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Potty Mouth Poopcast is dedicated to the discussion of poo and all things taboo. Join the Serrato Sisters as they take you for swhirlywinds of hilarity. It's the shittiest podcast ever!

Potty Mouth Poopcast is dedicated to the discussion of poo and all things taboo. Join the Serrato Sisters as they take you for swhirlywinds of hilarity. It's the shittiest podcast ever!


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Potty Mouth Poopcast is dedicated to the discussion of poo and all things taboo. Join the Serrato Sisters as they take you for swhirlywinds of hilarity. It's the shittiest podcast ever!






Season 2 Finale - and a little surprise!

Karla and Sarah discuss challenges faced in season 2, what we learned and what we still love about Potty Mouth Poopcast. We also have an announcement!!! Listen and keep us accountable for our season 3 goals. P.S. tell a friend or a foe about this podcast


S2 E24 Animals and their Poop - Volume 3 - Cat Pee and Bird Poop Spiders

We have more animals and their oh so interesting excretion! Karla and Sarah get philosophical and meta about human evolution and the expansion of the Universe. Karla tells us the possible dangers of cat urine, especially around pregnant humans. Sarah tells us the curious way this spider disguises itself by making its web look like bird droppings and the spider itself looks like a bird turd. NEATO!


S2 E23 - Sarah Does Double Doody -Crossover with B.S. with Bobby & Sarah!

B.S. with Bobby & Sarah is a podcast that Sarah also co-hosts with her long time college friend Bobby. This crossover episode was a shit-ton of fun!! Karla tells us her theory on why women love True Crime podcasts, Bobby tells us how he lost a Puma sock to a poo incident! We talk New Year goals, a Chinchilla as president, a pilot idea for a Chicago based t.v. show, learn some Spanish, and many other shenanigans! And in true B.S. with Bobby & Sarah form, we play a game - Two Truths and a...


S2 E22 - How To Poo When It's Not Just You!

Just in time for all the holiday parties and gatherings, in this episode Karla and Sarah discuss how to provide the best possible potty experience if you're hosting a gathering, and some excellent tips for having a successful bathroom experience as a guest! Avoiding a clogged toilet and emergency unclogging ideas among other brilliant gems! This might be one of our most helpful episodes. Enjoy. Or don't. You do you. Poo, a haiku.


S2 E21 - Someone Left Their Child Alone In A Car - What Would You Do?

Karla tells us what she did after realizing there was a kid alone in a car in a parking lot! She also tells us about the two very different reactions she got from her post about it on social media. We want to know what YOU would have done and why?!


S2 E20 - "Embarrassing" Products - Are they really tho?

In this episode Karla and Sarah go through a list of we found and they are categorized as Embarrassing Products, BUT we mostly agree that these are all useful things to a human person. Why does it have to be categorized as embarrassing??! Well, Karla has a theory! If you haven't found that perfect gift for someone you care about, listen to this episode and you just might be hitting that Amazon search bar tonight!!


S2 E19 - World Toilet Day - It's a real thing!

In this episode we talk about what World Toilet Day is, what the World Toilet Organization does, spoiler alert, it cares about where the people of the world do their business. We have a special guest, Carlos Carrion-Crespo, who was able to tell us about his work with UN-Water and how World Toilet Day came to be! This might be one of my favorite episodes in terms of the potential to spread the word for a really great goal for our fellow humans and everyone's right to have a safe, clean, and...


S2 E18 - Haunted Bathrooms - Live from Facebook

Happy Halloween!!! In this special Live episode recording of Potty Mouth Poopcast, we talk about haunted bathrooms, what paranormal investigators usually accredit spooky happenings to and why is it bathrooms that seem to be one of the most haunted spaces of a building. Karla tells us about having cadaver parts in her mouth and do I really need to say more?? Head on over to our Potty Mouth Poopcast Facebook Page to watch our live recording. I'd say it's worth it for Karla's facial...


S2 E17 - Animals and their Poop - Cat Poop Coffee and Penguin Poop - Volume 3

In Volume 3 of Animals and their Poop, we talk about what exactly is cat poop coffee, how it came to be, how it's produced (some sad news there), why it's so expensive, and whether we think it's worth trying out. Then we delve into some pink penguin shit and a study done by bored German scientists on calculating the pressure of projectile penguin poop!! Amongst our expected shenanigans we remind you to check back in with yourselves and assess whether or not you have been successful at...


S2 E16 Part 2 - Public Restroom Etiquette - Knock, Listen, Open. Idiots.

Part 2 of Public Restroom Etiquette brings a jolly good lesson on HOW TO KNOCK! And if anything, listen to find out how Karla created a monster!! We discuss more Etiquette for public restrooms and delve a little bit into Unisex bathrooms and how to best comport oneself if you are in one. Enjoy part 2 and remember to review this podcast on whichever platform lets you do that! Have a shitty week!


