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Each episode of Rogan Radio is a complete mystery. We can talk cell phones or cures for cancer. Ghosts to Aliens to Movies. It's always a mystery. Even to us. A morning show feel with the topics of a serious news station thrown in for good measure. Always a good time!

Each episode of Rogan Radio is a complete mystery. We can talk cell phones or cures for cancer. Ghosts to Aliens to Movies. It's always a mystery. Even to us. A morning show feel with the topics of a serious news station thrown in for good measure. Always a good time!
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Each episode of Rogan Radio is a complete mystery. We can talk cell phones or cures for cancer. Ghosts to Aliens to Movies. It's always a mystery. Even to us. A morning show feel with the topics of a serious news station thrown in for good measure. Always a good time!








Ep 143: The Ride for Life

Chrissy and Clinton from Bikers for a Cure show up and bring the party with them. The Ride for Life this year is focusing in on Lung Cancer. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about this junk anymore? They are trying to make that happen. 18 years and rolling along.


Ep 142: Murder Mystery on the Cheat Lake Express

Back from a bruise cruise and Chuck needs some glasses. Happens like clockwork. Ever wonder why the NWS announcements sound so horrible? Yeah, so do we. Christian makes a return visit and OMG his balls have dropped big time. Cricket is legit. Like baseball but nothing lie baseball. Have to check that action out. All of this and more for the low low price of FREE!!! Welcome to Rogan Radio and thanks so much for listening.


Ep 141: Michelle...UNLEASHED

Jimmy is absent and Michelle loses a lake day. Now serving number 24 for a dinner of hell. Do you worry about the World coming to an end? Don't feel bad. You aren't the only one. Big swarm of earthquakes happening in California. 700 since May 25th. Could the big one be coming? And if getting hit by lightning wasn't hard enough, how about getting struck while riding a motorcycle? Next to impossible. Thanks for listening to Rogan Radio.


Ep 140: Dogs are legit! Support the Humane Society

Chuck and Traci are back in the studio. The Hogs4Dogs Dice Run coming up soon with all proceeds heading to the Humane Society of Harrison County. Chris Roupe from Finders Keeper$ in Shinnston joins us to talk about the store in town along with Wine Down Wednesday. Good show and thanks for listening.


Ep 139: Smoke Enema a Day Keeps the Dr Away

Big topics this show. Ever wonder how smart science really is? Look at the past to see just how crazy some of the ideas concerning medicine were. Now think about 300 years from now and how stupid we will look. We also get into some stupid criminal news. Have to love that. And if that wasn't enough, we even help out the fellas by offering some of our favorite pickup lines. Not guaranteed to work but the reactions should be priceless.


Ep 138: Cinco de Blind Guy

What a show we have in store for you. Did you know Lionel Richie is blind? According to Michelle he is so we take up the prayer line and pull some long distance healing. Oliva Spino is in the house to talk about her new single "Love Me." And it is gold. Catch it on iTunes right here....


Ep 137: Mushroom Stamps for Trout Fishing?

Coming off and Easter and after a weekend fishing for trout in Webster County, we are in rare form. Dr. Hall from of Webster Springs has a birthday. Tramp stamps...Mushroom stamps...Trouser Trout stamps...all very confusing. We also get in depth with the monster known as The Avengers. Huge opening weekend and we talk about some of the things you might see in the future. Especially in relation to how Disney handles Star Wars now. Perhaps its not the gold mine it once was. This and more on...


Ep 136: $28,000 BeardLicious Nut Meat

Have you ever wondered how cleans the scruff on guys faces are? Not very to say it nicely but for some reason the ladies find it more attractive than not. We might know the answer. Are you a fan of porn? I think we've all seen it but to have $28,000 worth might be an issue. Details coming your way. We also report on the progress concerning an Italian doctor who lives in China and is all about performing head transplants. Yes, you heard that right. And its reported to be working....


Ep 135: Pinterested in Men

A few bodies down but the show goes on. Do you use Pinterest? I guess its way more useful than I thought. Cell phones are so smart but they can't even clean themselves. If you're having issues, maybe we help straighten them out. We love Karma stories. This Episode...When animals attack. As always, thanks for listening. Truly appreciate it and be sure to drop us a line at


Ep 134: Cooking with Frumunda Cheese

Do you stress about not being able to sleep? Thats part of your problem. Maybe try meditation. You'll ne amazed at what happens. Speaking of sleeping, Michelle loves watching TV until very early morning. I hate it. We learn about a lawsuit in Australia concerning a boss who farts on one of his employees. Have to run with that one. lol. And we pass around Rebecca's taco. That thing is tasty boyz. Thanks for listening and we'll see you next week.


