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The Good Place and How to be Straight

The boys discuss the show that went out on top - The Good Place. John Paul's biblical knowledge shines through, they wonder if the unit of time - the bearimie - originated during Provincetown's bear week, and they wonder if Sammy Sosa will make The Good Place. They describe how they would spend eternity, ponder what the W.B. in W.B. Mason stands for, debate whether Ancient Greece is more famous for its philosophers or its romantics, and they agree that lying about 9/11 is not okay.


Magic City and Mitch Glazer is a Disgrace

The boys discuss a Starz flop, Magic City. They tell stories about Miami, discuss the true story of the struggle between Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, and trash Hollywood's least creative mind - Mitch Glazer.


The Finales

Why watch the Oscars when you can listen to the boys discuss their favorite tv moments of 2019 in this year's Finale Awards. They give out awards including Moment of Black Excellence, The Gabbie Carter Sexiest Woman Award, and of course sound mixing. They coin a new term, "the rally wrap up" to describe an archetype in finales and declare The Prisoner (1967) the worst finale of 2019. John Paul praises Frankie Shaw of SMILF for her on set behavior and we reflect on yearly trends like Stolen...


Nurse Jackie, Filipinx, and Big Pharma is an Addict

The boys discuss Nurse Jackie starring Sopranos Queen, Edie Falco. They ponder why we don't call Filipinos Filipinx or Canadians Canux. They decide that Muslims might eat vegan sausage and declare gambling a proper substitution for drug and alcohol addiction. Jack and Zach extend a lot of compassion to the addicts of the world and the boys declare Big Pharma and addict to money and absolve them of all sin. John Paul gives listeners some hacks on how to nail AA's 90 meetings in 90 days...


Playboy Club and Leave the Gold Chain

The boys discuss Mad Men knock-off and our current record holder for quickest cancellation, The Playboy Club. Zach gives a history of Playboy and Jack says he would hate to have Hefner's lifestyle because he doesn't like to hang out with women very much. The boys discuss Bill Clinton's quarter and an infections dialect disease infects them all.


Wings and Nobody Has Heard of Suits

The boys discuss Tony Shalhoub's New England classic, Wings. They introduce a new down low gay come-on, "Did you drop your passport". Zach goes full L.A. and trashes Hollywood wannabes Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. They reminisce on the Ted Danson blackface scandal and roleplay an episode of Joe Rogan


The Young Pope and Are You Vers?

The boys watch HBO's The Young Pope and immediately debate whether or not this was actually a finale and if Jude Law is hot. Jack pitches his brilliant movie idea starring all special needs actors, John Paul reflects on church with Heather Locklear and goes bananas for the idea of a pope that smokes cigarettes, Zach vacillates between defending and critiquing the church while making some questionable remarks about a certain region of the world.


To Be Fair to Epstein and My So Called Life

The boys discuss another teen drama, My So Called Life, and debate whether or not it is adultery if you cheat in high school. They discuss a judicial extradition plan to trade a free Jared for an incarcerated one. They discuss their history writing love letters on behalf of a friend and recollect on their histories as musicians.


She's Gotta Have It and Spike Lee vs. Dads

The boys discuss Spike Lee's Netflix show She's Gotta Have It which centers around a controversial art exhibit and the reactions from the black community. The sober illuminati decides they are more comfortable referring to a Spike Lee joint as a Spike Lee cbd cigarette. JPR debuts his art project Steam which is a commentary on the male form and bathhouse anonymity. Boston Police Chief William Gross takes a Megabus trip to NYC to do some police mediation with an angry Fat Joseph - Fat Joe's...


Marco Polo and We All Have Allegations

The boys debate whether or not the Netflix big budget adventure program, Marco Polo, was a flop or a successful two season show. They pitch a Dominican remake of The Godfather called El Godpapi. Jack insists we acknowledge the good Harvey Weinstein did for the Asian community by casting this show and Zach wonders where the disease does pushups in the absence of a parking lot.


First Temptation of Christ and Stan Li

The boys watch the controversial Porta dos Fundos Christmas special, The First Temptation of Christ. Zach weighs in on the Charlie Hebdo subject, Jack talks about what its like to be a 12 year old boy and sings a song for the ultimate feminist, Gabbie Carter, and John Paul muses about Stan Lee and the Uyghur situation.


M*A*S*H and Asian Refugee Wife

The boys watch the show that clogged all NYC toilets - M*A*S*H. They share stories of where they were when Osama was killed, talk about their experience in doing comedy during wartime, and Jack disrespects servicewomen. They debate whether the slick lean body type, pioneered by Alan Alda, is hotter than the top beef body type pioneered by Alex Jones.


Kid Nation and TikTok Censorship

The boys score an exclusive interview with cast member and Hopper commercial star, Laurel McGoff. They discuss hate crimes against Boston hero, Keytar Bar. Question whether or not President Xi is targeting them for their politics or for not being funny. They discuss female privilege in the primate world and wonder whether or not Gandhi should be considered a great man.


The Mist and Moe's Southwestern Grill

The boys discuss a Stephen King classic, The Mist. Jack opens up about his sexual history with Spike TV. Zach tries to talk about conservatism and gets roasted. John Paul brings up some kinky stuff as they ponder whether or not they have the stuff to thrive as mall managers like Paul Bart or Paul Blatt his Jamaican alter ego.


Friends from College and No Nudity

The boys talk about the Netflix show Friends from College starring Keegan-Michael Key. They wonder if Key's parents were swingers, John Paul reminisces on his days of attending Morehouse College, and Jack opens up about his struggles with pronouncing names other than Muhammad. The boys talk about how to properly visit Paris, France now that it is a majority Muslim country.


Kingdom and Nick Jonas Queerbaiting

The boys discuss the MMA flop Kingdom. The boys compare and contrast the black excellence of Jon Jones to the white mediocrity of Matt Hughes and wonder why he got hit by a train. Jack comes out as a foot fetish guy. The boys shout out Matt Beltran and congratulate his parents on 49 years of marriage. They sweat it out in a steamy sauna role play and condemn Nick Jonas's corporatization of queerness.


Playmakers and the Powerless NFL

The boys talk about the salacious football drama, Playmakers. JPR proposes that Asian Indians replace Native Americans as sports mascots, Jack defends O.J. Simpson, and Zach calls the NFL powerless and double dog dares them to challenge him. The boys ponder why the NRA has not made Plaxico Burress aka Snaxico their official spokesman.


Real Housewives and Jewish Sperm Banks

Is anyone on the Real Housewives of Miami actually a housewife? Are Jewish lesbians more likely to visit sperm banks? The boys answer these questions and more and discuss wet chino contests, single moms selling hydroxicut, and Mike Tyson's past career as a speech coach.


Boss and Stan Lee Elder Abuse

The boys imagine a world where they are mayors of local cities. They discuss the career of famous POC actor Kelsey Grammer. John Paul yearns to do heroin and Mike Tyson beats Stan Lee's ass.


Versace and Mutual Funeral Attendance

The boys talk about sex icon and serial killer Andrew Cunanan and the final episode of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. They talk about funeral etiquette, their own careers as assassins. John Paul laments not being F.B.I - full blooded Italian, and James Buchanan has a controversial past time.