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S2 24 | Raw Dog 3.0

Mandi B brings Tay a punishment in a bag, The curse of Raw Dog’s first time jitters has finally been snapped and wacky Alan pops in for a chance to defend himself for getting lost. Tay goes on a rant about unsensible occurrences of late and then everybody’s favorite pranksters Barry Burnham, Tina Marie and the … Continue reading "S2 24 | Raw Dog 3.0"


S2 23 | Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll (with Ralph Sutton)

This episode the Sensible trio is joined by a dude that understands what sells. Hear from Ralph Sutton of the SDR show and laugh with us about some of the wilder things that he’s come across during his tenure in media. Does Mandi B really want a pink sock? Raw Dog’s really moving where? Plus, … Continue reading "S2 23 | Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll (with Ralph Sutton)"


S2 22 | Either Way... Here's Alan!

Sensible People got a lot wackier with the addition of their new sidekick and content contributor Alan. Alan gets some airtime to share his quirkiness and even brought his own game to entertain the trio with. Before Alan joins the set, Tay gets harassed for mail-order blu-rays and Mandi B had a recent dick appointment. … Continue reading "S2 22 | Either Way… Here’s Alan!"


S2 21 | Real Sensible People

A tip of the cap to the old Bud commercials, we spotlight people with profound sensibility. You can find Tay playing matchmaker these days, this time for his good pal Raw Dog. Plus, things get a little awkward as a tale of drama is told regarding our very own Sensible trio. Mandi B gives us … Continue reading "S2 21 | Real Sensible People"


S2 20 | The Makeover

Consequences are not forgotten on Sensible People as Tay starts off the episode by delivering Raw Dog and Mandi B’s punishment for tying in last episode’s game. Mandi B’s search for a sugar daddy was quicker than one could expect and Ryan details his latest blast from the past. Sonny Patel grabbed some great audio … Continue reading "S2 20 | The Makeover"


S2 19 | Sugar Daddies, Leg Braces and Charleston Chews

Mandi B’s in search of a sugar daddy, but will her leg braces and Charleston Chews hold her back? Raw Dog updates the world on whether or not his masturbation video went viral and Tay paid a kid to chew his tongue until it bled. What is wrong with our co-hosts? KikiSaidSo from the Cocktales … Continue reading "S2 19 | Sugar Daddies, Leg Braces and Charleston Chews"


S2 18 | ManEater

“Watch out [Raw Dog] she’ll chew you up!” Raw Dog avoiding the dating apps may have led him down a dark path on the Internet. Find out his latest dating disasters, one of which had him questioning what a guy’s to do when he runs into a ManEater? All this plus a special guest appearance … Continue reading "S2 18 | ManEater"


S2 17 | Have You Tried Malort?

“Ba Ba Ba….” Bobbing for condoms! This episode is a wild one, capped off by the trio jointly bobbing for condoms per the punishment agreed upon during the previous episode. You’re in for a treat with Raw Dog detailing his latest sneaky move to find some tail, Mandi B’s got a new fling, and Tay … Continue reading "S2 17 | Have You Tried Malort?"


S2 16 | Barbaric People ft. Frankie MacDonald

Should we go by Barbaric People instead of Sensible People? Some may say so… In this episode Raw Dog explains how the “well’s dried up,” Tay tells his beer fart tales and Mandi B is excited spring is finally here. Plus the trio is joined by Youtube & social media megastar/weatherman Frankie MacDonald to share … Continue reading "S2 16 | Barbaric People ft. Frankie MacDonald"


Bonus Episode | Sensible People Live

On February 26, 2019 Sensible People performed live for the very first time at SafeHouse Chicago in front of 200,000 screaming Sensible Nation members. Mandi B explains how she got “Raw Dogged” by her latest fling, Tay explains his ultimate place of comfort and Raw Dog shares how he crossed one big ticket item off … Continue reading "Bonus Episode | Sensible People Live"


