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Think Fast

Got any autographs from famous people? Lisa has Rembrandt’s autograph. Right next to Pat’s. Goodbye to the very funny Norm MacDonald. Lisa bought Pat another dumb birthday present. Pat is voted most likely to be late. Pat and Patty goof off in the grocery store. Songs in this episode: …


Twenty Years Later

Pat is shocked that Lisa doesn’t like the Andy Griffith show. We say goodbye to Ed Asner and Willard Scott. What do you put on your hotdog? And, relive some really powerful, emotional audio from the the 9/11 terrorist attack with our own Tami Michaels on KOMO radio in 2001. …


Want Us Some Butterhorns

Sadly, lots of deaths in the music world recently. And we want to thank our PecPod contributors! Pat and Lisa reminisce about the beloved butterhorn pastry thanks to our listener Bill Kuder. How often do you sprinkle your life with some slapstick? Dollar stores are popping up everywhere now. Songs …


It’s A Rough World

Lisa is mourning the death of her work assistant who recently died from Covid. Songs in this episode: “From a Distance” Nanci Griffith “Once in a Very Blue Moon” Nanci Griffith “Celebration” Kool and the Gang “Get Down On It” Kool and the Gang Clip from “Morning of the …


Show Us Your Guns

Lisa fails to plan ahead for her bathroom break on this episode. Apparently there is no medical condition too personal for a radio promo. Pat and Patty made a long trip to see Lisa on her birthday. Are you more productive working from home or at the office? And an …


Small Body Enormous Noggin

Scientists say we will be able to take a pill and live to be 150. Lisa does not think she’ll have enough money for a life that long. Back in 1962 it cost 2 bucks to get into the Space Needle. When was the last time you ate an entire …


Somebody Should Be Advertising On This Podcast

Lisa loves her post it note affirmations. Pat has some book recommendations. Pat and Lisa are still wearing their masks no matter what. And the cicadas are here, but not here. “We just want to make noise and have sex.” Songs In This Episode: “Five Spot After Dark” Curtis …


The Devil In My Oven

Lisa had a religious moment with her new oven that was not pleasant. Could you sit on a dangerous ledge for 2 hours for $2 million dollars? Some rides at Disneyland are being changed to keep up with the times. Are dress codes necessary any more? Did you know you …


Try Not To Gush

Do you mark someone’s death anniversary in some way? The Oscars ceremony was delayed this year; Pat and Lisa wonder are awards shows even worth watching any more? Pat shares a story of an unmasked woman who lashes out in the Post Office. Let’s play the “What I SHOULD have …


I Need a Bathroom Now

Pat and Lisa wish they didn’t have to pay bills and taxes. Like Nomadland. When the world reopens, what things are you NOT looking forward to returning? Bathroom nightmares – do you have stress dreams? And the guy that invented the cassette tape croaked. Dr. Seuss is being canceled. Where …


I Don’t Have The Lips For It

Pat never wanted to play the piano. Lisa always wanted to play the drums. You can be a hefty ballerina if you like. Top movies (and Oscar picks) are discussed. Lisa hurts her thing, and much more. “I feel pretty.” Songs in this episode: Ralph Peterson, Jr. drum solo with …


Muscle Relaxers and Marijuana Cigarettes

Liberal radio vs Conservative radio – what sells best? Here’s how you tell twins apart. Did Woody Allen really do it or is Mia just nuts? All these streaming services are beginning to become TOO MUCH. Lisa suffers an injury in the recent snow storm in Seattle. …


Outside Dining Is Still Inside

Goodbye to Cloris Leachman and Cecily Tyson and Larry King AND Christopher Plummer! Sheesh! If you need a distraction, Lisa recommends watching “Pretend It’s A City” with Fran Lebowitz. And Pat recommends “Rectify” on Amazon. Is there anything you’ve not done for a whole year because of COVID? How old …


Last Episode of 2020

2020 is OVER! Pat and Lisa ring out the old and ring in the new on this episode (streamed live on 12/31/20). A huge THANK YOU to all our listeners and hope 2021 holds wonderous things for you. Happy New Year!


Older and Uglier

Pat and Lisa are ready to line up for the COVID vaccine. Cosmetic surgery is on the rise this year. There is no getting around getting older or uglier. Pat has a new family member. Men with deep voices are going to break your heart. “Gawd… look at my neck!” …


Eat My Cream Pie

Trouble seems to find Lisa no matter where she is. Pat is fed up and pretty worked up about the current political climate. Lisa is trying online dating. Pat shares an unusual way to find a mate. Songs in this episode: “Bristol Stomp” Len Barry “1-2-3” Len Barry “Rub Me …


Your Scream Makes Me Want To Scream

Alex Trebek will be missed by many – who will replace him? What do you suppose were the most googled topics on election night? Lisa has a new challenge on her plate. How many miracles does it take to become a Saint? Some people are good screamers… and some just …


Is It Over Yet?

Halloween is different this year and, the Presidential Election has some folks on edge. How are you behaving during online zoom meetings? Pat has a new toy. Lisa has 2 places in the house that she will never go into. Let me annoy you with my new toy! Songs in …


Call Me By My Name Man

Pat does the podcast from his new walk-in tub. Lisa does not want to read or listen to the news ever again. She just wants to pick flowers and be dumb. Pat hates it when people call him by just his last name. Lisa got into an argument over the …


Don’t Sing Me A Story

A load of great singers shuffled off this mortal coil recently. Pat gives Lisa the current sports news. Pat really despises “story songs”. Lisa thinks life is pretty random – just depends on being in the right place at the right time. Pat hates my music stories. *sniff Songs in …