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Poop Culture 131 - Duel of the Decades April 87 vs April 97

On this week’s program it’s The Duel of the Decades - April 1987 vs. April 1997! The undefeated Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on The Blue Barracudas made up of Carlos from The Be Kind and Rewind Podcast and new comer to the show Jimmy! What is the Secret to the Mamalukes Success? Will they win again or will they taste defeat for the very first time?! To help judge this one we brought in The Honorable Mike Ranger of the Video Rangers Podcast! The two teams slug it out over our...


Poop Culture 130 - Remember that time we spoke to

It’s Episode 130 Fellow Poopers, this week we go back in time to revisit with some of our favorite moments with the many friends of the program we have made over the years. Our childhood warm and fuzzys light up when we speak to the voice of Lion-O from Thundercats, Larry Kenny. Real Big Fish lets us know that Everyone Knows an @sshole and take a few dabs with B-Real of Cypress Hill and Duddy B from the Dirty Heads. We check in with Dr. Miami and hear a song from Brandon Hardesty from...


Poop Culture 129 - Montage Mayhem

Meet us Half Way, fellow Poopers! Because this week on The Poop Culture Podcast we crank it up to “9” as we cover our favorite film Training Montages. Mike Ranger from the Video Rangers Podcast joins Rick Mancrush and Marc James this week to break down there top ten training montages. What constitutes a great training montage? We also found out that some are less than great! We breakdown each scene by scoring it with our not-so patented secret formula to determine maximum awesomeness. What...


Poop Culture 128 - An Ode to Cannon Films

On this weeks installment from the stalls, we take a look inside the wild world of Cannon Films for our first ANNUAL special! To help break down all their top picks Rick Mancrush and Marc James brought in Brandon from The Red On You Podcast and back due to poopular demand, Mike Ranger from The Video Rangers Podcast. We go Over The Top and break down all the madness and mayhem that Menahen Golan and his cousin Yoram Globus bestowed upon the silver screen. Find out why they were an...


Poop Culture 127 - Remembrance to retail

This week Fellow Poopers, Rick Mancrush and Marc James take time to eulogize some of the great landmarks of retail! The recent loss of Toy ‘R Us has got the guys looking back at some of their favorite stores and shopping memories. Will the next generation of the work force be soft, due to not working real retail? We think so, and we have a few good reasons to back it up! We talk catalog shopping, classic toys, Musaik, and yes even Blueberry Muffins! Please come and pay your respects with...


Poop Culture 126 - March 89 vs March 99

It’s time for a blast from the past on this week’s episode of The Poop Culture Podcast. On this very episode it's the Duel of the Decades III ! This time the Mamalukes comprised of Rick Mancrush & Marc James put their undefeated record to the test! Up against the team of Hasselhoff's Heros - Shawbag6 and Joe Findlay Host of the Miscast Commentary Podcast, and they take the 1980’s for a change of pace. Will the best of March 1989 have the fire power to topple the champs and March of 1999?...


Poop Culture 125 - Mr. Skin's 19th Annual Anatomy Awards

It’s episode 125 of the mighty, Poop Culture Podcast and this week the Gang of Grunge prepare for the Glitz, Glamour and the Garmentless! Mr. Skin is back on the program this time to unveil his 19th Annual Anatomy Awards! Listen as Mr. Skin breaks down this year's categories, winner, and losers! In honor of Mr. Skins return to the program, we put him to the test against our very own Marc James and Shawbag6 with some nude trivia! Spoilers! It does not go well for the Poop Culture crew when...


Poop Culture 124 - Bumpin Uglies to One Upper News

Once again the gang of grunge is joined by Bumpin Uglies - front man Brandon Hardesty! Brandon jumps on to chat , but not before he's bombarded with a speed round. Then Brandon talks about Bumpin Uglies new album, using bidets, and doesn't leave without playing an UNHEARD song from the new album! This guy is one of the most talented singer/song writers out there, and if you haven't heard of him....you will! The boys haven't done Poop News in months, and they were really aching to do a Poop...


Poop Culture 123 - Poop Culture Against Humanity

This week inside the stalls, we present to you a very special episode of the Poop Culture Podcast! Mike Ranger from the Video Rangers Podcast joins Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Shawbag6 this week to play the party game for horrible people..Cards Against Humanity! But first Mancrush has a hot ticket and this one is a scorcher! Then we get right to the meat of the matter and play a great round of Cards Against Humanity as only the Poop Culture crew can! We do not want to spoil the fun but...


Poop Culture 122 - Hot Products of 2018

On this week installment from the stalls, we take a look at what we think are going to be the Hot New Products in 2018! This week Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Shawbag6 are joined by Mike host of The Recasting Couch Podcast. Mike answered our call and wants to join the Poop Culture crew full time! So Mancrush and Marc James put him on the spot with an irreverent impromptu interview, Poop Culture style! Then we breakdown what will be flying off store shelves in 2018! Will be see the rise of...


