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The Sookie Nation Podcast REBOOT #1 - Hosted By Pervert Pete And Full Heavy Gaming

Pervert Pete is taking over The Sookie Nation Podcast so he rebooted it taking his trusty sidekick Jason of Full Heavy Gaming as his cohost Today Pervert Pete and Jason talk about current events and what its like to edit videos and being a video creator overall Upcoming episodes will feature fan tweets fan questions various topics suggested by YOU fans and all that good stuff So be sure to SUBSCRIBE and let us know what you think


Sookie Nation Podcast #4 With AsKaGangsta And FHG Jason - H3H3 vs The Wall Street Journal

Welcome to SNodcast LIVE The Sookie Nation Podcast featuring AsKaGangsta FHG Jason amp Gary Gabagool Today we talk about the H3H3 Productions vs Wall Street Journal fake ads issues we take your questions amp talk about whatever you want LIVEBe sure to watch our podcast on my YouTube channel and be sure to download and subscribe to The Sookie Nation Podcast on iTunes Google play Stitcher and anywhere you listen to podcastsPlease be sure to rate our podcast episodes with 5 stars so we can...


Sookie Nation Podcast #3 Ft. AsKaGangsta & FHG Jason - YouTube Restricted Mode, YouTube Community Issues

Today we have my NEW PERMANENT COHOST AsKaGangsta who is a YouTuber with over one million subscribers that is a good friend of mine We also bring in our guest FHG Jason to discuss the new issues with YouTube YouTube Restricted Mode AgeGate amp YouTubes subscriber glitch and how that affects us as creators and the viewers You also get to know us a little better and why we make videos as we discuss the issues so its a nice little way to get to know us and how we feel about you guys and girls...