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This week, the girls recap their recent trip to Vegas and talk about some self-image issues they experienced while there. They wonder if the way you see yourself in your teens sticks with you into adulthood regardless of how you grow and change. The girls also share how they've gotten through hard times when people have put them down. Subscribe and give Self-Helpless a 5-star rating and review! Join Patreon for bonus episodes every month!



This week the girls are joined by one of the funniest and kindest people on the planet Pete "King of The Tonight Show" Lee! Pete talks about his therapist's unconventional methods to create breakthroughs, overcoming a pattern of quitting comedy to go on and do The Tonight Show three times and counting, what it's like to date a mental health specialist, and being comfortable enough in your masculinity to cry in public. Be sure to join our Patreon for 2 BONUS episodes monthly!...



This week the girls discuss guilt, and the current situations they're each in that have led to them feeling guilty. Taylor talks about reactions to her new Netflix special, Delanie talks about explaining her minimalist lifestyle to her family, and Kelsey shares some of the highs and lows of wedding planning so far. Subscribe to Self-Helpless on iTunes and join the Patreon account for TWO bonus episodes monthly!



This week, the girls are talking about something they've all experienced intensely and that is burnout! Burnout is a physical and/or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress. They talk about the choices they were making that led them to burnout in the past and present, and how Delanie has been a great leader in showing Kelsey and Taylor how to slow down and take care of themselves. Subscribe on iTunes and join the Patreon account for TWO bonus episodes monthly!...


BIG Anniversary Episode!

Self-Helpless turned 1-year-old this week! The girls brought back on one of their favorite past guests, Kane Holloway AKA Man of Kelsey's Heart/Nethers, to interview them about the past year of podcasting. They talk about the biggest ways the podcast has changed them, who their dream guests for this year are, what the girls have learned from each other, and much more. Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear Kane ask a burning question that one of the girls did not see...


Borderline Personality Disorder

After the "Breakups" episode, the girls got some requests to do an episode dedicated to explaining and discussing Borderline Personality Disorder after Kelsey opened up about previously dating someone with BPD. The girls talk about the 9 characteristics of BPD, red flags to look out for if you suspect that your partner might have BPD, child-parent relationships when a parent has BPD, and so much more. Be sure to join the Patreon account for 2 bonus episodes each month--this week's bonus...



This week, the girls review the book, "You are a Bad Ass at Making Money" by Jen Sincero, the follow up to "You are a Bad Ass." They talk about their subconscious limiting beliefs surrounding money, what it means to be "rich" and if they feel it's attainable, how each of their parents viewed money and subsequently passed those views onto them, and SO much more. Subscribe to Self-Helpless on iTunes and join our Patreon account for 2 BONUS episodes every month!...



This week, the girls decided to talk in-depth about some recent and not-so-recent breakups they've gone through. They share what they learned from past relationships, what helpful actions they took to get through the pain, and what self-destructive behaviors they displayed. They also talk about the pros and cons to staying friends with an ex, how to handle leaving someone with a personality disorder, and more. This one gets VERY real and if you'd like the girls to record a "Part Two" of...


Enneagram Test

This week, the girls take a personality test that has been highly recommended by Self-Helpless listeners called the Enneagram test. The results categorize you as one of nine different personality types like "the Achiever," "the Helper," and "the Challenger." They discuss how accurate the results were and compare it to the Myers-Briggs personality test they took previously. The girls also give nutrition updates after their consultations with Alex Catalano! Subscribe to Self-Helpless on...


Birth Control

This week, the girls talk about their experiences over the last decade with birth control, including pills, IUDs, and condoms. Delanie shares one of THE most horrifying experiences of IUD insertion, Kelsey talks about her annoying latex allergy and condom alternatives, and Taylor talks about the pressure growing up to stay abstinent. Be sure to join the Self-Helpless Patreon account for TWO bonus episodes every month! It's only $5 and the girls get even more uncensored. (Not sure how...



