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Show #018.5: Horror MOVIES Tied Up in Nazis!

J.E., Shelby, and Mark talk about their favorite horror movies that features the worst humans who ever lived, or who ever lived then died then lived, or who ever lived then died then lived while piloting armored airborne sharks. You know- NAZIS. Plus a list of other contenders to reich the wrongs in your movie collection!


Show #018: Horror Tied Up in Nazis

The ultimate bad guys. The worst of the worst. The nuclear option for insults. Nazis. The a-holes of the universe. They show up in horror, and in everyday conversation. Now they show up under the macabre microscope of Podenstein's Lab. where we expose the turd reich's weird side. From the fuhrer's fart attacks, to super stupid weapons, to Cows of the SS, it's a freakskrieg in Show #018 of Podenstein's Lab!


Minisode #017.5: Favorite School Horror Movies

Oh yeah, it's back to school SPECIAL- with No Skool like Film Skool. J.E., Shelby, and Mark talk about their choices for horror movies that focus on being in a school, and that the school experience is a focus of the horror. "The Faculty," "Scream," and "Night of the Creeps" top the list, then they do a Cliff's Notes of the other faves they came up with. Write 100 times on the chalkboard - I WILL WATCH THESE HORROR MOVIES, I WILL WATCH THESE HORROR MOVIES, I WILL....


Show #017: Reading, Writing, ARRHYTHMIA! (Back to School Special)

It's our version of a Back to School Special- which means haunted school hallways, ghosts in dorms, Stephens College spirits, KU curses, and interview with actual live people! We talk to Jennifer Laughlin at Shawnee Indian Mission Historic Site in Fairway, KS, about their upcoming paranormal investigation of the site with Supernatural, Ink (yup, that's how they spell it!). Also- for double the dark, we chat with Paul Thomas, author of "Haunted Lawrence," about haunted stories from the...


Minisode #016.5: Movies in HELL!

It's a hell of a list of HELL movies, in this minisode of Podenstein's Lab. Shelby, J.E., and Mark bring up their top choices for how hell looks on celluloid, from Constantine to Solomon Kane, from The Gate to Highway to Hell. The devil's in the trailer in Minisode #016.5!!


Show #016: It's Hotter than HELL!

Talk about a hell of a show. Podenstein's Lab fires up the 2nd half of August with a full facial glimpse into Hell itself. We offer a cornucopia of pain with the worst punishments in several religions' Hells, plus how to get to Hell from at least 4 places in the U.S., and a quickie guide to Dante's 9 circles of Hell, plus a quick, disgusted run through of Sartre's "No Exit." Then we interview Jon M. Sweeney, author of "INVENTING HELL: DANTE, THE BIBLE, AND ETERNAL TORMENT." Oh yeah, it's a...


Show #007.5 - Minicast: Resurrection Selection Movies

J.E. Petersen, Shelby Dollar, and Mark L. Groves talk about their prime viewing choices for coming back from the dead. From well known to barely known movies, you'll get an earful of an eye-full, in this Podenstein's Lab minicast!


Show #007 - Resurrection Selections: AND WE'RE BACK!

Wakey wakey, eggs and freaky!! In show #007, Shelby, J.E., and Mark discuss successful, and not-so-successful, comebacks from the dead. These Resurrection Selections include the Heaven's Gate gang; a real story about coming back to life- told to Mark in a tow truck by the guy who experienced it; cutesy little animals that come back from the dead; how to avoid being buried alive IF you come back; the cold way to save the day- as long as you don't give up. We're sure to give you a RISE, in...


Show #006 - The Ides of March: You're Dead, So...What Now?

So...you're dead. What now? Shelby, J.E., and Mark, talk you through some cremazing ways to deal with the ultimate of leftovers. ALSO- want to remember someone? OMG- from wallets to bullets to...uuuuuhhh...good vibrations, you can find a truly PERSONAL way to memorialize, if immoralize, your loved ones. Join us for fun that's six feet deep, in Show #006 of Podenstein's Lab.


