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We look at gross things on the internet, so that you don't have to.

We look at gross things on the internet, so that you don't have to.
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We look at gross things on the internet, so that you don't have to.




29 - Preferred Activity

Alyssa and Kayla take a break from the horrors of the real world to deliver a gentler episode of Pretty Gross. Go on a journey with us into the wonders of 1970s cuisine and Scottish folklore. Links & pics below! -- 1970s CUISINE Vice article Reddit thread 1970s dinner party Twitter Buzzfeed article #1 Buzzfeed article #2 Buzzfeed article #3 Bustle article NUCKELAVEE Wikipedia article Article #2 Article #3 Pic #1 Pic #2 Pic #3 Very special thank you to Brian McCalman...


28 - Halloween-Adjacent

Alyssa & Kayla celebrate Halloween with a "Halloween-adjacent" Pretty Gross special! Dig into some slightly Halloween-y topics with these two - don't worry, they're gross. Links & pics below! -- HUMAN BRANDING Human Branding Wikipedia article Human Branding video Pic #1 Pic #2 Pic #3 Pic #4 KITTENS Fleas pic #1 Fleas pic #2 Wormy poop


27 - Our Paper Grossiversary

It's our first anniversary special!! Alyssa and Kayla celebrate a year of gross by going outside the box in this "round table of gross" episode. Links & pics below! -- Pictures: MANGO WORMS (extreme NSFL warning) TRYPOPHOBIA HELMINTHOPHOBIA FAN ART PEDIOPHOBIA List of phobias w/ links: 1. Ablutophobia 2. Arachnophobia 3. Emetophobia 4. Trypophobia 5. Toilet Phobia 6. Chaetophobia 7. Rectophobia 8. Taphophobia 9. Helminthophobia 10. Pediophobia


26 - Rectum, Damn Near Killed 'Em!

Alyssa and Kayla try to outdo each other in their 26th episode by digging into the oddities of both the human body - and human behavior. Links & pics below! -- SERIOUS BUSINESS Link to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network PROLAPSES Goatse Wikipedia article Pink sock definition HUMAN-ANIMAL BREASTFEEDING Wikipedia article Pug lady Puppy breastfeeding Goat wetnurse Donkey wetnurses


25 - Snerum

Alyssa and Kayla get wholesome - or at least as wholesome as possible when discussing bizarre beauty practices and gentle fetishes. Links & pics below! -- SNAIL SLIME Snail facial #1 Snail facial #2 Snail mucin 'demonstration' Snail slime pic Racked article Guardian article LOONERS Balloon fetish article Dave video Balloons United Vice article Buzzfeed article


24 - All The Way Through

Alyssa and Kayla get all technical and academic in this week's research-heavy episode. We discuss some of the more fascinating - and grotesque - foibles of human desire, and gross ourselves out in the process. Links & pics below! -- HUMAN HEMATOPHAGY Article #1 Article #2 Wikipedia #1 Wikipedia #2 TENTACLE EROTICA Dream of the Fisherman's Wife Evil Dead example Standard tentacle porn


23 - Ed Gein Teddy Bear

Alyssa and Kayla explore two wildly different ends of the gross spectrum, and Kayla even flips the structure a bit in this traditional episode of Pretty Gross. Links & pics below! -- CHICKEN TEDDY BEAR Chicken Teddy Bear pic FB Marketplace post Chicken gimpsuit #1 Chicken gimpsuit #2 Chicken gimpsuit video LOBOTOMY Lobotomy wikipedia article Lobotomy video History of lobotomy article


22 - My Fat Arms

Alyssa and Kayla get up on their soapbox - and their sarcophagus - in this episode with an agenda. Don't worry - we still get gross. Links & pics below! -- THE PINK TAX Pink tax video Pink tax wiki article Ax the pink tax Burger King vid BLACK SARCOPHAGUS Esquire article petition Sarcophagus pic #1 Sarcophagus pic #2 Sarcophagus pic #3 Sarcophagus pic #4


21 - The Classics pt. 2

Alyssa, Kayla, and Becky finish up their round table of gross discussing internet classics. What will Kayla's 2nd topic be? What does Alyssa have in store? How the heck are they gonna rate these?? Find out here! Links & pics below. -- SUICIDE RESOURCES Suicide hotline Suicide Prevention Resource Center 1 MAN 1 JAR 1 man 1 jar Know Your Meme LEMON PARTY Urban Dictionary definition Lemon Party Know Your Meme (includes bait & switch flyers and parodies Lemon...


