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Conversations with comedians about last week's open mic at Comedy on State, in Madison, WI.

Conversations with comedians about last week's open mic at Comedy on State, in Madison, WI.
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Conversations with comedians about last week's open mic at Comedy on State, in Madison, WI.




Samara Suomi

Samara's sarcasm always hits comedy high notes. We had a great and weird conversation, as expected. We talked about depression, diabetes, Madison open mics, and how sometimes her life sounds like bad prose. Also, she gets payback by asking a personal question to me.


Mike Jonjak

Mike Jonjak's tormented soul stopped by to talk comedy. Besides being a great comic he's also the host of the Black Locust Open Mic, and makes the list every Wednesday. We talk about making the list, writing dark jokes for a mainstream audience, funerals, whether life should or shouldn't be preserved, and opening for Kyle Kinane.


Cynthia Marie

A essential staple in the Madison comedy scene, Cynthia has been performing and producing shows since forever. She's one of the masterminds behind Madison Comedy Week. We sit down to talk about pretending to be someone else for fun, how stupid marriage is, being honest in stand up, and Adam Sandler's movie "Click."


Sara Lebow

Sara may be relatively new to stand up, but she's hilarious and it's really fun to see her fidgety energy and quirky wit on stage! She joins me at Madison's public library, where we talk about speaking in graduation, making friends at open mics, and basically every person in her family. I ask awkward and personal questions about Bat Mitzvahs and periods. Our conversation about her Pop-pop is specially endearing!


Craig Smith

Craig Smith's meteoric rise in the Madison comedy scene has been a pleasure to watch. We talked the day of the finals of Madison Funniest Comic competition, where we were both performing. We talk about that first audience laugh, the relationship between rap and comedy, and how far curiosity can go.


Henry Toups

Hauling from New Orleans, Henry Toups is a fresh face in the scene. Comfortable on is a fresh face and voice to the Madison comedy scene. He has stood out quickly by being so comfortable on stage and


Stand Up Democracy 1 at The Nomad (With Henry Toups, Ryan Donahue, Sara Lebow, Craig Smith)

It's a bonus episode! Stand Up Democracy is an election show where 4 comics compete for the audience's vote. The winner does an encore set! This show we had Henry Toups, Ryan Donahue, Sara Lebow, and Craig Smith. As usual, commentary by Adam McShane and Charlie Kojis.


Kevin Schwartz

The king of one-liners, Kevin is a Madison comedy institution with a magnificent brain. When not performing he can usually be found at the club's bar, annotating and scribbling and rewriting his jokes. We talk about remembering jokes, Facebook, plagiarism, and the joke that started it all: an Internet joke he wrote and ended -without credit- on a major TV show.


Adam McShane

Adam's ability to take wild or goofy premises into poignant and relatable territory makes him one of my favorite comics ever. He's well known for taking weird leaps into the unknown and enjoying it. We talk about rough sets, outfit choices, and songs that hit at the right moment.


Rory Rusch

Everybody loves Rory. His dry, self-deprecating humor has quickly made him one of the scene favorites. We talk about our open mic, his first set ever, and joke writing. We also deal with anxiety, both in theory and practice, as I ask too many personal questions.


Charlie Kojis

Probably one of the most hard-working comics in Wisconsin, Charlie Kojis is a crafty storyteller with a delightfully pragmatic sense of humor. Besides being 2016 Madison Funniest Comic he is the Chuck part in the Adam Asks Chuck podcast. We sit down to talk about the difficulties of listening to your own sets, people who wear bracelets, and how his fridge is cooler than space. Also, my search engine skills are put into question.


Steve Horton

Nobody knows what's going to happen when Steve Horton hits the stage, not even him. Especially not him. I went to visit him on the empty stage of Atlas Improv, where he performs and teaches. We talk about the weird relationship between improv and stand-up, the royal power of a microphone, losing control on stage, and getting it back on life.


Cosmo Nomikos

Cosmo Nomikos has been crushing stages all over town in his relatively short time at the Madison scene. He's not only a great comic, he's also a sweet human with a heart of gold. We talk about having fun on stage, getting laughs at the Argus open mic, and our pre-show rituals. We also give each other compliments, in a competition to see who is nicer. Spoiler alert: it's a tie.


Mike Droho

Madison locals may recognize Mike as the frontman of his old band, Compass Rose. These days he works at Comedy on State. Besides making sure things run smoothly at the club, Mike books the host and feature comics for the weekend. Which means that every comic performing at the open mic will be looking for his approval. Mike knows a lot about comedy and the club, but had never performed stand-up comedy... Until today. We talk about his first time on a comedy stage, the differences between...