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Live, improvised, music and comedy that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! by Britt and Sean. "Tune in" (haha) at poppasquash.net Tuesdays from 8-10pm EST.

Live, improvised, music and comedy that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! by Britt and Sean. "Tune in" (haha) at poppasquash.net Tuesdays from 8-10pm EST.
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Live, improvised, music and comedy that is OUT OF THIS WORLD! by Britt and Sean. "Tune in" (haha) at poppasquash.net Tuesdays from 8-10pm EST.




#100 Behind The Curtain: A Poppa Squash Primer

So really, what's this show about? Britt and Sean give a behind the scenes recollection of what made this show possible. An earnest and frank view of the show thus far, at one hundred episodes. Recorded live December 9, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#99 The Magic Lamp

Shhh....the magic show is about to begin! We follow a father and son, talking about why magic is real, why it's fake....and it's a bunch of genies on stage! Like Russian nesting dolls. Recorded live December 2, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#98 Dinnertime: How To Cook Food Fast and Fun

How to cook food fast and fun for you and your family! This will be the most informative episode to date! With master chef Pete Goo Gah. Anything can happen! He talks about his egg dish, his onion dish, and all the secrets that go on in the kitchen. A must listen. With special appearance by none other than Derek Jeter. Recorded November 25, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#97 Grateful Dead 4

What a mess. Did you know, on the planet there are 15 Grateful Dead bands? Just a little factoid. So this episode is about a bunch of people watching the Grateful Dead number 4, going to the show, dining. All the good stuff. Recorded live at Poppa Squash Studios in NYC.


#96 Hello Ween

Hello, Ween. The Halloween special. This one is for your ears only. You now have a great opportunity to get involved at the ground level with real listeners. A message for you from Britt and Sean, who are dead, in hell, on another planet. Totally reasonable. Also this message is for Eminem, hot shot investors, and the guy who stamps m&m's with the logo. Improvised live October 30, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#95 MADDARK 3: The Death Of Britt and Sean

The conclusion to the MADDARK trilogy. We find Maddark, Eric, Britt, and Sean in the same place...a quaint little park. Maddark and Eric are determined to destroy the two Earthlings. ONCE AND FOR ALL! The drama. The excitement. All in another episode of POPPA SQUASH. Improvised live October 21, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#94 MADDARK 2: The Fall Of Britt and Sean

Maddark and Eric are crusin through space. Lotsa time on their hands....to watch Maddarks favorite VHS tapes. Eh well. They get out of their cosmic garbage truck only to see it drift away. Will they make it? Will they get Britt and Sean? Is it magic? Tune in to find out! And also tune in for some real pumping tunes. Improvised live September 25, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC. baby


#93 Hot Shot Talent (feat. Ashur Rayis)

Here's the story. Two big time producers meet a talented young kid and want to stick him in the movies. But the kid wants to be an artist. Does he take this opprotunity, for riches and fame? Or does he pursue his fiber art? Listen in to find out! Featuring the talented Ashur Rayis, on voice and his cool old Yamaha keyboard. Improvised and recorded live September 18, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#92 Rise of MADDARK

Enter Maddark. The ruler of New York City circa 2015, until his timeline was disrupted by Britt and Sean going back into the distant past to hang out with dinosaurs (check out episode 32). Their trip altered time forever, also altering Maddark's future. He is now a lonely guy, employing his ex-servant Eric to be his scribe. He has a plan now.....to destroy Britt and Sean! Improvised and recorded live September 11, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#91 In The Dark

Down deep within an ore mine, we find Jeffery and his boss Thomson. Is that his first name? Last name? All his name? Whatever. They've gotta produce some ore real quick or else the mean ol corporation will close up the mine with them inside! Yeepers! Well good thing there's Tommyknockers and Rock monsters down there....right? Improvised and recorded live and IN THE DARK September 9, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#90 Debbie and Donna's Mystery Team Spectacular 2000 (feat. Brian Goodwin)