S2 15 | Anal's Not Cheating

Fresh off their first live show the trio is back in studio for some sensible fun. Raw Dog let out a squeaker in bed with a lady, Mandi’s got a Peeping Tom and Tay shares a story that will give you the chills. The listeners have questions for Raw Dog and he has answers. Find … Continue reading "S2 15 | Anal’s Not Cheating"


S2 14 | Sensibility Rising

Raw Dog’s appeal is finally heard and Sensible People’s first live show is near! This episode we dive into some of our staple segments and find out what the hosts would rather dabble in. Then with the Oscars around the corner we find out who each host is taking to the red carpet. All this … Continue reading "S2 14 | Sensibility Rising"


S2 13 | The Catch

Would you ever try Jenkem? Did Tay encounter a wild boar recently? What does Mandi call her lady-parts? These are the sensible topics discussed on this week’s episode. Also, NFL legend Mike Pantazis joins the trio to discuss the most historic fan moment in the history of sports. During a 1995 Chicago Bears game Pantazis … Continue reading "S2 13 | The Catch"


S2 12 | Kit and Caboodle ft. ASMR Practitioner Lilliana Dee

As Raw Dog’s appeal of the Viagra punishment is taking time behind the scenes, he’s got some single tips and bar tales to share. Mandi and Raw Dog detail their 10 year pact to Tay and the boys come to a realization regarding her after watching Showtime’s Escape at Dannemora. Then the trio dive into … Continue reading "S2 12 | Kit and Caboodle ft. ASMR Practitioner Lilliana Dee"


S2 11 | Push Broom Pete

It’s a new year and Sensible People is adding more sensibility to your life than ever before! Raw Dog files his appeal of the Viagra punishment and Tay announces the #WetBanditChallenge. Does Mandi B have a Push Broom Pete? Perhaps, but Tay informs us where to find women that do. Sensible People is bringing back … Continue reading "S2 11 | Push Broom Pete"


S2 10 | Have Yourself a Sensible Little Christmas

‘Tis the season to be Sensible! The trio is back for this Holiday Special. Tay’s found a new way to salvage his betting losses, Raw Dog has a billion dollar idea and there must be “something about Mandi” with the way Raw Dog describes their last outing. Then let us help you get into the … Continue reading "S2 10 | Have Yourself a Sensible Little Christmas"


S2 09 | Sensible Nonsense ft. Comedian Adam Nutter

After Raw Dog survived his ruthless roast in e32, the trio is back to help increase your sensibility. Raw Dog continues to share his head-scratching tales of single life, Mandi answers whether girls fart while they pee, and Tay introduces the world to Googly Eyes. Standup comedian and host of the “Nerds with Words” podcast … Continue reading "S2 09 | Sensible Nonsense ft. Comedian Adam Nutter"


S2 08 | Roast of Raw Dog

Episode 31 brings something many of you have all been waiting for… the opportunity to roast Raw Dog for his questionable personality traits and opinions! Before we roast everyone’s favorite co-host, Tay defends his a** wiping technique, Raw Dog depicts his new life as a single man, and Mandi laughs to Tay’s botched spray tan … Continue reading "S2 08 | Roast of Raw Dog"


S2 07 | I Like It Like That

Sensible Nation, do you know how Tay, Mandi B and Raw Dog really like it? Don’t worry, you’ll find out in this episode as the trio play a game where you learn more about them, and of course, punishments will be involved. Come along for a wild ride as they receive a new “sponsor,” reveal … Continue reading "S2 07 | I Like It Like That"


S2 06 | Trick or Troll 2

Happy Halloween Sensible Nation! It’s one of our favorite times of the year and we’ve brewed a cauldron of something really spook-tacular. The trio debate which one of them would be the caboose in a human centipede, Mandi shares a not-so-sensible coworker story and Raw Dog tells all about his latest face-time with Tay. Plus, … Continue reading "S2 06 | Trick or Troll 2"