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BONUS: Bats with Roddy Shaw

In episode 49, we invited stand-up comedian and bat conservation expert Roddy Shaw to the studio to tell us all about what bats are. In this fully extended bonus episode, Roddy tells us about when bats nearly ended WW2, how they can make a moth's dick twitchy, and why they are integral to the production of tequila. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho Radio Studios.


49. Can You Give Us A Handy?

Do you ever listen to this podcast with your left hand and pretend someone else is doing it? No? Tune in for this and some more subtle wank jokes as we investigate being (left or right) handy, how caffeine keeps us up all night, and why bats are the childhood best friend you wish you always hand. Elsewhere, Richard Danyou Skypes in from a Bitcoin mine in China for the Women With Dough mixer, and we discuss the etiquette around gift horses for our very mouthy Smart Lesson. Contact:...


48. Is This A Jeff Goldblum Podcast?

Has Jeff Goldblum, the internet’s darling, hacked our evolutionary biology to make us like him or is he just pleased to see us? This week, Caroline scientifically determines whether we are a pro- or anti-Goldblum podcast, while in a very much unrelated move, Hannah answers a listener question about tube lines and Alex spends her segment stewing over a nice cup of tea. This week’s Women Who Code mixer is hosted by guest speaker Rowan Ellis, who explains what YouTube are doing about...


47. What Even Is Laughter?

What’s that noise you’re making? Is a grape stuck in your windpipe or did someone just tell you a funny joke? This week Alex investigates what laughter actually is, while Hannah comes to terms with her ignorance about the Romans (and good coffee) by looking at the life of Emperor Nero, and Caroline turns into your uncle at a family party by explaining where all your favourite sayings come from. Meanwhile this week’s #WomenWhoCode mixer tackles the sweaty teenage world of esports and our...


46. Should This Podcast Turn You On?

Why do our faces leak when we watch Up? Is it because we’ve been turned on by three rounds of oysters and a Ferrero Rocher pyramid? Caroline and Alex battle the age old mysteries of crying and aphrodisiacs in this groundbreaking episode, while Hannah avoids the cry wank by investigating a listener question about soap. Elsewhere our topical Women Who Code mixer rejoices in the fact that GDPR will rid us of “discount” ticket emails once and for all, and finally in our guidance counsellor...


BONUS: OMG What A Complete Aisling with Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen

In episode 45 we spoke to Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen, authors of the Irish bestseller Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling. In this bonus episode featuring the full conversation, we talk about the difference between being basic and being an Aisling, Irish sayings being lost in translation, and the difference it makes having two of you writing a book together. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho Radio Studios and My Bloomsbury.


45. Will The Real Mr Blobby Please Stand Up?

How did a walking venereal disease have several TV shows and a number one single? How did four Italian aeroplane engineers invent an automated hot poo bath which is now used in music videos? Should anyone ever open a joint bank account? And can Hannah teach Alex to tell the difference between Amish people and Quakers? This week, we investigate all of those things plus we meet Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen, the hive mind behind the Irish bestseller Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling, for a...


44. How Many Calories Are In This Podcast?

At least three, we think! This week at the request of a confused listener, Alex investigates why on earth calories still exist, while Hannah looks deep into the drum and gets into a lather about washing machines. Elsewhere Caroline journeys back to the writers strike of 2007 to see how a seemingly minor dispute could have triggered the breakdown of society. In our Women Who Code mixer we learn about how smart homes could help us track our periods, and finally for our Smart Lesson we turn...


BONUS: The Spice Girls with Juno Dawson

In episode 43, YA author Juno Dawson came to the school after-hours to teach girl band dimwit Hannah all about the Spice Girls and their impact on her life. In this bonus episode featuring the full chat, Juno talks about the band's feminism, the state of today's pop music scene, and the one circumstance in which she could see the group reforming. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho Radio Studios.


43. Who Even Were The Spice Girls?

Would you rather have a bowl of coco pops, or some new age Christianity? Or perhaps both? Caroline finds out what links the two in this week's episode, while Alex goes through the tiny looking glass (in your eye) to find out how contact lenses work. Elsewhere, Hannah sneaks out to meet YA author Juno Dawson, who teacher her about the five loves of her life - the Spice Girls. In our Women With Dough mixer, Richard Danyou provides some characteristically useless advice on asking to borrow...


