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BONUS: Romcoms with Ayisha Malik

In episode 58, author Ayisha Malik came to the studio to teach us all about what a romcom is and whether they are a force for good or for evil. In our full conversation, Ayisha discusses not watching The Big Sick, feeling represented in Jane Austen novels and inviting a third wheel along to a date. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho Radio Studios.


58. Is This Podcast Gluten-Free? with Ayisha Malik

Caroline’s 50% less farty than usual in today's episode, and the gang are taking apart the bread bin to find out why gluten is nature’s gas machine. Alex has the murder podcast bug, but it’s ok because it’s a Victorian murder, therefore dodging all of our suspicions that true crime podcasts are evil and bad. Meanwhile Hannah wins a gold star by inviting author Ayisha Malik to the studio to talk romcoms, representation and dating while Muslim. At the Women Who Code mixer we get into the mad...


57. Are You My Guardian Angel?

Omg this episode is totally random! Oh hang on, no, it was very planned, and in it Hannah charts the early noughties comedy trend to find out what made sporks and badgers so gosh-darned funny. Meanwhile Caroline meets her guardian angel during a crisis of confidence, and Alex cracks the vault on bank holidays, days off and wearing white after Labour day. Finally, our wellness expert Dr Jane Frail tells us about self care and cyclists, and we take on a new reddit relationship question in our...


56. Why Do We Make Freudian Slits?

It’s all gone Pete Dong this week as Alex tries to figure out the endlessly provocative world of Freudian slips, Caroline relays the many miseries of flies in summertime and Hannah beefs up to learn about bodyguards before putting the others through their protective paces. We also bed down with some white wine to learn about Blockchain in our Women Who Code mixer, before Alex humblebrags about her friendship skills for our Smart Lesson on how to be a good smart friend. Contact:...


BONUS: Horror Films with Natasha Hodgson

In episode 55, comedy writer and performer Natasha Hodgson came to the studio to teach us all about how to enjoy horror films in a responsible and safe manner. In our full conversation Tash discusses her top tips for escaping a scary movie, prescribes us each with a horror film that we’ll love, and tells us about Director’s Cut, her new comedy/horror show with theatre company Kill The Beast. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho...


55. Does David Beckham Love Me Back?

Comb your curtains, tighten your sarong, and get your Lego kit out: Alex is doing David Beckham this week and the studio might just get flooded from her frothing over. Meanwhile Hannah embraces her inner shellfish by investigating lobsters, and Caro gets camp with the history of glitter. We also have TWO guests this week: the terrifyingly gentle Dr Jane Frail to talk anal meditation for our new Women Who Glow segment, and the gently terrifying Tash Hodgson of Kill The Beast to teach us how...


BONUS: Oprah with Viv Groskop

In episode 54, Hannah met author, journalist and comedian Viv Groskop to find out why self-help phenomenon Oprah Winfrey is one of the most important women in Viv's life. In this bonus episode, Viv tells us about Oprah's Weight Watchers controversy, what happened when she went to the O Magazine Annual Conference and how Oprah is secretly a bit of a Dumb Woman herself. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho Radio Studios and...


54. Do I Like Dance Music?

Groove is in the heart this week, dummies, because Caroline has been to a rave and discovered she likes dance music, and now she has to find out WHY. Meanwhile, Alex has put all her money into a Swiss bank account and accidentally financed international corruption, and Hannah spoke to writer, podcaster and comedian Viv Groskop about her heroine Oprah Winfrey, and how she inspired Viv’s Edinburgh show. At the Women Who Code mixer, we learn about bike sharing systems and why we should do the...


BONUS: ABBA with Daisy Buchanan

In episode 53, we invited writer and journalist Daisy Buchanan to the studio to tell us the story behind Swedish pop sensation ABBA. In this bonus episode featuring the full conversation, we learn how we can ring (ring ring) Bjorn Ulvaeus if we so desire, why a trip to Japan might have spelled the end for the group, and Daisy reveals her uncensored thoughts on Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho...


53. Is My Dog In Space?

Could you send your dog into orbit? Should you? This week, Caroline gets emotional learning about Laika the Russian space mutt, and how she bears an eerie resemblance to her own not-in-space dog. Coming up next is a brief summary of brief summaries; which is to say that Hannah finds out how continuity announcers work and sets a test to see if the gang would be any good at it, before Alex cheats her homework by bringing journalist and author Daisy Buchanan to the studio to tell us all about...


