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Ep. 09 | Date-less Weddings, Pet Peeves, & Cuddling

This week Kayley is back and although the girls spent the weekend apart, both dominated the game of being single at friends’ weddings. We learn Jenny’s biggest pet peeve, Kayley meets some Sex & Studio City fans in Colorado, and the girls debate first dates, cuddling, and friend-zoning. Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and email us at Cheers! xx


EP. 08 | The Andrew Effect

It’s time for a dude’s perspective. On this week’s episode we have Andrew, the creator of the name, “Sex & Studio City.” Kayley is out this week working, but Jenny and Andrew hold down the fort. Andrew is a Philly raised comedian and an enigma as an LA male in a serious relationship. He spills his take on dating in LA, decodes text messages that Jenny and Kayley have received from guys, and plays The Question Game. Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram...


Ep. 07 | How to Rage 101, Karaoke, & Dating in the Workplace

This week on the episode, Kayley graduates from Raging 101, Jenny cries tears of joy over concert tickets for ‘you know who,’ the girls sing Karaoke with the crew from Bravo's ‘Below Deck Med,’ and they win the gold medal for number of guys met who don’t live in LA. Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocityand email us at Cheers! xx


Ep. 06 | Lady Bosses, Getting Ghosted & First Date Expectations

This week the Sex & Studio City ladies are BOSSES. Jenny gets a promotion and Kayley starts a new job working with none other than Jenny Brown - as if these friends need to spend more time together. Kayley experiences a post-ghost run-in with a guy she used to date, Jenny shares her opinion about paying on the first date, and both girls make a background cameo on the next season of their favorite show, 'Vanderpump Rules.' Head to our website, follow the Pod on...


Ep. 05 | Korea Town Dance Parties, Sexualized Disney References, & The Great Yanny/Laurel Debate

This week on Sex & Studio City, Jenny shows Matt Kemp how much she loves the (Dodger) ‘D,’ Kayley experiences a Double Bumble match, they both get restaurant patrons out of their chairs for a Backstreet Boys dance sesh, and have a tremendous Sunday fun day at their favorite bar Yanny Tavern... I mean Laurel Tavern. Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and email us at Cheers! xx


Ep. 04 | Celebrity Sightings, Lucid Dreaming & The Question Game

This week Jenny introduces her favorite game, The Question Game to the podcast. The answers work their way to raunchy as the girls play this gem of an ice breaker. Jenny attends a movie screening, Kayley interviews a cast member from “Sex And The City,” and they both get asked to be bridesmaids and immediately plot for a way to get ‘The Thong Song’ played at the reception.


Ep. 03 | Heavy Dancing, NSYNC, & Bumble Profiles

This week Jenny gets a VERY exciting phone call, Kayley gets her sh** cracked at the chiropractor, Jenny sits next to a handsome man on the plane, Kayley basically becomes a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, and both girls meet men who fade away as quickly as two ships passing in the night.


Ep. 02 | Foreign Men, Unwanted Sexting, & Bye Bye Bill Cosby

This week Jenny rolls into work perfectly on time after quite the Sunday fun-day, Kayley goes full Australian, Jenny gets hit on by a British man and all of her Harry Potter dreams come true, and Kayley receives some unwanted sexts. 🍑👀 Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and email us at Cheers! xx


Ep. 00 | Meet The Ladies of Sex & Studio City

Come pour yourself a drink and join us as we sip and spill about life, love, and LA... with no shortage of laughter. "They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style" - Carrie Bradshaw. Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and email us at Cheers! xx


Ep. 01 | First Dates, Workout Fails, & Justin Timberlake

Jenny and Kayley spend a weekend apart while Jenny headed south to Del Mar, Kayley hit the desert for Coachella. Kayley tried to get in shape in three days and failed, Jenny went on a date that was three years in the making, and Tristan Thompson is at the top of both of their sh** lists. Kayley 'Henry' becomes the new Hollywood Medium with her celebrity predictions, and Jenny's connection to her love Justin Timberlake is a real *zinger.* Head to our website,...