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A podcast where we BS for about an hour. We talk about news stories, pop culture, our lives and anything else that comes to mind. Lots of tangents ahead. That's about it, take it or leave it.

A podcast where we BS for about an hour. We talk about news stories, pop culture, our lives and anything else that comes to mind. Lots of tangents ahead. That's about it, take it or leave it.
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A podcast where we BS for about an hour. We talk about news stories, pop culture, our lives and anything else that comes to mind. Lots of tangents ahead. That's about it, take it or leave it.




Episode 161: The Final Episode

This episode contains: The final episode of the Pure BS Podcast. Please visit http://www.bspodcastnetwork.com for more awesome podcasts. If you want to contact us one final time: PureBSpodcast@gmail.com


Episode 160: Beautiful Black Scrotum

This episode contains: F’d levels, Thai food, voting and protesting, election, getting sick, Black Friday, open on Thanksgiving, Political News Update, markets, Edna’s birthday party, friends with kids, party logistics, hot dogs and marshmallows, hairless Ben, West World, Facebook news, Instagram, on Iota’s big screen, XSplit, OBS, black balls, bad Google, beautiful black scrotum, porn categories, hood rat gang bang, Ben can be dark, high quality amateur porn, over-saturation, a day in...


Episode 159: Election Night

This episode contains: Deportation, election night recording, Steven’s first time voting, taking a deep breath, elections are not only every four years, all elections are important, Hillary victory party, Trump leading, possible recounts, voting, third party, Bernie Sanders, House of Cards, Hillary’s crookedness, Electoral College, we’re depressed, leftist Hollywood, social media, first streamed election, red electoral map, calling each state, what a Trump administration will look like,...


Episode 158: Back in the Saddle

This episode contains: Anniversaries, posting regularly, Dropping Loads, SPJ, Halloween, YouTube and copyrights, condolences, long bumpers, shit show at Ben’s, Halloween party, Steven blacking out, baby sitter or stripper, Dixon comes through, drinking, riblets, late night partying, bonfire, making napalm, Anarchist Cookbook, VHS porn, classic porn, same stupid ad, Steven’s Dad’s B-day, Christmas is already taking over, no Thanksgiving decorations, political correctness, Ben is the least...


Episode 157: One Last Snort

This episode contains: Devon in the Ben chair, mocking Ben, YouTube, self-driving cars, types of cars, cost of cars, Ben joins the show!, disgruntled podcaster, not a bit, last ep not fun, Ben talks about the passing of his grandfather, Ben’s grandfather was a joker, cremation, Ben was born with blue balls, talking with grandma, Ben’s personality influences, 6 year old pouring drinks, sexing up a couch, blue jays, rattlesnake story, world feels a little darker, one last “snort,” snake...


Episode 156: All By Myself

This episode contains: Steven goes it alone, streaming and recording, talking to fans, guests, Pack Up + Go, Obi-Wan Kenobi, spell checking Marsh, Steven’s wife’s mother, Rebels, Darth Maul, Legos, X-Wing Miniatures Game, Old Man’s War, Westworld, Firefly, Serenity, The Dark Tower, Six Gun Tarot, The Man in Black, Assassins Creed movie, Red Dead Redemption, Game Fly, Tombstone, Wild West movies, Mad Max, call-in, Marsh comes on the show, time-differences, Skype, CJN joins the show, old eps...


Episode 155: Dysfunctional Podcasters

This episode contains: Special guest Clint!, Geek Dig, lots of episodes, ultimate movie monster, stabbed in the back, loyalty, podcast experiences, Ben is mad, RSP, financial issues, taxes, watching last ep of Luke Cage, Devon’s kryptonite: Giants game, tweeting, scalability, being in the red, burning out, taking a break, Clint does 4 podcasts, show prep, caring too much, starting a fight, interacting with listeners, advertisers, having passion, consistency, Ben turns red, more fighting,...


Episode 154: Cyclops Cowboy

This episode contains: Where’s Iota?, Fantastic Beats and Buttholes, Order of the Phoenix, cum certified, sound effects, stating the obvious, “hate watch” a TV show, butt chugging, too much TV, Luke Cage, slow starts, origin stories, Luke cage compared to other Marvel shows, Jessica Jones, sex and violence, Luke busts a nut, chocolate nipples, 70s film making, acting, Heroes for Hire, Civil War, rating Marvel TV shows, recording tech, Westworld, Ben flashes back, movie had different lands,...


Episode 153: Raccoon v Cankles: Dawn of Injustice (Part I)

This episode contains: Silent guest, introductions, making fun of SFP, election, VP nominees, ratings for debate, playing a “game,” Rich Chigga, variations of the n word, Iotaman, is Trump racist?, will he drop out?, who’s really going to win?, Steven’s impressions, unprofessional Trump, Steven is registered to vote!, who is actually supporting Trump, protest voting, testing our government, Fallout in real life, Putin and Trump, nukes, playing a character, Ms. Universe, Bill Clinton...


Episode 152: Jedi Gut Feeling

This episode contains: Steven still doesn’t follow the news, being a single dad, EpiPen, IotaMan1701, Charlotte is burning down, the state of race relations in America, distrust of police, historic perspective, story about getting pulled over, policing the cops, dangerous places in Boston, more stories about getting pulled over, racial profiling, Trump, racial progress under Obama, how presidents have been treated, Obama’s policies, disrespecting Obama, Arizona is a racist, growing up...


