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Reviewables is a freewheeling anarchic comedy podcast. Every week our hosts Hannah Mamalis and Edwin Sammon are joined by special guests to improvise, vent and complain about the world around them but very rarely review anything.

Reviewables is a freewheeling anarchic comedy podcast. Every week our hosts Hannah Mamalis and Edwin Sammon are joined by special guests to improvise, vent and complain about the world around them but very rarely review anything.




Reviewables is a freewheeling anarchic comedy podcast. Every week our hosts Hannah Mamalis and Edwin Sammon are joined by special guests to improvise, vent and complain about the world around them but very rarely review anything.




130: #126 | You Can't Cancel Connery with Sir Sean Connery

This week's episode features guest host Kevin Mcgahern in conversation with legendary actor Sir Sean Connery who talks through the roles he turned down including The Matrix and Jurassic Park. Sir Sean also reveals the parts he wanted but couldn't get including the Brad Pitt role in his old friend David "Finchy" Fincher's Fight Club and appears completely resistant to the modern PC brigade as he refuses to explain or apologise for his long standing and controversial take on slapping.


129: #125| Telling It Like It Is with Neil Stool's Comedy Rules

This week Ed is joined in Reviewatowers by extra special guest co-host Tony Cantwell and fairly special guest Neil Stool, a man who has gained a huge following online for his back to basics style of sketch comedy that might seem old fashioned and confusing to the hosts as he lays down his rules of comedy and also condenses some classic movie plots as he feels movies take too long to get their points across. All this plus the quickest top five list ever recorded on the show! Enjoy!


128: #124 | TikTok Safewords with Andrea Farrell

This week's episode was recorded way back in July which seems like ten years ago because of the pandemic as Andrea gets her shot at being co-host and interviewee as Ed promotes his solo podcast and they both try to understand what TikTok is. Andrea also remembers her confirmation suit and Ed helps her with the woes of online dating and some BDSM messages from prospective beaus.


127: #123 | The Road Never Traveled With Travel Writer Leo Hertzfeld

This week Ed and Hannah are joined in Reviewatowers by Austrian travel writer Leo Hertzfeld. Leo talks about countries like he's reading it off Wikipedia because he is. Ed forgets what continental means which angers Leo, understandably. Something else is going on and the hosts are not sure what until Hannah cuts to the core of Leo who finally reveals why he's in Ireland and it involves a woman Leo is obsessed with (and not in a good way).


126: #122 | Inanimate Love Affairs with Ali Fox

Ed and Hannah are joined in the old Reviewatowers by actor, improviser and all round sound egg Ali Fox. The chat immediately descends into comparing pandemic panic attacks and takes a left turn as Ed mistakeningly thinks Hannah wants to fuck her chair and that results in a discussion about finding inaminate objects sexy before we finally get around to what Ali wanted to talk about in the first place which was the zoo and how whales aren't fooling anyone with their carry on! There's also a...


125: #121 | Ball Pond Shame with Sharon Mannion

Reviewables is back back back (!) after a long pandemic induced hiatus and regular co -hosts Hannah and Ed are joined in studio by guest Sharon Mannion and extra host Andrea Farrell. Sharon is an actor, writer and improviser and has featured in numerous shows such as "Bridget and Eamon" and "Republic of Telly". Sharon reviews her very first, high energy appearance on television, why ball ponds are to be avoided and her own children in a freewheeling interview which also delves into her...


124: #120 | Beetlejuice Blues And Retirement News with Finbarr Doyle

Hey Reviewapals, it's an old forgotten episode recorded last Halloween with actor, Dreamgunner and lovely man, Finbarr Doyle. He chats to Ed and Hannah about his home made Beetlejuice costume and Hannah disturbs everyone with her unique take on Halloween dress up. There's also a discussion on breakfast cereals that literally look like shit and a run down of what famous actors are retired and what ones that maybe should. there's another sad prediction as Ed mentions how hugely old Kirk...


123: #119 | What's The Bus Fuss with Duane Doogan

Hey Reviewapals, in this episode, Hannah and Ed talk to comedian and podcaster Duane Doogan about cake eating methods, David Attenborough's (alleged) dark secret and Duane's hatred of buses which leads to the lowest star rating the show has ever encountered. This silly conversation was recorded a few weeks before the global pandemic and unprecedented measures taken to flatten the curve and stop the spread. In the coming weeks Reviewables will endeavour to put out episodes and keep people...


122: #118 | Reviewing the Right And Other Pursuits with Aideen McQueen

This week Hannah and Ed almost immediately spiral out as every podcast gets brutally reviewed in one fell swoop, including their own. Special guest and stand up comedian Aideen McQueen is in Reviewatower to pull them back from the brink as she reassess the right and asks the hosts to choose between Boris and Jeremy for a night out. Not literally, just in a "what if" scenario. Hannah also reveals her new persona and wonders can you steal a person's DNA from their bathwater and the occasional...


