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Party With Lance (Doing Something On The Spot) – Episode 20

We're baaaaccckkkk!!!!! Wahoo, yes!!!! After several, and wowzers do I mean several months, Episode 20 is finally here! I recorded this back in February 2021, but barely anything here is topical or relates to that time. Also, sorry it's been so long since an episode release. I got sidetracked, my bad. I hope one day to get on a better schedule here, but who knows. I'm probably gonna do this podcast on and off for decades to come so there's that. All in all, I hope you're well, and I hope...


Party With Lance (A Message In A Bottle) – Episode 19

9/27/2020 Video podcast number two (episode 19 in total) is here and going strong. Wahooo, yes, wow, what a time! In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): When customer service relates to you. There’s too much testosterone in the world. You should strive for 2nd place. Why I love Pandora ads - 311, Beastie Boys, Train. I discuss the Qantas Flight to Nowhere. A news story about a guy who found a brain in the ocean. I once found a message in a bottle. Summing...


Party With Lance (The 1st Video! Struggling & Appreciating) – Episode 18

9/18/2020 Whoa, it’s been pretty much exactly 6 months since I last put out a podcast. Where does the time go? The world is the craziest it’s ever been (at least in my lifetime). Anywho, I’m back and after wanting to do such for over a year, in addition to the audio version, I’ve FINALLY converted the podcast over into a video format too. Whooooo, yes!! Now that I’m all set up and rolling, I’m hoping to pump out these episodes more regularly again. Also in this...


Party With Lance (Maybe Some Things You’re Feeling Too?) – Episode 17

Ooof, sorry for the delay on this one folks. I took a little break due to the world going wonky. I had planned to get going after a couple weeks, but then was just having trouble getting motivated. I mean does anyone have to explain themselves in these times? Great time to not have it together, hahaha, can't blame anyone for anything. I mean I guess we're all processing this differently and experiencing things we've never experienced before and trying to figure out what's what and I'm not...


Party With Lance (The first time I met Dave Chappelle) – Episode 16

Lots of news going on this week that has some relevance to a few experiences I've had in the past. I talk about my encounter with James Lipton as well as my time interning at Hardball with Chris Matthews and what that was like. I also talk about the first time I met Dave Chappelle and how I ended up in NYC. In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): Coronavirus - what I'm doing about it. It's a little scary, being in NYC. James Lipton passing and my encounter with him / Inside...


Party With Lance (It Looks Easy If It’s Done Well) – Episode 15

Episode 15 is all the rage. That's what they are saying at least. Who's saying it? Me. Is it really all the rage? Sure! You say it, and so it is. I can't believe I've done 15 episodes with zero guests. Unreal, but we made it! I don't know, do you have to write a description here? For what? Who knows. Let's try to not write that much. Here's the stuff! In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): The world is just all about the internet & promoting now. Has the world always been...


Party With Lance (Fifteen years of stand-up!) – Episode 14

Episode 14 is the first episode that hasn't come out within a week timespan. I had a super productive & busy week and then also was just feeling tired so I fell a little behind. Anywho, here it goes! In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): Really struggling this week - just tired. My ranking of the Democratic candidates during the debate. 15 years of doing stand-up / My beginnings of doing stand-up comedy. Trying things leads to learning which leads to progress. We really...


Party With Lance (Valentine’s Day Edition!) – Episode 13

Releasing this podcast on Valentine's Day, 2020! Whooooo!, Does it have much to do with Valentine's? Not really, we talk about it a little bit at the end, but we're also covering a whole bunch of other cool stuff here too! Can you say it's the "Valentine's Day Edition" if the content is not fully Valentine's Day heavy? I don't know, I got no idea. The internet is real wild. But you know what? I did just title it that, so I guess you can. There, boom, hello!!!!! The internet is stupid....


Party With Lance (Nobody BBQs in winter) – Episode 12

This week's podcast takes something of a lighter approach in tone. Nothing too serious going down here. Just wasn't into that sort of thing this week. That's what makes this a cool medium. You can put it out however you want. I get into some topics, but I took a little break from any topics that are super heavy. But it is fun! And that's the main point to me anyway, that it's something fun. That's the whole goal. Who knows what next week brings! In this episode, we cover these topics (and a...


Party With Lance (The time I broke my leg) – Episode 11

Wow, are these some wild times going on in the government right now or what! It's totally bonkers. After the vote today by the Senate to not include witnesses in the Impeachment trial, our country will never be the same. It's quite scary actually. I feel like our political system as we have known it is over. It almost feels like our political system has been bending very poorly for a long time and today it officially broke. Wild times we're living in. I guess we'll just have to see how it...