S2 E16 Part 1 - Public Restroom Etiquette - A Very Angry Episode

In this first part of Public Restroom Etiquette, Sarah and Karla get easily enraged about what some people believe is proper and not proper in public restrooms. Join us as Sarah educates the masses about crotch crumbs and enjoy the hilarious brief interview with Robert Deason about his personal expectations and experiences regarding public restroom etiquette!


S2 E15 - Pooping Rainbows - PRIDE 2019

A tribute episode to Pride Month! We asked the LGBTQ+ Community a few questions and we read their answers. Share this episode with your friends and family, especially if they're allies. There are some incredible insights that most of us can learn from. We discuss how tricky and difficult it can be to be the best ally we can be and how to be a better part of the community. And of course shenanigans ensue. Get out there, sign petitions, speak up, be kind, ask questions, respect, be patient,...


S2 E14 - The Poop Cancer: An Interview w/Lee Silverstein of We Have Cancer Podcast

In the second episode of the season (and 14th of the podcast) Karla and Sarah pay tribute to Father's Day by interviewing Lee Silverstein of We Have Cancer podcast, who is hopefully getting the news soon that his colon cancer has been eradicated. In the interview we discuss a lot of aspects of his experience with cancer, the inspiration for his podcast, and much more! As heavy as this topic can be, Lee has such a great attitude about his experience and we hope you enjoy the interview!...


S2 E13 - The Science of Poop: Toddler through Teen

We are so excited to be back! You may notice that this episode was recorded in the beginning of this year so just take it as reminder of where you should be with your New Year Resolutions/Goals! In this episode we talk about the most common poop issues that a toddler faces as well as teens. Karla gives Sarah some nose blowing lessons and we also share our personal butt wiping styles! This episode is full of information that no parent can afford to miss.


Listener Stories of Amazing "Poopenings" - A Palate Cleanser Episode

This special episode of PMP brings you stories from YOU, the listeners! We have concluded our very first season of Potty Mouth Poopcast and boy has it been fun! Before we come at you with Season 2, we felt a nice palate cleanser was in order to prepare you for the rest of the PMP course. Please enjoy these cringe worthy and hilarious stories and if you would like to submit your own or ANOTHER story, send us an email at pottymouthpoopcast@gmail.com!


S1 E11 - "I'm Booked": An Epic Interview w/Genius Improvisor, Kristen Aviles

In this last episode of Season 1, we had the mega raging pleasure of interviewing Kristen Aviles, an Improvisor/amazing human currently living in Chicago. Kristen teaches the Serrato sisters what D.A.D. poops are and also shares some of the funniest shit we've ever heard/seen. Literally. "I went through so many poop pictures to find that one."-K10 Kristen made this the best possible way to end our first season of Potty Mouth Poopcast! That's right...no "The".


S1 E10 - No One's Ass Was Blown Off In This Scene

Episode 10! In this episode we talk about Famous Movie Poop Scenes and Quotes! At least the ones we have seen and remember. You will hear some short clips to take you down memory lane with us! And if you haven't seen some of these movies, perhaps you will be inspired to watch them. Editor's Note: Bring snacks for Karla lest she faints from hunger. If you know of any movie scenes or quotes that we should add to our list, email us at PottyMouthPoopcast@gmail.com. Have a shitty week and thank...


S1 E9 - SHART - The Juicy Poop Story - Bonus

Episode 9 comes to you as a BONUS episode!! It is an episode we didn't plan but we are thrilled to share with you! Karla and I won a raffle from our podcast hosting site, Buzzsprout! The tickets we won were for Podfest Multimedia Expo in Orlando and HOly Shart....we still are not over how amazing it was!! At this podfest we came across a fella who's podcast is called....get this...."Juicy Farts"!!!! How great is that!?!! So naturally we collaborated (again, thanks to Buzzsprout) and so this...


S1 E8 - Exposed Over A Hole

Episode 8 takes us on an adventure with guest Christie Scott! We interview her on her experience with a composting toilet and hear some hilarious stories from her childhood, camping, and her talented dog, Murphy. Enjoy!!


S1 E7 - A Real Ball-Spreader of an Episode

In episode 7, The Future of Pooping, we cover how people use toilets around the world and an intro to composting toilets! We also discuss 'family cloth', which is a form of eco-friendly "toilet paper". Be aware that this episode was recorded in NOVEMBER 2018...whooops...so the section on Reindeer Boobs will be a little less relevant but non the less amazing to listen to. As we sisters do as we do, we banter on for about half the show but fear not as we do indeed discuss our set forth...