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Show #016: It's Hotter than HELL!

Talk about a hell of a show. Podenstein's Lab fires up the 2nd half of August with a full facial glimpse into Hell itself. We offer a cornucopia of pain with the worst punishments in several religions' Hells, plus how to get to Hell from at least 4 places in the U.S., and a quickie guide to Dante's 9 circles of Hell, plus a quick, disgusted run through of Sartre's "No Exit." Then we interview Jon M. Sweeney, author of "INVENTING HELL: DANTE, THE BIBLE, AND ETERNAL TORMENT." Oh yeah, it's a...


Show #015.5: Werewolf Movies for the Dog Days of the Damned

J.E., Shelby, and Mark talk about some fave werewolf movies as part of the Dog Days of the Damned. From a lycan battleground, to fighting the beasties with a kung-fu Mohican, to a cop who is both dirty AND hairy, find out your next furry film experience, in Minisode #015.5 of Podenstein's Lab.


Show #015: Dog Days of the DAMNED!

We're into the dog days, which for three horror writers is a LOT more than the heat! In Show #015, Podenstein's Lab fetches the creepy with real trials for werewolves, Navajo skinwalkers, the Kansas Dogman, and more- plus a great interview with Linda Godfrey, author of 17 books on strange creatures, phenomena and people, including "Monsters Among Us." She fills us in on the dogman phenom, plus other upright uptight hairy-ites. It's a howl of a time, during the "Dog Days of the Damned," in...


Podenstein's Lab Show #0014.5: Horror Musicals Minisode

Shelby, John, and Mark talk about musicals of madness, and the suprisingly LARGE list of Horror Musicals.


Show #014 - Songs in the Key of AAAAAAGH!!

In Show #014, we check out a song that killed- and was banned by the BBC because of it, plus the 9th Symphony killer curse, and the cutting truth behind Sweeney Todd. Then- we have EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL live in studio before their show in Kansas City, with Nick Padgett of Padget Productions, Jeff Smith who plays "Ash," and Jill Smith who plays "Annie." We talk character development, splatter zones, and boomsticks! Get ready for musical madness in the key of AAAAAAAGH!!!, here in...


Show #013.5 - Minisode: WAR HORROR MOVIES

In our minisode Show #013.5, we take a shot at War Horror Movies- our faves, and our foes. The Keep, Frankenstein's Army, The Devil's Rock, Planet Terror, and more! It's a barrage of titles you can watch when you're up for some hooo-rah horror.


Show #013 Freaky Under Fire: Haunted Battlegrounds and Weird Stories of War

In honor of the 4th of July, Podenstein's Lab sings "Oh say DID YOU SEE THAT??" From a battle fought- in part- by angels, to WWI no-man's land crazed cannibals, to the Pea Ridge National Military Park in Arkansas, where the biggest Civil War battle west of the Mississippi was fought...aaaand where ghosts still fight today. We interview Bud Steed, author of Haunted Northwest Arkansas, who fills us in on the details. Join us for some star-spangled spookiness, in Show #013 of Podenstein's Lab!


Show #012.5 - 1858 Garnett House Hotel - How One Guy is Saving Haunted History

This minisode focuses on the 1858 Garnett House Hotel, an old building in Garnett, KS, saved from the wrecking ball by Rob Garcia and his investing partner. Mark flies solo for this minisode, talking with Rob about the house, the famous guests that have lived there, the killer who was caught there, and the haunted happenings in the house. It's a piece of history, near Kansas City, that catches some shine in this month's Spooky Spotlight!


Show #012: SPOOKY SPOTLIGHT - OTTAWA, KS - Finding the Freaky In the Midwest

Haunted? Haunting?? We find it! Ottawa, KS has a haunted auditorium- where a performance by The Amazing Kreskin ended unearthly, plus we found the spookiest places nearby- including a high school haunted by a ticked-off trumpeter, and a 19th century criminal asylum where your name ends up a number. Lisa Hefner Heitz, author of "Haunted Kansas: Ghost Stores and other Eerie Tales" joins us for a talk about hunting ghost stories, and her own favorite creepy locations in Kansas. The albino...


Show #011.5: WEDDINGS REC'D - Horror's 2 Best Ring-Flinging Flicks

What two horror movies involving weddings float to the top of the "Say I do" cinematic swamp? Find out with Mark, John, and Shelby, as they discuss how a wedding gets "REC"'d, and how if you like it you shoulda' put a ring on it, but just make sure "it" ain't dead when you do. Aaaaah June, you are la mois d'amour, or just d'amned, in Podenstein's Lab!