It's Debbie and Donna! Hangin out at the bowling alley. But it seems like the manager of this fine establishment has some problems with keeping the place in line...looks like another mystery to be solved by Debbie and Donna! It spirals out of control with mysteries, lions, the Family Circus, everything you want and more with special guest, Brian Goodwin. Improvised live August 28, 2018 at Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#89 Growing Pains (feat. Brett Gui Xian)

Britt and Sean are hanging out at the beach. All of a sudden Britt grows a sentient thing on his back named Brett. They go get some lunch at the beach resteraunt, ditch the check, and take a hot air baloon ride to cloud town. Just another episode of Poppa Squash with special guest Brett Gui Xian. Improvised and recorded live August 21, 2018 at Poppa Squash Studios in NYC.


#88 This is...Toby: The Makings Of A Man

This is Toby. The cherished hot dog salesman and intern to Gabbz, the mayor. The story takes it dramatic arc from his birth to...early education. Sorry we didn't get that far in his life. I know he is such a beloved and well articulated character but sometimes you just gotta hear about his friends, teacher, volcano...Thats what we got for yeh. Improvised and recorded live August 14, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#87 On The Boardwalk

Two teens hangin out on the boardwalk. Big deall! Tell me something I don't know. Well they have a friend named Mad Dog who is their accountant, buys them beer, and is also a merman. And these teens have been on this very boardwalk for thousands of years, stuck in a perpetual time loop! Holy moley! This is not just any boardwalk. Check it out. At the end there's improv pop punk singing. So there it is. A whole crazy boardwalk episode. In between the time loop teens there's some 'dumpster...


#86 Hogwild Drama 2: Scenes From The Planet

Another stirring episode of hogwild drama. Short episodes of dramatic events, all on the planet, informed by the E.A.R.T.H. book. We meet a capitan, a mayor, real estate developers, bagel shop owners, and a mysterious man on a bicycle. It's a crazy one, that's for sure. As always, recorded and improvised live July 24, 2018 at Poppa Squash Studios, NYC baby.


#85 Local Voices

You're tuning into Local Voices with Corey Rodgers and Daniel Collins, a delightful daytime talk show. Today they interview The Don, who has written a best selling novel Untold Consequences. He brought along his manager, Gwendolin of the Swamp. Together they read a passage from the novel. Chub Monkey provides the music. Recorded live July 17, 2018 at Poppa Squash Studios in NYC.


#84 A Warm New Blanket (feat. xXx_420420@nDie6969_xXx)

Back in action! Britt and Sean meet Andy, a mysterious fellow from another planet. Turns out, Andy fled his home pillow world 'cuz he was persecuted by the police for not having parents. Well Sean, looks like you're going to have to adopt a new child. Tony Hank, Sean's other son, appears from nowhere and is excited by the prospect of having a brother. A whole lot more ensues in this new season of Poppa Squash, The Radio Transmissions with special guest Andy Manjuk aka...


#83 Hogwild Drama

Episode 83. Four episodes of buckwild drama interspearsed between moments of the sounds of Poppa Squash. Doctors, monster truck drivers, radio hosts, and more! This isn't like anything you've heard so far, and concludes this season of Poppa Squash. New episodes will resume July 2018. Thank you for listening so far and stay tuned! Recorded live at May 29, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC baby.


#82 A Hero's Journey: Fortnite

Episode 82. The epic conclusion of A Hero's Journey. Hosted by Allen and Steve. Recorded live May 15, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, NYC.


#81 A Hero's Journey: Halo 5

Episode 81. You are probably tuning in to listen to the hero's jouney. The epic quest of Britt and Sean to overthrow Overseer, the monopolistic corporate regime. But you're going to get a whole lot of jib jab from the story tellers. We need to warn you up front about this. Later on in the episode we meet up with the hero's and a suprise guest! Listen in to find out. Recorded live May 8, 2018 in Poppa Squash Studios, New York City.