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Two lifelong friends talk and joke about their favourite meddling kids (and their dumb dog, too).

Two lifelong friends talk and joke about their favourite meddling kids (and their dumb dog, too).
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Two lifelong friends talk and joke about their favourite meddling kids (and their dumb dog, too).






Episode 62: "Spooky Space Kook"

Two co-hosts named Evan and Luke Watched an episode starring Space Kook The monster looked rad The mystery bad Any insight was likely a fluke Staying up penning copy all night One sad co-host sat by laptop light Wondering why he decided to write two limericks like honestly doesn't he care about going to sleep, what is wrong with him???


Episode 61: Pompeii And Circumstance

There's a truly hilarious bit that Luke and Evan did, riffing on how one might break down the song title "Pomp and Circumstance", that fortunately was not recorded, because, hey, what if one of them wants to get into politics one day? Risque intros aside, this episode which takes place in Italy spawns commentary which contains zero (0) mentions of the Mafia, Chef Boyardee, gesturing while speaking, the phrase "Mamma Mia!", or references to Mario OR Luigi! The Scooby Dudes dare you to find...


Episode 60: "The Chiller Diller Movie Thriller"

Has a certain genre of adult entertainment ever made the pun that blood is thicc-er than water? If not, is that particular industry on the lookout for marketers and copywriters? Asking for a friend. Luke and Evan never expected to review an episode that would lead to questions like the ones above. Yet that's what this week brought them, a traditional vengeful spirit coupled with a disturbing sub(?)text among Scoob and his cousins to keep it in the family.


Friendterrogation Episode VI: Return of the Numbering

If you really break it down, isn't every conversation just a two-way interrogation? If true, that means that every single episode of Scooby Dudes is a Friendterrogation™. Which would result in the episode numbering of this podcast so much worse than it already is, given that non-recaps aren't counted. One day listeners remember that they can ask the two co-hosts questions that aren't related to boring ol'* Scooby-Doo, but it didn't take place during the week leading up to this one. That's...


Episode 59: "The Haunted Showboat"

This week Scooby-Doo and the rest of Mystery Incorporated collaborate with everyone's favourite fictional teen girl band! And no, we don't mean Jem and the Holograms, the focus of a very 2015 film directed by Jon M. Chu. Which isn't to say that he's a bad director, because he helmed "Crazy Rich Asians", and it was really excellent! Anyone who hasn't seen it yet should go do so immediately. It is a really important movie, and very crucially also succeeds as an entertaining romantic comedy...


Episode 58: "That's Monstertainment"

A resounding question echoes through the minds of people around the world. What IS "monstertainment"? How does one define this portmanteau which blends the monstrous and the entertaining? The fifth episode of "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo" is here to answer it once and for all. And Evan and Luke are here to interpret that answer! Sure, listening may be a little like watching a German dub of "Borat" with French subtitles (an experience one of the two co-hosts definitely had), but if that's...


Episode 45: "Revenge Of The Man Crab"

The Scooby Dudes kick things off with a tongue twister and wrap them up with a frank and rather sobering discussion on HBO's Westworld. It's the television phenomenon so powerful that even speaking the title must be done so in a whisper. Or at least that's what some of us have been told. It's back to Mystery Inc., a show that has soured over time in one of the co-host's mouths, much like . . . well, like most foods when left too long in someone's mouth, probably. That said, the diversions...


Episode 44: "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #92"

What better time to do a topsy-turvy switcharoo episode than fifteen days after April Fool's? Imagine, if you will, Evan editing all of the audio and Luke doing, well, literally everything else. Keep imagining it, too, because that's not what you'll be hearing this week. While Mystery Incorporated undergoes a bit of a costume change in the comic book that Evan and Luke cracked open, Scooby Dudes is the same as it's always been (as it always will be, forever and ever, amen).


Episode 43: "High Society Scooby"

What do you call two podcasters who recap an episode called "High Society Scooby", which features one of pop culture's most highly suspected potheads, without once mentioning marijuana? A couple of damn professionals, that's what. Not only that, but they're looking out for any and all listeners who have a nice neat 30-minute commute. Listen to half this episode on the way to work and the other half on the way back! Professional AND considerate. A real double threat, these guys.


Episode 42: "Scoobynatural"

Question: What do you get when you mix two monster-hunting brothers and their angelic companion with four mystery-solving teens, their talking dog, AND two podcast co-hosts? Answer: an almost 99 minute recap episode on just under 42 minutes of crossover. It's "Scoobynatural" and not "Scoobernatural", as the Winchester brothers join these meddling kids and throw the gang's traditional mystery-solving (as well as their conceptions of their entire existences) way out of whack. Given how...


