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140 - Baby D's Home

This week on the show that walked half a mile out of its way to sort that out, we flip the script on our hockey talk this season and spend some time examining John's sports pain as the Leafs find themselves in a playoff hole, measuring media narratives against reality. PLUS: Steve Simmons doubles down! The RGS Raiders get off to a rollicking start! Justin angles for a role in the next Fast & Furious! And we take up Stefan's favourite pastime: making fun of businesses on Broadway in...


139 - Five Skins

This week on the show that will make you scream "Mamma Mia!", the Real Good Boys take one last look at the Sedins' retirement and the Canucks exit meetings, make their NHL playoff predictions, and take a few prominent Canadian media members to the woodshed. PLUS: We've got a new Little League team, the RGS Raiders! Celebrity birthdays! Cooking up BBQ! We score a walk-off interview with a shocked and defeated Chris James! And we finally get another inside scoop on a sports player's...


138 - Poop Funeral

This week on the show that ain't gettin' this one, boys, we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to Henrik and Daniel Sedin, as the twins who have embodied Vancouver hockey for nearly 20 years prepare to hang up the skates for good. PLUS: Budgeting out the cost of a human litter box! Turtle sandbox! And we get to the bottom of the bad American pronunciations of "decal", "pasta" and "about". Support the show at, where $5 this month gets you access to all of our donor...


137 - Rogue Tenner (with Tom Power)

This week on the show that goes in emergency toilet for five minutes and don't say sorry, the host of CBC's q, TOM POWER is here to make our moms proud, discuss the pressure of being a national conduit for cultural grief, sample our Cartems catering and swear off Tim Hortons donuts forever. PLUS: John is fresh out of the hospital, and Tom lends his CBC interviewing skills to give that situation the gravity it requires. Shameful fandoms! Woodstock '99! London Fog! Ham Roberts! And a cameo...


TEASER: 1on1 (with Nick Dika)

Stefan is tending to Hollywood business and John is in the hospital dying, so Justin is left all alone to go one-on-one with the low-key heartthrob of Canadian music, Arkells bassist NICK DIKA! Nick is back to discuss the band's Olympic adventure in Korea, the problematic un-wokeness of Josh Donaldson, the allure of tanking, Juno festivities interfering with his fantasy drafts, and #TheRally! This is but a taste. SUBSCRIBE FOR FULL EPISODE:


136 - Three Fingers and a Tendon (with Gavin Matts)

This week on the show that's ranked as the best of all time on, comedian GAVIN MATTS makes his return to discuss how Elon Musk is the Lil' Pump of technology, producer Daniel Cuzzetto's diet, and Gavin's hatred of Elliotte Friedman. PLUS: The Raptors are good! Women who dunk! Joe Sakic's snowblower! OJ's Bronco! Chick Fil-A! And Gavin talks about a truly bizarre gig offer. Follow Gavin on Twitter: @GavinMatts Support the show at, where $5 this month...


135 - Easy As Pie (with Katie-Ellen Humphries)

This week on the show that stays at the Comfort Inn and eats at Wendy's, comedian KATIE-ELLEN HUMPHRIES makes her debut on the show to help the boys pledge allegiance to Pie Day, the one day a year where it is legal to consume pie. And what a delicious pie it was. PLUS: John Reads a Thing! The miserable life of George R.R. Martin! Katie-Ellen explains the plot of J-Lo vehicle Maid in Manhattan! And Justin washes his beard in John's kitchen sink. Follow Katie-Ellen on Twitter:...


134 - The Very Best Braggart

This week on the show that's screaming obscenities at the refs, John wins big at the Vancouver Comedy Awards, walking away with Biggest Humblebragger 2018. We force him to examine the behaviour that led to this victory, and wonder if even a humble bragger can be humbled. PLUS: Brock Boeser's broken back, and Stefan's broken heart! The Whitecaps refuse to let their best player win Man of the Match! Vancouver's archaic liquor laws! LA meetings! Standard issue college professor smoking pipes!...


133 - Better Off Deadline

This week on the show that can barely read, mate, the Real Good Boys get back to their roots with some hardcore, post-Trade Deadline discussion/depression about the Canucks. John moderates a discussion of the team's direction with Stefan and Justin, who grow increasingly despaired and try to decide if the Canucks will win a Cup while any of us are alive. PLUS: Roger Ebert! Building a statue of ourselves! Action figures! And the return of Steven Adams to Clip of the Week! Support the show...


132 - The Professor (with Ryan Williams)

This week on the show that's not watching Olympic hockey (thanks Bettman), comedian RYAN WILLIAMS returns to tell us how to void a sample in athletic drug testing, and bring the energy Stefan can no longer muster after 12 hours of Twitch streaming. PLUS: John goes deep on Olympic curling controversies! I believe! Do you believe?? I love my thick wife! And we set our trading blocks for the trade deadline of life. Follow Ryan on Twitter: @Ryanornot Support the show at...


