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Performance Anxiety gets funny stories from creative people

Performance Anxiety gets funny stories from creative people
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Performance Anxiety gets funny stories from creative people






Rachel Taylor Brown

The episode of Performance Anxiety features Rachel Taylor Brown. We discuss her new album, Run Tiny Human, and the ideas behind it. We also discuss a mutual admiration fro Seals & Crofts, Slim Jim sponsorships, basketball, & how to overload a friend's toilet on tour. Check out her website Follow us @PerformanceAnx on Twitter & IG. And remember to rate & review us wherever you listen.


Carl McDowell

This week's show features actor Carl McDowell. We talk about how he went from playing football to teaching to acting. He tells us about his first jobs, his starngest audition (which includes a stripper pole), to landing the part of TTD on HBO’s hit show Ballers. He also talks about his band, Shit Sandwich…wait, The Sandwich, no..Left on Laurel. Give him a follow on social media @carlmcdowell. Follow us @PerformanceAnx. Remember to rate & review on itunes or wherever you listen.


Side Projects: Karine Delage

Karine Delage: This episode of PA Side Projects features Karine Delage from Karyzma Agency. We talk about the importance of PR in an artist’s life. She talks about how she got started at the age of 8 interviewing the Montreal Expos, covering the Grammys, the MTV Music Awards, the Billboard Music Awards by age 13, and having Destiny’s Child sing to her over the phone! She discusses the importance of branding, getting the right kind of exposure, and how to keep client’s expectations...


Dallas Acid

This week's Performance Anxiety ventures into uncharted territory. Christian Havins and Michael Gerner join us to discuss how they went from playing punk and metal to ambient and new age music. It isn't just about doing yoga and sitar. It's about traveling culinary experiences and projection cubes. It's also about WestWorld experiences and re-scoring the film Nosferatu. There is a lot a fun in the conversation. Check out the band on IG @dallasacid. And check out the website...


Ryan Van Poederooyen

This week’s Performance Anxiety features drummer Ryan Van Poederoyen. He’s drummed with Devin Townsend, God Awakened Petrified, Terror Syndrome, & I Monolith. We discuss his entry into drums, some great Christmases, staying positive when things look bad, getting a dream sponsorship, handling band breakups, the one thing all metal bands have in common, and a whole lot more. Check out Ryan’s website at & follow him on social media, get his weekly emails, check out his new band...


Erick Lopez

This week's Performance Anxiety features Erick Lopez. You might recognize him as Hector from the TV show Crazy Ex Girlfriend. We talk about his favorite sports teams, playing sports as a kid, and his start in acting. He tells us about is worst audition and how he got the role of Hector. We also talk about acting tournaments, his rap career, and what projects he has coming up after the final season of Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Music by Blinker The Star Follow Erick on Twitter @ErickVLopez & on...


Side Projects: David Lee Roth Era Van Halen w/Jordon Zadorozny

This episode of Side Projects features Jordon Zadorozny of Blinker The Star. We discuss the shifting moods of David Lee Roth era Van Halen. We discuss the seven full length albums and the two new tracks from the Greatest Hits album. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on IG & Twitter. Follow Jordon & BTS @blinkerthestars on Twitter & @blinkerthestar on IG. Please rate & review us wherever you listen.


Alex Skolnick

This week's Performance Anxiety features legendary heavy metal guitarist, Alex Skolnick. We talk about his time with Testament, Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra, and The Spin Doctors. We discuss leaving the metal scene altogether to study Jazz at The New School in NYC, Skol Patrol, The Alex Skolnick Trio, and his return to heavy metal with Testament and Metal Allegiance. We also do a really good job of breaking down Eddie Van Halen's Eruption. Check out Alex @AlexSkolnick on Twitter & IG....


Laura Hall

This week’s Performance Anxiety features improv musician, Laura Hall. We talk about how she started at Second City, auditioning for Whose Line Is It Anyway?, her favorite moments from the show (what does Ryan Stiles actually think about the hoedowns?), her band The Sweet Potatoes, and Improv Karaoke classes. She also talks about having Roger Daltrey over to her house to record and talk about home improvements. Follow Laura on Twitter & IG @laurahallmusic. Check out her band, The Sweet...


