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Episode 27: Guns N Roses Part 1- Appetite for Spaghetti

We're back with another big-time-rock-star-2-parter! This time us ladies are chatting up about one of the most confrontational bands in hard rock- GNR! We go through the earlier days when Axl was already a handful and the guys were already doing heroine. Grab yourself a nice can of You're In The Jungle Baby! from Evil Twin Brewing and listen to our notes, cause we got 'em! Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license...


Episode 26: Joy Division – Mugatu Moment

This week Maggie and Ashleigh learn about Joy Division- a band they didn't know anything about UNTIL NOW. The ultimate post-punk band, Joy Division's story escalates quickly before coming to a bit of a screeching halt. It's one that includes fights, great music, tears, and best of all- British slang. So swing by Rare Form brewing to grab your own Troy Division IPA, then put on this episode to hear about a truly fascinating group! Resource: Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division- by Peter...


Episode 25: Beth Ditto- The Gossip beat The Hoff

For our final installment of pride month, Ashleigh and Maggie discuss the life of femme fatale Beth Ditto! This southern girl moves out to the northwest to start the band Gossip and has now made her way to successful solo artist. And we're gonna tell you how she got there. All while drinking some tasty Fire Water from Evil Twin Brewing and Wake Up Call from Peekskill Brewery! Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license...


Episode 24: RuPaul- Come Thru

The library is open! This week we discuss the most well known Drag Queen of our time- RuPaul. Listen to his stories of growing up in a household of women and how his path eventually lead him to being not only one of the most recognized faces in pop culture, but a talented music artist in his own right. Untuck with a Sweet Baby Jesus from Duclaw brewing and learn yourself something. Because as we all know, reading is fundamental. Resource: Letting It All Hang Out- RuPaul Charles Rocker Chicks...


Episode 23: Against Me!- Laura Jane Grace finds her voice

This week Ashleigh and Maggie continue the Pride month celebrations with the transgender lead singer of the punk band Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace. Hear the story of growing up in the 80's-90's as a transgendered person and the escape and therapy that she found in music. Keep the beer pairing real simple this week with a pint of Guinness, because that's what will make you strong! Resources- Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock's Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout- by Laura Jane Grace Rocker Chicks...


Episode 22: Judas Priest Part 2- Rob Halford’s Coming Out Party

Happy Pride month, kids! Maggie and Ashleigh are kicking off this month with the conclusion of our Judas Priest story and talking about the God of Metal himself coming out of the closet. There are also some discussions of the influence of the gay culture on heavy metal and some drunken movie tangents. So curl up with a Little Wolf Pale Ale from Zero Gravity Brewing and get ready to learn yourself about one of the great musicians of the LGBT+ community! Resources: Leather, Spikes, and Chains:...


Episode 21: Judas Priest Part 1- Subliminal Message Trial

This week Ashleigh and Maggie join Metal MAY-nia in anticipation for Gay Pride month by bridging it with one of the OGs of metal- Judas Priest! They go through the early beginnings of the band and make it into covering the 1990 trial where they faced a fan and his family after a tragic suicide attempt. But of course they counter balance the feels with ridiculous banter and some legit throwbacks to several older episodes. So grab yourself a Tears of Green IPA from Captain Lawrence Brewing,...


Episode 20: Metallica Part 2- I was more of a Kazaa person

Keeping it brutal in Metal May-nia and today we finish up our story of one of the Big 4- Metallica! Listen up as we regale you with stories of hurt feelings, court cases, line up changes, bizarre personal stories (ours and the band members), and we still can't get over that gorgeous hair! If you feel the need to drink along, try to find yourself an aptly named Master of Pumpkins from Troegs Brewing. Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license...


Episode 19: Metallica Part 1- Moral of the Story

As Maggie and Ashleigh continue down the road of Metal May-nia month, they make a 2 part pit stop with METALLICA! In part one we cover them from their modest beginnings in 1981 up thru the release of their live album S&M in 1999- including stories of alcohol, death, rebellion, religion, and the things they don't tell you about in health class. Grab yourself an Allagash Black Belgian-style stout, and get ready to for a headbanger! Rocker Chicks by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative...