TEASER: Emergency Benning Extension Ep (with Justin Bourne)

The Canucks decided to give Jim Benning three more years as GM, so we decided to revive the aggrieved hockey talk you once knew and loved from us. The Athletic's Justin Bourne joins to discuss why extending Jim Benning is like re-electing George W., the prospect-starved history of Vancouver, the spectre of meddling ownership, the enduring struggle of hockey culture against forward progress, and the role of toughness in today's NHL. It was a dang treat having him on. This is but a...


131 - Local DJ (with Trevor Risk)

This week on the show that puts the dirty side of the mop right underneath its arm, the Real Good Boys are joined by Letterkenny writer/DJ/musician/man-about-town TREVOR RISK, for a delightful chat about counterterrorism, 90s sports posters, and asks the all-important question, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" PLUS: Jake Virtanen slides into a Twitch streamer's DMs! Family Day! Gamer Goo! And Justin thwarts a bank robber and enjoys his brief moment as Spider-Man. Follow Trevor on Twitter:...


130 - A Pony For Kony (with Christine Bortolin)

This week on the show that won't answer your questions (someone else?), the Real Good Boys are thrilled to be joined by delightful Vancouver improviser CHRISTINE BORTOLIN for an occasionally heartfelt and often hilarious chat about high school parties, Skype sunsets, the Jackass movies and peeing in bags. PLUS: Tasteless Super Bowl ads! A student discovers John's LiveJournal! And what to do about notorious Ugandan war lord Joseph Kony. Follow Christine on Twitter:...


129 - A Very Long Introduction

This week on the show that told you man, alphabetical order, man! The Real Good Boys try to make it through an entire episode without ever segueing out of the intro, and Stefan reveals his childhood wish to have leprosy. PLUS: Taking your laptop into the bathroom! John is nominated for a Vancouver comedy award! It's not a good award! NHL All-Star formats! The price of watermelons! And we pin down the price it would take to move the show to Nunavut full time. Support the show at...


128 - Reese's Good Show

This week on the show that keeps its foot on your nut, the Real Good Boys turn into the Reese's Good Boys for an episode and rekindle the fiery debate that had the internet talking. PLUS: A new debate: is Mounds a chocolate bar, or just a lump? Cup stacking! Pistachios! We take a look at our favourite Kenny vs. Spenny episodes! And we finally discuss how we would feel if a genie had granted our favourite athletes their abilities. Support the show at, where $5 this...


127 - Chocolate Cups

This week on the show that would have been quiet the second time if you'd just told us the first time, the Real Good Boys come unglued by a question that threatens to tear the boys apart and unravel the fabric of the entire podcast: is Reese Cups a chocolate bar? PLUS: The NHL books Kid Rock for the All-Star Game! Chris Paul attacks his own teammate as Rockets/Clippers heats up! And Nick Kyrgios lives up to his status as the Official RGS Tennis Player. The beautiful boy never lets us...


126 - Vinyl

This week on the show that asks, "where we goin', home?", the boys are giddy off of the success of the Best of 2017 episode, so they decide to do it again! It's the Best of 2018 in just one week! All the best clips, questions, and memories from the year that was, 2018. May she forever be remembered. PLUS: The boys show off their best impressions of sewing machines, syrup spills, and Stuart McLean! They actually talk about sports! We do a deep dive into Kevin Smith's tweets! And finally, we...


125 - 2017 Year In Clips

This week on the show that usually puts a pull quote from the Clip of the Week in this spot, we can't do that this week because we're counting down the year in clips! It's our 2017 Top 10 Clips of the Year countdown, as voted on by you the listeners! And your choices did not disappoint. PLUS: The morality of Uber! Our New Years Resolutions! Justin forgets an important bird! And we announce the winner of the Best Screengrab of Us At The Game contest, as well as 2017 Listener of the...


124 - 12 Segments of Christmas III (with Jesse Farrar & Ryan Lambert)

This week on the show that has a flair for the dramatic, it's the third annual 12 Segments of Christmas! DARRYL THE ELF joins us to discuss workplace hazards at the North Pole, and RYAN LAMBERT of Yahoo! Sports returns for his annual World Junior Hockey Championships preview, and to talk a lil Star Wars. PLUS: Daniel speaks! Return of the Taffer Tracker! And the 2017 RGS Enemies List! This episode is dedicated to the memory of Dick Enberg. RIP Big Cat. Follow Jesse on Twitter:...


123 - Easy As A-B-C

This week on the show that thinks it's cool you watched the game film (but watch this!), the Real Good Boys are back on their bullshit with their Christmas wishes for 2017 and their sports wishes for 2018. PLUS: Our new producer Daniel STILL says nothing! Net neutrality! Christmas shopping! Vaping! Justin's got a new job! AND Stefan names his Product of the Year for 2017. Support the show at, where $5 this month gets you access to our Hecksmas Holiday Special, a...


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