Raquel Bell

This week’s Performance Anxiety features singer/songwriter and proud native of Humboldt County, CA, Raquel Bell. We talk about her musical influences, moving from Humboldt County to New York. Then going from NYC to Gholson, TX. While she was there, she created her newest album, Swandala. We talk about her experiences thereand a lot more. This conversation went all over the place, so I hang on! And get Swandala at Follow us @PerformanceAnx on Twitter & IG


Robert Poss

This week’s Performance Anxiety features guitarist Robert Poss. Robert has been on the forefront of avant-garde guitar since the mid 80’s with his group Band Of Susans, playing with Rhys Chatham, GilbertPossStenger, and his own solo work. We discuss his influences, his bands, his new album, Rambler sports cars, & Russian ghost radio stations. Follow us on Twitter & IG @PerformanceAnx and look us up on Facebook. Please rate & review us on iTunes or whatever platform you use.


Side Projects: Rick French & the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

This special edition of Performance Anxiety features the original Most Interesting Man In The World, Rick French. Rick owns the French/West/Vaughan public relations firm, is part owner of the Daytona Tortugas minor league baseball team, is on theboard of trustees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and recently started a production company; Prix Productions. He’s also a friend and one of the nicest people I know. Rick talks about how he became a board member for the Hall, who the nominees are...


Steven Cerio

This week’s Performance Anxiety features artist, musician, filmmaker, and more…Steven Cerio. Steven’s work with the performance art band The Residents is in the permanent collection of MOMA; has drummed with Drunk Tank, DeeDee Ramone, and more; put out solo albums; and made psychedelic films. And that just scratches the surface. He’s also one of those rare people who can you can start a conversation with, and not want it to end. Check out his art on FaceBook, his IG account steven_cerio &...


Jim Cummins

This week’s Performance Anxiety features music photographer, Jim Cummins. He’s photographed over 900 album covers, covered every major sport, including the NBA All-Star Game, and and shot more live concerts than you can imagine. He joins me to talk about photographing Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Woodstock, and more. He tells us his favorite album covers as well as his worst, including the time he was fired and re-hired in the same meeting with Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder & president of...


Richard Lloyd

This week’s Performance Anxiety features guitarist Richard Lloyd. Richard played with the band Television and recorded what is widely regarded as one of the best albums to be put on tape, in Marquee Moon. We also talk about blowing up Chinese laundries, getting punched by Jimi Hendrix, playing with Matthew Sweet, and his new album, The Countdown. Follow us @PerformanceAnx on Twitter & IG. Remember to rate & review us on iTunes. Check out Richard’s new album here:...


Karen Haglof

This week’s Performance Anxiety features one of the most unique artists we’ve ever had. We talk with Dr. Karen Haglof. She started her musical life in a cover band, worked with avant-garde composer Rhys Chatham, played with Band Of Susans on their acclaimed Love Agenda LP, went to medical school, specialized in oncology/hematology, THEN, after 20 years, got back into music and has released several solo albums. Please enjoy this great talk with Karen Haglof, musician & doctor. Don’t forget to...


Leah Shapiro & Peter Hayes

This week's Performance Anxiety features Leah Shapiro & Peter Hayes from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We start off talking about how Leah came from Denmark and her early gigs with Dead Combo & The Raveonettes. We discuss her dignosis of Chiari malformations, brain surgery, and the subsequent recovery. We move on to BRMC and how Leah joined the band. We discuss the carefully cultivated image, playing in marching bands, and the potential of doing an album of old country & western covers! And...


Scott Reeder

This week on Performance Anxiety we speak with Scott Reeder. Scott has played with Kyuss, Across The River, The Obsessed, Sun & Sail Club, Fireball Ministry, Dave Grohl, Tool, Metallica, and a lot more. We talk about his auditions with Metallica and Tool, frustrating times in the studio, his worst on stage moment, and much, MUCH more!


Bob Rock

This week’s Performance Anxiety features legendary producer Bob Rock. And we also have a special co-host; Jordon Zadorozny of Blinker The Star. We talk about Bob’s first band, The Payola$. How did he start producing? How did he get the gig with Metallica. we also discuss some of the lesser known credits on his resume. Whose production style does he admire? What are some of the craziest, strangest moments he’s had in the studio? Who is he currently working with? We find out.


Priscilla C. Scott

This episode of PA features photographer Priscilla C. Scott. She’s a live music fixture in LA. She’s photographed amazing bands like Failure, Garbage, Interpol, & so many more. We talk about how she got into live music photography, shooting in studio, what gear she prefers, and how shooting live music has changed over the years. And I get to geek out on photography for an episode! Music – Failure, Garbage, Noveller, Fever Ray, & Chelsea Wolfe