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Join Ashleigh and Maggie every week for sweet treats of stories from the world of music. They cover anything from album reviews, to stories about the artists, to music news, and some fun general drunken banter. Expect to hear about artists of old and new, spanning many genres, all while drinking a variety of brews! Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

Join Ashleigh and Maggie every week for sweet treats of stories from the world of music. They cover anything from album reviews, to stories about the artists, to music news, and some fun general drunken banter. Expect to hear about artists of old and new, spanning many genres, all while drinking a variety of brews! Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.


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Join Ashleigh and Maggie every week for sweet treats of stories from the world of music. They cover anything from album reviews, to stories about the artists, to music news, and some fun general drunken banter. Expect to hear about artists of old and new, spanning many genres, all while drinking a variety of brews! Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.




Episode 133: The Ramones Part3 - Johnny, Angry Johnny

In this episode we conclude the story about our lovable goons, The Ramones! After all they've been through, you'd think they were invincible, but alas, this band does decide to call it quits. But not before they have a few more wild adventures and make a few more killer tunes. Hear about the many conflicts that forced them into calling it quits as well as what happened to the boys after it was all said and done. We have merch! Check out the Rock Candy Teespring Store now! Visit Adam & Eve...


Episode 132: The Ramones Part 2 - Getting To Know You Gun Play

The second installment of the Ramones story is filled with the stuff of rock n' roll legend. We explain their influence on UK punk, get more in depth about the band mates contrasting personalities, and give audible shock and awe at the shenanigans that were pulled when they worked with Phil Spector. They're working hard to get the notoriety they crave, but coming up short every time. When will they catch a break? Just listen in to see. We have merch! Check out the Rock Candy Teespring Store...


Episode 131: The Ramones Part 1 - Embrace The Goon

It's time to come in with another heavy hitter in the world of music! The Ramones are a beloved part of rock history, but they weren't always viewed that way. From the very beginning, their career was filled with bumps and challenges. But they continued to work hard to create a sound that we hadn't really heard before. In this part we give you the background of each member, how they got together, where the name came from, and how they managed to get signed to release their first album....


Episode 130: Anvil - He Was A Lunchman

Sit back and be prepared for a true underdog story this week! You've heard us talk about the satire that is Spinal Tap, but are you ready to hear the tale of the real life Spinal Tap? Anvil is one of the originators of Speed Metal and you probably never even heard of them. We explain how their naivety mixed with the dark side of the music biz stopped them from reaching the heights of success that are expected with such talent. Let's take a break from unfortunate events and doom and gloom to...


Episode 129: NOW That's What I Call Music! Vol 4 - Shake Your Sad, White Ass

It's that time of the year again! When we celebrate the oppressive summer days by getting drunk and jamming out to the songs of our youth, most of which we hate. We take you into each track, most of which very much a product of their time, and give you the story behind the songs and the artists who wrote them. Because let's be honest, we're not doing episodes on a good portion of these artists. Come back in time with us, won't you? Hear our hot takes on each tune and how we reverse the...


Episode 128: This Is Spinal Tap - with Special Guest Writer's Bagel Basket

This episode we decide to turn to comedy in these spicy times and talk about the good times that is This Is Spinal Tap. We got some music trivia about the actors playing the band members, some quirky stories about how we ended up with some of the funniest scenes, and a few tangets of our own. In the end we have talk about the elephant in the room- Is Spinal Tap a real band? We are joined by good friend of the podcast, Scott, the host of Writer's Bagel Basket! He brings us little nuggets of...


Episode 127: Talkin' Butt Rock - with special guests Make It Stop!

Just when things couldn't get worse- butt rock happened. One of the most polarizing styles of music to exist, sometimes loved, but mostly despised. Or at least an easy target to get dunked on. This episode, we have in-depth discussions about what it means to be butt rock. Why is it reviled and what is redeemable about it? Could it have something to do with the DBE (Big Dirtbag Energy) or is it just daddy issues? How many post grunge bands should be categorized as butt rock? All these...


Episode 126: No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom - Skrog Rock

This album was not No Doubt's first rodeo, but it was certainly the one to put them on the map. Listen through it with us and see how it still holds up. The 90's nostalgia is strong in this one, but in all the right ways. We discover how very much Gwen Stefani wants to get married, how the band stepped up their game despite their leader quitting, and how this is a modern day version of the album Rumors. Maggie spends most of the time being constantly reminded on how she didn't have cable...


Episode 125: Interview with Eddie Reyes of Taking Back Sunday

We have a wonderfully special and especially wonderful episode this week! We are forgoing our usual format to bring you a delightful interview with Eddie Reyes, veteran songwriter, guitarist, and founder of Taking Back Sunday. He spent two decades in TBS and toured the world many times over, so you better believe he has some fun stories! We talk about everything from being on the road with TBS (lots of salami involved), to being a dad of two teenagers (and having to feed them too, to our...


