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Reggie Hathorn jives about everything Real, Random, and Relatable: relationship advice, music, trending topics, and some other stuff you've always wanted to know but you may find rather useless...pretty much everything.

Reggie Hathorn jives about everything Real, Random, and Relatable: relationship advice, music, trending topics, and some other stuff you've always wanted to know but you may find rather useless...pretty much everything.
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Reggie Hathorn jives about everything Real, Random, and Relatable: relationship advice, music, trending topics, and some other stuff you've always wanted to know but you may find rather useless...pretty much everything.






Final Episode...

Reggie delivers a heartfelt episode as he talks about recently losing one of his dear friends to suicide. He discusses how hearing of someone's death is one thing, but finding out it's suicide hits you differently. He reads a few follower's comments as they responded to his post about his friend's death. He tells us about a wellness checklist he and his friend use when they reach out to each other. If you enjoy this podcast and want to donate to 'Keep My Cup Full' Do Me a Favor and Rate...


Dear Pops...I Get It

Reggie has a meltdown about not having kids and reaches out to his father for emotional support and his father wasn't there for him emotionally. He discusses how that affected him. Reggie is excited about hitting 300K followers on Facebook and he also met one of his followers/fans at Whole Foods. He tells about his plans to start a group for men on social media called 'Guards Down'. Follow Purple Cup Talk on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/purplecuptalk/ Do us a favor and rate the...


Finger In The Booty

In this episode Reggie and Baby Cousin Chris discuss a question Reggie saw on someone's timeline, "Ladies, if a man lets you stick your finger in his ass, is he gay or freaky?" Reggie gives his perspective on the question and why it upsets him. They also discuss Brandon T. Jackson's claim that dressing up like a woman in a movie killed his career. Reggie also tells us why he wasn't that impressed with Eddie Murphy's new Netflix movie. "Dolemite Is My Name". Chris wants Summer Walker to...


The Maturing Dick

Reggie tells us what "Thinking With Your Dick" means to him. And he hits us with some real life examples of when his dick was put to the test and how he handled each one. Do us a favor and rate the podcast on Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/purple-cup-talk/id1467816406


Read. React. Respond.

Rest in Peace Kamille "CupCake" McKinney. Reggie hits us with some talk about masculinity and sexuality in this episode. He discusses musical artist Tank, and his statement about men giving oral sex to men and Pharrell's perspective on The New Masculinity, Bad Sex and so much more. Are you still supporting Chick Fil-A? Fighting with a smile He leaves us with a message on how to fight through a problem. Do us a favor and rate the podcast on Apple Podcasts...


The Sex Talk

Reggie and Baby Cousin Chris give you Real, Random, and Relatable in this episode. They discuss how their parents gave them 'The Sex Talk', asking someone you're interested in how many sex partners they've had, and so much more. Reggie tells us what it means to him that Tyler Perry opened Tyler Perry Studios. Baby Cousin Chris is operating in the black. Do us a favor and rate the podcast on Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/purple-cup-talk/id1467816406 Join our email...


Welfare Check

Reggie and Baby Cousin Chris get straight to the point as they discuss a young African American woman, Atatiana Jefferson, being murdered in her home by a Fort Worth policeman. They also discuss the outbreak of fires in Santa Clarita, California. Chris reads a hilarious obituary that was sent in by listener Donna Burleson. Chris and Reggie both discuss how they would like their obituary to read. What will they say about you? We Wanna Stay In Touch - Join the mailing...



Reggie and Baby Cousin Chris confess the truth about highs, lows, and crazy times they've experienced in dating/relationships. Make sure you rate and review this podcast on Apple Podcast.


To Forgive or Not To Forgive

Reggie and Baby Cousin Chris discuss the Botham Jean vs Amber Guyger trial and how so many people are upset with Botham's younger brother Brandt, for forgiving Amber. Could you forgive her? The shenanigan filled duo also chat about the art of conversation being sexy, how emoji's can be misleading, high gas prices in LA and so much more. Great Energy Reggie tells us about a great energy experience he recently had with two Uber passengers. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month October is...


Do You Have Time To Date?

Finally! Whew we finished. Reggie completes the five part mini-series with this episode. After asking yourself, Have I Let Go, Have I Gotten Back To Me, Why Do I Want to Date, and What Do I Bring To The Table, how about you ask yourself...Do I Have The Time To Date? You've been single and independent and been able to do things when you want to do them. Now you're dating and you have to give some of that time to the dating experience to your new potential partner. Do you have the time for...


