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Funny interviews with real video game characters

Funny interviews with real video game characters
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Funny interviews with real video game characters






Level 107 - Our booker Jane?

So, just to apologize in advance to everyone: we were supposed to have a huge guest on today but over the past year or so, as we continue to grow into the best and biggest video game podcast in the world, we've had to delegate some of the booking to an outside person. There's a few hiccups every now and then and today...well just listen and you'll see. This won't happen again. Enjoy! Starring Cait Moldenhauer (@CaitMolden) @PlayablePodcast


Level 106 - Mario Kart mechanic

On your marks...get set...get ready...listen to today's excellent episode with a mechanic from Mario Kart! We talk to Nectarine the Mechanic about her days of fixing the Mushroom Kingdom's best karts, whose kart is the best and worst, and what courses are the hardest to prepare for. Enjoy! Starring Veronica Garza! (@veros_broke) @PlayablePodcast


Level 105 - Ditto the Pokemon

Out of the BILLIONS of Pokemon out there in the wild, somehow Ditto found his way into our hearts. Today we talk with Ditto, the amorphous, genderless Pokemon about how he was made, his 'superpower' and why he's so down in the dumps lately. Enjoy! Starring Mike Pridgen! (@MikesComedy) @PlayablePodcast


Level 104 - Spyro The Dragon

It's always nice when we can finally get a VERY requested guest to join us on the podcast. Today we have an original PlayStation icon, Spyro the Dragon! We talk to him about being a dragon in today's world, getting frisky with a kangaroo, and his 'work relationship' with Crash Bandicoot. Enjoy! Starring Patrick Hastie! (@PatrickHastie) @PlayablePodcast If you're in NY - check us out at the New York Nerds Show Saturday April 6th in Staten Island. And get your tickets to the Long Island...


Level 103 - CEO of Umbrella Corp

We know this might be controversial, but here at PCP we like to hear all the sides of the story. So today we're giving a voice to the CEO of Umbrella Corp. We know they've done some things in the past that not everyone agrees with so he's here to clear their name and let everyone know why they do what they do and what the future holds. Enjoy! Starring Anish Mitra! (@MitraNYC) @PlayablePodcast


Level 102- Ken

It's almost like it's Calvin's birthday because today we have the legend from Street Fighter, Ken Masters! The blonde bro with the red jumpsuit joins us to talk about his iconic outfit, his love of Japan, and his friendship with Ryu. Enjoy! Starring Billy Keenly (@BillyKeenly) @PlayablePodcast


Level 101 - Johnny Cage's agent

Ladies and gentlemen...we are 101 weeks old. And we're just getting warmed up! Today we're joined by the agent of one of the newest announced MK11 characters (Johnny Cage), Eddie Tramplestein! We talk to him about where he's from, how he got his start in representation, and Johnny's infamous nut punch. Enjoy! Starring artist Justin "JB" Bowen (@JackSquatJB) @PlayablePodcast


Level 100 - The First Annual PCP Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament!

CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER! Holy cow everyone! We are SO excited that Brian & Calvin got to commentate a real, live Super Smash Bros Ultimate battle! What's even better, is we're joined by a bunch of our previous guests. We get to watch some of the most famous characters ever go at it: Princess Peach. Princess Daisy. Kirby. Pokemon Trainer. Link. King Bowser. The Wii Fit Trainer. And, finally...MARIO himself! We also get to talk to Brandon Quinn, our fighting game location scout, and also our...


Level 99 - Receptionist at Castle Wolfenstein

With just 1 more week to go before our big 100th episode, we can't think of a better person to speak with than the actual front desk receptionist at Castle Wolfenstein. We talk to her about what it's like having zombies running around, how she got the job, and her 'boss'. Enjoy! ***Also, for those wondering what the awesome 'bonus content' is for our Patreon subscribers each week for just $5 a month, we decided to give you a sneak preview, and you'll see why once you see who our special...


