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Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Iron Man 2

Jackie and Stephanie continue their MCU series with a discussion about Iron Man 2, touching on everything from whether or not Jon Favreau views women as human beings (probably not) to whether or not Terrence Howard would've been a better War Machine (probably). Check back next week to Thor!


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: The Incredible Hulk

Jackie and Stephanie continue their MCU summer series with a discussion about The Incredible Hulk (2008), a.k.a. The Abomination origin story. Listen in as they discuss whether or not Bruce Banner is technically Hulk's father, why Hulk action sequences are often so boring, and if Mark Ruffalo is as good at parkour as Edward Norton.


Marvel Cinematic Marchionesses: Iron Man

Jackie and Steph kick off their summer series with a conversation about the 2008 MCU debut, Iron Man! Capitalism, feminism, and journalism feature prominently. Jokes and laughs throughout. Check back next week for our discussion of The Incredible Hulk!


Riverdames: Chapter 35, Brave New World

Jackie and Stephanie talk about this season finale to a totally different season of Riverdale, covering everything from Hal Cooper's new Silence of the Lambs prison and Fangs randomly not being dead to Jughead maybe proposing and Ethel having to lose the student council election for no reason. Tune in next week as we kick of our summer series – we'll go through all the MCU movies, starting with Iron Man!


Riverdames: Chapter 34, Judgment Night

Jackie and Stephanie talk about this wild episode that takes place over an unclear length of time, covering everything from the Black Hood reveal to the gang wars to Small Fry's totally unrelated vendetta. They then chat for a bit about A Quiet Place (warning: there are some spoilers) and then dedicate an inordinate amount of time to rating this episode geometrically.


Riverdames: Chapter 33, Shadow of a Doubt

Jackie and Stephanie talk about this fever dream of an episode, covering everything from whether or not Fangs is canon bisexual to how Veronica Lodge can put her extortion money in a bank account. They also dedicate a good amount of time to discussing KJ Apa's Samoan heritage, and an upsettingly small amount of time to talking about the return of Joaquin.


Riverdames: Chapter 32, Prisoners

Jackie and Stephanie talk about this hostage-filled episode of Riverdale, covering everything from Hal Cooper being the Black Hood to the tasteless murder of Midge Klump to the sick demo Nick St. Clair should've laid down with Archie. Plus, a long conversation about sex work, consent, and the logistics of extortion!


Riverdames: Chapter 31, A Night to Remember (with Rhayne Coleman of Carefree Black Nerd)

Joined by Rhayne Coleman of the Carefree Black Nerd podcasts, Jackie and Stephanie talk all things Riverdale musical episode! From the musical-on-mockumentary concept to the perfectly tacky dancing and choreography to the dubious way characters of color are forced to be props to Cheryl Blossom in these really upsetting story arcs, we have some thoughts and feelings. Listen along!


The Nine Lives of Chloe Queens: Dogs of War

Jackie and Stephanie discuss the 7th episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King -- and they also discuss what happens when you raise a chimpanzee like a human, the taxonomy of canines, and a possible idea for a YA dystopian novel in which you die if you perpetrate an unwanted act of sexual or romantic intimacy.


Riverdames: Chapter 30, The Noose Tightens

Jackie and Stephanie finally get around to talking about the mid-mid-midseason finale of Riverdale (a week late because Jackie was traveling last week)! Listen in as they talk about Cheryl's gay conversion/crossfit experience, Kevin's encyclopedic knowledge of all things plot-relevant, the sudden appearance of a Riverdale school board, and more!


"Previously On Riverdale...": A Wholesome and Unexpected Showdown

In this first ever Riverdames attempt at a game show, Jackie and Stephanie pick their finest competitors who don't know anything about Riverdale, show them just the previously ons, and then ask them a bunch of trivia questions about Riverdale. Laugh along with us as these competitors do their best to make sense of this show, and check back on Tuesday for a regular episode about The Nine Lives of Chloe King!


Riverdames: Chapter 29, Primary Colors

How many bland-looking nunneries and hospitals are there in Riverdale? Are Fred and Molly Ringwald about to bang? Was this episode of Riverdale thematically coherent? All this and more on this week's Riverdames!


Riverdames: Chapter 28, There Will Be Blood

Private prisons! A modern day Hamlet adaptation! Smithers is a bus driver! Listen along as Jackie and Stephanie celebrate some interesting new story developments -- and then complain about Riverdale's usual dubious pacing and inconsistent characterizations.


Riverdames: Chapter 27, The Hills Have Eyes

Jackie and Stephanie chat about some truly excellent subplots, a very sloppy A-plot, and the best dang native advertisement in the history of digital media as The CW shameless promotes 20th Century Fox's new feature, Love, Simon.


Oscars 2018 (+The Nine Lives of Chloe Queens: Nothing Compares 2 U)

Jackie and Stephanie debrief on the Oscars for way longer than they intended, true to the form of Oscars ceremonies that go on for way longer than they're supposed to. Listen in as they discuss their favorite moments, the awards they still wish had gone another way, and their thoughts on the host and the ceremony itself. Then stick around for a record-speed game of Rose-Bud-Thorn on the 6th episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King!


Black Panther Is Not The Lion King (And That's Fine By Us!)

Jackie loves every MCU movie including Thor: The Dark World and Steph does her best to follow along, so join us for a discussion of the latest installment: Black Panther! Topics include everything from Okoye's and W'Kabi's confusing relationship and all our feelings about Killmonger to the racial optics of saving Everett Ross and how surprisingly chill everyone is with T'Challa maybe being the last Black Panther ever. Check back next week for the 6th episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King...


The Nine Lives of Chloe Queens: All Apologies and Girls Night Out

Because Steph accidentally watched the wrong episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King this week, this not-a-recap-podcast podcast dedicates a full hour to recapping! Jackie runs Steph through episode 4, and then Steph summarizes the events of episode 5. Jokes and laughs throughout. Check back next week for a discussion about The Good Place and Black Panther!


Riverdames: Chapter 26, The Tell-Tale Heart

Jackie and Stephanie have mostly positive things to say about this mid-midseason finale! Listen in as they discuss their ultimately positive feelings about the FBI guy, Fred Andrews's Canadian illegal immigrant workforce, finally meeting Andre, and Riverdale's wacky parking enforcement vehicles. Then they'll complain a little bit about how dumb Archie is and the dormant anti-blackness this show fosters -- hey, it can't all be positive, ya know? Check back next week for episode 4 of The...


Riverdames: Chapter 25, The Wicked and The Divine

Jackie and Stephanie, two Catholics, eagerly tear into this very Catholic episode of Riverdale, asking questions like: "Is Archie having a psychotic breakdown?", "Are Hiram and Hermione Lodge siblings?", and "How tall exactly is Tallboy?"


Riverdames: Chapter 24, The Wrestler

This is a weird one! If you felt uncomfortable about the way Riverdale tried to introduce Native issues but aren't exactly sure how to articulate that discomfort and also aren't totally sure it's even a warranted discomfort, this is the conversation for you! Listen as Jackie and Steph draw very few conclusions, but talk in depth about the Uktena, Parks and Rec's Wamapoke tribe, and then in true Riverdale form, squeeze in 2 minutes of Josie and Kevin at the end!