Episode 41: "Scooby-Doo! and the Groovy Ghost"

Did you know that Luke and Evan were both English majors? Honestly, it should've been readily apparent based on their diction, and that this episode description even includes a word like "diction". Collectively they're an extremely well-read duo, which is why this week they're tackling such a well-regarded piece of literature. Listen as they take almost an entire hour and a half, their longest episode of 2018 to date, to break down a book that's just shy of 60 pages. Embarrassingly, if they...


Episode 40: "A Highland Fling with a Monstrous Thing"

EVAN AND LUKE DRINK AND RECORD AN EPISODE OF THIS PODCAST. As they mention in the intro, in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day the duo decide to share a few beers on mic, which won't be to everyone's taste. If it's not to yours, please come back next week when they will be 100% sober (but likely just as coherent). You may be pleased to know that in spite of doing an episode inspired by St. Patrick's Day, the Scooby Dudes steer 100% clear of any and all negative stereotypes usually associated...


Episode 39: "The Swiss Alps and Tokyo, Japan"

Luke and Evan do not burst out into a rendition of Queen's "We Are the Champions" because they're not hacks. They also don't make any attempts to sound out the Chariots of Fire theme. Though if you really think about it, maybe that's because covering the Laff-A-Lympics didn't really feel like winning. Weeks after the 2018 Olympic Games came to a close in PyeongChang, South Korea, the Scooby Dudes decide to tackle a series that one would assume best fits the Olympic values of Friendship,...


Episode 38: "All Paws on Deck"

So how about those Oscars, right? What an incredible celebration of the past year in film, which one of this podcast's co-hosts completely missed as he was readying this episode for release. To be fair, the likelihood his counterpart watched it live is pretty slim. It's another return to the show that started it all, and the Scooby Dudes clearly have their sea legs. Not only is the energy high, this week features an all-time record for most censorship. Not necessarily in a bad way, as...



No one's trying to hide the fact that the title of this episode is, to put it gently, extremely poorly conceived. It plays on the idea that you can just slot numbers in for letters, like the absolutely hilarious "5NAL DESTINATION". Actually, this makes less sense, because saying it out loud you hear "four-riendterrogation". The Scooby Dudes have fun with song lyrics! They hear from a whole bunch of people from a particular social media network (hint: it's not Facebook!). They forego one...


Episode 37: "Scooby's Peep-Hole Pandemonium / The Hand of Horror"

Are you a president or a person with a family? If so, consider this particular episode of Scooby Dudes to be tailor-made just for you! That's right, we released this installment on a federal/statutory holiday, depending on where you live, for you to enjoy during your time off! (Also applicable if you live on PEI, Nova Scotia, or really, really like Louis Riel). Created especially for you is a recap of two fairly lacklustre episodes. But never fear, just like Rumplestiltskin your intrepid...


Episode 36: "A Scooby-Doo Valentine"

Valentine's Day is a day for love to be expressed between a man and a woman. Or a woman and a woman. Or two men. And sometimes those two men co-host a Scooby-Doo podcast together. Depending on the circumstances, it may be that the love, platonic or romantic, is not reciprocated. That's Valentine's Day, folks. The Scooby Dudes hope that you love one another as much, scratch that, more than Luke loves surprising his wife on their special day. More than Evan loves interning at his new gig,...


Episode 35: "Night Of The Living Burger"

Are you all alone? Do you have a parent or guardian with you, or any other adult supervision? If the answer is "no" then you're in the exact same shoes as the characters in "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo". If it's beginning to dawn on you that maybe you can't be held responsible for your own safety then, well, this was a weird time to realize that. The Scooby Dudes are tackling an episode that made them feel strange. And not like their bodies were changing, but more like they weren't sure what was...


Prompt and Circumstance

It's Monday, and the Scooby Dudes are (almost) never late! That's right, they're a timely, punctual duo, always on cue. They don't require any motivation, no hints needed here. Luke and Evan have never needed to be persuaded to be early or responsive. On a completely unrelated note, this is another prompt episode! They've booted up the ol' writing prompt generator and used the suggestions provided to cobble together a wholly original episode of Scooby-Doo. They had an absolute blast, and are...


Episode 34: "The Secret Of The Ghost Rig"

We all have different ways with managing our own disappointment. Some people fall victim to their vices, while still others drastically change up the format of their podcast at the risk of alienating listeners. "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc.", our expectations were so high . . . A gigantic haunted semi-trailer truck runs rampant through Crystal Cove, and if that wasn't enough the episode the Scooby Dudes are covering is also dripping with romantic conflict and cutthroat politics! But really...