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Last Episode of 2020

2020 is OVER! Pat and Lisa ring out the old and ring in the new on this episode (streamed live on 12/31/20). A huge THANK YOU to all our listeners and hope 2021 holds wonderous things for you. Happy New Year!


Older and Uglier

Pat and Lisa are ready to line up for the COVID vaccine. Cosmetic surgery is on the rise this year. There is no getting around getting older or uglier. Pat has a new family member. Men with deep voices are going to break your heart. “Gawd… look at my neck!” …


Eat My Cream Pie

Trouble seems to find Lisa no matter where she is. Pat is fed up and pretty worked up about the current political climate. Lisa is trying online dating. Pat shares an unusual way to find a mate. Songs in this episode: “Bristol Stomp” Len Barry “1-2-3” Len Barry “Rub Me …


Your Scream Makes Me Want To Scream

Alex Trebek will be missed by many – who will replace him? What do you suppose were the most googled topics on election night? Lisa has a new challenge on her plate. How many miracles does it take to become a Saint? Some people are good screamers… and some just …


Is It Over Yet?

Halloween is different this year and, the Presidential Election has some folks on edge. How are you behaving during online zoom meetings? Pat has a new toy. Lisa has 2 places in the house that she will never go into. Let me annoy you with my new toy! Songs in …


Call Me By My Name Man

Pat does the podcast from his new walk-in tub. Lisa does not want to read or listen to the news ever again. She just wants to pick flowers and be dumb. Pat hates it when people call him by just his last name. Lisa got into an argument over the …


Don’t Sing Me A Story

A load of great singers shuffled off this mortal coil recently. Pat gives Lisa the current sports news. Pat really despises “story songs”. Lisa thinks life is pretty random – just depends on being in the right place at the right time. Pat hates my music stories. *sniff Songs in …


Pee Into This Cup

Pat throws back to the day after 9/11 and his interview with KOMO’s Tami Michaels who was there. Goodbye to Diana Rigg and Marni Nixon. Pat loves the dollar store and finds something interesting at the counter. “Welcome. Be sure to turn light off AFTER you enter.” Songs …


September 11, 2001

A special encore presentation of the KOMO morning radio show with Pat Cashman 19 years ago on September 11, 2001, the day the terrorist planes hit and changed our world forever. Photo Attribution: Michael Foran


Out Over His Skis

‘Member when you never used to lock your front door? Lisa is once again letting the little things get to her. Pat is good secret keeper. Even when he is about to get fired. How much money would it take for you to support a political candidate you despised? Goodbye …


Take My Cardboard Out To The Ballgame

Lisa is organizing some weird things during the Covid-19 pandemic. And what are the silver linings of Covid-19 if any? Pat has a strange neurosis that has to do with socks… and a weird thing about his pillow. Pat and his wife Patty are cardboard cutouts at the Mariners baseball …


Perhaps I Shall Just Run Away Then

Lisa is not a fan of summer. Goodbye to Hugh Downs and Carl Reiner. And if you haven’t seen the movie “The Princess Bride”, you should. If you’ve ever run away from home, you probably didn’t stay gone long. Pat gets in trouble for shouting. Songs in this …


Quit Scratching That

Pat brings up something he thinks he shouldn’t, but does it anyway. Lisa has an itchy itchy rash. The Oscars are being delayed because no movies are being made. Pat saw a real stinker of a film the other day. Also, when you lose something, do you automatically assume someone …


I Like Pie

Lisa had the Covid anti-body test. And get ready for a NEW Podcast Series featuring the Almost Live cast! Lisa only drinks 3 – no FOUR things. And the one thing Pat WON’T eat. Hang on for the joke of the day…. it’s a doozy. I want a ding dong …


I’m Gonna Kick Your Mouth Off

Lisa does not have that “music” gene – at all. Pat did, but lost it. There are some jobs that we are grateful we do not have to do. And sometimes it’s weird to let strangers use your bathroom. Old TV westerns are really violent. “Thanks for sharing your candy …


No I Can Do It Myself

Lisa has managed to lose 24 pounds during the pandemic quarantine. Pat’s mom used to tell him “eat the fat…. it’s good for you!” Pat and Lisa talk about the books they are currently reading. Also we are so bored, zippers are interesting now. Songs in this episode: …


Murder Hornets Are People Too

Little Richard is no longer with us. Men may be more at risk of dying from the coronavirus than women. Murder hornets are here – RIGHT HERE and you cannot outrun them. Because you are staying at home these days, are you tackling home improvement projects? Nature is apparently not …


To Wear or Not to Wear A Shirt Under A Shirt

Stop touching your face! There’s a gadget out there to help. Lisa changes her mind on face masks. Pat and Patty split the gross tasks in their house. The brilliance of the Dollar Store is underrated. You cannot buy a car during the pandemic, didya know? Songs in …


I Want To Hug You and Kiss You

Lisa (surprisingly!) wants to know how sports are being affected by the Coronavirus quarantines. And your house is now your office, your gym, your school and your entertainment. And what are folks limited to buying at the store? Are drive in theaters making a comeback now? Songs in …


I Want To Be Alone With a Bunch Of People

Pat and Lisa talk about some of the challenges of the Covid19 coronavirus quarantine – is it better to alone or with others? We lost Kenny Rogers and then, Bill Withers. What are some of the jobs that are still safe to do during the pandemic? Songs in this episode: …