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I’m Not Your Puppet

It’s none of our business, but we think marrying a family member is ill-advised. Is it better to die when things are going well, or when things are going horribly? And, sigh, yes, “The Pig” visits the podcast. How much do you swear? If a sailor and a truck driver …


I’m In The Nude For Love

Lisa and Pat talk about the Queen’s passing. Lisa refuses to answer Pat’s question “What’s your all time favorite musical group?” There’s an odd woman that stands on the side of the road where Lisa lives and Pat thinks she’s a hooker. Pat has an idea for a new reality …


There’s No Need To Panic

Pat is to camping what Trump is to the Iron Man Marathon. But he does it anyway. The former news anchor Dan Harris has been an inspiration to Lisa to help with her anxiety with his 10% Happier book and podcast. And should gun violence be photographed and shown to …


Candy In My Pants

Remembering Olivia Newton John and more. Remember the days when sports stadiums weren’t named after products? Patty gets accused of shoplifting a pumpkin. And Lisa got caught shoplifting candy in her underwear. Pat’s dog needs his anal glands expressed. “Summer dreams… ripped at the seams”. Songs in this episode: …


Guilt Will Make You Tilt

Pat and Lisa talk about the not-so-great-outdoors. Ever have an ear worm song you can’t get rid of? Lisa has a surefire way to get rid of one. And Pat and Lisa talk about how they might have made a difference, good or bad, in people’s lives. And sometimes, when …


Encore Presentation – Keep Your Lips Off My Chicken Legs

This is an encore presentation of one of our fan favorites that first aired back in December of 2017. Enjoy! ~Pat & Lisa


My Gay Dog Ate My Podcast

Maybe some last names should be changed, like William Crotch. Hot dog eating contests are nauseating to watch. How tolerant are you of hosting long term house guests? Lisa is considering ditching the hair color for good. And, is your dog gay maybe? Songs in this episode: “The Weight” The …


I Like It

Lisa had a date. That is all. Oh, and she met her brother for the first time in her life. That is all. Songs in this episode: “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” Brian Hyland (1960) “Summer Breeze” Seals and Crofts (1972) “Diamond Girl” Seals and …


Encore Presentation – Time For A Butt Check

One of our favorite episodes, this is an encore presentation that aired back in 2014. Oh, and Lisa still has not gotten her butt checked. Songs in this episode: “What’s Going On? Marvin Gaye “Paperback Writer” The Beatles “Radetsky March” Johann Strauss “You Should be Dancing” Bee Gees “Breaking Up …


I Got Nothin’

Lisa is taking a break from the news. Pat and Lisa decide to do each other’s eulogies early. Pat pays tribute to his friend Alan White. And, “The Pig” makes another appearance. And Lisa is trying not to lose her sh*t over little setbacks. Songs in this episode: “Nothing from …


Hello Muddah Hello Faddah

Pat and Lisa ARE BACK! Thanks to our 14 listeners for your patience. Pat recently got a residual check from his stint on “Bill Nye The Science Guy”. And even though Pat and Lisa sometimes feel like the silliness they display on the podcast is inconsequential, there is a special …


So I Had A Martini

Lisa was put in Twitter jail for an entire week. Pat had a dream to someday be a …. trucker. Lisa does not want to live in an apartment building. Ever. Do personality tests really work? And, if a guy wanted to buy a waterbed now, could he? “No, Lisa, …


It’ll Never Happen Again

Pat and Lisa discuss going maskless. Pat is sick of weather forecasters being WRONG. Are you tired of working with jerks? Pat is purging and purging hard. And Pat reads one of Anne Hathaway’s favorite dirty jokes. Songs in this episode: “Jessica” The Allman Brothers Band “Happy Trails” Roy Rogers …


Probably Wrong All Along

Pat and Lisa reminisce about the good old days before Google. And let’s talk about apologies – sorry. How do you believe the things you believe? There’s a psychology behind it. And, it’s Girl Scout cookie season. But some people are being horribly aggressive with these kids. Songs in this …


Kneel And Let The Lord Take Your Load

Lisa’s dog Quince creates a delay for the podcast. Pat has a weak stomach. And Lisa has a flippy stomach. Pat is not comfortable with heights but he did a trick on the Space Needle for charity. And to our listeners, thanks again for all the money, but now Pat …


Maybe I Don’t Like You Either

Happy and sad. Pat and Lisa have a lot of PecPod listeners to thank (happy) and a lot of celebrity deaths to report (sad). And, is your laugh weird? Songs in this episode: “Time is Tight” Booker T. and the M.G.s Theme from TV show “Dobie Gillis” “In the Still …


We Want A Do Over Already

Pat and Lisa pay tribute to a whole mess of people that have already shuffled off this mortal coil mere days into this New Year. Songs in this episode: “To Sir, With Love” Lulu (1963) Clip from the motion picture “Lilies of the Field” (1963) Clip from the motion …


Snip Snarly Fly Away Hair

800,000 Americans have died so far from Covid. Pat has a rant for people tired of wearing a mask. Lisa buys condoms. TV ads that make you cry. And, Pat’s hair has gone completely haywire. “Yes, I own a comb!” Songs in this episode: “Last Train to Clarksville” The Monkees …


Love In A Feed Store

Pat and Lisa start off this episode with another Peculiar Passing. Lisa ventured out to Eastern Washington and it wasn’t pleasant. Have you ever left a voice message and THOUGHT you hung up, but didn’t? Also, Lisa hasn’t been on a date in 8 years, but her recently widowed Aunt …


Cowpox Will Give Ya Horns

Some people blame this podcast for the bad luck of the people Pat and Lisa talk about. Mort Sahl is gone, but the memories will always go on. Seems like the argument over vaccines is decades old. Lisa wants to eat magic mushrooms. And she will. And “Mrs. Cashman” is …