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Overcommitting w/ Charli Marie

Today on Sad Boyz we're talking bout overcommitting with design youtuber (and friend of the pod) CharliMarieTV. All of us have a tendency to bite off more work than we can chew, so we try to understand where that comes from and how we can be a little easier on ourselves Find Charli


Toxic Masculinity w/ Briggon Snow

Sad Boyz is a comedy podcast about feelings. Every week we take an emotionally resonant topic and open up while somehow making it funny. Today we're talking about masculinity (specifically toxic masculinity) and we're joined by the wonderful Briggon Snow, actor, and voice of Caleb on the Bright Sessions. We recorded this from a hotel room in anaheim while we were at vidcon.



This is the first video episode of Sad Boyz, but don't worry, our sweet audio babies, you're still our first love. Today we're talking about self-esteem and self-confidence. Jarvis has always had low self-esteem and jordan has always been full of himself so we try to understand where THAT comes from. Also in this episode, Jordan has finally listened to Hamilton and we get his first reaction.



Today on Sad Boyz we're talking about our careers! Jarvis has worked primarily as a software engineer professionally and Jordan is in business development, but does it define them and their future? Nah, probably not. We go into how we decided our careers and how we reason about it in our planning for the future. Also in this episode, we pit Post Malone vs. Shawn Mendes and we peek into a dystopian future where sad boyz isn't successful.



Today on Sad Boyz we're talking about Adulthood, that thing that happens to all of us whether we like it or not. We first define what we think it means to be an adult and discuss our journeys into adulthood, misconceptions and all and we answer the age old question of whether or not we miss being kids. Also in this episode, the boys are back from their birthday trip, jordan needs a new online handle and jarvis is keeping his head up despite having a stressful couple of weeks. Thanks to...


Being a Fan w/ Lauren Shippen

Today on Sad Boyz we're joined by self-proclaimed EP, Lauren Shippen, to talk about being a big 'ol fan of things. We discuss how our personalities tend to play out in the media that we like and how discussing our fandom with other people has helped us understand ourselves a bit better. With Lauren this started in fan fiction communities, for Jordan it was video game reviewers and for Jarvis it was basically everything under the sun because he has no chill. Also in this episode, Jordan...


Pen Palz Spectacular

Today is a special day in Sad Boyz history. We're doing a mailbag episode! We've gotten a bunch of pen palz lately, so we thought we'd spend a topic reading some. We discuss mental health, finding your market in the creative space, and naturally video games. Also in this episode, the boyz become radio shock jocks, we discuss their upcoming birthday plans and Jordan goes on a SUCCESSFUL DATE???? also we spend one minute discussing kanye


Dating w/ our friend Elizabeth

Today on Sad Boyz we're joined by our dear friend Elizabeth to talk dating! We discuss our experiences with dating, misconceptions we've had, and take a look at gender roles and society's view on dating. It wouldn't be sad boyz if we didn't spend half the episode goofing off, so we also talking about chaco tacos, Dido, and Elizabeth explains her side of the airplane story from last week.


Hard Questions

It's the 20th episode of sad boyz! We talk a little about the history of the show at the beginning, but for our topic we ask each other one really hard question. this one gets really real. Also in this episode, we have a new Pen Pal submission about jealous which spurs an interesting conversation. Jordan attempts an American accent and the boys discuss having people mix them up.



Today on Sad Boyz we're talking about College! Jordan took a year off after high school and eventually ended up at film school because of a youtube video. Jarvis didn't think people like him applied to schools out of state, but ended up studied computer science away from home because of a podcast. We discuss the misconceptions we had about going to college, our experiences while there, and answer the age old question of whether or not you should go. Also in this episode, Jordan is...



Today on Sad Boyz we talk Anime! We were both introduced to anime in our formative years (via shonen fighting anime like one piece and dragon ball z) and it's left quite the lasting impression on us. We discuss the prevalence of anime in the US and UK, why it's a hard sell for some and identity-definining for others, why it was appealing to us as kids, and its lasting influence on us in adulthood. We also recommend a few shows! Also in this episode, we have a world shattering pen...


