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46. A Dangerous Summer (1981) - Part 2

We're back with our reactions to the rest of 1987's A Dangerous Summer and we're sad to say we were right about a lot of things: the insurance scam, the arsonist and their connection to our hero Architect Daddy, and his weird relationship with his daughter (it seriously seems like they're dating). We also praise James Mason for at least trying and criticize the film's incredibly gratuitous nudity.


45. A Dangerous Summer (1982) - Part 1

In the first of our Summer of Summer series, we take a brisk jog through the burning hills of Australia's Blue Mountains, a week before Christmas, as Architect Daddy Tom Skerritt tries to save a giant wooden frame from burning to the ground. He also seems to have a very strange relationship with his daughter and, wouldn't you know it, lots of blueprints. We ponder who the arsonist is and how Skerritt is going to stop them and wonder if any Christmas miracles will occur before the film's end....


Predict-O-Cast Jr. Ep. 4: Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer (2011)

Skinner and Holly are back with a new episode of Predict-O-Cast Jr and they're ready for summer! This time, they delve into 2011's Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer and Holly cannot stop laughing. She also extols the necessity of flatulence.


Mini Ep 31

In this mini episode, we launch our Summer of Summer series, wherein we will only watch films with "summer" in the title all summer long! In preparation for next week's film, we wonder what might lead people to engage in underground fight clubs and to wear the skin of their enemies. We also introduce a brand new character who's going to set the summer on fire: Beach Cop Joe Summerman!


36B: Raw Meat (1972) - Part 2

We close out "Felipe Sobreiro Presents" month with the second half of our discussion on Raw Meat. Skinner ventures down a thought-provoking path, we extol the virtues of Donald Pleasence's perfect performance, and we hear from Felipe Sobreiro (@therealsobreiro on twitter) himself!


36A: Raw Meat (1972) - Part 1

It's the last week of Felipe Sobreiro (@therealsobreiro) picking movies for us (for now). Will he send us out with a banger or will 1972's Raw Meat be more of a bust? So far, we're not quite sure. We've got a pervy Englishman, a porn Walmart, and an American really insisting someone must be drunk.


35B: Loose Cannons (1990) - Part 2

We're back to discuss the rest of 1990's Loose Cannons, including that mysterious painting and the absolutely aggravating way Ellis's legitimate trauma manifests. We also discuss the bizarre McGuffin at the center of the film, which, boy oh boy, is something. There's also a title song in this movie, for some reason, and you get to hear it in full!


35A: Loose Cannons (1990) - Part 1

This week we're launching into 1990's Loose Canons, a cop buddy comedy starring Gene Hackman and Dan Aykroyd. In our breakdown of the first 10 minutes, we discuss the safe sex PSA at the beginning of film and whether it will have any bearing on the plot, the Thanos-like mindset of Hackman's character MacArthur Stern, and what exactly Dan Aykroyd's character Ellis is painting while spending time as a monk.


34B: PoliceAssassins (1984) - Part 2

We close out our coverage of Police Assassins by laughing a lot, just like our favorite new character, Mr. Tin. We also discuss how this film pulls a fast one and makes the main characters three goofballs and not Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock like we were led to believe. There is some good martial arts though, and some excellent, excellent laughing by Tin. Laugh with us, won't you?


34A: Police Assassins (1985) - Part 1

Our month of films selected by friend and fan Felipe Sobreiro (@sobreiro on twitter) rolls on with the action-packed romp Police Assassins (also known as Yes, Madam!). This movie packs in so much action in the first six minutes, there's no way the rest of the film can measure up, right? Right?


33B: The Wild Wild Planet (1996) - Part 2

We're back with part 2 of our coverage of The Wild Wild Planet, picked for us by Felipe Sobreiro (@therealsobreiro on twitter). This movie's got it all: 6,000 daily abductions, tiny doll people, male jealousy, weird monsters with extra arms, future cars, rivers of blood, a hall of mirrors and not-so-perfect people. Rate and review us where you find the show! Become a follower on social media: Twitter: @predictocast Instagram: @predictocast Facebook:...


33A: The Wild Wild Planet (1966) - Part 1

In the first of our month's worth of episodes programmed by our friend Felipe Sobreiro (@therealsobreiro on twitter), we travel back in time to the 1960s to travel into their vision of the future, where the quest to create the perfect man is all-consuming. We lay out our predictions for the rest of the film and wonder whether the perfect man will be our savior or will doom us to death? Part 2 drops on Thursday. Rate and review us where you find the show! Become a follower on social...


Summer Blockbuster 2018 Predictions

The summer blockbuster season is here, so Josh and Skinner decide to lay out their predictions for some of the biggest films of the next few months and what they expect from Stan Lee, Josh Brolin, and Tommy Cruise.


Mini Ep 30

In this mini episode, we lay out the special month that lies ahead: our good friend Felipe Sobreiro (@therealsobreirbo on twitter) is programming an entire month of episodes! Listen in to hear what movies he has in store for us. It's sure to be a rollicking, wild ride.


32B: The Killing Man (1994) - Part 2

We're back with our reactions to The Killing Man and hoo boy did we not expect it to go in the direction it did. We get our hero beating up lots of random guys, having lots of sex, and being extremely dour, but still polite enough to ask if he can smoke around his love interest. We also get some VERY problematic material that we weren't expecting in this white guy karate movie (this movie DOES NOT look kindly on gay people at all). We also get a pretty great one-liner from Michael Ironside...


32A: The Killing Man (1994) - Part 1

In part one of our discussion on 1994's The Killing Man (aka The Killing Machine), we predict why hero Harlin Garrett isn't too eager to discuss baseball, the likelihood of getting into face-swapping territory, and whether or not this shadowy organization made a snuff film. Part 2 drops on Friday! Rate and review us wherever you find the show! Become a follower on social media: Twitter: @predictocast Instagram: @predictocast Facebook: Web:...


Predict-O-Cast Jr. Ep 3: Ferdinand (2017)

In this episode, Holly and Skinner discuss recent Academy Award-nominated animated film Ferdinand. Holly proves that advertising works by revealing her favorite commercials, and Skinner once again doubles down on pedantry in regards to Frankenstein's monster.


Mini Ep 29

In this mini ep, we reveal our next film (recommended by a new listener) and delve into what it really means to be a killing man as opposed to a killing machine.


31B. Once Upon A Time in Venice (2017)

We're back with Kip Reed to talk about the rest of this baffling movie, which sort of explains why this episode is perhaps our most rambling and ramshackle to date. This movie just makes no damn sense, you guys. We talk obvious Mexican-American Jason Mamoa, crazed John Goodman, confusing plot lines, the film's incredibly racist undertones, and the fascinating productions of Voltage Pictures. Rate and review the show wherever you listen and tell a friend!


31A. Once Upon A Time In Venice (2017)

Bruno Alert! We welcome internet friend (and Skinner's former cohost) Kip Reed to help us discuss the first 10 minutes of this baffling Bruce Willis action comedy that is ostensibly about a why one should never mess with a man's dog, yet no dog appears at all in the first 10 minutes. We also discuss the production company logos, whether or not John Goodman will voice a dog, and how many times Jason Mamoa will say "My man!" Rate and review us wherever you find the show, and tell a friend!