Episode 151: Intergalactic Checkmate!

This episode contains: 151 Rum, Dixon, YouTube, Patreon, Steven is sick again, Dayquil and Mountain Dew, being tired, sweet sleep, Storm Pooter, The Flu That Stole Christmas, Girl Scouts celebration, no drinking, BSPN shirts, power goes out at Ben’s house, breakers, running power cords to the TV, Facebook people try to help Ben, Titan Con, Irish listeners, fan ads, saying hi to Devon, Japan, strange porn, The Wacko of the Week, bank robber, escaping nagging wife, Filipino wife, anime porn,...


Episode 150: Shower Sitters

This episode contains: Tuesday recording, Steven and drugs, roller coasters, Ben and waiting in lines, what our time is worth, Mother's Day, being a dad, Steven is sick, Ben’s panic attack, roll call of fans, Catfish Tom, opinion on our ads, bringing back the wacko, National Treasure, sitting in the shower, bonus shows, Batman motorcycle, favorite movie vehicles (but no Star Wars), Back to the Future, Batmobile, Ghost Busters, Aliens, Serenity, Enterprise?, Independence Day, Bill Simons...


Episode 149: Tranny on a Bike

This episode contains: The Canadian, “Fal-cone,” the deepness of RSP, TMZ, picking an intro song, new podcast, Steven watched Suicide Squad, reshoots, different versions of the same movie, The Joker, Harley Quinn, ads are too long, 2 out of 5, too many characters in one movie, Arrow and Deadshot, room for new Batman ideas?, Igor, who invented flight, LGBTQ representation at the Olympics, Gisele, Japan at the Olympics, politics in Brazil, Harry Potter, VMAs, Yahoo Answers, racist question,...


Episode 148: Dirty Laundry

This episode contains: The real show’s starting, air drumming, airing dirty laundry, Twitter bots, typical DLs, more bitching, RSP issues, Zika in Florida, we need new ads, Wacko of the Week, old contests, Ohio (not Florida), the urge to bang, sexy cars, completion?, what about the van owner?, Steven’s car, look back at old Wackos, recommended section on PornHub, Yahoo Answers, brother love, incest, worst things to have sex with rankings, more questions from Yahoo Answers, dumb people on...


Episode 147: Hobbies

This episode contains: story of intro, computer voice, RSP hiatus, Martha’s Vineyard, Stranger Things, employee appreciation, morning drinking, working and drinking, golf tournament, more drinking, keg sizes, Angry Orchard Cider, top 5 beers, Steven went to a wedding, Steven is losing weight, programming, No Man’s Sky, wedding taco bar, Ben is a hipster, tight, where’s iota?, Star Trek Beyond, Ben is a Trekkie, Devon is a big fan of Star Trek and Star Wars, TNG, space booze, other 1987...


Episode 146: Anus Baby

This episode contains: New shows, sports shows, tired of babies, lots of interest in our network, Steven doesn’t care about the Olympics, Black or African American?, Black Lives Matter, bad news media, Twitter, Santa Maria news, backlash against police officers, police training, going off the deep end, #anusbaby, listening to old eps, Igor from Brazil, Pokemon Go, #PokemonLivesMatter, North Korean athletes, jaguars in Brazil, Brazil politics, real news, racist people on Periscope, more...


Episode 145: #MorePouch 2: The Pouchening

This episode contains: We’re not supposed to be here tonight, live show recap, interview, sour facility, snakebite, no one knows what a podcast is, more Pouch, dedication, exclusive comic con shit, Pouch losses his breath, Hall H, press pass, ninja into Hall H, Comic Con Cops, cosplay porn, glory ceiling, technical difficulties, Ben’s jerkoff requirements, Witch Blade, shilling for Amazon, Pouch is overwhelmed with emotion, BvS, DC movie tone, Justice League, Aquaman, Flash, levity and...


Episode 144: BarrelHouse

Live on location, George and Matt from the brewery, Devon is here, radio for the internet, stolen wort, gallons to a barrel, pomegranate stout, making bad beer good, bacterial fermentation, educated guess, gut feelings, copious notes, words that can’t be spoken, coming up with new recipes, snake bite, Bill Clinton’s favorite drink, Dorst would pee himself, crossover for beer/wine/sour, nailing it, expansion, going wild, spaghetti beer, spontaneous fermentation, beer microbiology, tomatoes...


Episode 143: #MorePouch

This episode contains: Family dinner, drinking, Barrel House show, taking a day off, Bill Simmons we are not, Ben gets baited by trolls, Porn Hub and incest, turning off Periscope, soft openings, comments sections, Pouch, DLP, SDCC reporting, editing out mistakes, Lego Batman, Batman: The Killing Joke, comic book writers (Paul something…), Batman VR, Asians and cameras (“That’s racist”), more trolling, getting tired at Comic Con, AirBnb, being drained, BSPN panel, Blair Witch and Harry...


Episode 142: Who Runs Bartertown?

This episode contains: Batman v Superman bonus episode mention, quality versus other podcasts, the worst Samuel L Jackson impression ever, Steven went to a ren fair, treasure hunt, pirate jokes, adult ren fair, kids and horses, bickering, email from Igor from Brazil, Olympic correspondent, winter in Brazil, drink correspondent, Jaguars, mascots, Zika, nutscaping, Frankenstein, email from Thomas, racist upbringing, stereotypes, wine and vapes, email from CJN, growing out of fearing...