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S2 07 | I Like It Like That

Sensible Nation, do you know how Tay, Mandi B and Raw Dog really like it? Don’t worry, you’ll find out in this episode as the trio play a game where you learn more about them, and of course, punishments will be involved. Come along for a wild ride as they receive a new “sponsor,” reveal … Continue reading "S2 07 | I Like It Like That"


S2 06 | Trick or Troll 2

Happy Halloween Sensible Nation! It’s one of our favorite times of the year and we’ve brewed a cauldron of something really spook-tacular. The trio debate which one of them would be the caboose in a human centipede, Mandi shares a not-so-sensible coworker story and Raw Dog tells all about his latest face-time with Tay. Plus, … Continue reading "S2 06 | Trick or Troll 2"


S2 05 | Don’t Walk Away Renee

The Sensible Peeps are back at it following the celebration of their one year anniversary. Mandi B gets some much deserved criticism, Tay whines about the weather change in Chicago and analyzes Illinois’ heftier neighbors beyond the border north, and Raw Dog gets thrown to the wolves as we bring his sweet mother Renee on … Continue reading "S2 05 | Don’t Walk Away Renee"


S2 04 | Sensual and Sensible with Billy Procida

In episode 27 the Sensible trio bring you along for a sensual ride. Billy Procida, comedian and host of one of the sex genre’s top podcasts “The Manwhore Podcast” shares his sex positive stories along with some laughs. From financial domination, to play parties and much more, Billy tells it all while giving Raw Dog … Continue reading "S2 04 | Sensual and Sensible with Billy Procida"


Bonus Episode | Year One

In honor of #InternationalPodcastDay and as a celebration for our one year anniversary we decided to release a mini-episode as a thank you to our #SensibleNation of fans. Raw Dog gets tested on his “year one” knowledge and the guys exchange Mad Libs style cards. Cheers! Follow Sensible People – Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: … Continue reading "Bonus Episode | Year One"


S2 03 | Horny?

One of the Sensible People gets an unsolicited sext from an unknown phone number. What does it mean? Some hog calling is in store for the loser of a new game called “Guess What You’re Doing?” in which the hosts get a short window of time to figure out an image they were hilariously photoshopped … Continue reading "S2 03 | Horny?"


Bonus Episode | Best of Season 1

In this “Best of Season 1” compilation you’ll meet the Sensible People and listen back on highlights from the 25 episodes that put them on the map. Enjoy the evolution of Raw Dog, Amber and Tay as they build their chemistry and laugh with them clip-after-clip. The trio explore absurd observations, cringe-worthy topics, challenging games … Continue reading "Bonus Episode | Best of Season 1"


S2 02 | Fruits of Our Labor

Happy Labor Day Sensible Nation! In episode 25 we want you to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Tay seeks some advice from his colleagues regarding a recent email that could help fund a new studio. The hosts discuss unusual coworker experiences they’ve encountered and Mandi B leads a game of “Did It Really Happen?” … Continue reading "S2 02 | Fruits of Our Labor"


S2 01 | Meet Mandi

Season 2 Premiere – With a wildly hilarious first season in the books the Sensible People return with a game-changing announcement, a new co-host. As Amber takes a step back to live mama life, Mandi B is introduced to Sensible Nation. Raw Dog and Tay are of course back to provide you with your dose … Continue reading "S2 01 | Meet Mandi"


23 | Season 1 Finale

After 22 episodes the inaugural season of Sensible People is coming to an end. With that, the boys want to close out the first season with a bang. Come gain some sensibility as Raw Dog walks you through what has irked him lately. Tay describes his two near death experiences and wonders how Raw Dog’s … Continue reading "23 | Season 1 Finale"


22 | “Donald Trump is a 321” with Perez Hilton

The sensible duo of Raw Dog and Tay remain unhinged without Amber around to tame them in this latest laugh-fest. Joining the boys this episode is the notorious king of gossip Perez Hilton. Perez describes the challenges of being a busy single dad of three, discusses his podcast “The Perez Hilton Podcast w/ Chris Booker,” … Continue reading "22 | “Donald Trump is a 321” with Perez Hilton"


Bonus Episode | Never Aired

Bonus Episode – Originally titled “A Sensible Summer” and recorded in September of 2017, this episode never aired. Before this audio file collects too much virtual dust, join Raw Dog, Amber and Tay for this never-heard before summer special. Tay details his BAND-AID scare and questions whether the medical advice he gathered is satisfactory. Raw … Continue reading "Bonus Episode | Never Aired"


21 | Power Hour

Well, it’s the day you all have been waiting for – Amber is on maternity leave and Raw Dog and Tay Tonka have gone completely off the rails! Raw Dog’s longtime friend, Rat, joins them in studio for a questionably sensible Power Hour. Tay reveals his hidden artistic talents and Raw Dog shares a very … Continue reading "21 | Power Hour"


Bonus Episode ft. VSIN's Greg Peterson

Bonus Episode – With the monumental news regarding the Supreme Court’s ruling on sports gambling, Raw Dog and Tay being degenerate gamblers themselves felt like it was important to discuss the decision and share accurate information on the matter. The two are joined by Greg Peterson, the lead college basketball expert and highly acclaimed producer … Continue reading "Bonus Episode ft. VSIN’s Greg Peterson"


20 | Mango Lassi

The day has come for Miss Amber to leave Sensible People for maternity leave. While the 8 month pregnant co-host certainly gets teased for one last time, Raw Dog is reminded of a certain punishment he has to face from an earlier episode. Plus, we get to hear his recent bachelor party stories as he … Continue reading "20 | Mango Lassi"


19 | Amber is a MILF

Happy Mother’s Day to all of Sensible Nation! Today we’re celebrating our very own soon-to-be-MILF, Amber! Amber receives a handpicked gift from Tay, and Raw Dog walks us through some of the oddest children’s internet videos. Of course no baby shower would be complete without some baby shower games! We kick off with “Is This … Continue reading "19 | Amber is a MILF"


18 | The Mandela Effect ft. WhiskeyBoy Radio's DJ Matt Blake

This episode of Sensible People is unlike any episode that’s come before as Raw Dog, Amber and Tay accurately and undeniably uncover the secrets behind what caused the Mandela Effect. Starting as a thoughtful* and intelligent* conversation about what the Mandela Effect is, the trio walk Sensible Nation through some of the most notable examples … Continue reading "18 | The Mandela Effect ft. WhiskeyBoy Radio’s DJ Matt Blake"


17 | You've Got Mail

Today we’re traveling back to the 90s to discuss the technology of our childhood. Raw Dog, Amber and Tay talk about everything from the classic video games, pagers and CD players to lesser known computer games, HitClips and Tracfones. We then have a very unintelligent and uninformed conversation about the future of sex robots, wireless … Continue reading "17 | You’ve Got Mail"


16 | Tartar Sauce Lady

Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere, clean up, clean up – everybody do your share! Ah, spring is here at last and in this episode of Sensible People, we open up our windows and hang our freshly washed drawers out on the line as we air out some not-so-fresh spring break stories. We reminisce on … Continue reading "16 | Tartar Sauce Lady"


15 | Sensible Size Me

Stick out those crooked hitchhiking thumbs and catch a ride with Sensible People this week as we share our wildest ride sharing stories. From Raw Dog’s experience as an Uber driver to Tay’s tales of projectile vomiting, we’re going to take you along for the journey…all the way to the fast food drive-through! After weeks … Continue reading "15 | Sensible Size Me"