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120. Glamlyrics

Michael and Nick give advice on how to stop talking yourself out of dating perfectly good guys, what to do when someone is blackmailing you with embarrassing information they know about you, what to do when you're insecure about your body, how to get up the nerve to sing in front of people and how to find out why someone blocked you.


119. Woke Up in an Old Bugatti Sunroof

Michael and Nick give advice on how to deal with someone who is after your girl, how to get a girl back after you've said some unforgivable stuff to her, how to take advantage of your parents forgetfulness and is purchasing a lady of the night the right move for you?


118. The GIF of Old

Michael and Nick give advice on getting the nerve to ask for things in the bedroom, how to handle finding out your SO talks bad about you behind your back, are you a bad person if you are turned off by someone you likes occupation? How to get back to normal with a co worker friend after you've made it awkward by sleeping together and what's the rules on showing your friends nude pics of people who sent them to you.


117. Ever been to Yourup?

Michael and Nick give advice on if it's considered mooching off your parents if you are still in high school, should you have to stay with you SO if they decide they want to become the opposite sex, should you tell your SO if you give out your number just because you feel guilty, can friends who are only in your life when it works good for them worth having around and what to do when your parents guilt trip you because of college expenses.


116. Nobeial Prize

Michael and Nick give advice on going back to best friends after giving dating a shot, how to mask the smell of weed, when is it too soon to buy a house together, stopping a mullet in process and talking your wife out of ugly countertops.


115. Comedy Wreckers

Michael and Nick give advice on what to do when you're with someone who is great, buy you just don't feel that "spark," how to handle a water snob, is eating your skin gross? What steps you should take to take steps and the most private way to have sex in public.


114. Editited

Michael and Nick give advice on convincing your girlfriend that just because you used to bully her brother, that isn't a good reason for her to break up with you, how to handle a friend who always goes number two in places where he is not welcome to, how to tell people you don't have the money to give to their charities, is it wrong to have a wife who is more handy around the house than you are? And how to tell your friend that you don't want any more of her crafts that she's made you.


113. Jeff ER y In-Law

Michael and Nick give advice on stopping your girlfriend from texting and driving, what to do about cows with mange, giving a family member that you don't trust a loan and what age is too young to go casket shopping.


112. Side Snorkel

Michael and Nick give advice on whether or not your boyfriend giving bad advice to his friend is a sign of his own personal character, how to get pet venomous snakes out of your house, how to handle someone who switches songs only a minute into it, how to talk someone out of making you stay at a hunted house without admitting it's because yo're too afraid and how to convince your child not to drop out of college for what seems to be a bad business opportunity.


111. Jamoke Mui Sewer

Michael and Nick give advice on when the right time to watch the Lion King for the first time is, good excuses to get out of plans and also learn how to say no to plans, what to do when you passed a class and are qualified to do something, but have no confidence that you can actually do that thing and some advice on ways to stay motivated when working from home.


110. Nick and Mick

Michael and Nick give advice on what to do when you find out your lie to your girlfriend will absolutely come back to haunt you, how to get your boyfriend to be quiet when you're sleeping, tips on being less nervous for a job interview and what to do when you're with a 10 that's way better than you, but they are gross.


109. Paula Abdul-Jabbar

Michael and Nick give advice on whether or not you should "out" someone for trying to be someone you know for sure they aren't, if it's a good idea to let strangers into your home, if you can be who you really are around someone once you've already pretended to be someone else and what to do when you're the know-it-all friend everyone hates.


108. Play On Letters

Michael and Nick give advice on whether or not it's ok to take a job when you know you will be replacing a friend, how to not be a sore loser, how to get out of doing your worst fear without admitting you're afraid, what to do when you and your ex broke up, but have seats together at an event and how to get your newly moved in girlfriend to not take over your house completely.


107. Valley Victorian

Michael and Nick give advice on how to save face after a declined card, how to work up the nerve to give a big speech, giving someone a kidney who did horrific things to you, how to convince your wife you really aren't a sex store frequent shopper and what to do when you get no responses from poking people.


106. Closed Parenthesis

Michael and Nick give advice on what to do when you're with someone with tiny lips, how to find out if he does want to pee on you, how to ask out a bartender, what to do about your kid who won't keep his clothes on and how to figure out what it is about you that keeps you from getting that second date.


105. Devil 2.0

Michael and Nick give advice on getting your boyfriend to stop creeping out your friends on purpose, how to prove to your girlfriend that you already planned to do the thing she wanted you to do before she told you to do it, finally give advice to guy with crying girlfriend, best positions for partners who are very different heights and the best way to narrow down who to invite to your wedding.


104. Ballatore (Spelled Wrong So We Can't Get Sued)

Michael and Nick give advice on how to get more traffic to a niche that doesn't have a large following, how to get your horse to stop getting boners, the good and the bad and the bad of open relationships, how to get someone to stop cuddling with you and how to compromise on the shows you watch before bed.


103. In Dee Window

Michael and Nick give advice on what to do about a lying boyfriend, how to handle being someone's "just in case," what to do about your intolerance for your husbands lactose intolerance, how to catch your roommate red handed with your sodas and if it's ok to ask your girlfriend to stop being naked on camera.


102. A-Head

What to do about a boyfriend who texts other girls all the time, how to handle a crazy situation where best friends and wives will all be mad, how to handle your girlfriends kid who bullies you, how to handle confronting people with an issue when you're an introvert and who to convince someone your date canceling was legit and you actually do want to go out with them.


101. Inplausible

Michael and Nick give advice on if you should take money from someone you don't want to be able to hang it over your head, how to sleep with a 10 you work with when she wants more and you don't, what the proper door opening etiquette is, how to be better at comebacks and how to know if you are lesbian.