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Mum and Stacey bring you a weekly podcast about everything and nothing. You will be entertained and if you laugh, that's a bonus.

Mum and Stacey bring you a weekly podcast about everything and nothing. You will be entertained and if you laugh, that's a bonus.
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Mum and Stacey bring you a weekly podcast about everything and nothing. You will be entertained and if you laugh, that's a bonus.




S3-Ep.8 Saliva Mascara and Jellyfish Lips

It’s time to talk about EYES! Mum has to put the recording on hold due to an unexpected visitor at the villa. Who’s been eating her peanuts? Stacey talks about blue snot, baby’s eyes, and asks Mum to guess how much an eye weighs. Mum tells us about the weird eyes of the box jellyfish, a brave soldier in Vietnam, and the new-found uses for shark corneas. Dan from The Comedy Geeks Podcast asks Kipper a question about a popular song involving cats and eyes. As if that’s not enough, Stacey has...


Apologies and Resolutions

We know the new episode came out sounding like a cacophony of nonsense. If you have a dud download here’s what you do: iTunes: you should just be able to delete the episode and download again. Other podcatchers: if delete and download doesn’t work you may have to unsubscribe from the podcast altogether, and resubscribe. It’ll be worth it… MUM’S BACK!


S3-Ep.7 Luscious Plums and Intolerant Badgers

MUM’S BACK!!!! Calling from her villa, Mum updates Stacey with all her Spanish shenanigans. Mum is joined by her friend, John. John has a story of Mistaken Identity: PETS SPECIAL. When is a dog not a dog? Find out which animals have been successfully passed off as canines. Stacey talks about her recent trip to San Francisco, where a family fun run was a little more revealing than she was expecting. Mum is on the look out for a cabana boy to help her get her socks on. Send your applications...


S3-Ep.6 Cockroach Milk and Dinosaur Sewers

It’s time for AWESOME LIZARDS! Otherwise known as DINOSAURS! Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Stacey and Owen have a funny fact-filled episode for you this week. Stacey tries to explain to Owen how big a dinosaur really is, and ends up comparing it to a sausage. Owen is horrified to hear how dinosaurs reproduced, and reconsiders where he puts his fingers in future. We find out which type of dinosaurs our listeners prefer… and the answer may surprise you. Kipper pops by to answer a listener’s...


S3-Ep.5 Shaken Fists and Caffeine Kids

Hold on to your mothers! This episode, Stacey is joined by Carla (of Harlo and Colly fame), co-host of Theme Park Films Podcast. They talk about MOTHERS and discuss their very different childhoods. Stacey talks about the history of Mother’s Day; and tells us about an angry mother who couldn’t quite get the hang of texting. Carla describes what it was like growing up as an only child with an overprotective mum. She also reveals which Disney character she’s small enough to play at Disney...


Mum’s Birthday Special - Spanish Flamingos and Salty Floaters

Mum has moved to Spain. Stacey helped her move in to her villa, and is back home telling Owen all about it. It’s also Mum’s birthday this week. We have birthday wishes from lots of listeners. Twitter @roughgiraffepod Instagram @roughgiraffepodcast Find us on Facebook Email


S3-Ep.4 Blackened Brides and Pregnant Fish

We are gathered here today for an episode all about Marriage. Mum has lost her voice so Frosty, from The Show with Preshaah and Frosty, has stepped in. Frosty talks about a man who chose a coma over getting married; and tells us how we can get ordained and marry whomever we want. Stacey has some interesting wedding traditions that involve spit, treacle and lumberjacks. Stacey also talks about some crazy reasons people have given for divorce. Kipper joins the couple to discuss his...


S3-Ep.3 Astro Cats and Ear Furnishings

It’s time for cats to take centre stage at last! Mum talks about the origin of the word “pussy”, and tells us about Astro Cat’s adventures in space. Ever wondered who invented the cat flap? Well, listen to find out and Mum will reveal all. Stacey explains where domestic cats came from, and tries to answer the question “do cats like human music?” Mum and Stacey discuss drugged cats, drunk cats and keeping bees as a pet. Kipper tells the funniest cat joke ever heard! With thanks to Donna...


Mum has an announcement!

Mum wants to talk to YOU! This is your opportunity to have a chat with Mum. During April Mum will be chatting to listeners of the show about anything in the world. These interviews will be broadcast as special episodes over the coming months. For your chance to speak to Mum get in contact with us on Twitter @roughgiraffepod, Instagram @roughgiraffepodcast, Facebook page, or email No subject is off limits. Remember DON’T KEEP MUM! New episode about cats...


S3-Ep.2 Dog Snatchers and Magnetic Fields

Bad dogs! Good dogs! Black dogs! Ghost dogs! We have them all here at Rough Giraffe. This episode is all about man’s best friend, DOGS! Kipper is not happy about it. Mum talks about bad luck dogs, and gives a great remedy for a hangover. Stacey talks about Chinese New Year; tells a tale about a dog that was kidnapped by an eagle; and tells us why pirates really wear eye patches. Mum’s World Record attempt leaves her breathless. Paul Csomo from the Varmints podcast joins the gang to talk...


