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Ep. 32 | Water Cooler Chat

It’s officially December when Studio City becomes Hydroplane City as sunny LA turns into a monsoon… Ok a tad dramatic. The girls attend the EBONY Power 100 Gala and Kayley works the carpet while Jenny works the men! Ne-Yo blows their minds with his incredible performance and the girls spot the infamous Nikki from their fav film ‘Save the Last Dance’ #Derek. Jenny continues her Positive Patty streak diving deeper into the teachings of The Secret, and Kayley interviews everyone’s favorite dad...


Ep. 31 | Justin Time for Luna

This week has some HIGH highs and some LOW lows. Jenny’s rollercoaster of emotions starts with the cancellation of the Justin Timberlake concert #prayforJustin, but thankfully she is revived when Evanna Lynch AKA Luna Lovegood herself gives Jenny a personalized Harry Potter video message shoutout. While visiting Denver, Kayley goes on the hunt for tingly flower bud shots and once again finds herself in Bachelor Nation. The girls discuss the sad reality of second dates, and the importance of...


Ep. 30 | Thanksgiving Quickie

This week’s episode is a Thanksgiving quickie! Kayley talks about mixing business with pleasure with Derek Hough from ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and Jenny goes from sliding into DM’s to a successful first date! Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and email us at Cheers! xx


Ep. 29 | Michaelan Strikes Gold

This episode of Sex & Studio City is nothing short of inspiring. Michaelan Moore imparts her wisdom when it comes to being single, dating, but most importantly building yourself into the person you want to be. Michaelan did just that, and when her perfect match walked into her life, she recognized it without a doubt. Her story is one for the movies. Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and email us at Cheers!...


Ep. 28 | Sex & Studio City Matchmakers

This week, the girls dabble in matchmaking and contemplate starting a Sex & Studio City Matchmaking service. Kayley’s dreams come true when she interviews a cast member from ‘The Hills’ and they make their friendship Instagram official, Jenny slides into a prospect’s DM’s and takes the reigns in asking him out, and she discovers there is an Irish Justin Timberlake lookalike just across the pond. Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and...


Ep. 27 | The Real Housewives of Hawaii

This week the girls get spoiled when Kayley is gifted a Hawaiian booze cruise and Jenny is gifted Justin Timberlake’s new book. Kayley celebrates her birthday in Maui but is hit with a Hawaiian orbiter and some Hawaiian drama. On Halloween Jenny wins in her Hermione costume but loses her wand #HarryPotterproblems. The girls discuss dating someone with an unfortunate name and pose the obvious common question, if you could handle your ex dating a celebrity. Head to our website...


Ep. 26 | Lost In Translation

This week on Sex & Studio City, Jenny graduates from ‘two ships passing in the night’ to four ships exchanging pleasantries when she gives out her number while out at the bar. Kayley gets her Hollywood fill working many events and is delighted when Heidi Klum remembers her when they interview for a second time. Kayley and Jenny realize they are very different scary movie-watchers, Kayley’s orbiter comes back into orbit, Jenny uses the Millennial social media flirtation trick, and a secret...


Ep. 25 | The Ultimate Lady Boss

On this episode of Sex & Studio City, Kayley and Jenny interview the ultimate lady boss who happens to be their actual boss! Laura Pierson worked her way from assistant of a nationally known host, to helping launch an Emmy-nominated daytime lifestyle show, eventually becoming Executive Producer of talent. And as if that’s not enough, Laura also won Season 26 of THE AMAZING RACE. We talk to Laura about working her way up in the entertainment biz, her experience on The Race, and of course we...


Ep. 24 | The (LA) World is Our Oyster

This week on Sex & Studio City, the girls are back in the full swing of LA life. Kayley hits the ground running with a busy week of celebrity interviews and Jenny goes full Lady Boss when she books a President’s daughter to appear on the show she works for. Kayley is out of commish over the weekend and instead gets drunk off Haagen Dazs ice-cream, and Jenny imagines she is still in Europe while attending the LA version of Oktoberfest by the beach (sans Dirndl). Head to our website...


Ep. 23 | Getting DIRNDT In Our Dirndls

Kayley and Jenny are back from Europe and reminiscing on their trip of a lifetime. From boombox parties in the streets of London, to Parisian tiki bars, to getting DIRNDT in German Dirndls, the girls did not waste a European minute. Kayley is taken on a classy date in London by a handsome Irishman, Jenny swaps accents with a British Airman, and they both Prost the weekend away drinking German beer in their Dirndl dresses at Munich’s Oktoberfest. Head to our website,...


