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55 - Drinking Chili (w/ Joe LaBianca)

Long-time friend and Star Wars fan Joe LaBianca joins your favorite podcast and we discuss reserved seating in theaters, but also what we had for breakfast. Listen to the boys as they discuss and derail themselves when it comes to television programs. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to talk to the dead, this might be a good starting point. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


54 - Gloating Holiday

Coming back from Thanksgiving leaves the boys hungry for some podcasting. James and Kyle talk about their recent holiday filled with tons of food and naps. James brings in that native advertising is very much a problem, while Kyle discusses that working the day after Thanksgiving is bad news bears. Kyle talks about his recent trip with honorary third petal p.stoops to go see the film The Disaster Artist from A24 coming out December 8th! Also, the boys help others stop weddings like they...


53 - Wine Tangents

Riding on the high of their 1st place win in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, these boy catch up with a little help of some good good wine. Discussing the EA Battlefront 2 controversy, Kyle's recent all kids show, and footage mishaps. James talks about how much he enjoys family just long enough for Kyle to ruin it. Kyle talks about how he rarely ever goes back to anything old media and game wise, except for Cheers. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals...


52 - Breadcrumbing (w/ Emily Bamforth & Jason Vasil)

Technical errors happen, and unfortunately that means the first part of this episode is lost. But that doesn't mean everything is gone. Emily Bamforth joins us this episode to talk about different types of Ghosting. Also, Jason Vasil joins this episode to talk about the hardships and the state of online dating in a swipe-right culture. Listen to Emily's Podcast, 10 Minute Tech Talk: Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals...


51 - Charlottes & Dragons

Miscommunications lead to fun results sometimes. Kyle and James discuss a mirade of things on this episode. They dive into children’s books in which you can base a Dungeons and Dragons campaign on. The boys get into an article that claims they are ruining the art of the handshake. Kyle talks about how he doesn’t like to leave his house when it comes to getting food. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


50 - Beep Noise (w/ James Ondak)

We've made it to the 50 episode mark. James and Kyle want to thank every single person that has ever listened to the podcast. From the bottom of their hearts they thank you. On this episode, your boys are joined by James Ondak. James has been writing all the happy endings for each episode, and they wanted to have him on and explain himself. Donate to Jame Ondak's Childrens Tumor Foundation Fundraiser: Email us at Follow us...


49 - Set a President (w/ p.stoops)

The third Petal DJ p.stoops has entered the podcast arena once again to provide us with much insight when it comes to DJing, as well as local commerical jingles. Listen as your favorite podcasting boys try to consume alcohol and try to keep on task. tweet at p.stoops @djpstoops follow all of his goings ons Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


48 - Rainbow Trout Kerfuffle

Hey you, yes you right there with the beautiful face. Now that I've got your attention here's a new episode of the podcast. James talks about his recent fishing adventure and the boys discuss why they like fall and Halloween and then get serious about paid time off for vacations. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


47 - Get Used to Nature (w/Robbie Puzzitiello)

Are you a wizard, but don't know the proper attire to wear? Well you've come to the right place. On this episode, the boys are joined by comic book writer and director Robbie Puzzitiello. We talk about making the jump to full-time freelance work, bad fanbases, and nature. Check out Robbie's work: Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


46 - Spinach Pull-Apart Bread

James and Kyle are back in front of the microphones to talk about things that tickle their fancy. James talks about the feelings you get when you eat with others. Kyle discusses his love of factoids that can be used as ice breakers when meeting strangers. The boys talk a bit about the idea that cereal is for people who aren't lazy. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


45 - Celebration Room (w/ Tony & Freddie)

James and Kyle are joined by Tony and Freddie from the Sweet Nothings Podcast. The two podcasts join forces to discuss the safety measures that sports players get into when celebrating in locker rooms. But we seem to figure out that safety procedures is not as bad at the glass ketchup containers. Also, learn how to develop some physic abilities and use them to impress your friends. Listen to Sweet Nothings on YouTube: Email us at...