Episode 124: Lady Gaga - Laugh, Cry, and Roll My Eyes

This week we cover a relatively new artist (at least as far as our usual repertoire goes) and bring you the story of one Lady Gaga. She started out as some random girl from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, but managed to stand out with her talent and relentless work ethic. Hear how she went from Stefani to Gaga, how she ended up going from rock to pop, and a few missteps she may have had along the way. But at the end of the day, this woman is truly one of a kind. Whether you love her music...


Episode 123: Guilty Pleasures - Hashtag Glowed Up

We all got em- guilty pleasure songs! The tunes you bop to when no one is looking. It's just about summer time, which is a perfect time to dig up music that you never wanted anyone to see on your playlist. This week we got together and discussed our favorite shame-filled songs, despite how much respect you will arguably lose for us. We really run the spectrum of genres here, from emo to techno, it gets pretty embarrassing. Get a pretty good idea of what we were like in college and how we,...


Episode 122: The Prodigy - Pretzel and the Ball

This fearless group took electronica to a whole new level in the 90's. Breaking the boundaries of genre by incorporating the sounds of techno, hip hop, rock, and everything in between to create the most unique music the world had heard up to that point. They made it ok for metal heads to want to dance and ravers to want to mosh. The Prodigy just started out as a one man show, that quickly turned into a 3-piece collective, after he let some ravers join in on the fun. Their story is their own,...


Episode 121: Thin Lizzy - He Was Somethin'

This week we're not just going into the story of the legendary Thin Lizzy, but especially so to talk about the life of frontman Phil Lynott. He had the charisma to get all eyes on him during a performance, but he was not born with it, it took years to adapt to the rock star lifestyle. His life as a person of color amidst a predominantly white city left him feeling like an outsider, which would contribute heavily to his deep lyrics that fans have grown to love. Not only Phil, but Thin Lizzy...


Episode 120: The Specials - The 2 Tone Towers

Ska may not always get the respect it deserves, but this band sure should! The Specials are the originators of 2 Tone, a style of music that fused together Jamaican ska with punk and sprinkled in some new wave here and there. They changed the game and influenced the worlds of rock and pop to come after. This band not only revolutionized music, but they brought in topics that weren't normally discussed in popular music- racism, teenage pregnancy, economic disparity, and overall distaste with...


Episode 119: Fiona Apple - Fan Adjacent

You may only remember Fiona Apple from her risque music video for Criminal back in the late 90's, but she is so much more. An artist who has taken her pain and displayed it for all the world to see and relate to. She learned early on that if you can't please everyone, then at least please yourself. But that doesn't mean she hasn't spent a great deal of time soul searching to get where she is today with her most recent release. We cover her tumultuous childhood into her music-laden teens when...


Episode 118: System of a Down's Toxicity - Highwater JNCOs

Remember the early 2000s? Well you will after this episode. We talk about the nearly 20 year old sophomore release from one of the most eclectic metal bands to grace the airwaves- System of a Down. Toxicity brought SOAD to the masses at a time when we needed to hear some hard truths. These tracks cover the spectrum of hot political topics, the Armenian Genocide, how fake LA really is, Science vs Nature, and horse pilots. We get pretty drunk and pretty passionate about these songs, so buckle...


Episode 117: Lemmy Kilmister - A Weird Game of Duck, Duck, Goose

A God of rock, this week we are talking about Motorhead cornerstone, Lemmy. Without this man, so many genres of rock would not exist as we know them today. With his unique bass technique, lyrics to scare your parents yet make you think, and a devil may care attitude, we will live on with his influence forever. We dive into his story, from childhood, to his first bands, to his epic life with Motorhead, all leading up to his tragic passing in 2015. This guy is a character with some crazy...


Episode 116: Bjork's Post - All Lungs and a Swan Dress

Bjork had been making music for the majority of her life, but many would argue that it was her sophomore release that pushed her into the mainstream. Post saw Bjork truly breaking out of her shell, from the shy and polite girl of Debut, to the strong and unapologetic woman who would eventually become one of the biggest names in art pop. Here we see her getting more comfortable with production and collaborating with even more artists to make this one of the most unique album experiences of...


Episode 115: Lou Pearlman - You Never Forget Your First Blimp

Buckle up for an episode about one of the worst people to ever step into the music business. Lou Pearlman created two of the biggest pop acts in recent memory- Backstreet Boys and N*Sync. But that doesn't make this guy a hero by any means. Not only did he use and manipulate these boy bands, but dozens of other boys and their families. And that's only from his music biz scams. He conned his acts out of millions of dollars and his gold star sociopathy made those around him think his actions...


Episode 114: R.E.M. - Alliteration, Acronyms, Eyebrows

This week we talk about the quintessential alt rock band, R.E.M. If it weren't for these guys, indie music wouldn't exist and rock would be a much blander genre. A group that refused to bend to anyone else's rules and spent years paying their dues as a cult success. But when they finally hit radio airways, they didn't go anywhere and gave us classics that have gone down in music history. We tell their story to the best of our ability, but this famously private band have sometimes walked the...