Ep. 22 | Cheerio, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen

This week, Jenny and Kayley prep for their European excursion. Kayley meets her real-life angel, Tyler Henry The Hollywood Medium, and Jenny studies up on her Harry Potter movies to prep for the UK. The girls discuss the possibility of dating someone abroad while simultaneously putting the thought out in the universe. #FindJennyherHarry Sex and Studio City will be back in 2 weeks with endless tales from across the pond. Head to our website, follow the Pod on...


Ep. 21 | A Yearbook Picture Worth a 1,000 Words

Kayley meets Leonardo DiCaprio’s classmate from back in the day and is blessed with his yearbook picture, Jenny talks love and relationships with a deep Aussie, and the girls have a Bravo and Hallmark star sighting. They meet a lovely middle-aged couple and compare dating now to dating 40 years ago . The girls discuss dating topics on whether timing matters when people fall in love, and reconnecting with past relationships. Head to our website, follow the Pod on...


Ep. 20 | The Bold & The Beautiful

We’ve got ‘That’s What She Said’ shirts and candy cane booty sunburns on this week’s episode. Kayley and Jenny head to Scottsdale for Labor Day weekend, Jenny summons a waitress to hit on a guy for her across the restaurant, and Kayley pulls a Good Will Hunting and leaves early to go and see about a boy. The girls discuss how many dates is too many before a first kiss, and reveal their Instagram poll results on Colton being the next Bachelor. If you live near Studio City, make sure to check...


Ep. 19 | HIGHatus HIGH note

This week Jenny and Kayley put the HIGH in hiatus, and end their work break on a high note. They share a tequila shot with Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval, Jenny runs into a crush and he makes her dreams come true, and Jenny does an impromptu photo shoot you have to hear to believe. Kayley fails at hitting on an NBA player, and fails at standing up right when she yet again throws out her back and officially becomes Gumby. The girls talk dating topics and decide they need to make a cameo...


Ep. 18 | When Your Mojo is Unstoppable

We’re back, baby! This week Jenny and Kayley give a full rundown of their wild week off work. From an LAFC soccer game to seeing more people from Bachelor Nation to meeting DILF’s and so many Europeans, the girls are #livingtheirbestlives. They feel like Austin Powers when he gets his mojo back. They also discuss the dating topic of starting a relationship when you are long distance, and of course mention The Hills reboot that has rocked their world. The rest is still unwritten. Head to our...


Ep. 17 | QUICKIE

This week Kayley and Jenny have gone off the rails during their work hiatus, and their vacation mode got the best of them. Today’s episode is a quick update on all the fun that has been had from San Diego to Denver and of course all over LA. In San Diego Jenny falls for a Grocery Store Joe lookalike and Lil Dicky lookalike, respectively. The girls spend quality father/daughter time with their dads, and Kayley changes her flight for a dreamboat guy she meets in Denver. Tune in Saturday for a...


Ep. 16 | Bachelor Nation, Love Languages & The Thong Song

This week Kayley and Jenny have some time off work and are taking full advantage. After an exhilarating weekend, the girls attend a Bachelorette finale viewing event and are officially inducted into Bachelor Nation. Jenny bonds with Wills from Becca’s season of 'The Bachelorette' over Harry Potter, Kayley gets to know the very sweet Lauren Bushnell, and they both freak over Becca’s final pick with the rest of Bachelor Nation. The girls meet British soldiers who share their love of Sisqo’s...


Ep. 15 | Contradictions, Stolen Instagram Pics & Dating Setups

This week Kayley goes full Penny Lane when she accidentally becomes a groupie for a famous actor’s son, Jenny faces her kryptonite of spiders, a guy slides into Kayley’s DM’s and asks her out on a “random" date, Jenny swipes right when she finds her favorite rapper on Bumble, and actress Chrissy Metz from ‘This Is Us’ relates to the girls when it comes to being on dating apps. They discuss dating topics and Hollywood’s quick engagements. Head to our website, follow...


Ep. 14 | Weekend Surprises, Dating App Match Run-Ins & On The Prowl Strategies

This week Jenny adults and turns her bedroom into a home decor catalog, Kayley runs into multiple dating app matches out in the wild, one of the girls gets unsurprisingly ghosted, and they cover some fun dating topics. How do we pick up guys at bars? Dating app perception vs. in person reality? Take a listen and find out our take! Head to our website, follow the Pod on Instagram @sexandstudiocity and email us at Cheers! xx


Ep. 13 | We Introduce You To The Next Michael B. Jordan

This week, Jenny and Kayley sit down with actor, Jordan L. Jones - or as they like to call him - JJ. JJ talks working his way from production assistant to landing a co-starring role on a TV show, and working with the Black Panther rival himself, Michael B. Jordan. JJ gives the girls the single LA guy perspective as they quiz him on different dating scenarios. Make sure to check out the premiere of ‘Rel’ on Fox, Sunday September 9th. Head to our website, follow the...