Ep 133: Ever fish at SeaWorld?

The full house has returned. After last weeks St Patrick's Day beer fog, we have decided to go crazy. Chuck buys a SeaDoo...Michelle is upset. Chad always asks for permission. DMac sprays deer all over the interstate. Bruce has a WV accent? According to the NYC crowd he does. We talk Trump. We talk marriage. We talk about a lot of nothing but its all a blast and all on the fly.


Ep 132: The Curse of St Patrick and green beer

When Irish eyes are smiling. Whew doggy its St Patricks Day. You know we love to drink beer and moonshine so I'm sure you can get this show could be a disaster. We have a legit citizen from Dublin in house. Like Limericks? You'll love these. Still the question that baffles my mind is why people let politicans consume their every thought. Stop being made a pawn in their game. Take control and stop fighting with each other. Its stupid.


Ep 131: "This is your pilot speaking..."

Have you started getting calls from the IRS yet concerning your taxes? Don't worry. Its a scam and we have been getting them too. This show we call them back. How good are you with flying? I'm good as long as the Pilot acts like a surgeon. And speaking of might want to think twice if you plan on departing April 6th. We tell you why.


Ep 130: Flossing on the Titanic

Back from Florida and not a minute too soon. Michelle and I missed the fellas. Todd Hall had a big date for Valentine's Day and he went all out. Stonewall calls just to BS. Lets talk about the Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge TN. Awesome and a must do. FYI, Jack and Rose weren't real. LOL. We also get a surprise shout out from Wayne informing us Vaughn will outlast not only stink bugs but also cockroaches. Yet another crazy episode and we glad you decided to join the party....


Ep 129: Bass Guitars and G-Strings in South Beach

Its the return of Beck Radio. Michelle and Chuck are in Miami so lets have some fun. Lets clear up some common misconceptions. Maybe we'll get a live report from South Beach. 85 degrees sounds much better than the 31 we are dealing with right now. Ever think about SpaceX's Starman? Lets get an update. The dude is cruising in style around the Solar System. Time to party baby!!!


Ep 128: Scouting for Food

This turned out to be a big show. One I know you'll enjoy. Cub Scouts Pack 59 out of Shinnston join us. Good bunch of dudes. They are having a food drive coming up. No matter where you are, do something to make this world a better place. Hats off to Pack 59 in their first year helping to fill of The Lords Pantry food bank. Do you like free stuff? We have something worth listening for. Two Blake Shelton tickets in Pittsburgh along with a parking pass. Concert on Feb 23 at PPG Paint Arena....


Ep 127: Remodeling with a 12 Gauge

Whats better than some good old fashioned Dumb Blond Jokes? Nothing actually. We take a nice stroll through memory lane and how life compares today. Are things the same as they always have been or is there a breakdown happening in society. And what part does technology play in that? We have a good talk. Would love to know your thoughts. Feel free to contact us on Facebook or by email. We would love that.


Ep 126: Do you kiss your Mom with that mouth?

Stand-up comedy is now under attack. We try and save it by absolutely sending ourselves to hell. Feel free to use those jokes. We know you'll laugh. Are you like me? Getting sick of seeing dogs everywhere? Enough is enough. Leave the damn dog home. We talk about plenty more as always and appreciate your continued support. Be sure to Like, Subscribe, Share. Until next episode...Have an AWESOME week!!! Late


Ep 125: Asteroids heading for Uranus

Whew, dang are we starting off 2019 right! Weekly caller Todd Hall has a birthday. Would NASA lie if they knew the world was about to end? Melissa from Philly talks being a pro dancer for Koresh Dance Company. Who doesn't love insults? And of course we thrown some James Brown Vaughn tricks into the mix. Thanks for listening and be sure to spread the word. Like, share, subscribe!!! Thanks for listening to Rogan Radio


Ep 124: Mothra Mouth on the High Seas

Trump is Trump. We release the 2019 Trump MegaMix. FREE. Have you ever thought about living on a boat? Don't! With Christmas finally over we sing the least popular carols from around the World. It's another fun packed episode all free to download and enjoy. Courtesy of your friends at Rogan Radio.