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Each episode of Rogan Radio is a complete mystery. We can talk cell phones or cures for cancer. Ghosts to Aliens to Movies. It's always a mystery. Even to us. A morning show feel with the topics of a serious news station thrown in for good measure. Always a good time!

Each episode of Rogan Radio is a complete mystery. We can talk cell phones or cures for cancer. Ghosts to Aliens to Movies. It's always a mystery. Even to us. A morning show feel with the topics of a serious news station thrown in for good measure. Always a good time!
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Each episode of Rogan Radio is a complete mystery. We can talk cell phones or cures for cancer. Ghosts to Aliens to Movies. It's always a mystery. Even to us. A morning show feel with the topics of a serious news station thrown in for good measure. Always a good time!








Ep 113: Peeing in your sleep. Instant Waterbed Baby!

So we sooner or later had to have the discussion. Nature shows its ugly face right when you least expect it. Fun at the time but the cleanup brings a frown. Big hurricane Florence about to hit the US. Whats the weather doing to us? And the Ride Tide is brutally bad in Florida. Randy Scott comes on for a first hand description of the magnitude its having on sea life. Not good. And screw Alexa...I like Mike


Ep 112: Yoga is SEXY

Have you ever been curious about yoga? We have a new found interest and WOW is it hot! Sign us up. We have some great topics to discuss this show. Check your local area for a deal called The Honor Flight. Just learned all about it and can't say enough about the community that pulls together and gives back so much. Folds of Honor is another topic we discuss. Supporting veterans families is always a good thing. This episode is a little long but it turned out fantastic. Thanks for listening...


Ep 111: Come Over Here and Ride This!

Michelle and Chuck are back this week however Chad is out. We get a live report from Florida. Chrissy and Clinton from Bikers for a Cure are in Studio A to discuss the 17th Ride for Life. Cancer SUCKS!!! We help you not get in trouble with the cops with our Top 10 and Jimmy and Derek go soundboard to soundboard. Good stuff right here. Thanks for listening and be sure to drop us a text at 681-222-7646 or email at


Ep 110: Beck Radio Part Deux

Chuck and Michelle are away once again so that means we can have fun with another installment of Beck Radio. Special thanks to Courtney and Tim for stopping by and as always thanks for your support. We love to know you're listening.


Ep 109: No shoes. No Shirt. Come on in!

New Summertime schedule in full gear. Every other week until Michelle decides boating season is over. LOL Blondes get a bad rap for being ditzy. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have the Top 10 Blonde Inventions. Lets talk corporate America scams involving merging your identity. Get ready for a headache. Did I mention how much of a stud Billy Dee Williams is? He still has it. Lets get this party started. Next show on July 29th and it will be the return of Beck Radio!!!...


Ep 108: Boom Boom Boom

Getting close so celebrating Independence Day here in the US. Lots of firework displays happening around the area so be sure to check your local llistings and go have some fun. Alex Weinstein, host of Rebel Air Force and candidate for Congress rerpresenting the 1st District here in WV, joins us and we discuss just about everything. Good time all the way around.


Ep 107: The Force knows Victoria's Secret

Space Force!!! Trump wants a new branch of the military called Space Force. We like iit. I'm ready to roll. Have you ever wondered what guys are thinking as they stand around Victoria Secret? Tonight the Top 10 things guys should never yell in the store. Thank you for your continued support. Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors. Drop us a line at so we can give you a shout out and be also mindful we do a live show on Facebook and YouTube every Sunday starting at...


Ep 106: Saving Animals. Serving Community. Hogs4Dogs

Can you believe Bethesda is basing Fallout 76 in WV? Just so happens we live here and recognize things in the trailer. Traci and Chuck join us live. They organize an event called the Hogs4Dogs Dice Run that benefits are local Humane Society. Support your local shelter as much as you can. The problem of abuse and overpopulation is very real and you can help with finding a solution.


Ep 105: Sexy Cuddle Voice

Are you addicted to your phone? We'll tell you about some that took their phones all the way to their very last step of life. Josh Owens joins us to discuss a brand new sports podcast releasing soon. Stay tuned for that. And of course we had to celebrate Todd's Birthday!!! Sexy bastard. Thanks for lstening to Rogan Radio. We'll see you next week.


