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18 | The Mandela Effect ft. WhiskeyBoy Radio's DJ Matt Blake

This episode of Sensible People is unlike any episode that’s come before as Raw Dog, Amber and Tay accurately and undeniably uncover the secrets behind what caused the Mandela Effect. Starting as a thoughtful* and intelligent* conversation about what the Mandela Effect is, the trio walk Sensible Nation through some of the most notable examples … Continue reading "18 | The Mandela Effect ft. WhiskeyBoy Radio’s DJ Matt Blake"


17 | You've Got Mail

Today we’re traveling back to the 90s to discuss the technology of our childhood. Raw Dog, Amber and Tay talk about everything from the classic video games, pagers and CD players to lesser known computer games, HitClips and Tracfones. We then have a very unintelligent and uninformed conversation about the future of sex robots, wireless … Continue reading "17 | You’ve Got Mail"


16 | Tartar Sauce Lady

Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere, clean up, clean up – everybody do your share! Ah, spring is here at last and in this episode of Sensible People, we open up our windows and hang our freshly washed drawers out on the line as we air out some not-so-fresh spring break stories. We reminisce on … Continue reading "16 | Tartar Sauce Lady"


15 | Sensible Size Me

Stick out those crooked hitchhiking thumbs and catch a ride with Sensible People this week as we share our wildest ride sharing stories. From Raw Dog’s experience as an Uber driver to Tay’s tales of projectile vomiting, we’re going to take you along for the journey…all the way to the fast food drive-through! After weeks … Continue reading "15 | Sensible Size Me"


14 | The Pornstar with Felicity Feline

Raw Dog, Amber and Tay take you on a very intimate journey this week with special guest adult film star Felicity Feline. Felicity talks about her experience at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas and then talks to Sensible Nation about the realities of working in the porn industry. From crazy fans and … Continue reading "14 | The Pornstar with Felicity Feline"


13 | Licking Toilet Seats

As Sensible Nation knows by now – everything we do, is out of loving you…which is why we are so excited to feature our first ever giveaway on this very heart warming episode. The trio’s significant others stop by to deliver three “loving” Valentine’s messages, and hard decisions are made in a ridiculous game of … Continue reading "13 | Licking Toilet Seats"


12 | To Infinity and Beyond

Sensible People shed light on the prospect of not only landing on but also colonizing Mars in the near future. Joining the show for a captivating interview is physicist turned standup comedian Josh Richards. As one of the 100 selected candidates to potentially colonize Mars under the Mars One project, Josh shares the winding path … Continue reading "12 | To Infinity and Beyond"


11 | Dude Looks Like A Lady

In this episode of Sensible People, we have two special guests join us in studio. Amber starts the episode with a very big announcement and Raw Dog tries to find out if his home town myth holds up. The three (now four) cohosts are then joined in studio by Tay’s longtime friend, Scott Lilja, and … Continue reading "11 | Dude Looks Like A Lady"


10 | Spell It Out

On this highly awaited episode, Raw Dog and Tay duel to the death in our very unique Sensible Spelling Bee. With words that every member of Sensible Nation should know by heart, we’ll see who is truly the spelling champ. We also wish a heartwarming happy birthday to Raw Dog and answer one of Sensible … Continue reading "10 | Spell It Out"


9 | 'Tis the Season - Part 2

It’s Part 2 of our holiday special! Join us as we discuss the Dos and Don’ts of Christmas merriment, like saying Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas. Reminisce with us about our days of sneaking down to the tree at night and peeking at our gifts. Then, just when you think we’ve reached peaked Christmas joy, … Continue reading "9 | ‘Tis the Season – Part 2"


8 | ‘Tis The Season – Part 1

Get ready to deck the halls with sensibility this holiday season! Today, we’re taking you on part one of a very festive journey through holidays past and present. Join us as we discuss how Raw Dog’s cousin got herself put on the permanent naughty list, Amber’s dream advent calendar, and the fact that Tay still … Continue reading "8 | ‘Tis The Season – Part 1"


7 | Let Us Entertain You

Raw Dog, Amber and Tay delve into the world of film and television. Tay listens to clips from famous movies and tries to prove his movie “buffness.” Witness them break down a 16 seed tournament of all-time great movies and TV shows where the Most Sensible Movie/TV show is crowned. Intro Music: Rock Angel by … Continue reading "7 | Let Us Entertain You"


6 | The Dinner Dance

This week’s episode comes from the heart as we discuss modern day relationships. From online dating, where you’ll hear about Raw Dog and Tay’s secret love affair, to Amber’s first kiss story and Raw Dog’s bachelor party keepsake, we’ll walk all the way down the aisle to wedding trends we can’t stand. Join us in … Continue reading "6 | The Dinner Dance"


5 | Trick or Troll

It’s the Sensible People Halloween Special! Raw Dog, Amber and Tay argue over candy flavors, share ghost stories and discuss favorite costumes. We also try our hand at a classic Halloween game that we’ve named “WHAT’S IN THE BOX” where Raw Dog and Tay go head-to-head in a hilarious battle where they blindly guess the … Continue reading "5 | Trick or Troll"


4 | The School of Etiquette for Sensible People

Sit down, shut up and be prepared to raise your hand because you’ve been enrolled in The School of Etiquette for Sensible People. Your professors, Amber, Tay and Raw Dog, are about to teach you how to properly behave in public – including lessons on driving, talking about your kids, and using a public restroom. … Continue reading "4 | The School of Etiquette for Sensible People"


3 | The Sensible Scam Artist

Raw Dog, Amber and Tay guide you through today’s scams and what to be wary of. We discuss our hatred for pyramid schemes, things you wish Amazon did, and play a game revolving around Amazon reviews.


2 | Sensibility Comes With Age

The Sensible People debate sensibility in aging and what it means to become old. See who they (and three special guests) pick in the hotties over age 60 fantasy draft, hear Raw Dog & Tay answer teen based questions from “Yahoo Answers,” and learn about the wild world of adult babies.


1 | New Versus Used

Raw Dog, Amber and Tay launch season 1 with discussions around re-usable items. Listen to the hosts favorite segment “Sensible or Not?,” laugh as the two guys duke it out over a Craigslist game, and learn about each of their laundry-washing tendencies. Intro Music: Rock Angel by Joakim Karud Commerical Music:


Sensible People - Launching October 2nd

Hosts Ryan, Amber and Taylor introduce you to the Sensible People podcast. Meet the hosts and preview the show as they introduce you to your new favorite segment, Sensible or Not. Featured episodes starting October 2nd, 2017. … Continue reading "Sensible People – Launching October 2nd"


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