Level 98 - Knuckles the Echidna

As we speed into our 100th episode in just a few more weeks, we keep getting the huge megastars on the show! Please enjoy our great chat with the one and only Knuckles! We talk to him about his relationship with Sonic, his super strength, and his love of punching stuff. Enjoy! Starring David Piccolomini (@Piccolomeany) @PlayablePodcast


Level 97 - Duke Nukem and Minecraft Lady

In yet another huge FIRST here at Playable Characters Podcast, today we are talking to Duke Nukem and the Minecraft Lady! Why are we talking to them together? Well, it seems like they were at a party hanging out, one thing lead to another, and...well you'll see. Very honored to have them share their news with us. Enjoy! Starring Amanda Baramki (@AmandaBaramki) and Tom Fattah (Tom_Fattah) @PlayablePodcast


Level 96 - Crash Bandicoot

Well g'day mates! So excited to have Crash Bandicoot with us today! The original Playstation 1 mascot joins us to talk about his pants-only lifestyle, smashing crates, and his steady of diet of strictly wumpa fruit. Enjoy! Starring Andrew Del Vecchio! (@AndrewJDV) @PlayablePodcast


Level 95 - Agent Golgo 13

Fire up your time machines because we're going way back for this one! Today we're joined by the top-secret super spy, Agent Golgo 13! We talk to him about his life in espionage, dames, and his love of smoking. Enjoy! Starring Mark Riccadonna (@MarkRiccadonna) @PlayablePodcast


Level 94 - Stella, the Angry Bird

Despite being one of the BUSIEST characters in gaming, we're so happy today's guest could join us. Enjoy our episode with Stella, the pink Angry Bird! We talk to her about her fellow colleagues, why she so angry, what's she doing to control that temper. Starring Anita Flores (@AnitaJewtina) @PlayablePodcast


Level 93 - Lakitu

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud...and into today's guest, Lakitu! We talk to this Mushroom Kingdom resident about her time slinging Spiny's at Mario, hanging out on the Mario Kart racing circuit, and what really goes on inside that cloud. Enjoy! Starring Chelsea White! (@TheChelseaWhite) @PlayablePodcast


Level 92 - The Owner of the Car from the Bonus Round in Street Fighter 2

Happy New Year's, everyone! Here at Playable Characters Podcast, we like to help people. Not just your famous hero or villain from games. But sometimes the little guy needs some representation too. Who will give them a voice??? Well, today we had an unexpected guest that we tried to help. He's the owner of the car that keeps getting demolished from the Street Fighter 2 bonus round. Enjoy! Starring Micah Sherman! (@MicahSherman) @PlayablePodcast ***Seriously though...Brian & Calvin (and...


Level 91 - JRPG Adventurer

OH HELLO THERE WELCOME TO PODCAST YES? PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME. Today we are interviewing an adventurer from a JRPG! We talk to him about his quests, the battle with his father-in-law, and walking into people's homes and breaking their pots. Enjoy! Hope everyone has a great Christmas and holiday week! Starring Matt Maragno (@MattMaragno) @PlayablePodcast


Level 90 - Fallout 76 survivor

In this post-apocalyptic world we live in, we're very humbled and blessed to have with us a survivor from the Fallout 76 world. She talks to us about bugs, scavenging, and good ol' radiation. Enjoy! Starring Cait Molden! (@CaitMolden) @PlayablePodcast


Level 89 - Grim Reaper from Paperboy

Holy smokes! Today we're talking to the Grim Reaper that appears in the retro gaming smash hit, Paperboy! For a guy that steals souls for a living, he's surprisingly upbeat. He talks to us about Paperboy himself, his method to reaping, and what the future holds for all of us. Enjoy! Staring Aaron Kominos-Smith (@funnyaaron) @PlayablePodcast


Level 88 - Grand Theft Auto dude

Very excited to have a real Liberty City native with us today! We're joined by Ike "Sweets" Jackson today and he tells us all about growing up in Liberty City, San Andreas, and Vice City. He's seen tanks, fighter jets, and all types of stuff going down in his city. Enjoy! Starring Justin Brown! (JBrownDidIt) @PlayablePodcast