3 More Questions To Fall In Love

What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about? On the first episode of Sad Boyz, Jarvis and Jordan answered 4 of the NYT's 36 Questions to fall in love. Today we tackle 3 more and discuss humor, our desired super powers and what (if anything, i mean c'mon) we have in common. Also in this episode an AMAZING pen palz about past bullies, we discuss the suspension of disbelief in comedians in cars getting coffee, and the boyz catch up. It's been a minute.


Black Enough? 😬 w/ Erica Joy Baker

Today on Sad Boyz we're joined by THE Erica Joy Baker to discuss blackness aka the state of being black 😅 Jordan grew up in England, Jarvis in the US and Erica around the globe, but we all share the experience of being black while also having our blackness questioned by our community for superficial reasons like interests, manner of speech, and EVEN food preferences. Also in this episode, we try to teach jordan about trapper keepers and we have the VERY FIRST PEN PALZ! Let's get into...


Social Anxiety w/ Lauren Shippen

Today we're joined by one of the internet's best people, Lauren Shippen (creator of the Bright Sessions), to discuss social anxiety! We define social anxiety and discuss our experiences with it (touching on our introverted, yet outgoing tendencies) and we ALSO play a game that Jarvis created which is basically awkward social situation DnD. Also on this episode we discuss how internet friends are real friends, how Jarvis used to be a pokemon podcasting superstar, lauren gives actually...


Depression w/ Tyler May

On today's sad boyz, we're joined by Tyler May of Mr. Feels (a mental health podcast) to discuss depression. We address coping strategies, therapy, and our own experiences. Also, Jarvis is back from NYC and tells the story of running into his two comedy heroes at breakfast, Tyler is visiting the city and already taking SF by storm, and Jordan cried at a philz. This ep is a little raw, so the topic gets started at 38:00 if you're lookin' @sadboyzpod



Today the boyz are still in total burnout mode (turns out these things don't fix themselves in a week) and we talk about guilt: Our catalysts for guilt and how we cope once that cat's out of the bag. Guilt can be a pragmatic tool that keeps us self-aware. That is, as long as you're not crippled by it (i'm looking at you, Jarvis). Also there's a new "trash update" which is quickly becoming the most consistent thing about the show, we announce a new segment, and justin timberlake released...



Jarvis and Jordan are at wit's end. They're doing too much, burning the candle at both ends—but the show must go on. Sad Boyz is, after all, our group therapy session that we share with all of you... emotional voyeurs (?) On a (late) episode of Sad Boyz, the boys discuss their experiences with burnout: Where it comes from, how it affects us and the people around us, and finally what we can do about it. Also in this episode, Jarvis talks about his wildly busy weekend that inspired this...



On today's episode of sad boyz we talk about bullying. We discuss our experiences with it, what our bullies did to us and also why we think it's so prevalent in our formative years Also, there's an update on Jarvis's trash situation, Jordan reveals something very vulnerable to Jarvis and cancels "Jordan's awkward and completely vexing social interaction of the week" to talk about a harrowing "gift" that was left on his door


Crying w/ Mayuko

On today's episode of Sad Boyz we're joined by fan favorite Mayuko to talk about our experiences with crying also covered in this episode: Jarvis gets in a fight with his neighbor over trash and we have a brand new episode of our podcast within a podcast: Jordan's bizarre and totally vexing social situation of the week? is that what it's called? I have no idea


2018 Predictions

It's 2018, so naturally the Nostradami (that's the plural of Nostradamus if you were wondering) hazard some optimistic (and pessimistic) guesses about what will happen in the new year. But first, we give a brief history of the Lonely Island because of course we do, we do some shoutouts to our amazing listeners, and Jarvis talks about how crappy it feels to promote his stuff (which reminds me please leave us a review on itunes) In the topic, we discuss (without spoiling our predictions)...