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Clever Name Podcast #172 - Producers and P-Flaps

Aaron is back to talk about everything from aging vaginas to underground furry bestiality rings. But first we have are trying to find a producer for the show, so we have our first candidate, Christian, join us today. Christian is tested by trying to find videos and images in under 30 seconds and it devolves quickly to a point wear his computer is probably on a list somewhere.


Clever Name Podcast #171 - UFC 3, Shooting Raff With Paintballs, Guess The Sound and Best Cod Bracket

The champ is here to talk about the next backyard fighting event and figure out who should fight. Then Raff volunteers to get shot with paintballs for money. After, we play guess the sound where we listen to sounds and guess at from 3 disgusting answers. Lastly, with the first look at the new call of duty modern warfare, we find out what cod has been our favorite.


Clever Name Podcast #170 - Area 51, Canadian Mafia, and Car Crashes

Dan Z is back and we are talking area 51. Should we raid it? can we go? and how far away do we have to be to watch bu not get shot.Then we talk about the mobsters that were arrested recently and there is a connection to Ryans family. The highway was shut down recently and it created havoc in our town. We look at some of the pictures from the accident.


Clever Name Podcast #169 - Milfs Are Crazy

Jeff and Pat are back and today we are talking milfs. Are milfs fun to date? Are they crazy in bed? Will they eat whip cream off your dick? all this an more answered on this weeks podcast.


Clever Name Podcast #168 - How To Abortion with Jack Thomas

Jack Thomas from the Just Conversation Podcast joins me to discuss the craziest views on abortion I have ever heard. Find out what happens when the government gets get to have control of unwanted fetuses on this episode of clever name podcast.


Clever Name Podcast #167 - Spenny And Tom, Skateboard Contest and Germaphobe Test

Spenny and Tom are back on the show and we discuss the skateboard contest they competed in over the weekend. Then we find out how much of a germaphobe Spenny is including a story of when Tom spit gum directly into his mouth. We end the show with a story of a beaver and a man who loves it a little too much.


Clever Name Podcast #166 - Hate Comments And Consent Quiz

Aaron joins me to read some of the funniest of the hate comments we received recently and we get school on how wrong we are about waman. we find some comments from a fan? who has some interesting views on Ryan. Then we go over some questions from a colleges consent quiz that students were required to pass to receive their grades.


Clever Name Podcast #165 - Losing Jobs and Prostitution (FIXED)

Jack is back and he is talking about what happened with him over the last few weeks. If you have been following along then you know that jack has had some issues with showing up to work and now is seems he has been "relieved of his duties" as of right now. Then was talk about the prostitution ring that was being run around the corner from my house and how exactly a transaction would take place.


Clever Name Podcast #164 - Raptors Parade Shooting and much more

Jeff and Ryan are back on the show to talk about the recent NBA championship parade that happened recently and Ryan happened to be there and witnessed the shooting first hand. Then we talk about our sex life, health care and WTF Drake is doing.


Clever Name Podcast #163 - Can You Still Sell Weed After Legalization?

I have my old weed dealer on the show to talk about how things have changed after the legalization and it soon devolves into stories from selling weed, including the time he was robbed at knife point down the street from my house.


Clever Name Podcast #162 - Boxing Recap, Blowjobs, Anal and Girls Wreck Everything

Today we have Raff Pat and Jeff come on the show to recap the boxing event and we watch the full edited video for the first time. This is a 3 hour long show where we touch on everything from blowjobs and anal sex to conservative politics and much much more.


Clever Name Podcast #161 - The Fighter and The Kid #450 (Fraud Pod)

Ryan starts the show by giving a gift Aaron. After Aaron and Ryan listen to clips from the worst episode of TFATK podcast that has ever been recorded. Episode #450. They are joined by the girls from Call Her Daddy podcast and things take a hard turn for unfunny and unlistenable.


Clever Name Podcast #160 - Pat Vs Cinnamon Backyard Boxing After Math

Pat and Shane go over some of the footage from the second of two fights in our backyard boxing event. Pat VS Cinnamon


Clever Name Podcast #159 - The Red Pill, Boxing Event and Strange Addictions

Aaron is on to talk about the boxing even that We will be hosting next weekend and we go through everything you need to know to watch and what will happened during the fights. Then Ryan has taken the red pill and starts spewing conservative talking points until Aaron calls him out. Then we play guess the strange addiction game where we watch some of the strangest videos from the show Strange Addiction.


Clever Name Podcast #158 - Fake Or Florida News

Ryan has been kicked off of youtube again and is concerned that it could be permanent. So Ryan will be focusing on making a new website to include all of the videos that have been removed from youtube including the uncensored versions. Dan is back on the show and we play everyones favorite game "Fake Or Florida!". This is where I read a ridiculous new head line and you have to guess if its fake news or a real news from Florida. Lastly we discuss the boxing match that is happening may 25th...


Clever Name Podcast #157 - Pat and Tanner Test The Boxing Ring

Today I have Pat Raff Ryan and Tanner on the show to talk about the upcoming boxing match. We discuss the rules the amount of rounds and some twists to make the fight more interesting. After, we go outside to test the boxing ring and pat and tanner do two rounds of sparing. Lastly Pat, Tanner and I breakdown the footage from the fight.


Clever Name Podcast #156 - UFC 2, Fight Ideas and Does Pat Know It

Raff, another friend from my work is on the show to talk about the the upcoming backyard fighting event UFC 2 where he will be fighting a much taller guy. We start talking about when and who will be fighting and start to come up with fight ideas. To wrap up with play a game of does Pat know it where Raff and I guess whether Pat knows something.


420 PARTY Bong Pong and Toke Or Dare - Clever Name Podcast #155

I have my friends over to play bong pong where instead of drinking when a cup is sunk, you take a toke. Then we play the fan favorite "Toke Or Dare" where you either take a toke or throw a dart at the dartboard of dares. Dare include taking a shot of newfie screech, get waxed and wear the shock collier. After everything is done we decide to watch gross videos while we are all super high.


Clever Name Podcast #154 - Tinder Whores and Work Place Injuries

We start the show by talking about the time we have almost been severely hurt at work because Ryan had a very close call the day before. Then we talk about dick pics and who wants them and who is sending them. Then we find out about a underground pimping service Dan may or may not be the king pin of where girls on tinder pay guys to promote their premium snapchats. Lastly we try to find the worst song by doing the worst song bracket.


Clever Name Podcast #153 - Did Jack Do Meth Again?

Jack is back to talk about his ongoing saga with sobriety. We find out if he has gone back to using meth or any other drugs and we also find out how his trip on acid with $7000 went from the last episode.