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65 - Biblical Chicken Nuggets (w/ Billy Stopczynski)

Olympian Acknowledger and Twitch Streamer Billy Stopczynski joins this episode to talk about the troubles of moving out west similar to the game Oregon Trail. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a master gamer? We crack the code so you can conquer the online gaming community with style and grace. Check out Billy on Twitch: Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


64 - Roaming Cantaloupe

Lazy Sundays weren’t just invented; they were earned through many generations. We talk about the steps it took to be able to be recording a podcast while making ribs on a Sunday. The alternative would be hunting for survival. Talk about boring. Kyle actually brings in a bit of research to discuss what people did before the glorious invention of glasses. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


63 - Garbage Food Confessions (w/ Jes Mellen)

Artist and Human Jes Mellen joins the podcast to discuss her problem and like of people spelling her name incorrectly. James talks about how he'd rather not use a microwave when trying to reheat pizza leftovers. Kyle enjoys talking about his food escapades and they try to make cleaning your room fun again. Check out Jes's art: Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


62 - Make Lakes Great Again

We have many lakes near us, but they are being endangered by one thing: ZEBRA MUSSELS. They don’t even look cute. James dives into what makes these not cute creatures a problem for the water and our society. Millennials VS. Costco? That doesn’t sound right when Kyle talks about his love for their free samples. Losing a wallet is bad news, and Kyle is here to tell you about it. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at...


61 - Pizza Preferences (w/ Lisa Perrin)

You got a problem with pizza? We don't. We are joined by artist, improviser, and actress Lisa Perrin. There is a lot of discuss of different kinds of pizza and topping crimes. Kyle admits his weakness: new fast food items. Kyle breaks down all the ways you can use an ice tray that don't involve water! Check out Asking for a Friend Improv: Check out all of Lisa's work: Email us at


60 - Blame the Zoom H4N

Gross. Kyle's handy recorder dropped the ball and decided that it didn't want to share the great concept and ideas that the boys threw at the microphones this week. Thankfully, they were able to get back on that horse to provide something for your ears. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


59 - Pizza Pact (w/ p.stoops)

A new year brings many things: but the most important is third petal p.stoops. The man behind the 1's and 2's talks about pizza and the problem with fake liberals. James discusses why you should always be on your best behaviour while in public. Kyle gets made fun of about his airport TSA practices. Listen to p.stoops Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


58 - The Sock Horoscope

Happy Holidays from your favorite boys James and Kyle. This week, we get into our chinese food order. James talks about the new Netflix film Bright with Will Smith. There is a lot of talk of horoscopes, sweaters, and stars. We appreciate every one of you and we hope you have a lovely holiday! See you in 2018. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


57 - Star Wars: Operation Watto (w/ Josh Belford)

Don't worry, your favorite podcast host James is back and ready to solve all the problems. Although instead we plot out the ideal Star Wars movie about everyone's favorite junk dealer, Watto. We are joined in this episode by animator Josh Belford, who has a bone to pick with those bottom-shelf necco wafers. If you've ever wanted some anime eyes, this might be the right podcast for you. James talks about floating islands made of water bottles, and Kyle talks about old DVDS. Check out Josh's...


56 - Minus One Boy

James is sick so Kyle makes a condensed version of the podcast where he rambles about online shipping, his December rapping, and December wrapping, and kills it with impressions. Listen to The Second Shot Podcast: Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


55 - Drinking Chili (w/ Joe LaBianca)

Long-time friend and Star Wars fan Joe LaBianca joins your favorite podcast and we discuss reserved seating in theaters, but also what we had for breakfast. Listen to the boys as they discuss and derail themselves when it comes to television programs. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to talk to the dead, this might be a good starting point. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


54 - Gloating Holiday

Coming back from Thanksgiving leaves the boys hungry for some podcasting. James and Kyle talk about their recent holiday filled with tons of food and naps. James brings in that native advertising is very much a problem, while Kyle discusses that working the day after Thanksgiving is bad news bears. Kyle talks about his recent trip with honorary third petal p.stoops to go see the film The Disaster Artist from A24 coming out December 8th! Also, the boys help others stop weddings like they were...


53 - Wine Tangents

Riding on the high of their 1st place win in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, these boy catch up with a little help of some good good wine. Discussing the EA Battlefront 2 controversy, Kyle's recent all kids show, and footage mishaps. James talks about how much he enjoys family just long enough for Kyle to ruin it. Kyle talks about how he rarely ever goes back to anything old media and game wise, except for Cheers. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals...


52 - Breadcrumbing (w/ Emily Bamforth & Jason Vasil)

Technical errors happen, and unfortunately that means the first part of this episode is lost. But that doesn't mean everything is gone. Emily Bamforth joins us this episode to talk about different types of Ghosting. Also, Jason Vasil joins this episode to talk about the hardships and the state of online dating in a swipe-right culture. Listen to Emily's Podcast, 10 Minute Tech Talk: Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals...


51 - Charlottes & Dragons

Miscommunications lead to fun results sometimes. Kyle and James discuss a mirade of things on this episode. They dive into children’s books in which you can base a Dungeons and Dragons campaign on. The boys get into an article that claims they are ruining the art of the handshake. Kyle talks about how he doesn’t like to leave his house when it comes to getting food. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


50 - Beep Noise (w/ James Ondak)

We've made it to the 50 episode mark. James and Kyle want to thank every single person that has ever listened to the podcast. From the bottom of their hearts they thank you. On this episode, your boys are joined by James Ondak. James has been writing all the happy endings for each episode, and they wanted to have him on and explain himself. Donate to Jame Ondak's Childrens Tumor Foundation Fundraiser: Email us at Follow us...


49 - Set a President (w/ p.stoops)

The third Petal DJ p.stoops has entered the podcast arena once again to provide us with much insight when it comes to DJing, as well as local commerical jingles. Listen as your favorite podcasting boys try to consume alcohol and try to keep on task. tweet at p.stoops @djpstoops follow all of his goings ons Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


48 - Rainbow Trout Kerfuffle

Hey you, yes you right there with the beautiful face. Now that I've got your attention here's a new episode of the podcast. James talks about his recent fishing adventure and the boys discuss why they like fall and Halloween and then get serious about paid time off for vacations. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


47 - Get Used to Nature (w/Robbie Puzzitiello)

Are you a wizard, but don't know the proper attire to wear? Well you've come to the right place. On this episode, the boys are joined by comic book writer and director Robbie Puzzitiello. We talk about making the jump to full-time freelance work, bad fanbases, and nature. Check out Robbie's work: Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at


46 - Spinach Pull-Apart Bread

James and Kyle are back in front of the microphones to talk about things that tickle their fancy. James talks about the feelings you get when you eat with others. Kyle discusses his love of factoids that can be used as ice breakers when meeting strangers. The boys talk a bit about the idea that cereal is for people who aren't lazy. Email us at Follow us at @plucking_petals Like us at