42. Haven't I Had Déjà Vu Before?

Get ready for a squirt in the eye, because this week Hannah is off to the opticians for an investigation into how on earth eye tests work. Meanwhile Alex gets tangled up in a Lacrosse net with Jason Donovan while trying to assess why we all know nothing about the sport and yet still think it's posher than Victoria Beckham, and Caroline realises with a shock that she has never experienced the feeling of déjà vu, although she *has* googled it, thank you very much. Elsewhere at our Women Who...


BONUS: What Is Wrestling with Pro Wrestling Eve

In episode 41, Hannah escaped the classroom to speak to Emily Read, co-founder of Eve Women’s Pro Wrestling, and Rhia O’Reilly, wrestling champ and head trainer at Eve Academy. In this bonus episode, Emily and Rhia chat for a little longer about whether GLOW lines up with the reality of women's wrestling, how wrestling fans invented the 'Jeremy Corbyn' chant, and how competitors from different corners of the world can learn to speak the universal language of wrestling. Contact:...


41. Why Is There A Dirty Bird In My Pants?

What’s that itchy feeling, and why has it nested in Caroline’s underwear? This week she investigates the yeasty world of thrush, while Hannah ventures out for some fresh air and asks some silly questions to Emily Read, co-founder of Eve Women’s Pro Wrestling, and Rhia O’Reilly, wrestling champ and head trainer at Eve Academy. Meanwhile Alex examines how rollercoasters make us sick with excitement, and a strange man called Richard Danyou makes an appearance in a new segment aiming to get us...


40. Should I Have A Signature Hat?

Be ready to urinate at a moment's notice (or maybe not) because this week Alex is wading into the painful world of jellyfish to discover why they will eventually kill us all, before even the robots can. Meanwhile Hannah answers a listener question about personal taste and why she will never be a liquorice Dad, and Caroline investigates how chocolate eggs are connected to Christ being reborn. We also host a Women Who Code mixer on the topic of doxing, before finally inviting author Lucy...


39. Quandumb Of Solace

Are you wearing a wire? Or are we? Either way, this week is a spy special and there are eyes and ears all over the place. First off Caroline brushes up on the Rosenbergs and why Sylvia Plath put them in her Bell Jar, and Alex develops a useless crush on code breaker and noted long distance runner Alan Turing. Meanwhile Hannah tries to work out whether she works for Mi5 or not (and if not, why not?), our Women Who Code mixer looks at the oddly topical subject of data harvesting, and finally...


38. What Are Boobs For?

Why are we given a tiny book and told not to lose it for ten years, otherwise we can’t go to France? How can sticking pointy needles in my arm make it feel nice? And just what are these two fatty meat sacks doing swinging off our chests? We discuss all this and more in this week's episode, with the ‘more’ in this case being a Women Who Code mixer about drop shipping, and a Smart Lesson on how to complete the mythical and arduous task of buying a new pair of jeans. Contact:...


37. Is My Sponge Alive?

Strap on your vanity stilts and rub yourself down with a sea creature, it's time for school! This week, Hannah discovers the mysteries of the humble sponge, Alex examines our love/hate relationship with high heels and Caroline recalls her Notting Hill-style encounter with Isabella Rossellini. We also tackle smart supermarkets at our Women Who Code mixer, and learn to be real flesh and blood relatable women in our Smart Lesson. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo...


BONUS: How To Write A Song with Harry Harris

In episode 36, we invited jingle-maker and all-round Smart Man Harry Harris to the school to teach us how to write a song. If you listened to that Smart Lesson and thought, "Hey! That's not long enough, and it doesn't feature nearly enough tangential anecdotes or discussions on how Father John Misty makes terrible music" then this is the bonus episode for you! Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho Radio Studios.


36. How Many Dumb Women Does It Take To Write A Song?

Three, but only if a smart man helps them! This week in honour of a visit from resident jingle creator Harry Harris, the Dumb Women go musical. Caroline investigates why earworms are so rah rah ah-ah-annoying, Alex looks into why Beethoven was the Michael Jackson of his day, and Hannah stands on the table to belt out an inadvisable medley about Karaoke. Our Women Who Code mixer looks at how AI is going to put singer-songwriters out of work, and finally in the Smart Lesson, Harry Harris...


35. Who Shaved My Legs?

Have you ever stopped and wondered: Why aren’t my problems more representative of 90’s sitcoms? Hannah has the answer this week, and it’s been spot-treated for sweat stains, steamed *and* pressed. Meanwhile Alexandra tackles a listener question by investigating the origins of removing leg hair, and Caroline realises that the entirety of the British class war can be boiled down to what you eat on your bacon sandwich, in a startling exposé on Brown Sauce. At the Women Who Code Mixer, we look...