121: #117 | Sustainable Chit Chat with Blaithin de Burca

This week Hannah and Ed are joined in the Reviewatower by comedian, try channel star and podcaster Blaithin de Burca who reviews sustainable personal hygiene products and what make a perfect housemate. Meanwhile, Ed reveals the sacrifices he makes to save the planet and there is confusion as to what constitutes a working church and whether or not a baby can be coddled and what exactly coddling is.


120: #116 | Rock Hard Rabbit Hole Video Review with Mark Cantan

This week the show gets off to a semi flying start with confusion over the words to Hannah and Ed's backstage warm up vocal exercises. Also, harmonies are briefly but beautifully sung with Mark Cantan, one of the star's of Boyz On Top, a web series available on HeadStuff and of course YouTube, which is the basis for Mark's best and worst of viewing experiences in this particular episode. But before that the concept of X-Rated soap opera's is discussed, Hannah talks about her love of dog...


119: #115 | Kevin Bacon Dreams with Sarah Devereux

This week's free wheeling episode sees the wonderful Sarah Devereux grace Hannah and Ed with her bag of precious things. What's in there? All will be revealed. But before that, there's a review of Kevin Bacon's many appearances in Sarah's night terrors, scratch cards are scratched with knives, Haribo is Harihad by all in a throwback to the old days of the podcast and Hannah struggles to remember if she is being seen or heard.


118: #114 | Caucasian World Music Canvassing with Seanie Sutcliffe

This week the Reviewatower headquarters is invaded for a chat by local Independent from the Cavan or Monaghan area and regular on the RTÉ Player series 'Talking It Out', Seanie Sutcliffe. Ed and Hannah grill him on his controversial views on the link between so called climate change and obesity and he selects his favourite world music by Hollywood actors in an attempt to connect with the young electorate. Will he succeed? Are people ready to love Steven Seagal Reggae music? How problematic...


117: #113 | Fibber's Tales and You've Got Mail with Andrea Farrell

Hannah and Ed are joined in the reviewabunker by award winning comedian and sometime musician and singer Andrea Farrell who eventually gets round to discussing her favourite film "You've Got Mail" but not before thoroughly examining her top smoking area interactions of all time which somehow always occur in Fibber's and the comedy power of farts.


116: #112 | Dick Liver cancels himself with Dick Liver

In what may be his last ever interview,veteran broadcaster and "fan favourite" (his words), Dick Liver, joins Hannah and Ed to read out his own obituary and admits to some pretty heinous activities in order to cut the "Twitterati" posse off at the pass and place his actions in some much needed context. We get a run down of his spectacular, failed Presidential bid involving cows, his precursor show to the Late Late and his thoughts on the late, great, Gay Byrne and the still very much alive,...


115: #111 | Machine Gun Time Traveller with Shane Clifford

This weeks brand new episode features a conversation with comedian Shane Clifford from way back in late October. Time travel with heavy artillery and other topics such as the aim of a sit down urination, if aliens were involved in religion and Shane's alternative version of the recent film "Yesterday" come up and J.K. Rowling is called out for making controversial tweets before her last controversial tweets were even made! Another prediction from the review show that rarely reviews things!


114: #110 | Cash and Carry Cleanup with Michael Fry

Hannah and Ed return to ReviewaTowers studio after a Winter hiatus for a chat with comedian Michael Fry before his big move to London. He reviews carrying out menial tasks and cashing very little money for it in his first job. He also reviews a co worker named Keith and there is a discussion regarding how best to deal with animals invading your workspace along with an unexpected news roundup.


113: #109 | Cooking the Books with Gearoid Farrelly

This week the comedy bunker dwellers, Hannah and Ed, are visited by the clean living (for the most part) Gearoid Farrelly, a stand up and podcaster who has a large collection of cookbooks and considers his favourites for varying reasons. Also, outside broadcasts at funerals, cough medicine abuse and whether opposites attract are among the tangential topics discussed.


112: #108 | Crazier for Frasier

The greedy man with too many names who is Jordan Lee Daniel joins Ed and Hannah in the comedy booth for a review of the sitcom Frasier which Hannah has never seen. That won't stop her talking about her favourite episode though! Also the popularity of drugs is up for debate and everybody starts to feel the come up!


111: #107 | Spooked with Stephen Bradley

Tis the season and Reviewables is the reason that comedian Stephen Bradley joins Ed and Hannah in the recording bunker to talk about sexy goats, why scaring yourself is fun and why you should always sleep with your knees up!