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Poop Culture 164 - Not Seen on TV

On this very installment from the stalls, the Horsemen of the Poopocolypse are joined by Mike Ranger from the Video Rangers Podcast to help us sort through some of the most controversial TV episodes of all time! We take you on a extremely informal walk through the episodes that shocked us and amazed us over the years. Do they still hold up or will the scandal now be a laughable family matter? Mike Ranger helps us out by clues to the controversial shows but stumbles upon some brief commercial...


Poop Culture 163 - Holiday Poop-Libs

On this week's installment from the stalls. The guys recover from the holiday feast and celebrate with a few Hot Ticket items. Rick Mancrush goes deep undercover and breaks a new story about what men are now doing at the urinals! We talk about the idiots who wait in line for days just to save fifty bucks from Best Buy on Black Friday! Then we issue a new challenge game to all our listeners that get back at all of those annoying spam calls and e-mails! Marc James talks about the holiday...


Poop Culture 162 - Dueling Decades - November 1987 vs November 1990

Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades on Poop Culture! In this week’s matchup returning champions The Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on “Ninetalie Imbruglia” (Beau Becraft & James Jones of That Totally Awesome 90’s Podcast! ) in an all November battle 1987 vs 1990! Judge Jon Cross is back behind the bench this week and ready to deal out his brand of pop culture justice! Listen as the teams battle it out in our Five Dueling Decades Catagories (TV, Movies, Music, News, and...


Poop Culture 161 - Poop News Vol. 10

This week Fellow Poopers we are spanning the globe to bring you the constant quality of crap you demand! It's time for another Poop News Dump! This week the Bastions of Boogers (Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft) break the news you did not know, you needed to know! Stories this week reach around the world and back again and along the way, someone got poo on their shoe! Beau Becraft busts open the story of Black Market Porta-Potties and are there possible links to something called...


Poop Culture 160 - Remake, Rewatch, Return

On this week’s show, we bring you a recap of our epic Tournament of Terror and we dive back into some fine feature films with Remake, Rewatch, Return! Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft bring you through each round you voted for in our “Tournament of Terror” on the Dueling Decades Facebook page! Who won and did things go as planned, or were there some shakeups in the mix? Did people really die in the Evil Dead house? Rick Mancrush breaks it all down for us death blow by death blow as...


Poop Culture 159 - Midterm Madness 2018

This week on the show, the Horsemen of the Pooocalypse look toward the Midterm elections and the outrageousness of some candidates campaigns catchphrases and unbelievable tactics. Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft break down all of their favorite not-so-great attempts at public office. From Top Gun parodies to political parties that proved to be not so popular! One guy has a complete meltdown on camera worthy of a WWE Title shot that you just have to hear to believe! Is honesty...


Poop Culture 158 - Poop News Vol. 9

Extra! Extra! Hear all about it, In this hot of the presses edition of Poop News on Poop Culture! This week the Horsemen of the Poopocalypse, Rick Mancrush, Beau Becraft and Marc James bring you stories that may not be Breaking but are certainly Broken! We take a look at the amount of time you spend in bed and we ask Whyo Whyo Whyo did we ever leave Ohio! A ten-year-old gets some fresh ink then a gentleman writes and posts an incredible ad selling his current girlfriend! We talk about...


Poop Culture 157 - Dueling Decades October 1984 vs October 1994 w/Wheeler Walker Jr

Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades on Poop Culture! In this week’s matchup returning champions The Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on The Paul Allen Parsons Project (Beau Becraft & Mike Ranger) in an all October battle 1984 vs 1994! This week with special guest celebrity judge Wheeler Walker Jr.! Wheeler tells us how it was being on tour with Kid Rock and then shares a great story about the one and only Vanilla Ice! Find out when and how you can get a copy of Wheeler...


Poop Culture 156 - Dueling Decades - The Infamous Gaming Legend Billy Mitchell

This week we welcome the infamous gaming legend, arcade icon, and the King of Kong to the show! Billy Mitchell joins Rick Mancrush, Marc James & Beau Becraft for an expansion to our Dueling Decades series! Billy walks us through the history of the Arcade in America and his very first memories of what it felt like when Pac Man fever really hit! What goes in to achieving the perfect score? Billy recounts the tale of that epic 1992 photo of 18 of the worlds greatest arcade game players but why...


Poop Culture 155 - Cannabis Culture with Jimi Devine

This week the Gang of Grunge turn into the Gang of Ganja as we welcome Jimi Devine into the BioBidet studios to talk Cannabis Culture and to answer our questions about marijuana. Jimi Devine can be found throughout the pages of many popular pot periodicals and publications such as Cannabis Now, The San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe and yes, of course High Times Magazine! Jimi fills us all in on the current happenings inside the ever-changing Marijuana scene. We talk CBDs and how far they...


