattoo Talk with the boys as Brian exposes his tribal! The boss gave a talk about piss jugs. Let's continue to use the amazon link on the...


[5-17] Neptunus Rex

It's STILL the number one delivery professional podcast in the world, this is Out For Delivery. The computer guy is on his farewell tour and, like the Eagles and KISS, won't really go away. Brian has discovered that computer guy's navy ship crossed the equator and was involved in the Apollo 13 rescue mission. The boys remain unimpressed. Thai hookers do your laundry. Wolf Kid and his girlfriend are now known as "Kavery". White Trash "Weapon of the Week"! Brian is transitioning from...


[5-16] Upscale Flea Market

It's the number one delivery guy podcast in the nation, this is Out For Delivery. Funko Fred shows up in shorts because the snow is gone. Col. Brian declares the studio to be a "No Farting Zone". www.reddit.com/r/eldoradostudio is our home on Reddit and we could use a little action there. The boys analyze Jason's wedding day picture, then Wolf Kid lets some gas out in the studio despite the declaration stated earlier. Bill is now Brian's new alarm clock. The airing of grievances!! Please...


[5-15] Green Jelly

It's the number one delivery guy podcast in the south, this is Out For Delivery. Jason lets the intro song go too long but who cares? Brian has on his comrade hat because it is cold in the studio. Jazz says Jason is an ass. No one is surprised. Fred tells the boys about a customer who humped the counter until he got the money shot. A real weirdo. Jazz and Jason give Brian a KISS bingo game set. The Words of the Week are terrible as usual. Wolf Kid comes in late as the boys criticize Fred...


[5-14] Hard to Handle

It's the number one delivery guy podcast in the galaxy, this is Out For Delivery. Season 5 continues....After Lodge Jason's car had a flat tire on the way to the studio, so he dropped it off at the shop before arrival. Then he buys what may have been stolen property off of "let go". A mini ice age is coming! Wolf Kid goes ice skating and Jason has glitter on the side of his face. Col. Brian attacks the cigarette bum and almost lets him drink out of a piss jug. What makes real cheese real?...


[5-13] The Old and the Helpless

Col. Brian is back and his voice is extra deep because he is sick. Keep the foreign coins separate from our good, pure American coins. Leaving the truck on "E". Brian schedules himself for Sunday work. Old man injuries. The boys talk about times they've fallen on the job. Computer guy is stalling out on closing the shop. Milk stinks and has no calcium. Who would take lessons for something in someone's basement? Jason got magnets for Christmas and Fred got toys. The flex delivery guys are...


[5-12] Space Movie Spoiler

This is not your typical episode. A three-man skeleton crew opens this special Christmas week presentation of Out For Delivery. WARNING! Funko Fred and After Lodge Jason discuss and deconstruct the new Star Wars, so hit stop at 1:40! But first, three of the boys talk video games including Overwatch, GTA, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Rocket League, Smash Bros., etc., etc., and so on and so forth. Mayor Bruce can beat you one-handed at Tekken. Fred has a gamer wife. VR gaming. The tip jar is...


[5-11] Redneck Logic

It's the #1 delivery guy podcast in the world, it's Out For Delivery. Col. Brian says he wants a new car, then becomes angry. Speed metal mandolin. Brian was nearly hit by a van backing out of a driveway. Jazz hates vans. Jason got blocked in by a u-haul delivery guy. Computer guy might move to the dirt mall. Jason turned 40 and had a party. Let's keep Jason and the boys partying by using the amazon link at www.eldoradostudio.net! Just click on "Out For Delivery", scroll to the bottom and...


[5-10] The Edit Jar

Breaking news: Computer guy is closing up the shop and the Colonel is saddened. Jason reveals his love for the JG Giles Band (not a real band). What is a "Pallet auction" business? Do they only sell pallets or are there items on the pallets? Happy 40th Birthday to After Lodge Jason!! Funko Fred gives Jason a present (NES Classic), then Fred presents Col. Brian with the brilliant "Edit Jar", which is really just a tax on Jason. Fun with delivery trucks and the keys that may/may not operate...


[5-9] Jason the Supervisor

The boys did a LIVE SOUND CHECK! This is as real as it gets. The boys also start off with the news on the delivery girl who took a dump on a customer's driveway. Fred's fashion is analyzed. Cathy the cat lady introduces After Lodge Jason. Col. Brian explains his hatred for the term "gumshoe". Gun talk! No Phil Collins, no Billy Joel. Ever. Please use the amazon link on our website, www.eldoradostudio.net, every little bit helps and we THANK YOU! Jason answers the office phone for 30...


[5-8] De-Prioritized

The #1 delivery guy show in the busy season opens with a fight over #Slack notifications and there's a hostile vibe in the room. The boys recount last week's tale of the stolen coat as Billy the Commish attempts to defend himself. He fails miserably. After Lodge Jason reacts to an abrasive coworker and it all hits the fan. Then it ALL comes out. Col. Brian takes a beating over his phone's ring tone. And no, it ain't that Nextel beep. The struggle of dial-up internet service. Internet radio...


[5-7] Hell's Highway

After Lodge Jason buys a clapper LIVE on the show. Thrilling! Then, the disturbing saga of #ElsaGate is deconstructed, complete with theories, opinions and analysis you simply WILL NOT GET on any other delivery guy podcast, guaranteed! Use the amazon link at www.eldoradostudio.net! Jason uses it and if he can do it, ANYONE CAN! It was the worst week ever for Col. Brian and by the end of the week, he took over the office. Billy the Pupper/Commish gets destroyed over a borrowed coat that was...


[5-5] Nose Hangover

This is Out For Delivery, the Number One delivery guy podcast in the nation. If there's a new way, we'll be the first in line. Wolf Kid is in a relationship and it is facebag official. Jason is very proud. Chuck's coughing is back with a vengance and it finally makes him puke in the office restroom. Lots of other toilet terrorists striking in the office. Col. Brian says everything is gonna be all right. No one believes him. Another edit fest for the podcast. None of the boys really drink...


[5-4] Shot Rush

Everybody is sick, even Col. Brian's dog. If you sign up for dog insurance, you get a free pistol. Welcome to America. Jason has the hiccups and is suffering from disease. Brian refuses to watch Stranger Things or Rachel Maddow simply because it's a bandwagon thing. "Gi-normous" isn't a real word. Carbionite..What is it and why is it a toy? Rotten Tomatoes..does it ruin movies? Please use the amazon link on our website, www.eldoradostudio.net , it really helps the boys continue! A couple...


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