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165 - The Last Episode (with Jesse Farrar & Chris James)

It's the last one. We reminisce about our fondest memories of doing the show. And then it's over.


164 - Home Alone

This week on the show that needs something to blame after last year, John is away watching the Leafs home opener, so Stefan and Justin fly solo and go heavy on Canucks content right before the 2018/19 NHL season kicks off. And why not when they’ve given us so much to talk about: on banning Fortnite, Bo Horvat’s political machinations, the case for playing skill guys, and Stefan’s #IgnoreTheLottery campaign. PLUS: The Gritty backlash has arrived! Kawhi Leonard’s weird laugh! Predicting the...


163 - The Chip & Dip Blip

This week on the show that f***ing was terrible today, the Real Good Boys are back giving the people more of what they want: in-depth food discussions. It’s snacking season, baby! No better way to enjoy the NFL season than with some quality chips and dip. But which chips are best? And John comes out swinging against dip in general. PLUS: Stefan buys the world’s worst bag of chips. And Justin waxes nostalgic about the authentic Mexican cuisine of Blaine, Washington. (Editor’s Note: This...


162 - We're A Team

This week on the show that needs to negotiate here because we're workin' too, it's a sports-heavy show as there are so many things to dive into this week: Vontae Davis retires from the NFL in the middle of a game, the Vancouver Canucks consider banning video games on the road, and Pierre Dorion stares into the abyss that is the future of the Ottawa Senators. PLUS: Speaking of video games, we go deep on games we expect to see on the PlayStation Classic and N64 Classic. Support the show at...


TEASER: Real Good Sheldon - 6 - A Patch, a Modem, and Zantac (with Jacob Logan)

FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE at It's the series finale (hopefully) of the Summer of Sheldon, as the Real Good Boys are joined by contest-winner and long-time listener Jacob Logan!! This surely has to be the most vacuous and empty episode yet. ...of Young Sheldon, that is! Because Real Good Sheldon keeps the laughs coming, I assure you. It's the moment we've all been waiting for: the Elon Musk cameo. A cameo that surely the producers knew would stand the test of time,...


161 - The Italian Beef Beef

This week on the show that thinks pressure is millions of parents with no money to buy food for their children, we’re beefin’ ‘bout that beef, baby! Justin returns from Chicago to defend his food choices and go all in on the merits of Italian Beef, raising his fist in solidarity with his Italian Beef brothers held down by a sandwich society that fears what it doesn’t understand. Stefan continues to collect royalties on the sale of Hydro Flasks. PLUS: Earbuds vs Airpods! Super Smash Bros! And...


160 - No J-Mo, Mo' Problems (with Chris James)

This week on the show that's heard the Canadian Minister of Defence believes in aliens, Justin Morissette misses his first episode of all-time, so Stefan and John run amok like kids in a candy shop, with the help of their favorite ne'er do-well, CHRIS JAMES. PLUS: Stefan Auto-Tunes the pod! Justin's Chicago meal choices! And the boys finally answer the question that's been plaguing the pod for years: who's got the best hog in Vancouver sports history? Support the show at...


159 - Quick Tide

This week on the show that never pulled a hammy running across Normandy, Justin's streak of appearing on every episode of the show is set to end next week and the boys grill him on his vacation plans like one of them Chicago-style hotdogs. PLUS: Stefan has an impossible time guessing the towns that have WHL teams! We learn empathy for each other via Freaky Friday-esque body-swap scenarios! And which limbs we'd be willing to amputate for gold. Support the show at,...


TEASER: Real Good Sheldon - 5 - A Solar Calculator, a Game Ball, and a Cheerleader's Bosom (with Ivan Decker)

FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE at The Summer of Sheldon is nearly over, but the fun continues for at least one more episode! We're joined by the hilarious and charming comedian Ivan Decker to discuss the most hopelessly disjointed Young Sheldon to date. Nothing carries over in this show. Literally nothing matters. It's not even self-contained, it's just... there. Ray Liotta appears with an utterly baffling cameo, and we continue to find more interesting storylines in...


TEASER: Real Good Sheldon - 4 - A Therapist, A Comic Book, and a Breakfast Sausage (with Jesse Farrar and Michael Hale)

FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE at The Summer of Sheldon continues with another RGS/YKS cross-over event! That's right, those good ol' boys from Your Kickstarter Sucks, Jesse Farrar and Michael Hale, are here to watch easily the worst episode of the Young Sheldon we've subjected ourselves to to date. Just a punishingly terrible episode of television. But that's okay, because an episode of Young Farrars breaks out instead, as Jesse's children crash the podcast. Future...