Party With Lance (Our country will never be the same) – Episode 10

I'm listening to The Dixie Chicks as I type this. I forgot how awesome they were and still are! What an amazing group. Feeling pretty good this week and still excited for 2020. I have so many ideas and projects that I'm working on and I'm excited to share in the near future. For now, we rocked it out on this episode. Thank you so much as always for listening and being a part of the party. Check it!! In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): Coronavirus / Wuhan / Global travel...


Party With Lance (Storms bring us together) – Episode 9

Sorry for the delay in the episode this week. I was having some audio technical difficulties this week, but I think I got them all hammered out. Also, had a little bit of a tough personal week which I touch on a little bit in this episode that also put me a bit behind on the schedule here. Seems like I can't get an episode out on Wednesday to save my life, BUT, I have had one come out every week, so I'm going to be proud of myself for that. 2020, working on way less judgement of myself....


Party With Lance (Professional Bull Riding?) – Episode 8

It's been a pretty good week so far, still going strong here in 2020! Working on improving my sleep, exercise and diet. I really want to feel good. I've learned that when you feel good, you can do good. Kinda like that old saying of taking care of yourself and then others with the airplane oxygen mask theory. Makes sense. Anywho, let's get to it! In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): You learn by talking to people. Challenges of doing a podcast alone. Things don't have to...


Party With Lance (Decide to have a kick-ass year!) – Episode 7

Welcome to PWL Episode 7! A new year has arrived and we're off to the races. Let's make it an awesome one. One to remember? Nah, forget that. One that is so awesome, that next year is even more awesome and we keep crushing it going forward. That's what I'm talking about. Let's go!!!! In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): Ringing in the New Year. Deciding to have a kick-ass year. My resolution: stop worrying & taking more chances. The Trump bombing - Iraq & Iran. Why we...


Party With Lance (Fear of flying) – Episode 6

Still going strong on the solo podcast format! I can't believe it. I had some of the most fun recording this one that I have had so far. Starting to loosen up a little bit and not care quite as much about making it so perfect. The battle of being human I suppose. But like all things, the more we do it, the more comfortable we get and the better we get at it. Anywho, I am scared of flying, hence the title. Hope you enjoy! In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): Surprised...


Party With Lance (Holiday shopping is stupid) – Episode 5

Welcome to PWL Episode 5! As always, thank you so much for joining me on this adventure. I'm having a good time, but also starting to feel the burn of doing these alone, might have to get a guest on soon, but maybe not!! Turns out to be a lot more work than I would have thought, a lot of doubt doing it alone. A little sluggish recording this one due to some wine (my doctor said to drink more red wine for my cholesterol!), but maybe I had a little too much. Hahaha. Ah well, we learn as we go....


Party With Lance (Why do we get sad at night?) – Episode 4

Wahooooo! Episode 4 is here. Yes, we did it! Theoretically, episodes of PWL (every podcast has to have an acronym right?) are supposed to come out Wednesdays, but I got behind this week due to a bunch of travel and a few other things, you know, life. I'm typing this from Dubuque, Iowa! Below I've included a photo that I reference in the episode and this picture doesn't even remotely do justice to what I'm talking about. Thanks so much for continuing to listen or if you're new here, welcome...


Party With Lance (Your Family is not that Crazy) – Episode 3

Hello peeps, Episode 3 is here! Thanks so much for checking out Episode 1 and Episode 2. Having a fun time making this thing. I recorded this one with significantly less coffee and I think it might be the way to go. I guess it's a balancing act that we'll figure out as we go. Anywho, In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): Your family is not that crazy. Be careful of standing up too fast. Fear of getting stuck in an elevator. Getting migraine headaches. Why I love...


Party With Lance (Friends with an NYC Rat) – Episode 2

Episode 2 is here, Yes! I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that listened to Episode One and for all the nice words on it. Very awesome and encouraging. In this episode, I had waaaaay too much coffee and it shows! Lesson learned, maybe just one small coffee next time, maybe none, how do we know? But hey, we learn as we go. Doing a podcast alone ain't as easy as I thought it would be, but we're making progress here. In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more): The...


Party With Lance (Kicking it off from Atlantic City) – Episode 1

Hello, and welcome to the party! This is episode number one. Whoooo, this is huge! I hope this podcast gives you a little break from your day and the world and makes it a little bit better for you, a party if you will! In this episode, we kick it off from Atlantic City and cover these topics (and a few more): Goal of the podcast Talk about some Atlantic City action Why cafeterias are the way to go Thoughts on being overwhelmed as an artist / creative Why I endorse gambling Taking 20 minute...