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Beth & Helen talk to guests to determine their "rules for life"...

Beth & Helen talk to guests to determine their "rules for life"...
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Beth & Helen talk to guests to determine their "rules for life"...




Kiell Smith-Bynoe

WE'RE BACK! For Season 2. And we're starting off with a bang. A BIG BANG. We've only got star of BBC's Ghosts and Stats Lets Flats, Kiell Smith-Bynoe! Kiell told us all about always picking things from the back of the shelf and door handles. Follow Kiell on Twitter and instagram Watch Stath Lets Flats on 4OD here Watch Ghosts here...


Julian Rhind-Tutt

Episode 17 and it’s not the Return of the Mac but the DEBUT of the Mac! We’ve got Green Wing, The Hour and Harlots actor Julian Rhind-Tutt on the podcast! What are the chances! Julian talked to us about poetry, hoarding and drinking water. He’s a triple threat, what can we say. Julian isn't on Social Media, but.... Watch Green Wing on 4OD here Watch Harlots here...


Charly Clive

Sweet 16 and even sweeter guest, Miss Charly Clive! Charly is the shining star of Channel 4’s PURE and one half of Comedy duo Britney. *Not* to be confused with one half of pop star Britney Spears. We spoke to Charly about the power of female friendships and suncream. Both very rousing topics. Follow Charly on Twitter and instagram Watch PURE on 4OD here...


Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

Episode 15, and we’re hitting our difficult teenage years with GRACE AND DIGNITY with the incredible Morgan Lloyd Malcolm! Morgan is a writer and performer, with credits under her belt not limited to but including The Wasp and the West End smash hit Emilia. If you haven’t seen it already, then WHY NOT?! We spoke to her about weeing and being wary of high hedges. Two staples of life advice. DISCLAIMER: Yes, we do say it's the Episode 16 at the start of the show, but that's just a lie so we...


Ahir Shah

EPISODE FOURTEEN! AMAZING! This week comedian, writer and general vaper, Ahir Shah joins Beth and Helen to discuss crying, dressing and smoking (which we would never recommend, but feel free to make up your own mind...) Follow Ahir on Twitter right here! .............................................................................. Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram Beth on Twitter...


Jonah Hauer-King

Unlucky for some, but not for you guys... it's Episode 13! This week's guest is the wonderful and incredibly talented Jonah Hauer-King. He recently starred in Little Women for the BBC, Old Boys, and A Dog's Way Home, and is soon to be seen gracing your television screens in new WWII series World On Fire. Jonah talks to us about how he gets dressed (ooh er) and what it is absolutely ESSENTIAL you eat after lunch. Follow Jonah on Instagram: jonahhauerking Follow the show on Twitter and...


Nat Luurtsema

It's the 12 days of Podcasting, and this week's treat is Nat Luurtsema! Nat is a brilliant (BAFTA nominated) writer and comedian and podcast guest who told us about her dislike of dicks (rude people. Sorry, Dad.) and her LOVE of buying dresses on the cheaps. A woman we can all aspire to be. Follow Nat on Twitter and instagram AND don't be a dick and check out her website...


Tom Rosenthal

It's Episode 11 and we've got the one and only TOM ROSENTHAL! God he's good isn't he! Tom is a singer, musician and song writer and Dad and nice man. He came to chat to us in our podcast office about his rules for life, which including asking people what they thought about pigeons and watching women give birth. We LOVED it to say the least. Follow Tom on Twitter and instagram and get tickets to his upcoming live...


Danielle Vitalis

EPISODE NUMBER TEN and our guest this week is DANIELLE VITALIS from off the telly! Danielle is a real rising star who's been in all sorts, she has. Most recently starred in Soon Gone: A Windrush Chronicle on BBC4, Timewasters on ITV2 and is also in the new female sketch show for Comedy Central with our Beth! They do say it's not what you know, it's who you know, and Danielle knows Beth, so... Danielle spoke to us about farting in public and being a better person. Not that the two are...