158 - The Cincinnati Open

This week on the show that is just, uhhhh, ok, the Real Good Boys are still stuck for what to talk about, so they take a deep-dive on the topics you're dying to know about, like the world of McDonaldland and how much money they'd accept to make their internet search histories public. PLUS: Brief Canucks talk! Movies that get adapted into video games! And the boys finally reveal what they would do with all the hats if they scored an NHL hat trick. Support the show at...


TEASER: Real Good Sheldon - 3 - Poker, Faith, and Eggs (with Jenny Toews)

FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE at Oh baby, it's that Summer of Sheldon time again! This week we're joined by delightful comedian and fan-favourite guest JENNY TOEWS to discuss an episode of Young Sheldon that's... *gasp* actually good? It starts strong anyway, but eventually regresses to the mean. That's fine too, because we actually barely talk about it! Annie Potts joins the cast for this episode, so it's largely spent discussing THAT SCENE in Ghostbusters (you know...


157 - Coming of Age

This week on the show whose friends call it Big Al, the boys are stuck in the dog days of summer and get out of it by doing an extended mailbag, answering some extremely existential questions, like what our first novel would be about and what living person would be the most difficult to hunt. PLUS: Ultimate frisbee! Disc golf! Classic jerseys! And Stefan finally names the yacht he's always dreamed of owning. Support the show at, where $5 a month gets you access to...


TEASER: Real Good Sheldon - 2 - Rockets, Communists, and the Dewey Decimal System (with Brian Gaar)

FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE at It's that Summer of Sheldon time again...! Comedian BRIAN GAAR (Rooster Teeth, ATX Uncensored) joins the Boys this time out to give a genuine Texan perspective on the second episode of Young Sheldon -- an episode that has actual jokes in it! But also an episode with little to no plot. It's a give-and-take situation. We do our best to expand upon the nothingness of this episode and discuss the frequency with which Sheldon would get...


156 - Dial P for PornHub

This week on the show that still kisses its kids on the mouth, the Real Good Boys realize it's been a long time since they've come up with a new segment, so they spend an awful lot of time doing just that, cooking some up in the Segment Kitchen. PLUS: Justin goes Incognito! Ray Lewis gets inducted into the Hall of Fame! Don Cherry (not that one, the other one)! And Justin finally becomes a man and gets his first-ever SCENE Card. Support the show at, where $5 a month...


TEASER: Real Good Sheldon - 1 - Pilot (with Chris James)

FULL EPISODE AVAILABLE at The Summer of Sheldon is officially here! We kick off our August mini-series of Young Sheldon reviews by taking in the pilot with classic RGS guest Chris James, and seem to go out of our way to not discuss the episode. Because, what is this show, some kinda drama or something? We'd rather discuss Chris's admittedly strange history with the Big Bang Theory, and those giant gumball machines they used to have at Blockbuster. Future guests...


155 - He Thinks My Tractor's Pricy

This week on the show that's just gonna bypass that question because improvement will lead to success, John returns to the show fresh off his successful stint at JFL performing as his beloved Southern Momma character and he's full of fire and rage as two of the most contentious debates in RGS history break out over... (checks notes) Troy Stecher and salad. PLUS: Trevor Linden leaves the Canucks! We debate the ceiling of Elias Pettersson! Jim Harbaugh thinks eating chicken gives you brain...


154 - Prescription Pubes (with Ryan Williams)

This week on the show that learned to become a Wizard, John is away which means comedian RYAN WILLIAMS returns as special guest co-host! Ryan may be taking his role a little too seriously however, as he's begun dressing in John's clothes, opening his mail, and writing in John's diary about how to manage all his new responsibilities. PLUS: Cottage vs. cabin! We reminisce once more about that awful soda, Orbitz! Josh Hader's racist tweets! Johnny Manziel's big move! Ryan comes out swinging...


TEASER: Pacific Rim (with Jesse Farrar)

This is just a snippet of our Summer Blockbuster Series special episode, as we walk through the Guillermo Del Toro sci-fi action classic PACIFIC RIM with our friend Jesse Farrar, who claims it is his favourite film of all time. In this clip, JF is tired of having his buttons pressed by the Content DJ. Support the show to hear the entire discussion, including a deep dive into the Earnest movies, Jesse's old Blockbuster rental habits, and how this kaiju vs jaeger slugfest did (and did not)...


153 - Quick Brunch

This week on the show that rhymes with "yummy", the boys can't wait to rake Justin over his latest professional foible: fainting in the heat during a staff BBQ! What an idiot! PLUS: Stefan puts his girlfriend on blast over her dependence on bottled water! Ranking the types of streets! Tales of the Fry Guy! The return of Guess That Soundtrack! And imagine if you will... a world beyond meat. Support the show at, where $5 a month gets you access to all of our donor...