S3-Ep.1 Sucked Toes and Sea Carrots

Mum, Stacey and Kipper the Wonky Cat are back! Series 3 kicks off with a big question. What would you do with £100, 000? Mum talks about The Museum of Failure, and tells us a story of a mystery bra. Stacey lets us know what the listeners would do with all that money, and has a lovely story of a penniless king. Kipper is back to answer a listener’s question, even though he’s still recovering from a big operation. There’s a new segment called Mum’s Minute Records and we meet Jeremy from the...


Bonus Episode - Stacey Speaks to Rhett of Braintrust Bros. Podcast

Mum and Stacey are putting the finishing touches to the first episode of Series 3. Whilst waiting why not have a listen to these clips of Stacey talking to Rhett of Braintrust Bros. Podcast? Stacey talks about what made her and Mum start Rough Giraffe; what it’s like to be a doctor by day and podcaster by night; and what the future holds for the podcast. Find the full interview here: Twitter @roughgiraffepod Instagram...


The Quiz Answers with Stacey and Kipper

Stacey and Kipper are here to give you the answers to the New Year’s Quiz. Prize winners will be contacted directly. We will be back in February with Series 3. Podcasts mentioned in this episode: The Besotted Geek Podcast Theme Park Films Podcast Varmints Soapy Madams Song credits: Christmas tree Boney M O Holy Night Choir BOys O come O come Emmanuel La Sierra...


The Rough Giraffe Big New Year’s Quiz!

It’s time for Mum and Stacey’s Rough Giraffe Big New Year’s Quiz! Here are the questions we ask on the show for you to answer, including the time-stamp so you can revisit a round to hear the questions again. Remember, you can pause the show to give you time to answer the questions. You can always print the question sheet from the Facebook page and send us a photo of the answers on your paper. Send your answers via email; or DM us on Twitter @roughgiraffepod....


The 12 Days of Rough Giraffe Christmas - Coiled Sponges and Spy Cats

IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! Mum and Stacey are joined by their podcast friends and listeners to celebrate the holiday season. They bring you The 12 Days of Rough Giraffe Christmas. Mum chooses some of her favourite moments from the last year of Rough Giraffe, including the date with the man with a glass eye, and illegal cheese full of maggots. Stacey picks cat fisting and urban moths. There is a new question for Kipper the Wonky Cat from Paul and Donna of the Varmints podcast, and a bumper edition...


S2-Ep.10 Pink-toed Poodles and Hormonal Coconuts

Mum and Stacey are on HOLIDAY! This episode is recorded on location in Spain. Join Mum, Stacey and their friend Nic from the moment they leave for the airport to the second they return home. The adventures begin with Mum looking for a boyfriend in the departures lounge. Find out what a baby flamingo is called, and discover how Mum ended up asleep in a hedge. Stacey is buying some naughty souvenirs and has her foot sucked on the beach whilst a naked man frolics nearby. Nic sees a chihuahua...


S2-Ep.9 Hippo Fossils and Funeral Strippers

After all that chat about dating Mum wants to talk about DEATH. Stacey has a terrifying real life tale of horror involving something strange in a bin. Mum talks about funeral rituals including sky burials and finger amputataions. Stacey tries to cheer everyone up talking about coffins and armadillos. We have an extract from the brilliant Illustrated Police News. Kipper answers questions from the listeners including “Do you think of dying in 9 different ways?” This episode is full of the...


S2-Ep.8 Amateur Gymnasts and Pirate Wellies

Watch out! Mum’s been CATFISTED! This episode is all about dating, whether it be online or in real life. If you have ever tried online dating you’ll understand Mum’s frustrations at never seeming to find anyone “normal” to talk to. They have glass eyes, wonky legs, and skeletons in the closet…just next to the gimp mask. Mum talks about having a blind date with a blind man, and tells us why we shouldn’t be so keen to quote Shakespeare. Stacey has some listeners dating disaster stories and...


S2-Ep.5 Tree Goats and Toast the Redeemer

This episode is all about the Seven Wonders of the World…well kind of…we mention 3 or 4 of them anyway. Mum tells us about her date with a man in Canada, and tries to describe what urine tastes like. Stacey has a theory about Stonehenge that is out of this world, and tells Mum all about a woman who married a train station. Kipper pops by for a chat, though he’s a little worse for wear. Hannah from The Film Roast Podcast has a question about movies for Belle the Lovely Dog. Find out which...


S2-Ep.4 Skydiving Armpits and Inside Pigs

Mum and Stacey bring you an episode all about DEATH. Mum tells us what’s on her bucket list, and explains why she can’t skydive anymore. Stacey has some tales about people dying in silly ways, and the listeners send in their spooky ghost stories. Kipper answers a question about being a father from the guys at Dad Zone Podcast. Twitter @roughgiraffepod Instagram @roughgiraffepodcast Email