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Last Tim Standing

First of TWO episodes ran by Eric Lee where we play his new mystery parody game called "LAST TIM STANDING" where every player plays as Tim Allen. This is Eric's first time running any type of game as well as first time making a game so please go easy on us. You'll be able to download the pdf and revised rules for the game at some point soon! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our theme was written and recorded by Brad Harvey and Dan Walton....


Table Tales episode 1

Radaptation will return next week! We took a holiday break this week so instead here's an episode of our new show! It's called Table Tales and it's an actual play podcast that we've been recording since before Halloween. Thomas wrote the story and voices all the non-player characters and your actors are Eric Lee, Adam Lee, and John Murphy! So enjoy and give us some feedback!


Episode 42: Donner the Cuckold Reindeer

It's a long one folks and it's mostly an Indiana Jones fanfic but hey it's on time this week. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: The writers/artistic producers Jordan Broadway‏ @jordobroado "Donner" - the story of a once majestic reindeer who now no-one gives a shit aboutFever Porg Network‏ @FeverPitchPodCo People rediscover Christmas through finding a series of cave paintings and clues. Eventually leading them to a giant “world/Xmas...


Episode 41: Life of Pitbull

Totally late on this episode but don't worry we're here. We get gross, then lost, then much like a sea-faring pitbull we find our way. Please enjoy. Please share. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: The Book of JerryLooperBoxing MovieLife of Pitbull The writers/artistic producers Second Born‏ @AdamLeezyA gritty reboot of fifty first dates.Second Born‏ @AdamLeezyEveryone's brown button is sealed up by God. And where does the poop go?Eric...


Episode 40: Senior Prank

If this podcast were a sitcom this would be the episode where character A is sad that they're turning 40 years old! But this isn't a sitcom so it's just the episode where the elderly kill a billion James Corden, we change how voting works, and bring Lethal Weapon back. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: Senior PrankSelection DayLethal Weapon The writers/artistic producers Second Born‏ @AdamLeezyA prankster replaces The sprinkler systems...


Episode 39: That's So Raven: O.M.G.M.O.

Today I'm writing this from Eric's Laptop because we are really breaking format. Like most shows, we start off very hard and it sucks, then we get A LOT BETTER. Like super better. Also I am very funny and despite Eric's best interests, he could not stop me. Anyway this episode includes a Disney Channel Original Movie, a gritty reboot of a classic tale, and we retool Universal's monster movie franchise and it actually kicks...


Episode 38: Killer Turkeys

We've got everything you need for Thanksgiving in this episode! Tween rebellion, cults, and SCIENCE! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: Rec IT Wrallf TooPolanksi/MansonThe Seekening The writers/artistic producers Fever Pitch Network‏ @FeverPitchPodCoAttack of the killer turkeys. In an effort to make more turkeys with science they become evil and must avenge all the other fallen turkeys. This might already exist…Cameron Little‏...


Episode 37: Big Box Carrace

We got some gems in this one. Some okay movies, some good movies, and some nasty bits. We hope you enjoy them very much. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: Hamilton 2: WWIIBig Box CarracePartner n’ Crime The writers/artistic producers Dillon‏ @goozinski20s21 Second Great Rapper War breaks out, this time between American and South Korean rapperslil guy‏ @danwaltonnoHarry works at the Midas in his town. He’s discovered to not have the Midas...


Episode 36: Memes feat. Angry Blackmen

This week we had on two new but still good friends Quentin and Brian from the rap group Angry Blackmen! We take a peak into a sadistic doctor who lobotomizes his victims, two mimes who cannot and will not speak to each other but fall in love and it wins a million Oscars and then Quentin shares his idea for a movie about Black Hitler. If you live in the area and want to check them out, go see them at Royals in Lansing this Saturday, November...


Episode 35: Smelly Brian

Wassup faily, it's the Radaptation boys and we are back. This week we have a double feature because we were too in love with OSMOSIS JONES 2 and SMELLY BRIAN to do anything. Catch some good good stories about us getting bullied and a FRASIER REUNION FOLKS. All you Fraisheads in ya pants cause we gottem all baby! Please like and subscribe and leave a review on iTunes for the love of god! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now Playing: The...


Episode 33: Cosmic Coke

We're rounding third base of October and about to slide into home for Halloween! But before we do, enjoy some good old classic crime films, even though we didn't even plan on it that way! Thank god for Dice to get us where we needed to be this week! Enjoy naked men stealing hot air baloons, a *live-action* animal noir film, and an animated film idea that seriously I want to write so fucking bad. Send in your Halloween ideas for next week and...