Show #011: I THEE DEAD, The Darker Side of "I Do"

June, the traditional month of weddings. ALSO tradition- marriage battles, haunted hitching venues, and kissing the bride's DEAD hand. All this, and a hilarious interview with Varla Ventura, author of "The Book of the Bizarre: Freaky Facts and Strange Stories" and a bunch of other tomes du weird, about some truly not-your-average nuptuals. If you're freaked out by it you shoulda' put a ring on it, right here in Podenstein's Lab!


Show #010 : BOOGIE FRIGHTS, Real Horror in the Twitterpation Nation

Podenstein's Lab delves into the world of Bambi, Thumper, and exploding bee sex. Ah yes, it's that time of year- Spring, when the world becomes one Twitterpation Nation. Join us on this uncomfortable journey into absorbing your bae, headless boot-knocking, disgusting REAL recipes for love potions, why a succubus is just a dreamy sperm bank, and that time when Mark and John invited Shelby into a nightmare her first time at Crypticon. Pledge allegiance to the Twitterpation Nation, in this...


Show #009: Mayflowers bring INVADING ALIENS- Plus Eduardo Sanchez & Cat Manga!!

Sure, April showers bring May flowers. but what do Mayflowers bring? INVADING ALIENS!! In Show #009, we take a look at real invading species- from vicious fishes to toad-al destruction to worm-ageddon. Plus we chat about the alien horror movie "ALTERED" with the only visible woman in the cast- Catherine Mangan, who played "Hope,"...and famed horror director Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project, Lovely Molly, VHS 2, Exists, a lot of cool-ass tv shows like Supernatural, From Dusk Till...


Show #008.5: Fairy Tales Go to the Movies Minicast

J.E., Shelby, and Mark share reviews of movies they think will give you that fairy tale flair, while still delivering the kills and the chills. The ones where kids, not older teens, are the heroes. Where a happy ending happens, even if almost every person dies along the way. Bring on the mayhem..errrrrr...moral of the story, here in a minicast from Podenstein's Lab.


Show #008 - Fairy Tales: Oh the Things We Tell Our Kids

"Grimm" ain't just a dead coupla' guys' last name!! J.E., Shelby, and Mark show off the dark side of fairy tales...without having to change them. This ain't no small world after all; it's blood and guts and beheadings and mutilations and...well...the occasional happy ending. Don't count on it, but it happens- even here in Podenstein's Lab!


Show #007.5 - Minicast: Resurrection Selection Movies

J.E. Petersen, Shelby Dollar, and Mark L. Groves talk about their prime viewing choices for coming back from the dead. From well known to barely known movies, you'll get an earful of an eye-full, in this Podenstein's Lab minicast!


Show #006 - The Ides of March: You're Dead, So...What Now?

So...you're dead. What now? Shelby, J.E., and Mark, talk you through some cremazing ways to deal with the ultimate of leftovers. ALSO- want to remember someone? OMG- from wallets to bullets to...uuuuuhhh...good vibrations, you can find a truly PERSONAL way to memorialize, if immoralize, your loved ones. Join us for fun that's six feet deep, in Show #006 of Podenstein's Lab.


Show #005 - The Ides of March: Lots of Dead Ahead

March is a gruesome, grin-some month here in Podenstein's Lab. In this episode, we talk some seriously bad endings- like a king that goes boom, a black strap disaster, the only horse race in history where the top three were dead, place, and show, and much more/ We also chat with Elizabeth Greenwood, author of "Playing Dead," who shows us how to fake it to make it when you're feeling really, really dead. Mortal coils beware, we're shuffling like mad, this month in Podenstein's Lab.


Show #004: Women in Horror Month: Sinisisters Productions, and Our Other Favorite Femmes of Fear

Podenstein's Lab interviews (and maybe fanboys a lil' bit on) Millie Sanders and Jessee Foudray of "Sinisisters Productions," a female-driven film making collective in L.A., creators of some hilarious horror shorts, including the awesome and award-winning "HUMBUG." They're so fun, and even stick around while we talk about our other favorite women in horror, during Women in Horror Month!


Show #3.5 - Horror Movies With Love: Valentines Day Screen Screamers

Mark L. Groves, Shelby Dollar, and J.E. Petersen talk about horror movies that touch your heart...or maybe rip it out still beating. Whatevs. It's horror movies that fit a Valentines Day Movie Massacre. Feel the feels, people.