Maddie Rice

This week we have the WHOPPING Maddie Rice on the show. Maddie recently featured in the new series of Phoebe Waller Bridge's 'Fleabag' as the needy waitress. Someone we can all relate to. She also wrote and starred in her own one woman show 'Pickle Jar' and is in the upcoming female sketch show for ComedyCentral with our very own Beth! Maddie spoke to us about making this year the year of something and why she doesn't like the colour of washing up liquid. Both life affirming and dead...


Matthew Steer

This week's guest is the wonderful and talented actor Matthew Steer! He's been in everything from Les Mis, to SuperBob to playing 'Monk on Fire' in The Last Kingdom. The role of a lifetime. He tells us all about his anxiety induced rules and why he always carries a lint roller. Have a listen and give us a like and subscribe! Matt on Twitter and instagram...


Antonio Aakeel

You lucky blighters are in for a treat with our frankly perfect seventh episode. Beth and Helen are joined by the super charming and funny Antonio Aakeel, who offers some pearls of wisdom ranging from the meaning of success all the way to the heights of cookie dough. It's his first podcast (of many, we're sure) and he knocks it out of the park. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and Antonio on Twitter...


Nicola Wren

It’s Episode Six and this week we chat to the wonderful Nicola Wren about how she lives her life (what else?!). Tune in for some high quality chat. Nicola is a writer and actress. Her latest show, Martin, will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. Follow her (not literally) here: Like, subscribe and tell all your enemies and their mums to give us five stars because that'll really teach us a lesson. Follow us on Twitter...


Eros Vlahos

Episode 5 and feelin’ alive! This week, we speak to (no longer child) actor, film maker and director Eros Vlahos! Oh he’s been in all sorts he has, from Game of Thrones, to Da Vinci’s Demons to Nanny McPhee. All very gritty roles, we’re sure you’ll agree. Eros tells us all about what to do at the first signs of war, and how to wear a hat with confidence. It’s a right royal knees up. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram


Esther Smith

Episode 4 and we’re STILL GOING STRONG! Take that, Dad! This week, we talk to the coolest chick in our podcasting office, actress Esther Smith, off of BBC’s Cuckoo and Uncle. We had such a lovely chat, and Beth wants to be her. What more do you need to know. Jump in and have a cold, outdoor swim with us. Like, subscribe and tell all your friends and your mum. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Follow Esther on...


Holli Dempsey

This week Beth and Helen talk to the prolific actress that we all wanna be, Holli Dempsey about her rules for life. Holli is best known for her roles in Ricky Gervais' Derek and Ice Cream Girls and can currently be seen playing Emily Lacey in the critically acclaimed Harlots, S1&2 out NOW! Follow us on Twitter and instagram to keep up-to-date with all the goss Follow Holli on Twitter...


Pierre Novellie

We've made it to episode TWO! Thanks for sticking with us. This week we have acclaimed stand up comedian Pierre Novellie sharing his rules about Full English breakfasts, being an immigrant and his lack of trust in baristas. Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram Follow Pierre on Twitter and Instagram...


Beth & Helen

We-he-hell! It’s EPISODE ONE of RULES FOR LIFE with Beth & Helen! The new podcast on the block. This week you get to hear OUR rules for life, you lucky boys. We gift our listeners with our poignant and life changing rules on waffles, garlic bread and everyone being an arsehole. But not all at the same time. Featuring actress/writer Beth Rylance and writer/producer Helen Simmons, you’ll have a right old knees up. Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram...


Rules for Life: Teaser

Beth and Helen present their brand new podcast, Rules for Life! Available every Wednesday from 30th January 2019. Follow the show on Twitter and Instagram: @rulesforlifepod Beth on Twitter @beth_rylance and instagram @thebethrylance Helen on Twitter and instagram @helensimmons8 Edited and produced by the brilliant Eliot Fallows @EliotJFallows