Episode 32: Mission OUTTA Control

I'm writing this on Eric's laptop right now. Isn't that wild? Anyway so like look we gotta talk. We were gonna talk about a comedy film about Christopher Columbus. We didn't wanna do that cause it woulda been a little weird to joke about that kinda stuff. It just doesn't jive with us. So we had a little discussion about representation and shit whatever just listen to this episode. We do a normal episode 2/3rds of the time. Thanks...


Episode 31: Murder On The Soul Train Express

This was a good episode I think. Maybe it was just okay. I've been sitting at a computer in a dark room for twelve hours and I cannot remember really anything about this episode. We had movies such as Murder on the Soul Train Express, 50 First Funerals, The Tenth Dentist and Adam's Shitty Orgasm. It took me so long to think of these films. Thank you for everyone who submitted ideas and please share this I should probably write better descriptions huh? Now Playing: 50 First...



We have good friend and comedian ADDIE KAVANAUGH to help us get the dirty thirties started off and make the damn movies. Open them mouseholes, were coming in hot with some damn movies. A mouse revenge flick with the highest budget ever, four dad's named chris, an idea that I'm sorry about, and probably another one that was also kinda good maybe. Look I genuinely don't know why our generation can't focus or remember anything or maybe the lazy have just co-opted that idea to excuse the...


Episode 29: GHOST COPS

I'm sorry, what's that? Oh, we have more than one idea? Well, TRASH THEM, this episode is all ghost cops! That's right we have gone whole hog and have only focused on ONE DAMN IDEA cause it rocked our socks so fuckin hard we are in LOVE with it. GHOST COPS. GHOST COPS. SAY IT WITH ME NOW. Also thanks to other people who sent in non-Ghost Cop franchise ideas. Now Playing: --------------------­----------------------------------------­--------------- Producers/Writers this week: Yes But...


Episode 28: The Dogtective

Usually I am a fun-loving, smooth criminal all up in this show's description's guts. But alas, I am very burnt out from editing this show all day today. Can you believe Eric does this every week? What a chump. Anyway, this week we get back to basics. No theme at all for this one. Just some good old fashioned themeless nastiness. We got a Robocop Dog, a butthole with teeth, Phoopi Goldberg, and a film where almost every single person on Earth is a super hero. Thanks for tuning in, true...


Episode 27: Gluten Free Lovin'

Well I'm, hot blooded, check it and see. I can have any gluten in me cause I'm hot blooded, hot blooded. That's right folks this weeks episode is about, you guess it? What's that? No, not gluten. That was just a coincidence. It's about VAMPIRES. What? I don't know why I sang a song about gluten, I'm just sayin it was also about blood. My jokes contain multitudes, folks. No, I don't know who I'm talking to here and no I don't care that no one reads these. I will shout bits for no one into...


Episode 26: James Bonzo

This podcast just got B-A-N-A-N-A-S, Bananas. Ooh, this my shit, this my shit. Ooh, this my shit, this my shit. Ooh, this my shit, this my shit. Call me Gwen Stefani, cause there's No Doubt this episode is crazy as heck, fam. Enjoy listening to this on Sunday Morning cause this'll pep your day up. It's Hella Good listening to this apetastic episode. Don't Speak while we do or you'll miss all of our bits about monkeys. Hey Baby, are you Happy Now that there's a new episode of this good-good...


Episode 25: The Conspiracy of Elvis Smithy

If the aliens take ask take me to your leader, I'm gonna respond back with "Are you sure?" This week's episode we do not let up, we do not back down, we stand tall against the little green men from outer space. We talk about UFOs at EDM Shows, Unitoe Aliens who love to get down a dirrrrrrty, and we create an epic franchise involving your humble hosts in an alternate time line where we take direct action against the aliens and also one of those leaders did something pretty nasty. This...


Episode 24: The Nazi Punching Episode

*This Episode Was Recorded In Front Of A Live Studio Audience* This week we shock no one and spend our time talking about movies that prominently feature Nazi Killing. Yknow, America's second favorite 1940's hobby, second only to rebuilding a nation broken by Capitalism! We brought on our good friend and videographer Eric "Good Eric" Jordan Elkin to help us out with some ideas. In this episode you'll hear some bad puns, the seeds being planted to have Jordan Peele replace Edgar Wright as...