52. Where Does My Belly Button Go?

To a whole new level of personal understanding, apparently! This week Hannah makes the group take a navel-gazing personality test as part of her segment on belly buttons, and Alex decides whether Lindsay Lohan is good, evil or simply holed up in the world's richest desert town for a bit of peace and quiet. Meanwhile Caroline examines why every 10-year-old girl wants a pet pony, and looks into the appeal of our handsome friends. Elsewhere in the Women Who Code mixer we learn about social...


51. Was Yoko The Best Beatle?

How did she pull John Lennon? What is she up to now? And did she really break up the band? Hannah investigates all things Yoko this week, before Women With Dough’s financial expert Richard Danyou phones in from the World Cup with some tips on pensions, and how not to be poor after 65. Meanwhile Alex tries to find out how the piece of plastic implanted in her arm is stopping her from having a baby, and Caroline panics when looking into how panic attacks happen. Finally in our Smart Lesson,...


50. How Do You Do A Live Podcast?

How do you solve a problem like a podcast’s first birthday and its host’s debut novel? With a live show, of course! After a lot of nervous farting over by the history section, Alex Caroline and Hannah put on a show in a book shop, and people came along to listen! So buckle up as Hannah explains why everyone in Korea shares a birthday, Alex looks into urban myths and why that woman probably didn't poo in a bag and leave it in her boyfriend's house, and Caroline examines how Agony Aunt...


BONUS: Bats with Roddy Shaw

In episode 49, we invited stand-up comedian and bat conservation expert Roddy Shaw to the studio to tell us all about what bats are. In this fully extended bonus episode, Roddy tells us about when bats nearly ended WW2, how they can make a moth's dick twitchy, and why they are integral to the production of tequila. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho Radio Studios.


49. Can You Give Us A Handy?

Do you ever listen to this podcast with your left hand and pretend someone else is doing it? No? Tune in for this and some more subtle wank jokes as Caroline investigates being (left or right) handy, and Hannah looks into how caffeine keeps us up all night but we don't mind. For her segment, Alex invites bat conservation expert and comedian Roddy Shaw to the studio to tell us why bats are the childhood best friend you wish you always hand. Elsewhere, Richard Danyou Skypes in from a Bitcoin...


48. Is This A Jeff Goldblum Podcast?

Has Jeff Goldblum, the internet’s darling, hacked our evolutionary biology to make us like him or is he just pleased to see us? This week, Caroline scientifically determines whether we are a pro- or anti-Goldblum podcast, while in a very much unrelated move, Hannah answers a listener question about tube lines and Alex spends her segment stewing over a nice cup of tea. This week’s Women Who Code mixer is hosted by guest speaker Rowan Ellis, who explains what YouTube are doing about placement...


47. What Even Is Laughter?

What’s that noise you’re making? Is a grape stuck in your windpipe or did someone just tell you a funny joke? This week Alex investigates what laughter actually is, while Hannah comes to terms with her ignorance about the Romans (and good coffee) by looking at the life of Emperor Nero, and Caroline turns into your uncle at a family party by explaining where all your favourite sayings come from. Meanwhile this week’s #WomenWhoCode mixer tackles the sweaty teenage world of esports and our...


46. Should This Podcast Turn You On?

Why do our faces leak when we watch Up? Is it because we’ve been turned on by three rounds of oysters and a Ferrero Rocher pyramid? Caroline and Alex battle the age old mysteries of crying and aphrodisiacs in this groundbreaking episode, while Hannah avoids the cry wank by investigating a listener question about soap. Elsewhere our topical Women Who Code mixer rejoices in the fact that GDPR will rid us of “discount” ticket emails once and for all, and finally in our guidance counsellor Smart...


BONUS: OMG What A Complete Aisling with Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen

In episode 45 we spoke to Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen, authors of the Irish bestseller Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling. In this bonus episode featuring the full conversation, we talk about the difference between being basic and being an Aisling, Irish sayings being lost in translation, and the difference it makes having two of you writing a book together. Contact: Music by Harry Harris, logo design by Gavin Day. Recorded at Soho Radio Studios and My Bloomsbury.


45. Will The Real Mr Blobby Please Stand Up?

How did a walking venereal disease have several TV shows and a number one single? How did four Italian aeroplane engineers invent an automated hot poo bath which is now used in music videos? Should anyone ever open a joint bank account? And can Hannah teach Alex to tell the difference between Amish people and Quakers? This week, we investigate all of those things plus we meet Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen, the hive mind behind the Irish bestseller Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling, for a...