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Chicago-based comedy nerd Rob Littwin talks to a comedian about their art form, specifically delving into a featured set of their jokes.

Chicago-based comedy nerd Rob Littwin talks to a comedian about their art form, specifically delving into a featured set of their jokes.
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Chicago-based comedy nerd Rob Littwin talks to a comedian about their art form, specifically delving into a featured set of their jokes.




Justin Golak

Today we have Chicago comedy veteran Justin Golak! Justin has been in the game for over a decade and has many nuggets of wisdom to share. You can find him on stages all over the country, as well as local shows and mics in Chicago. His websites are, and, where you can find links to his podcasts including Safe Space, his albums, and writings. Influenced by George Carlin and Chris Rock, Justin is a self-described “state-educated college bro” who likes to walk a...


Elise Fernandez

Today we are baring it all with a bold set and interview with Elise Fernandez! Elise is a fun, unapologetic feminist with a very body-positive and sex-positive message. Having the determination to refine and perform material, all while forming friendships and connections is a much-needed skill that it can take newer comedians years to master. Elise has that in spades. Just FYI, this is another NSFW performance at the Uptown Underground, so you’re definitely going to want to see the...


Kendall Klitzke

Today we have Kendall Klitzke and our first featured performance at Strip Joker! There is a lot of cheering and applause in the clip, which usually happens when clothes come off onstage. Kendall is a producer on Cupcake Comedy Cabaret at The Gallery Cabaret and The Neapolitan showcase at The Store. Kendall has a degree in TV writing. Since getting her first taste of stand-up, she has jumped in with both feet, immersing herself in the scene and quickly building an arsenal of witty jokes and...


Maya May

Today we are talking to slam-poet-turned-comic Maya May! Maya was a Chicago comedian who is currently attempting to tolerate people who list their resumes in person as a daily greeting, and has recently found her way onto the college circuit. As a mother and a queer woman of color, Maya has developed a wealth of socially conscious material that stems from a life rich with wildly varying experiences. I assure you that the following set and conversation is but a snowflake on the tip of the...


Brittany Meyer

Today, it's Brittany Meyer! Brittany Meyer is the founder of, and a producer on, Chicago’s famous Strip Joker. They have produced about a dozen shows around the city in the past few years, including Spin-Off Stand-Up and Tuxedo Cat. Brittany uses their platform to promote a progressive agenda, specifically shining a spotlight on issues of gender equality through comedy. View the performance here: View the performance with commentary...


Chris Higgins

Chris is a veteran of the Chicago comedy scene who came in from the chillest parts of Colorado. His relaxed, personable style has been a hit with crowds for years, and now he produces the famous 'Chill As Fuck Show' at Second City. Chris is proof that comedians don’t have to be depressed, sad, or driven by a romanticized version of the “tortured genius” trope. Watch the performance here: Watch the performance with commentary:


Amy Shanker

Today we have NYC comedian Amy Shanker! Amy started out in Chicago as a public school teacher, and is currently a whip-smart comedian navigating the minefield that is modern dating apps. She moved to New York a few years ago, and currently runs the Power Hour comedy mic at New York’s Creek in the Cave. I'm very glad she stopped by last Summer, performed this set, and caught up over a podcast episode. Watch the performance here: Watch the performance with...


Samantha Berkman

Today we are talking to lovable Chicago goofball, Samantha Berkman. I met Sam at a showcase out of the Lincoln Tap just over three years ago, where she invited me to take pictures at the first ever CAMP show. We became fast friends and she saved my number in her phone as “Baldy McFuckface.” CAMP is now a successful comedy showcase that features top-shelf comedians. Aside from her beloved weekly show, Sam is also a former writer for the AV Club television show, and a brilliant performer....


Le Aboav

Today, we are going to take a journey. This journey will lead us down some queer paths. There will be twists, turns, and a Willy Wonka tunnel segment, but I guarantee you that it’s worth the trip because today, we are talking to Le Aboav. Le is a hilarious comedian I met years ago at a comedy show called CAMP at the Village Tap, where they were telling punchlines about bicycle shorts. Since then I have seen Le evolve into the fun-loving, openly pervy, and very witty comedian they are...


Bill Bullock

Bill Bullock started out as a huge fan of live comedy in Chicago and eventually developed a taste for performing. Now he's quite good at it. Bill features on shows all over the city and produces 2 of his own: Something Else at Beauty Bar, and Congrats on Your Success. Congrats is hosted by local bookstore, Uncharted Books. It’s been going strong for 6 years and was even featured on the Netflix series ‘Easy’. Here he is, performing his birthday set at Beauty Bar. Watch the performance...


Jillian Ebanks

Today I present to you one of my personal favorite comedians, Jillian Ebanks. Jillian is one of those comics who makes me laugh, even when no one else is laughing. I try very hard to stifle my laughter when recording these live sets, but you can hear me chuckle all over this track. Jillian is a co-founder of BAPS comedy (that’s Beautiful And Powerful Sistas) and a Bob Curry fellow at Second City. BAPS is a show dedicated to featuring women of color in comedy, music, poetry, and spoken word...


Janice Rodriguez

Today I have a set and a revealing interview/ amateur therapy session with my friend Janice Rodriguez. Janice learned from local Chicago greats like Kelsie Huff and Alex Kumin and is the founder of Las Locas Comedy. Las Locas started out in a large salon, packing it to the brim at every show and now works as a pop up showcase at larger venues. Las Locas features women of color, usually with Latin backgrounds, and an honorary loca. Janice is one of those rare performers who not only has a...


Matt Brown

And so it begins! Welcome to the first official episode of Performance Revue, and we're coming out swinging with Chicago comedian Matt Brown! His attitude, subversion, and unique voice felt equal parts “sassy drag queen” and Joan Rivers. The style feeling like an old-school, quick-witted, Vegas show throwback with a very modern, queer sensibility. View the performance here: View the performance with commentary here: Thank you...


Season 1 Introduction/Teaser

An introduction and primer for my new show; Performance Revue! The teaser contains clips from interviews with the following performers: Matt Brown, telling us what impression he wants to leave on his audience. Jillian Ebanks, discussing the conundrum of being both a feminist and a Drake fan. Le Aboav, talking about their gender identity and how it can impact a performance. Samantha Berkman, opening up about the origin of her comedy superpowers (if you happen to be either of her parents,...