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Ep. 22: Sugar Rush Moving Day Spectacular

When Sweetums introduces a new "healthy" candy bar to Pawnee, the ensuing sugar rush makes everyone go batty. Tom enlists the office's help in moving. We go off on many, many delicious tangents.


Ep. 21: Dinner Parties and Rock, Paper, Scissors

Leslie invites everyone to her house and chaos ensues. We chat about ridiculous childhood games (including the wildest variant on rock paper scissors you've ever heard), McDonald's viral videos, and spicy foods. Let's eat! Episode Drinks: A huge growler from Hops & Grain Brewery, featuring recycled CO2 from Earthly Labs. Episode: S2, E14: "Leslie's House"


Ep. 20: Bad Dates, Job Interviews, and MRIs

Happy Thanksgiving! Leslie is getting an MRI on a bad date. Tom is interviewing applicants to be Ron's assistant – and we get our first Jean Ralphio sighting! Meanwhile, we're chatting about terrible rideshare experiences, intense job interviews, and excessive laugh tracks on shows (looking at you, Big Bang Theory).


Ep. 19: Scandals, Gifts, and To-Do Lists

Leslie is in the midst of a ridiculous Christmas scandal. We talk weird White Elephant gifts, silly airline change fees, and tell jokes that would even make your dad cringe. Beautiful.


Ep. 18: Jurassic Fork

Episode Highlights: Tom is getting a divorce, so the gang cheers him up by taking a trip to Jurassic Fork. This is a restaurant we very much wish was real. We also cover the hardships of splitting checks, going to jury duty, and why the most popular buffets always seem to be at strip clubs.


Ep. 17: Behind the Curtain

Episode Highlights: This podcast has been around for a few months now, and we've gotten questions about...well, everything. We take a peek behind the curtain and discuss why we started ParksandWrecked, our backgrounds, and some fun moments in our lives.


Ep. 16: Spit Takes and Headshots

Ron, Jerry, and Mark are going on a hunting trip. Leslie, ever the eager employee, wants to join. And Ron gets shot in the head. Sean and Haleigh discuss the art of spit takes, and Joey just keep dropping obscure music and pop culture references.


Ep. 15: Murinals and Shoe Shines

The Parks and Rec crew put their heads together to create a new mural for Town Hall. Ron makes an odd noise while getting a shoe shine. Sean references an obscure moment in sports broadcasting history. Joey and Haleigh teach Sean about the "coning" meme. We wonder if this episode inspired those terrible Carl's Jr. ads.


Ep. 14: Ron, Tammy, and a Whole Lot of Aggression

Ron confronts an old nemesis. It's his ex-wife, Tammy. None of us have ex-wives, but we still have plenty to say. Sean chats superstitions in clothing choices. Haleigh dives into yoga poses. Joey is routinely tricked by beer.


Ep. 13: PIKITIS!

Leslie confronts her old nemesis, Greg Pikitis. Burt Macklin makes his first appearance. We chat toilet papering people's houses during Halloween, great costumes, and Sean deals with a parks and rec kleptomaniac. This is one spooktacular event.


Ep. 12: Kaboom Boom Boom

The pit gets filled! We've got swag! Chris Pratt is showing up naked to people's houses! Leslie starts asking for forgiveness rather than permission! Guest stars abound! Exclamation points! Sean also tries to Facebook Live during our episode. How does it turn out? You'll just have to tune in and see.


Ep. 11: Everyone is Stealing Pens

Fred Armisen makes an appearance as a Venezuelan ambassador and he keeps stealing pens. Sean can relate. Haleigh talks about fake parks, Joey has recently learned a new way to peel a banana.


Ep. 10: That Dating Life

To prepare for a real date, Leslie goes on a practice date with Ann. We also meet a new character in Parks & Rec lore, and Donna gets more lines than she's ever had before. Haleigh talks about a sushi-filled first date. Sean gets up in arms about people saying, "My taxes pay your salary." Joey is paying close attention to all of the food consumed during the episode.


Ep. 9: Don't Judge Me

Episode Highlights: The gang (well, Leslie and Tom) judge a beauty pageant. Sean talks about feeding kids way too much pie. Joey shares the best way to hustle people at pickup basketball. Haleigh discusses the finer points of judging a cannonball contest.


Ep. 8: Cheeses

Episode Highlights: Haleigh and Sean chat about standoffs with janitors. As mentioned, there a lot of burgers in this episode, so we talk about 'em. Sean wants to know your favorite cheeses. Episode Drinks: Joey: Hops and Grain Zoe Pale Lager Haleigh: Independence Brewing Co. RedBud Sean: Independence Brewing Co. Power and Light Pale Episode: S2, E2: "The Stakeout"


Ep. 7: We're Headed to the Zoo

We've made it through Season 1 and are roarin' through Season 2. Things kick off with a gay penguin wedding at the Pawnee Zoo. It's Flipper and Eve, NOT Flipper and Steve. Leslie experiences great growth. Mark Brandanowitz appears to have no ill effects from landing directly on his neck last episode. We see the best cold open yet. Episode Highlights: We introduce a handful of new segments! Joey offers his tips on running a marathon. Multiple stories about butterflies. Episode Drinks: Joey:...


Ep. 6: Our First Cliffhanger!

Sean is finally hooked on the show. We're dissecting Season 1, Episode 6: "Rock Show." This just so happens to be the season finale, and LOTS is happening. Leslie kisses Mark before quickly regretting it. Andy gets kicked out before sneaking back in the house. Tom does actually have a wife. Episode Highlights: Sean is giddy with excitement. We tell our most harrowing bird stories. Andy has so many names for his band. Episode drinks: Joey: Achaval Ferrer Malbec Haleigh: Deep Eddy Lemon...


Ep. 5: Money in the Banquet

Leslie gets awarded at a banquet. Ron Swanson states some facts. Tom hangs out with Mark on the prowl. It seemed like a lot happened in this episode, but did anything, really? Leslie's mom is also a major character still. Episode Highlights: Sean is not pleased with this episode. He's also not pleased that we talk about his dating life. Give him a hug if you ever see him around town. Episode drinks: Joey: Achaval Ferrer Malbec Haleigh: Deep Eddy Lemonade Sean: Sean Margs Episode: S1, E5:...


Ep. 4: The Most Boss Boys Club

We've got a special guest on this episode, which covers Season 1, Episode 4: "Boys' Club." Leslie crashes through the proverbial glass ceiling, and we get our first real glimpse into the Leslie/Ron dynamic. Donna also has TWO lines! Episode Highlights: We discuss a mad pooper terrorizing our neighborhood. Sean dives into his favorite Mario Kart characters. Joey can't even get the name of the episode right. Episode drinks: Joey, Haleigh, Lisa: Rosé Collins Sean: Ruffino Rosé Episode: S1,...


Ep. 3: Let's Get Journalistic!

We've got new microphones! Now if only we could figure out how to use them...In this episode, we meet a TON of new characters: Jerry, Donna, Shauna Malwae-Tweep, JJ's Diner, and a mention of Tammy (though it's unclear if it's Tammy 1 or 2). Malwae-Tweep is writing an article about the potential park getting built, and Amy Poehler is eating waffles with her. Excellent. Episode Highlights: Haleigh recalls vulgar graffiti in her art class, Sean tries to recount the episode with margarita...