20 - The Classics

Alyssa, Kayla, and a VERY special guest dig deep into the annals of internet history in their second "round table of gross" - this time, inspecting some of the classics that shaped our initial obsession with gross culture. Links & pics below! -- CAKE FARTS Cake Farts - original video Rachel Bloom's Cake Farts song Know Your Meme Wikipedia - Wet and Messy Vice Dan Savage Refinery: 11 Foods You Should Add To Your Sex Life Urban Dictionary Psychology Today: Eproctophilia...


19 - Doll Jamming

Alyssa and Kayla create new (and better) terms for their gross topics in this week's episode. Links & pics below! -- FIGHT FAMILY SEPARATION/CHILD INTERNMENT BIGFOOT & BOB PODCAST Twitter iTunes DOLL JAMMING/CUMMING ON FIGURINES Standard SoF Bowser Amiibo Legend of Zelda BOTW Amiibo No clean #1 No clean #2 CANNIBALISM Cannibalism Human cannibalism Bill Schutt article Kuru article Horrifying modern cannibals


18 - Acceptable Bug Length

Alyssa and Kayla each take on something new in this episode of Pretty Gross - Alyssa tackles the psychologically gross, and Kayla talks about something that "bugs" her. Pics & links below! -- TICKLING Tickled trailer Competitive endurance tickling Tickle torture Psychology Today article HERCULES BEETLE Hercules beetle video Hercules beetle male Hercules beetle 2 Larva Female


17 - You Did This

Alyssa and Kayla get back to basics with this OG Pretty Gross episode. We dig into two very different sexual experiences, and come away thoroughly nauseated. Links below! -- COCO-NUT Tifu AMA Maxim article HUMAN TOILET Urolagnia Corprophilia Corprophagia


16 - Genital Bursters

It's Mother's Day! Kayla and Alyssa celebrate the reason for the season with two VERY special guests. Believe us when we say this is one mother of an episode... -- ALYSSA'S MOTHER'S DAY PICS KAYLA'S MOTHER'S DAY PICS


15 - Monumentous

Alyssa & Kayla share the spotlight with their very first guest and break down their favorite (and grossest) Urban Dictionary definitions. Links & pics below! -- MISC FOSTA/SESTA Fake (?) whale dick pic Seal Clubber flash game URBAN DICTIONARY LINKS Aberdeen Snowball Felch Missouri Backwash Tennessee Abortion Quabbing a Twab Hot Karl Philly Sidecar Stoma pic Kids in a Sandbox Two Dogs in a Bathtub Munting/Sprunting/Mung Poo Butter Poo Butter pic Kentucky Klondike...


14 - Corpse of Hagrid

Consider yourself lucky this Friday the 13th. Alyssa and Kayla discuss two wildly different topics, and even dissect Hagrid's corpse. Links & pics below! -- HOGGLE'S CORPSE ANTI-MASTURBATION DEVICES Jugum penis advertisement Jugum penis Spermatic truss Anti-masturbation device for vaginas FAITH THE DOG Pustules Butthole/vagina/balls Faith in a diaper Faith is cute


13 - I Saw Them at the Troubadour

Lucky number 13! Alyssa and Kayla celebrate the joys of the human body, and read their first ever listener gross out story. Links & pics below! -- HUMAN LEATHER on The Wayback Machine Anthropodermic bibliopegy Serial killer jacket by Kayla Arena & Toby Barron Alexander McQueen skin line by Tina Gorjanic Antoine LeBlanc skin wallet Book bound in human skin SYPHILIS Article on abstinence-only sex ed Article on syphilis comeback Syphilis Wikipedia...


12 - The Foul Five

Pretty Gross has hit 500 downloads, so in honor of this milestone, Alyssa & Kayla each pick a disgusting topic of choice, and run us through it's Foul Five. Links & pics below! -- ALYSSA'S FOUL FIVE Bombardier beetle link Bombardier beetle pic Army ants pic Africanized bees pic Japanese giant hornet video Japanese giant hornet pic Cute lil botfly Not so cute lil botfly KAYLA'S FOUL FIVE Urine therapy pic #1 Urine therapy pic #2 Tooth in eye Maggot therapy Leech...


11 - Comfterbility

It might've been a tough week, but Kayla and Alyssa pull out all the stops in Pretty Gross, episode 11. Kayla talks about a particularly penetrating subreddit, while Alyssa delves into one of the stranger ways some people soothe themselves to sleep. Links & pics below! -- BUTT SHARPIES (NSFW) r/buttsharpies r/sharpiechallenge BS pic #1 BS pic #2 BS pic #3 BS pic #4 BS pic #5 Patient Zero DR. PIMPLE POPPER Dr. Pimple Popper IG Dr. Pimple Popper YouTube Cyst video *WARNING:...


10 - Bad at Math

It's our 10th episode! Alyssa & Kayla celebrate this milestone episode by confessing the grossest things they've personally done. No pics or links this episode, but we do get real intimate, so...strap in.