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Exploring the world's monsters, myths and mysteries . . . and making sure the kids get to bed on time.

Exploring the world's monsters, myths and mysteries . . . and making sure the kids get to bed on time.
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Exploring the world's monsters, myths and mysteries . . . and making sure the kids get to bed on time.




Episode 28 - The Shag Harbour UFO Incident

Welcome to Paranormal Dads! A light-hearted look at all things "Monsters, Myths and Mysteries"! In this episode we'll have an update on the strange interstellar object "Oumuamua", which we covered in episode 26. Andy will put a Paranormal Dads spin on a popular TV game show! And we'll discuss the incident that has come to be known as Canada's "Roswell" . . . the Shag Harbour UFO crash. All of this, plus another look into the Paranormal Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous on this episode of...


Episode 27 - The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Hello Paranormal Friends! We have a fun packed episode for you featuring Pat dropping some Sasquatch on your mind courtesy of the Heritage Discovery Centre, near Alberta, Canada; Andy discusses scary video games (and Eddie shares a story of a haunted Legend of Zelda video game cartridge you can read all about right here); And fresh after Thanksgiving, all three Paranormal Dads discuss their thoughts on the Lost Colony of Roanoke!


Episode 26 - The Men in Black

The Paranormal Dads are back in the studio exploring the world's monsters, myths and mysteries! We'll discuss Oumuamua, the 'alien probe' asteroid that recently made a pass through our galaxy. Just in time for holiday shopping, we'll introduce you to a paranormal series of dolls from The Toy Vault. In the Main Mystery, we're looking at one of the darkest paranormal topics out there . . . the men in black! men dressed in black suits who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet...


Episode 25 - Paranormal Family Camping Trip 2018

Well, the first Paranormal Dads: Paranormal Family Camping Trip was a total success! Getting back to nature even for a weekend does wonders for the soul, and sharing that time with family and friends can make it even MORE memorable. Complete with nature walks, eerie locations, mysterious noises, and fun ghost stories, this was a camping trip to remember...AND to SHARE with YOU! So please join us, as go in search of the s'mores, ghost stories, and fun times that surround us on this very...


Episode 24 - Thunderbirds

Join us in this episode as we discuss a recent UFO sighting near North Carolina's, Lake Norman. We'll also explore a startling phoenomena in the clouds. In Pop Culture and the Paranormal, we'll look back at one of the best paranormal documentaries of the 1970's! And last, but certainly not least, we'll discuss Thunderbirds! Sightings of huge birds that date back hundereds of years! Abnormal square clouds are forming around the world and nobody can explain why UFO conspiracy theorists...


Episode 23 - Dowsing

In this episode of Paranormal Dads we'll talk about the art of dowsing, a technique used to find water, minerals, and other items underground. Is it real? Does it work??? Join us as we explore this mystery. There's been a megalodon tooth recently discovered in North Carolina, we'll give you the details! Finally, we'll visit some of Hollywood's most haunted places. All of that and another "Paranormal Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" on this episode of Paranormal Dads.


Episode 22 - The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)

Welcome to Episode 22 of Paranormal Dads! And if our last episode was hot, then this episode is as cool as an ancient lake monster's flipper! In "Recent Sightings", travel with us to jolly ol' England as we discuss the haunted happenings in Cornwall! "Pop Culture and the Paranormal" shares the shocking tales of the cursed car of James Dean! And for our "Main Mystery" we'll be diving into the deep end as we share stories, and discuss our thoughts on the ancient creature known as "Nessie"...


Episode 21 - Spontaneous Human Combustion

Episode 21 is here and it's HOT, HOT, HOT!!! We're putting the band back together as all three of the Paranormal Dads are here to bring you another exciting episode! We'll talk about a haunted resturant that embraced the opportunity to be home to their guests from beyond. In Pop Culture and the Paranormal, we'll look at a classic cartoon which introduced the world to one of the most famous ghosts of all time! Our main mystery looks at the bleak subject of spontaneous human combustion!...


Episode 20 - Giants

On our 20th episode, we decided to go BIG! We're talking BIGGER THAN BIGFOOT BIG! That's right, our "Main Mystery" is on Giants! Straight out of your fairy tales on into your headphones, we discuss the myths, legends, and even the eyewitness accounts of Giants! Click this link to watch a great documentary on the history, myth, and the hypothesis of giants existing in real life! Also, Pat and Eddie discuss the fun the Paranormal Dads had at O Comic Con, The discovery of the Black...


