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Reckless Moves is a group of friends, family and fools who get together to play Dungeons and Dragons.

Reckless Moves is a group of friends, family and fools who get together to play Dungeons and Dragons.


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Reckless Moves is a group of friends, family and fools who get together to play Dungeons and Dragons.






S1E94: Farewell

Having saved Greyhawk, the NAB, deemed Legends of Greyhawk, celebrate and make plans for what comes next in their Lives, Kingdoms and Enterprises. Weddings and Funerals prepare our heroes for lives worth living. More info:


S1E93: The Final Countdown

Teleporting to the Abyssal Gate, the NAB face off with an unknown army of evil. Their mission is to close the Abyssal Gate before the denizens of the Abyss can pour into Greyhawk and rain fire and brimstone on the populace... and all their loved ones. They must win, or the land is lost. No pressure...


S1E92: For Brevity‘s Sake!

With some final 'fare thee wells', or goodbyes, depending on the outcome, our heroes have achieved level 20. Final preparations are made, and our heroes are transported to the Abyssal Gate. For Brevity's Sake, we'll leave it at that... More info:


S1E91 : Talking Heads

With a surprise awaiting them upon returning to Arnanum, the Elven City, our heroes decide to interrogate some old adversaries. The only challenge is that only heads remain of some villains in the bag of holding. Brynn brings out a couple old 'friends' to Speak with the Dead. Appropriate for our Halloween episode, huh? More info:


S1E90: A Raging Whale

Our party comes up with the most ridiculous plan yet, and that is saying a LOT. It would be pretty reckless to drop 300 tons of falling objects on the enemy tower, wouldn't it? More info:


S1E89: That‘s a Crate Idea!

The NAB heads deep into Drow territory, seeing out the Arnan Tower. (Which they call the Drow-er) To get more information, the party uses a spell to 'disguise' themselves, but you can't disguise behavior. Will they make it through? Will Brynn's adoptive Mother Elsanin still be in Sedhane? Will there be more rhetorical questions asked in this synopsis? Tune in and find out... More Info:


S1E88: It‘s Not Every Day You Find Out It Is Your Birthday!

Earthquake! Wait, was that a spell? After dodging the authorities (again), our intrepid heroes head back to Arnanum, where a surprise awaits for Brynn. A great celebration ensues... Is this the calm before the storm? More info:


S1E87: The Lucky Monkey is not so Lucky

Finding the aftermath of a brutal attack, our intrepid heroes take the two halves of Elil's body for an attempted Resurrection. Will this ally come back? If so, what will she report? The NAB investigates the source of this murder squad ravaging the land, and who sent them... More Info:


S1E86: I touch it with my magic wand...

The NAB runs into a few 'old friends' for a little 'wet work'. Why have an extended battle when you can deceive and assassinate? Later, the party find an amazing, dangerous and massively explosive device, which could level a city. Was it the red, green or blue wire? more info:


S1E85: Can I have an AstralGateMirror with a side of C-C-Counterspell?

With a poke in the eye to the person who said 'Keep It Simple Stupid', our intrepid heroes concoct their most complicated plan yet. (And that is saying a lot...) Why sneak up on an enemy if you can bring the enemy to us? More info:


S1E84: Ready...Steady...Fire!

The NAB heads deeper into Emburh Territory, seeking Sullco and Arys Borne's locations. On the way, a very, very reckless test shot is fired from the Arcane Cannon aboard their ship the Reckless Abandon. What was that they fired out into the wilderness as a test shot? It's a bird, it's a raven, no it is a... More info:


S1E83: Fighting Pits and Stranger Danger

Near the dock in Sasserine the party finds and Underground Rogue's Bar with a Fighting Pit. After Crispin stops drooling, the Party gambles on his fight. One catch, no magic or magic weapons allowed! New 'friends' are made with the bar owner Zanna and a Dwarf named Riswynn, who runs the famous 'Riswynn's Family Jewels', a Gem Shop in town. Fighting Pits, Meeting with Strangers and a Journey into Enemy Territory. In other words, a typical night for the NAB... More info:...


S1E82: Shipshape in Sasserine

The Reckless Abandon sails into the island city of Sasserine, with Captain Anton Quila 'acting' as the captain and our heroes all in disguise. Will the ruse pass muster with his boss Poma? Will the trap work? Can our heroes navigate the streets and riverways of Sasserine? Well, without getting caught, imprisoned or killed... More info:


S1E81: Old Gods and a New Plan

The NAB faces down the foul demon and undead released from the broken mirror, and resolve this battle in a surprisingly non-reckless way! On the Beach, Twig talks to the sentient weapon Wave, and they break up! Twig has a new God, Olidamurra, and a new...interesting...weapon. Saying some goodbyes, Molamma and Biumurra leave with the rescued friends from the Mirror, and the remaining 'baddies' are hidden away in a Demiplane. Heading to Sasserine, the party formulates a plan to capture the...


S1E80: Is a Broken Mirror Really Bad Luck?

The NAB has released someone from the Mirror of Life Stealing. Question: If someone wakes up, and loses a few hundred years while in stasis, will they go mad? Further shenanigans are sure to happen. Is Molamma a dad? Who is this Tiefling necromancer? What is that disgusting creature in the mirror? Most importantly, what would happen if the mirror broke? Let's find out! More info:


S1E79: A Bang-up Job

Our heroes execute a ship-to-ship combat. Sharks, Brooms, Lightning Arrows, and Insects, Oh My! The NAB doesn't do anything normally, including rescuing people from the Mirror of Life Trapping. Hey there, Welcome to the Future! More info:


S1E78: Who's the Most Reckless?

This is a special episode celebrating over 2 years of the campaign. This is an Interview episode where we revisit some of the most reckless, interesting and heartfelt moments of the campaign thus far, with 7 characters and the DM. Laughter is good medicine... but then again so is Healing Word. :-) More info:


S1E77: On Reckless Abandon

The party has some 'interesting' interactions in Arnanum. Zboha draws some blood, while Andironal and Molamma fight like... old friends. Afterward, the party heads back on the Reckless Abandon, sailing to Molamma's island to deal with The Mirror, a thunderous sound is heard... and a splash. More info:


S1E76: Mirror, Mirror

Heading back to Arnanum to assess the fallout from the Acolytes font of information about the NAB, they learn of recent attacks on Arnanum and Irondelve. Using a couple magical mirrors and a crystal ball, the party tries to learn more about the mysterious Minela Ka. More info:


S1E75: Talking to the Dead and an Evil Book

After the NAB's victory, they interrogate the dead to learn more about who is pulling the strings in the planned coup of Greyhawk. Moving back to the surface they find an escape route which exits near an Evil Book on an Altar. Nothing ever goes wrong attacking an Evil Book, right?