Happy 50th Episode! This week, the girls watch and review the Netflix documentary, "Happy." The documentary interviews people from all over the world who live in fortunate or difficult circumstances to see what truly inspires happiness. There's also scientific research presented by experts about what chemically triggers happiness in the brain, how much of our happiness is passed onto us genetically, and what we can do on a daily basis to create the most joyful outlook for ourselves....


Mating in Captivity

This week on Self-Helpless, the girls breakdown one of Kelsey's all-time favorite books, Mating in Captivity by legendary couples therapist and author Esther Perel. We try to answer the question posed by the book: can you have passion AND comfort in a relationship, especially a long-term one? Once the exciting beginning of a relationship becomes more routine and predictable, can you find ways to reignite a spark? Can you be lovers and friends? PS--we apologize that the last 5 min. of the...



This week, the girls go in depth on their experiences (good and bad) with religion! They each have had very different relationships with religion, from Kelsey not being religious at all, to Taylor growing up in a Christian household, to Delanie being a religious studies major in college. ALSO, Self-Helpless has officially launched a Patreon account!! Woo! If you want to hear 2 bonus episodes a month where the girls get even more uncensored and answer your guys' emails, you can subscribe to...


Online Dating with Jared Freid

This week, the girls have some exciting announcements! Firstly, the Self-Helpless Podcast has officially joined the All Things Comedy Network! WOO! And secondly, they are joined this week by hilarious comedian and online dating guru, Jared Freid! Jared is the host of the J Train Podcast as well as the co-host of the U Up? Podcast. They dive into the world of online dating, including all of their personal mishaps and successes, and answer advice questions from Jared's listeners. They tackle...



This week the girls are joined by INCREDIBLE nutritionist Alexandra Catalano! Alexandra answered so many of the girls' burning nutrition questions and cleared up some common misconceptions regarding probiotics, veganism, and more. She also got the girls hooked on the life-changing magic of using a copper tongue scraper in the mornings! Email the podcast at to ask your nutrition questions because Alexandra will DEFINITELY have to come back on!



This week, the girls dive deep into a subject that they all struggle with: perfectionism. They discuss the difference between normal perfectionism and neurotic perfectionism, ways that they try to battle their sometimes unattainable standards, and much more. Subscribe to the show on iTunes and give it a 5-star rating and review!


The Sexpert

This week the girls are joined by hilarious comedian Mo Mandel! Mo is the co-host of "The Full Release" podcast, along with his girlfriend who is a surgeon and doctor of sexual medicine. He shares some of the most fascinating things he's learned through his podcast, including the efficacy on the "pull-out method" and a common mishap during transgender surgery. Subscribe to Self-Helpless on iTunes and give it a 5 star rating and review!


Take Your Pills

This week, the girls review the brand new Netflix documentary "Take Your Pills!" The documentary explores the Adderall epidemic in the United States and the ways in which medications can help people but can also be easily abused. Also, Taylor talks about going through a recent breakup, Delanie gets some extra special treatment from her boyfriend, and Kelsey finds the real-life Dunder Mifflin building!! Subscribe to Self-Helpless and rate and review it on iTunes!



This week the girls are diving into the world of horoscopes to decide if they think they are remotely accurate or just a large bucket of poopy nonsense. Kelsey also talks about having some postpartum depression after taping The Tonight Show, and Taylor starts to feel the physical symptoms of burnout from an insanely busy schedule. Delanie gets excited for her upcoming taping and tries to manage a jam-packed show calendar while still treating herself. The girls also give advice on several...


Myers Briggs Personality Test

This week, the girls take one of the most well-known personality tests: the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator! The test indicates if you are more extroverted or introverted, use intuition more than logic, and more. Kelsey and Delanie end up being the same personality type, and Taylor feels like she may have gotten incorrect results. If you do the test online, try to select "neutral" as few times as possible so you get a more accurate result! Subscribe to Self-Helpless on iTunes and give it a...