Episode 19 - O Comic Con

In this very special episode, we visit O Comic Con in Council Bluffs, Iowa! Our panel features a discussion about the super creepy video of the Fresno Nightcrawler. When you're at a comic convention, you also have to talk comics, so we look at the "UFO Flying Saucers" title from Gold Key Comics! Finally, in our Main Mystery, we discuss some of the most haunted places Council Bluffs, Iowa has to offer! All of that, and more, are waiting for you in this episode of Paranormal Dads! Here's the...


Episode 18 - The Betty and Barney Hill Story

In this episode of Paranormal Dads, Coleton once again joins us to discuss the world's monsters, myths, and mysteries! We'll dive into discussion about mysterious aquatic sounds heard around the world, Pat and Eddie review a classic Bigfoot movie from 1976, we introduce a NEW segment, and in our main mystery we look at the first reported alien abduction in the United Sates.


Episode 17 - Portals

Join us as we explore the exciting world of Portals! Conduits to other worlds, dimensions, and times, the legend of portals excites the imagination and may very well be the key to interstellar travel! Also, please enjoy as we're joined by special guest Kenzie Myers as she shares the "Matrix Theory" with us. Could we be living in a simulation? Listen and find out!


Episode 16 - Synchronicity

Join us as we explore the mystery of "Synchronicity" (two seemingly different events that end up sharing a lot of similarities) and other paranormal goodness!! Also, in this thrilling installment of Paranormal Dads, we joined by the one and only Billy Peck! Billy is a local entertainer, musician, and podcaster! And he also has some pretty crazy stories involving the paranormal as well!


Episode 15 - St. Patrick's Day and the Paranormal

Top of the morning to you lads and lassies! Welcome to Episode 15 of Paranormal Dads! In this episode, we celebrate St. Patrick's Day and discuss some of the most fascinating aspects of Irish paranormal lore. We'll visit a haunted pub in Seattle and meet some of it's most mysterious residents. In Pop Culture and the Paranormal we remember the 1959 Disney film "Darby O'Gill and the Little People". Finally, in our Main Mystery, we give a shout out to the legend of the Banshee (See what we did...


Episode 14 - Nebraska Bigfoot Conference

In Episode 14 we attend the second annual Nebraska Bigfoot Conference in Hastings, Nebraska. We'll cover the usual antics of a Paranormal Dad's road trip and bring you our take on the conference. You'll hear stories first-hand from Finding Bigfoot's, Cliff Barackman, and we'll discuss meeting the legendary Bob Gimlin! If that isn't enough to get your squatch game right, this show also features a special guest host! Join us! The Bob Gimlin Movie Facebook...


Episode 13 - Ghosts in Vacation Photos, Ghostbusters, and Chupacabra

Hello Paranormal Dads Friends! All aboard the Cryptid Bus!!! We have a slightly shorter, but still jam packed with awesome episode in store for you! We discuss Ghosts in Vacation Photos, the hit film series "Ghostbusters" (and the original 1970's Ghost Busters), and the mystery of the blood-sucking Chupacabra!! Thank you to our friends at! Check out for all your sound effect needs!


Episode 12 - Crop Circles

In this episode, the dads discuss the phenomena of crop circles and the many mysteries surrounding them. They'll also take a look at the revelation of a super-secret government sponsored UFO program. In "Pop Culture and the Paranormal", Eddie, Andy and Pat will talk about their favorite time travel movies. Thanks for listening, and drop the Parnormal Dads a review! "Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program" - The New York Times (Includes a video of the F-18...


Episode 11 - The Podcast Arcade Christmas Carol

We want to thank ALL of you who have listened, subscribed, and shared us with your friends and family Please enjoy this Christmas Special that every single podcast of The Podcast Arcade network helped create! Also, please consider donating to our Podcast network, where 50% of the funds raised will go to Toys for Tots and the other 50% will be used by The Podcast Arcade to help keep those podcasts doing the thing that they do best...sending you the audio equivalent of a high five and...


Episode 10 - The Paranormal Dads Christmas Special

It's The Paranormal Dads Christmas Special! In this episode the dads share some of their Christmas memories, discuss different Christmas traditions, and share some spooky and funny stories all centered around the holiday season! From all of us at Paranormal Dads, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! As always, our thanks to the creators at...


Episode 9 - The Moon, Mars and Ancient Aliens

In this episode, we'll explore theories of the presence of ancient aliens on the moon and Mars! And it's all fun and games until the flat earthers launch themselves into space! "Mad" Mike Hughes rocket test flight video. We'll also discuss the search in Australia for the Tazmanian tiger! Here's a link to the story about a trail cam project referenced in this episode. Video of the last known Thylacine in 1933. Pat confesses his love for Bionic Bigfoot . . . and Stephanie Powers! The guys...