Show #005.5 - Ides of Movies: Favorite Horror Movie Death Scenes

Not your usual death scenes, aaaaaand why we love'm. Gory, creepy, sometimes hilarious ways to die in horror films, discussed, and maybe disgust, in this minicast from Podenstein's Lab.


Show #005 - The Ides of March: Dead Men Tell Crazy Tales

March is a gruesome, grin-some month here in Podenstein's Lab. In this episode, we talk some seriously bad endings- like a king that goes boom, a black strap disaster, the only horse race in history where the top three were dead, place, and show, and much more. We also chat with Elizabeth Greenwood, author of "Playing Dead," who shows us how to fake it to make it when you're feeling really, really dead. Mortal coils beware, we're shuffling like mad, this month in Podenstein's Lab.


FROZEN DEAD GUY DAYS!!! minicast for start of Ides of March: Dead Ahead

We talk to Amanda MacDonald, event coordinator for Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, CO, about failed cryogenics labs, a decades-old frozen dead guy, and how to make a helluva party out of a helluva thing. PS- Frozen Dead Guy Days runs March 9 - 11, 2018, in lovely Nederland. Bring your warm coat and your cold, dry, sense of humor. :)


Show #004: Women in Horror Month: Sinisisters Productions, and Our Other Favorite Femmes of Fear

Podenstein's Lab interviews (and maybe fanboys a lil' bit on) Millie Sanders and Jessee Foudray of "Sinisisters Productions," a female-driven film making collective in L.A., creators of some hilarious horror shorts, including the awesome and award-winning "HUMBUG." They're so fun, and even stick around while we talk about our other favorite women in horror, during Women in Horror Month!


Show #003.5 - Horror Movies With Love: Valentines Day Screen Screamers

Mark L. Groves, Shelby Dollar, and J.E. Petersen talk about horror movies that touch your heart...or maybe rip it out still beating. Whatevs. It's horror movies that fit a Valentines Day Movie Massacre. Feel the feels, people.


Show #003: Love Means Never Having to Say THAT'S FRICKIN' CREEPY!!!

February 2018 is the month of love- especially if you love creepy stuff! In this episode we discuss Mary Shelley's husband's gift, St. Agnes' Holy Calamari of Ecstasy, A Must-Have-Her Cadaver, You Taste Like Someone I Love, Evita Peron's Post-Mortem Roadtrip, and The Long Road for Rasputin's Rod. Yeah, it's an hour straight from the heart, right through the sternum. Join us, on Podenstein's Lab.



The full length interview with Lisa Rosner, author of "The Anatomy Murders," and distinguished professor of history at Richard Stockton College. Enjoy Mark L. Groves, co-host of Podenstein's Lab, mumbling out questions while Professor Rosner fills in the blanks with intelligent, fascinating facts about the world around Burke and Hare, plus thoughts about Burke himself. She's awesome. Enjoy!


Show #002 - January 2018 - New Year, New Horror, plus All Burke and No Play

The January 2018 edition of Podenstein's Lab, where J.E., Shelby, and Mark discuss their hopeful movie faves for 2018, plus Mark is all about Mark (his birthday is 1/28), and he shares the story of William Burke, who got hanged on January 28, 1829, for serial murder in Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland. What else do you need for a celebratory mood???


Show #001 - December 2017 - YULE SCREAM FOR HAPPY HORRORDAYS

Three horror authors take on movies, books, and history, in the most horror-ble way possible. In this, the first ever Podenstein's Lab podcast, we'll take on Horror for the Holidays, from terrifying traditions around the world, to movies you can share with those who (s)care, and we bring in a Certified Smart Person, aka an associate professor from George Mason University in Virginia, to discuss whether Dickens stole from...uhhhhh...DICKENS. All of this, sewn together for your...