Ep 104: Colon Spa? Owwwwwwl

Yet another show of pure mystery. We get into war against ants. Damn things won't quit. Good thing for Colon Spas to take the stress off. We also get an update from Michelle. She had surgery on her inner ear and she explains the procedure and her recovery status. OH!!! Chad and Carol got engaged. Look out Vegas cause here we come. Thanks as always for listening to Rogan Radio and be sure to tell your friends, fammily, and neighbors about the show. We love you guys!!!


Ep 103: Its the End of the World and I Feel Fine

Are you like me? Do you have all sorts of trouble using those automatic faucets in the bathroom? Doesn't really matter now. Can't wash lava off your hands. Honestly, you won't even have hands. Lets talk tech. Talk The Steel City of Pittsburgh PA. Talk Yellowstone. Thanks for listening and as a show note, no episode next week in honor of Mother's Day. Lets Rock This Out!!!


Ep 102: Left is for PASSING and Right is for cruising

Just back from a great weekend in Webster Springs WV so lets talk about driving habits and what your pet peeves are. Don't you just love those that cruise in the passing lane on the interstate? Didn't think so. Have you ever a such a vivid dream that you woke up thinking it was all real? What is saying it wasn't? Let's talk about it. Thanks for listening as always and be sure to spread the word about Rogan Radio!


Ep 101: Kids, Grandkids, and Poor Ol' Me

One of the most stessful things you can do is take a drivers test. Erika learns how to parallel park. Granddaughter Finnley makes her first on air appearance. Lets talk about the good days of growing up too. First cars are always fun to remember. Thanks again for listening to Rogan Radio and please share like and follow us on Facebook YouTube Twitter iTunes Stitcher Soundcloud etc...


Ep 100: Yep! We Made It

Let's roll down memory lane. Randy Scott from Daytona joins us. Donnie from DC and former Air Force One guard hits the line. Bartender Mike and Kathy out in Vegas give us details on the Country Music Awards. Michelle enjoys the rain. Vauuuughn never gets old. Its 100 baby. We made it!!! Thanks for all of your support over the last three years and be sure to share with all your friends.


Ep 99: Studio A is Alive. IT'S ALIIIIIVE

Not only do we talk WrestleMania and have Holly in studio with Live Entertainment BUT we are also all here and gearing up for next weeks show. Our 100th episode!!! Be sure to join us live either on Facebook or Youtube. Search RoganRadio. Thanks for listening and as always get hold of us by email at


Ep 98: Destiny Storm Dances Her Way to Studio A

Drugs have invaded just about every aspect of life these days. We talk to Wayne Worth and hear first hand the help that is out there and what you can do to make a difference. Destiny Storm arrives from LA with a flat tire. Good thing for floor jacks. lol. And of course everything else is a total mystery. Whatever comes to mind, we go with. Let's get this show on the road and get the party started boyz!!!


Ep 95: WV Teachers and CWA strike!!! What you need to know.

WV is HOT right now. We ask the questions and thankfully D-Mac knows the answers. The reasons for striking have become so diluted and fragmented its hard to understand. We try and fix that through our conversation. Spread the love!!! Thanks for listening to Rogan Radio!!!


Ep 94: Brent Brings Beer and We Hit the V Spot

On a show like this, where do you even start. One of the best conversations we've had in a long time. Jada is heading out for 11 months to do missionary work. You never realize how easy life is until you hear about how it can be for someone else. Puts everything into perspective. At least it should. We also have a new segment called the V Spot. And if that wasn't enough, we actually exercise a little to make sure we reach a very old age. Good times coming your way!!!


Ep 92: 50 Shades of Paddles

Where do we even begin? Paddles in school? Star Wars: The Last Jedi being completely STUPID? The Extreme Mustang Makeover? How about Real Shoot Wrestling going large? Lets get this show rolling!!! Thanks for listening and be sure to check us out on Facebook and YouTube. Live show starts at 7pm EST on both. Appreciate all you keep doing for us helping to get the word out.


Ep 91: Chuck Vaughn Norris

Thanks for listening. Please repost, share, like, introduce your friends to this episode. Very important. David Moore is in need of a liver transplant. 37 million Americans don't realize that theirs is somehow diseased. We get answers on procedures and how to help. Who needs Chuck Norris when you have Vaughn Haggerty? Internet sensation in the works. And of course we celebrate Michelle's Birthday as only we can. Check out the live show every Sunday at 7pm EST on Facebook and YouTube. We...