What Do You Bring To The Table?

Part 4 of 5 When we are looking to get back into dating, we always want to make a list of expectations of our potential mate…I want them to be like this, I want them to have this, I want them have that, etc. But have you ever asked yourself, “What do I bring to the table?” “What can they expect from me?” Today’s question is “What do you bring to the table?” What do you expect from your potential mate or you new dating experience and is it okay to ask them to bring things to the table that...


Why Do You Want To Date Again? - Part 3 of 5

We are making some progress. We are now at part 3 of the 5 part mini-series. Let's get right to it.. Why do you want to date again? Think about why you're trying to jump back out there. Is it because you're ready to love again and open your heart to let love in? Or are you trying to fill a void, distract yourself from feeling lonely, or are you desperate. When you answer the question, also ask yourself is your reason fair to the person you may potentially date. Be Honest When You Answer


Have You Gotten Back To You? - Part 2 of 5

Here's part 2 of 5 of "Are You Ready to Date or Not? Think about it: When we're in a relationship we really give up a lot of ourselves. We have a tendency to forget about those things we do as individuals. One thing you should consider before moving into the next relationship is, "Have you gotten back to you?" How do you regain your individuality before moving on to the next relationship? Come back tomorrow for the next question. We are making some progress.


Worried About The Wrong Thing

This past Saturday was Reggie's birthday and Baby Cousin Chris insists on giving Reggie a birthday shout out. These two chat about first date ideas. They both agree that apple picking is the best first date idea that listeners suggested. Reggie tells us about a first date experience that lasted two days. They also discuss pet peeves. How You Doing Queen? The two disagree on black people addressing each other as 'King' and 'Queen'. You guessed it...Reggie doesn't like it. Chris explains...


Are You Ready To Date Or Not? - "Have You Let Go?"

Reggie keeps it brief and to the point in his new five part mini-series "Am I Ready To Date?" Dating is a serious matter. You need to make sure you're sure. So, when you're trying to figure out if you're ready to date again, you should ask yourself - "Have I Let Go?" Have you taken all the steps to break that connection? Does it dissolve on it's own. Come back tomorrow for the next question. We're going to figure this thing out. Part 1 of 5.


Move The Fuck On

It's Reggie's 47th birthday! He's cruising through this episode. He has no time for games in this episode. He chats about getting past his auntie's nasty food. He tells about a time he met a girl in a club and she asked him one question that changed his thoughts on dating. He talks about his upcoming five part mini-series. He reminds us that all karma ain't bad. He gives a shout out Emmy Award Winners - Billy Porter, Jharell Jerome, Tony Shalhoub, and Alex Borstein. He reads messages from...


Have Black People Gotten Too Sensitive?

Continued prayers for Houston... Reggie and Baby Cousin Chris talk in depth about some black people's frustration with H&M displaying the young black girl with disheveled hair in an ad. They also dig into couples handling stress in relationships. Reggie also discusses his mom and aunts visiting him this week. Big Ups We can learn a thing or two from Nick Cannon. "Dance It Off"- Chris gives us an update on her third week of entrepreneurship. Is Hollywood Losing Creativity? Issa Rae is...


I Got A New Co-Host and Losing Respect For Your Parents

Reggie introduces his new co-host Baby Cousin Chris! They give "Big Ups" to Clay Thompson and Michael Jordan for donating to the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian. They discuss how plant based foods aren't always healthier, will sign language eventually be phased out, couples should dance more, pigs orgasm for 30 minutes and so much more. Chris tells us about her new business "Dance It Off". They discuss the question - If you cheated on your fiance and they never found out, would you tell...


Depression Ain't No Joke

This episode is more Real and Relatable with some hints of Random. Reggie is extremely excited that he has signed as a voice actor with a reputable talent agency! He tells us how he judges people with raggedy towels and Friday the 13th is bullshit. His mom is coming to visit next week and now that she has a new phone, she's texting him scriptures all the time. He speaks to those that are dealing with depression and having suicidal thoughts. He shares details about his bout with depression....


Men Have The Advantage In Dating and Women Are Just Numbers

The First Tuesday Episode!!! Reggie chats about women faking orgasms, what is a good man or woman, why women are at a disadvantage when it comes to dating, and he gives us some very interesting random information that may help us in our relationship. He also hits us with the first "Who gives a shit?" and "That's fucked up" segments featuring Malik Yoba, Jussie and Jurnee Smollett, Nikki Minaj, and Isiah Washington. September is National Suicide Prevention Month If you are or have been...