Poop Culture 121 - Feb 86 VS Feb 96

It's that time of the month, Fellow Poopers! Time to go back to the 1990’s Cyber Cafe for totally awesome Duel of the Decades! Featuring special guest for this episode, Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast! Carlos will be teaming up with Shawbag6 to take February of 1996 into battle against February 1986 - wielded by Rick Mancrush and Marc James. We slug it out over five categories, News, Music, Movies, TV and Hot Products! Right out of the gate the shenanigans begin with this one...


Poop Culture 120 - Making the band

You wanted the best, you got the best! The Hottest Podcast in the land...The Poop Culture Podcast is back with another week in Irreverent Improper Improv! This week the Four Horsemen on the Poopocalypse select their very own Super Groups one with alive rockstars and a second with stars past. Rick Mancrush, Marc James, Shawbag6 and Eric Mocker take you pick by pick as we assemble our ultimate rock teams. We get a Mancrush Cancer update! Did Kadrolsha Ona predict Rick Mancrush’s cancer,...


Poop Culture 119 -The Failed Pilot

This week in the stall we draft our favorite Failed TV Show Pilots, No not Joe Hackett! But shows that just did not make the cut. We are joined this week by Jimmy host of The Pilots and Petards Podcast as well as Mike Ranger from the PCEU’s very own Video Rangers Podcast! But first, we get to the AFC NFC Championships, The Puppy Bowl and the fact that Zach Morris was a predator. Jimmy tells us what Pilots and Petards about. Find out what the worst pilot Jimmy has seen are and what shows...


Poop Culture 118 - The 2018 Flushie Awards

This week fellow poopers the foul foursome give you a front row seat to the 2018 Flushie Awards! Listen as we discuss this years top new stories that prove the fact that some people are indeed to stupid to live. Once again Beaucephus himself, Beau Becraft from The Beaucephus Broadcast joins the Poop Culture crew to help with this very special commemorative episode. We start out this years show by handing out the 2018 “Lit” award for dumbassery and we unfortunately see the return of the...


Poop Culture 117 - Bidet the Earth Stood Still

This week on your new weekly constitutional, Alan from BioBidet stops by the show to dispel the rumors and to dispense the bidet knowledge like a majestic fountain, made from pure awesomeness. Rick Mancrush & Marc James are joined by PCEU brother in arms Darel of the Bro-Rons Podcast. We talk about how Smart Toilet seats will change your life. This is something the guys of the PCEU know all too well! BioBidet wants to Bring Clean Asses to the Masses! #cleanassestothemasses Find out how you...


Poop Culture 116 - Duel of the Decades Jan 1984 vs Jan 1994

This week the Poop Culture crew put it all on the line in their new segment - Duel of the Decades! Beau Becraft from the Beaucephus Broadcast joins us once again for another asstastic episode and joins up with Shawbag6 to take on the team of Marc and The Mancrush in a battle pitting January of 1984 vs January of 1994! You won't believe what the guys wager on this contest and find out how you can help pick a winner! Each time fire out its “Best Of…” for January of their year in 1 of 5...


Poop Culture 115 - Predictions for 2018

This week the Prognosticators of Poop peer into the crystal bowl and predict the headlines of 2018! We start things off this week with Random Ranting With Rick and The problems with gift cards. The Poop Culture crew pitch the perfect idea for what to do with those leftover gift cards! It looks like in 2018 we will see the fall of the TV Entertainment world, and PCEU members will be called into action! Find out who the new hosts of some of your favorite shows are going to be according to...


Poop Culture 114 - 90's Cyber Cafe - December '92

The Cyber Cafe is open for business and the Poop Culture crew wax poetic about December of 1992 to kick off a new monthly feature on the program. Carlos from Be Kind and Rewind Podcast joins Shawbag6, Marc James and Rick Mancrush to lend his 90’s expertise. Did anyone actually ever use a Cyber Cafe? How did kids spend their time in 1992? How does that compare to the lazy ass kids of today? We talk about journalist, writer and porno actress with horrible aim, Amy Fisher.Shawbag6 takes a...


Poop Culture 113 - Mr Skin - Best Celeb Nude Scenes of 2017

This week Fellow Poopers, we are paid a visit by Mr. Skin from mrskin.com! Rick Mancrush and Marc James ask who would Mr. Skin want to punch in the face? We talk about the history of nude scenes on Cable Television. Mr. Skin got his dad to spend an extra $500 so his prepubescent son could dub extra nude scenes on a betamax machine. Is it true that Mr. Skins archives have been requested by the Smithsonian and could we have a “Nudeuseum” in our futures? Find out what the mrskin.com offices...


112 - Hanging Tough

On this week's installment from the stalls, we visit with Casey Bay, host extraordinaire from The Vantucky Fried Podcast. Casey tell us what we can expect from the PCEU’s latest addition. We are back this week with everyone's new favorite segment! Random Thoughts With Rick! Poor Billy Bush, Tattoos and when society changed. Then Rick and Shawbag6 answer the Call of Dooty and recall outlandish stories from the enlisted. This weeks topic Sexual harassment in the workplace! What happens when...


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