Poop Culture 154 - Dueling Decades September 1980 vs September 1990

Welcome to another episode of Dueling Decades here on Poop Culture! This week’s matchup sees the return of “The Mamalukes” The Team of Rick Mancrush and Marc James as they defend September of 1980! Armed with September of 1990 for this episode is the team of “Beau Joe Nixon” made up of Beau Becraft and Joe Findlay from the Miscast Commentary Podcast. Judge Jon Cross is in rare form this week as he lays down his own brand of retro fanboy justice that you must hear to believe! Or dont! You be...


Poop Culture 153 - Hollywood Falls, Fails & Fadeaways!

On this week's installment from the stalls the Horsemen of the Poopocalypse mount up and take on some of our favorite disastrous Hollywood falls from grace and Where are they now cases! Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft dive deep in to the backpages of Tiger Beat for this one Fellow Poopers in an informative, outlandish and totally unbelievable episode! Some of these falls are so far they will make you feel good about yourself and may just save your life, who knows?! We hear about...


Poop Culture 152 - Poop News Vol. 8

This week Poop News is back, breaking news that is already far beyond broken! In this installment from the stalls, Rick Mancrush, Marc James and Beau Becraft breakdown the latest and not so greatest stories from around the globe. Why are Stuffed Beavers in this news this week and there is a hotel in Japan that has outrageous employees! Beau Becraft informs us on the #1 cause for a trip to the ER and it may not be what you think! Guinness Book of World Records may of just set a new record for...


Poop Culture 151 - David Strauss The Prophet of Profits Explains Online Gambling

Do you ever wonder about online gambling? Don't know anything about sports or betting? Well this week Fellow Poopers we got you covered when David Strauss from MYBOOKIE stops by the show to drop some knowledge we can all put to good use! We'll go deep into the mind of a top bookie to get you the answers! It's almost kickoff so David gives us his NFL betting preview of what to look for this season! This you do not want to miss, Actually, miss it so we can win all the money! It doesn't just...


Poop Culture 150 - Family Pooed - Part Deuce

To celebrate our 150th episode we invite our Fellow Poopers to play along at home as we bring you - The Family Pooed: Part Deuce! To play this game we needed the help of some of our special celebrity guests! Our favorite Sexperts -August McLaughlin of Girl Boner and Sunny Megatron of Showtime’s Sex w/Sunny! Then we are joined at the last minute by another special guest when our favorite rapper Wax makes his triumphant return to Poop Culture as they join the Horsemen of the Poopocalypse for a...


Poop Culture 149 - What is Dr. Stool Telling Us

This week Dr. Stool himself, Anish Sheth, MD stops by the stall to join Rick Mancrush & Marc James for a fun, frank and informative talk! This may be our most educational episode ever! Dr. Stool drops the knowledge on all the questions you have always wanted to ask your doctor about poop! But, were afraid to ask! Did you know, Louis the 14th was known for doing something that is completely unbelievable but true!? Dr. Sheth tells us about a few of the great historical poop facts from his...


Poop Culture 148 - Dueling Decades August 1988 vs August 1997

Yo, Fellow Poopers, Mount up! We are rollin’ Straight Outta Poop Culture and It's time once again for the nostalgic madness called Dueling Decades! On this episode we see the teams get a bit of a switch up when Rick Mancrush teams with Beau Becraft to pitch for the 1990’s and Marc James and Carlos from Be Kind and Rewind Podcast take the 1980’s. Its August 1988 vs August 1997 for this one and will the mix up help team 1990s? Or will the 1980s once again prevail? Roll up some air bud and...


Poop Culture 147 - Garbage Gimmick Battle Royal

In this “Shocking” no holds barred installment from the stalls the Poop Culture Crew go through some of the worst professional wrestling gimmicks of all time in our - Garbage Gimmick Battle Royal! A “Real American” Rick Mancrush along with the other Horsemen of the Poopocalypse “Booger” Beau Becraft and the physical embodiment of the entire Dungeon of Doom, Marc James guide you through our picks for some of the most atrocious ideas ever concocted from the powers that be in WWE (WWF), WCW,...


Poop Culture 146 - Sneak Peek at Summer of 84 the Movie

Every serial killer lives next to someone and this week on Poop Culture we give you a sneak preview of the upcoming film “Summer of 84” that explores that terrifying topic and will be released in theaters on Aug 10th. Rick Mancrush, Marc Jame and Beau Becraft are joined by writers of “Summer of 84’ Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith to talk about this great film that all three of the Horsemen of the Poopocalypse could not get enough of! We talk about the film and the process of getting it...


Poop Culture 145 - August McLaughlin talks about her Girl Boner

This week we are joined by Sexpert August McLaughlin! We polled men across social media, and on this very episode August answers all the questions guys are afraid to ask! Let this episode serve as the "Modern Man’s Manual to Sexual Survival", which is a total benefit for the ladies too! Hear the secret origins of August’s first Girl Boner! Find out how a small town "good girl" ends up traveling the globe and talking about sex. How does August define and describe the “Good Girl” vs the “Bad...