Episode 18: Norwegian Black Metal Part 2- According to Varg

This week we conclude the topic of the Norwegian Black Metal scene with more tales of arson, murder, and crop tops. Join Ashleigh and Maggie for discussions on the origins of the racism and violence these problem children are still expounding today. We decided to pair up this drinking game with Feral from Heldeberg Meadworks, because what's more Viking than mead? Resources: Lords of Chaos by Didrik Søderlind and Michael Moynihan Spin Article- Satan’s Cheerleaders by Darcey Steinke Rocker...


Episode 17: Norwegian Black Metal Part 1- Step 4=Profit

Welcome to the first episode of METAL MAY-NIA! This week is Part 1 of our telling of the story of 80's-90's Norwegian Black Metal. Tales of burning churches and committing murder in the name of Satan (or in the name of saving face), and let's not forget about the suicides and crop tops. Would they have been better off with a Hot Topic to burn down? Delve in with us along with two tasty brews- Satan's Gut by Rare Form Brewing and Dead Guy Ale by Rogue Brewing. Resources: Lords of Chaos by...


Episode 16: Purple Rain- He Disappears

In honor of 2 years since the passing of the musical genius known as Prince, Maggie and Ashleigh discuss the heartwarming stories and unbelievable facts surrounding his cinematic debut- 1984's Purple Rain. They also give their opinions on the film- how does it hold up and what about the problematic treatment of women? Grab a Deep Purple grape ale from Empire Brewing and let's get nuts! Resources: Let's Go Crazy- Alan Light (book)


Episode 15: Nirvana’s In Utero- Waif Me

It’s time for another album review and this week we are chatting up about Nirvana’s final album- In Utero. Learn the stories behind each song and the controversies that this album created from the artwork to the lyrics. There are a lot of Courtney Love hot takes (because we can’t help ourselves) and we take […]


Episode 14: Weird Al- Squeezin and Squozin

You know when we do an episode on Weird Al Yankovic, then you’ve made it! You asked for it- so here it is! Listen along as we go through the straight-laced, but still zany story of a guy who made a name for himself with flawless parodies of famous musicians and spot-on commentaries of pop […]


Episode 13: Andrew WK- Bubble Gum Machine Salesman

It’s time to feel good with the one and only Party God! Join Ashleigh and Maggie through tales of conspiracy, intrigue, and total nerdom that surround Andrew WK’s legacy. Trust us, we’ll leave you wanting more- because, well, we could only find so much on this man of mystery. If nothing else, it certainly is […]


Episode 12: Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope- Mouth Harp

For our final installment of Women’s History Month we are covering an album that doesn’t get nearly the praise it deserves- Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope! Come back with us to 1997 for references of the beginnings of the internet, house parties, and General Hospital being woke AF. This episode will celebrate Janet’s amazing forward […]


Episode 11: Missy Elliott- Hip Hop Michelin Woman

This week as we continue down the path of Women in Music, we talk about our lord and savior Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott! Ashleigh tells tales that inspire and invoke a lot of “aw-ing” as Missy makes her way through the music biz with a lot of familiar faces. Also, discover (as we did) why we […]


Episode 10: Kesha- Teeth for ca$h

It’s our tenth episode! We’re still here and we’re still celebrating Women’s History month. This episode we talk about a girl who came from dirt and glitter to being a MFing WOMAN- Kesha. Maggie and Ashleigh cover everything she has been well known for- from sexy ghost stories, to her unexpected high intelligence, to the […]


Episode 9: Riot Grrrls- Supa-Pissed

For week 2 of Women’s History Month we talk about one of the biggest feminist movements in recent memory- Riot Grrrls! Not only were they putting out creative zines but they also made some of the best music to come out of the 90’s. Listen as Ashleigh and Maggie get progressively drunker and gush over […]


Episode 8: Wendy O. Williams- A burning Cadillac

We are starting off Women’s History Month by celebrating one of the most amazing women of rock! Wendy O. Williams is known for her insane on-stage antics as well as her totally raw and uncensored personality. In this episode we will take you through the life and music of a woman you may very well […]