44 - Plucking Petals After Dark

Kyle convinces James to do a late-night podcast, and James does it because he’s a stand up hunk and straight up gentlemen. James and Kyle talk about their favorite podcasting family, the McElroys. Kyle starts doing a weird improv bit like he’s love line. We discuss how having plants fills voids, while venus fly traps are garbage. Email us at thepluckingpetalspodcast@gmail.comFollow us at @plucking_petalsLike us at


43 - AA Bottom (w/ p.stoops)

Cementing his role as the “third petal” on the podcast, p.stoops returns to us in his lovely fashion. We discuss slang terms and the use of language. We give advice on ideal locations to practice pretending to be an assassin. James talks about the unknown world of sinuses, while Kyle just talks about those legs. Check out Listen to Ancient Computers: Email us at thepluckingpetalspodcast@gmail.comFollow...


42 - Good Good Nazi Tears

James and Kyle are back at it once again discussing things they enjoy. James breaks down the intricacies of what it takes to really make some good good BBQ. Kyle talks about how he would pay money for nazi tears. We also learn that Applebees were trying to get the boys to come in for some food, but have decided to change their marketing strategy. Email us at thepluckingpetalspodcast@gmail.comFollow us at @plucking_petalsLike us at


41 - Give Me Your Shirt (w/ George Dunne)

James and Kyle are joined by George Dunne from the Second Shot Podcast. We discuss a situation that George was in where a strange asked for his shirt. These solid boys discuss emotional and physical chins, all while spoiling some game of thrones stuff. You’ll learn that kids these days don’t actually understand demonic possession when it comes to dolls. Check out Second Shot Podcast: Come...


40 - Long Live Paper Towels

Happy two year podcast anniversary to us! We really appreciate every listener that decided to hear us ramble about things for this long. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and souls. We have such a blast doing this and to have anyone listen to us is a treat in it’s own right. The boys celebrate their two year anniversary by going back to some problems they had previous and revisiting them in hope that we have changed our minds. They talk extensively about chicken wings and how...


39 - Medieval Pike Rules (w/ Sam Dee)

The boys come on and slam and welcome comedian Sam Dee to the jam. Come get some good tips on how to not die from a murderer by many different means. We discuss relating to others in different classes, and James buys a fanny pack for Kyle’s new mall walking hobby. Follow Shareapy on Instagram: @shareapyshowFollow Shareapy on Facebook: Email us at thepluckingpetalspodcast@gmail.comFollow us at @plucking_petalsLike us at


38 - Gattaca Animals and People

What is this? These podcasting hunks have decided that twice a month wasn’t enough entertainment for you fine folks, so they decided that they are now a weekly podcast. But this time, they are changing up the format. These boys are talking about things they actually like for a change. James discusses Crispr, a cool DNA thing that will make us perfect. Kyle talks about Improv. Email us at thepluckingpetalspodcast@gmail.comFollow us at @plucking_petalsLike us at...


37 - Sleeping & Gambling Millennials - (w/ John Dick Winters)

James and Kyle survived another year of camping and try to get a grip while being joined by comedian John Dick Winters. John discusses the problems that come with sleep apnea, and James thinks that the free-to-play model is bad for the gambling mentality. The podcast tries it’s best to help people being attacked by animals, and then Kyle complains people who hate him because of his age. Check out John Dick Winters! Stand up Special “Celebrate the Ugly Things”":...


36 - Cleveland Guts (w/ Geek Eclectic’s Nick)

We got one of the Nicks from Geek Eclectic on this episode on the podcast! Your good looking hosts talk about gut flora and what’s wrong with the DC Universe. Kyle really shows his hate for Cleveland based t-shirt companies and the people that jump on that bandwagon. Check out Geek Eclectic: Instagram: geekeclecticSnapChat: geekeclecticFacebook: Email us at thepluckingpetalspodcast@gmail.comFollow us at @plucking_petalsLi [...]