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Riverdames: Chapter 36, Labor Day

Jackie and Stephanie dive right back into Riverdale with this whiplash-inducing season premiere! Listen in as they chat about the dozens (hundreds?) of homeless Serpent children, the incredible storytelling device that is Hot Dog, and Betty's sudden Adderall dependency. Then stick around as Jackie and Stephanie argue for way too long about whether or not those babies actually flew.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Ant-Man and The Wasp

The summer might be over, but we've got one more Marvel episode for you before we return to Riverdale! Join us as we discuss everything from our favorite jokes to our least favorite plot devices in this palette cleanser of episodes about this palette cleanser of movies.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Avengers Infinity War

It's the final episode of our Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses summer series! Join us as we gush about Avengers: Infinity War, do some nitpicking out of love, talk about the MCU's relationship with heroism, and make some wild guesses about what's to come in Avengers 4!


Pre-Infinity War Recap: From Iron Man to Black Panther, Ranked!

Join us as we gear up for the final installment of our Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses summer series! We'll go through every Marvel film we've covered so far, from our least favorite to our favorite, and do our best to remember what happened, why it happened, and if we liked it. Check back on Tuesday for our final episode before Riverdale returns: Infinity War!


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Black Panther (with Annam Choudhry)

Jackie and Stephanie are joined by avid comics reader and MCU fanatic, Annam Choudhry, as they discuss Ryan Coogler's groundbreaking Black Panther movie! Listen to them discuss everything from this movie's politics to its characters to its design and implications for the wider MCU. And check back later this week and next week for our final installments to this Marvel Cinematic Universe summer series, covering every MCU film up until Infinity War!


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Thor Ragnarok

Another day, another Thor movie even better than the last. Listen to Jackie and Steph talk about their favorite jokes, their least favorite jokes, their favorite cameos, their least favorite cameos, and more in their discussion of Thor: Ragnarok! Check back next week for our discussion of Black Panther!


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Spider-Man Homecoming

We love this movie! Listen in as Jackie and Stephanie praise Jon Watts's representation of high school, the design details about New York that this movie gets right, Tom Holland's incredible performance, Vulture's nuanced villainy, and all the excellent jokes in this movie. Check back next week for Thor: Ragnarok!


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Jackie and Stephanie clearly have a thing for the Guardians movies! Listen to them complain about the gold people for a bit before they start gushing over the jokes, action, and emotional beats and themes of this movie. Then they talk a bit about theology, rank this movie generously, and defend Ronan the Accuser as a Good Marvel Villain™.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Doctor Strange (with Sarah Rose)

This week, Jackie and Stephanie are joined by college friend/smart person/St. Louis resident/self-proclaimed #1 fan of Riverdames, Sarah Rose! Listen in as they discuss disability, gender, cultural appropriation, and Benedict Cumberbatch's bad American accent in their conversation about Doctor Strange.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: WHIH Newsfront

It's a mini-episode! About an extremely niche topic! Listen to Jackie and Steph chat about WHIH Newsfront, the short-lived web series that brought back our ultimate problematic fave, Christine Everhart.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Captain America, Civil War

Does Hawkeye belong in this movie at all? Is it more annoying that Sharon Carter is in the CIA or that she only exists to heterosexualize Captain America and his gay friends? Is Tom Holland as Spider-Man that best performance in the MCU? Is the ending of this movie great and we don't care what the haters think? You can guess the answers to a lot of these questions by the way they are phrased, but you should still listen to the episode to find out more! Keep your eye on your feed for a...


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Ant-Man

Jackie and Stephanie take on Peyton Reed's weird and wonderful 2015 take on Ant-Man. Listen in as they dig into this movie's pretty solid sci-fi, dedicate an inordinate amount of time to discussing the bonus features that were included at the end of their Amazon rentals, and gush about Michael Peña, Bobby Cannavale, and breakout star T.I.! Check back next week for Captain America: Civil War!


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Avengers, Age Of Ultron

Jackie didn't like this movie nearly as much as Steph -- listen to them talk it out! They cover everything from their complicated feelings about the Hulk/Black Widow relationship, the confusing origin and motivation of Ultron, the tragic handling of Maria Hill and Dr. Helen Cho, and how this movie compares to its very similar franchise friend, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Check back next week for Ant-Man!


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Guardians of the Galaxy

This is a thorn-free episode: Jackie and Stephanie loved this movie! Listen to them talk about all their favorite jokes, their favorite characters (Rocket x Groot forever <3), and also some weirder things like how unhuman an alien species has to look for us to be okay with their extinction and why all these characters all speak English.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Captain America, The Winter Soldier (with Queenie and Jahnya!)

Queenie and Jahnya from Random Tea Podcasts (www.randomteapodcasts.com) join us for a discussion of their favorite MCU movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Listen in to our discussion about everything from how Cap is queer-coded to how this movie ties in to Agents of SHIELD to how short Robert Downey Jr. is!


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Thor, The Dark World

Statistically speaking, Jackie and Stephanie probably liked this movie more than you! Listen in as they discuss Odin's bad parenting, Jane and Thor's long and emotional one-night stand, and the completely incoherent quantum physics research that Jane and her team of lackeys are doing. And then stick around for a rating that many people will find objectionable!


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Iron Man 3

Jackie and Stephanie don't really understand this movie! Listen to them try to put their finger on what exactly Shane Black is trying to say here, and also take some detours to discuss things like what this movie has to say about the US government, how important human resources can be, and what we think about child stars in a post-TanaCon world.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: The Avengers (with Kris Acuña of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck)

Join us for an absurdly long episode about the 2012 grand finale to Phase 1: The Avengers! Kris Acuña of the Duck, Duck, Grey Duck podcast shares some comics knowledge and defend the Monaco sequence in Iron Man 2, and also joins Jackie and Steph in conversations about Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, Joss Whedon, and all the reasons they love this movie.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Captain America, The First Avenger

Jackie and Stephanie are so close yet so far from The Avengers – they just need to slog through Captain America: The First Avenger first! Join them for a discussion about blatant WWII ahistoricism, 1940s middle school romance, how Sebastian Stan is obviously more attractive than Chris Evans, and a weirdly inaccurate chat about precalculus.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Thor

Jackie and Stephanie take on Kenneth Branagh's very vanilla 2011 interpretation of Thor, discussing everything from genocide and transracial adoption to the weird love triangle between Lady Sif, Thor, and Jane Foster and gender discrimination at SHIELD.