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Your one stop shop for shambles! A current events and WTF news podcast.

Your one stop shop for shambles! A current events and WTF news podcast.
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Your one stop shop for shambles! A current events and WTF news podcast.






EP 62: Asparamancer: The D&D Class No One Wants To Play

Shamble on! -Woman threatens parents over OutBack Steakhouse -Big news on the Jon Benet Ramsey case! -Update on woman giving birth while in a coma -Update on R Kelly -Man Chops off member to prove love to his girlfriend -Coke in bananas - Update on LGBTQ stand in mom -Asparagus fortune teller -Man caught touching himself tells cops he is Cap'tn Kirk -Man brings dead raccoon to fast food chain Promo: The Lady Dicks Podcast or @theladydicks on Twitter/FB/IG Music: Admiral...


EP 61: The Mack Rib Is Back

Finally healthy and able to record! Flu ain't gonna keep us down for long! Shamble on this week with your regularly scheduled WTF news plus a HUGE update on a story we have followed since day one! -Update on Macaulay Culkin's new middle name -Santa leaves surprises in stockings...surprises no ones wants -Snoop Dogg adopts dog names Snoop -Bacterial Infection ad sexy dance club -Stolen tequila...half a million dollars worth!! -Woman in vegetative state gives birth -Kid brings books to school...


EP 60: Approximately A Quaffle

Merry Christmas and Happy Shambles everyone! Get your post-Christmas shamble on with all the hot WTF news of the past week... -Dead Santa -Cannibal Corpse Guitarist Arrested -Instagram Sugar Daddy Hot Mess -Christmas Dragon Yard Display Makes Lame Neighbors Mad -Man Gets Lung Infection Sniffing His Own Socks -Man Has Plastic Surgery In Order To Date His Ex -Fossilized Spider Has Impressive Appendages -Spiders Could Eat Us All -New Lochness Monster Sighting -Parrot Orders From Amazon Prime...


EP 59: Downstairs Disasters

This week - big stuff going on! It's crazy out there folks! -Update on Famous Australian Cold Case - Chris Dawson arrested! -Celine Dion working with the devil? -Child made fun of at airport for name -Jeffrey Dean Morgan adopts wacky animal couple -Man stabs roommate with ice pick in a terrible place -Robot sprays bear mace - the singularity is upon us -Horrible things happening to guinea pigs in Target parking lot -Sex offender caught in doctor's office -Kids served PineSol instead of apple...


EP 58: Nefertiti 8

Shamble On! Our live episode was dead in the water but we are back this week with your regularly scheduled WTF news! This week's stories include: -New 3000 year old tombs discovered -Naughty Parrot -Dog drives tractor, runs over owner -Murder Santa App -Wombat Poo -Grandma Meth -Woman Poisons Husband in an interesting way -American gets killed visiting remote tribe in India -World's oldest customer complaint Music: Admiral Longtooth


EP 57: ShambleFeet

Awwwww yis we BACK! Shamble on with us this week as we talk about -Big Foot in congress -Moms fight at bus stop, cut each other with broken coffee mug -Man dies - possibly a cult -Woman attempts to kill family because of demons -Veg restaurant serves human meat -Post Malone spends $40k on PostMates -Skeleton in basement could be man's missing father -Woman tries to trade dog for baby -Woman make $100k selling old dirty socks Shamble on! Music: Admiral Longtooth...


Bonus Ep 5: Spooky Shambles - Haunted Memphis

Welcome to another spooooooky shambles! This time we fill you in on the all the best haunted spots around our great city of Memphis, TN. And we tell you about some of our own spooky experiences! Happy Halloween! - Blackwell House - Brister Library - Ornamental Metal Museum - Overton Park's Haunted Lake - VooDoo Village - Elmwood Cemetery - Grawemeyer's Piano Bar - The Lorraine Motel - Graceland - Earnestine & Hazel's - Hunt/Phelan House - The Orpheum Theatre - The Woodruff Fontaine House...


EP: 56 Swamp Witches

It's another crazy week here at ShambleFest! -A not so ghostly ghost ship -Zak Bagans' weird acquisition -Shaggy2Dope vs Fred Durst -Free Pizza for Life -Horrific murder (trigger warning) -Woman holds record for most kids with most men -Woman stabs husband after "tripping on a rug -Googly Eye bandit Shamble On! Music: Admiral Longtooth


EP 55: Flamin' Hot Truth

Settle in for a margarita fueled episode full of shambles! -Man dies in bowling pin machine -Man says ghost planted meth on him -Man has ED - takes meds irresponsibly - see's red foreve -Fire hole in Arkansas -Cheerleades give out pot brownies for home coming votes -Man has 28k criminal charges against him -Two new OgoPogo sightings! -Rapper Lil Xan hospitalized for eating too many hot Cheetos Music: Admiral Longtooth


EP 54: The Latest Episode

Better late than never, eh? Shamble on with a late but amazing episode this week! Stories include... - Man held hostage by grizzly bear for 16 days...things get weird - Give Macaulay Culkin a new middle name! - Win $300 from Six Flags by spending 30 hours in a coffin - Goats who want our pee - Strip Club gets shut down for taking payment in food stamps - The official search for Jesus's pee (actually a cult) - Russian man digs up bodies - makes dolls - Moose poop clocks - Famous serial killer...


Ep 54: Pup The Bounty Hunter

Shamble on this week as we retell all the best WTF news stories we could find! - Raccoon Bread Bandits - Red Heifer Signals End Of Days - Beyonce is a witch - Barber in NOLA arrested for VooDoo - Dog the Bounty Hunter - yes he still exists - Trump on the hurricane - Turtle found in woman's vagina - Man walks his wife on a leash - Needles in strawberries - Edibles at the church bake sale Music: Admiral Longtooth


EP 53: The Dry Dry Episode

Recording on location from Amber's house, join us for your weekly weird and WTF news reports! Shamble On! - Mummy filled with woodland creatures - Beaver gets assaulted - Trap House - Russian Jurassic Park - How not to die while eating pizza - Where not to put glitter - Woman uses dynamite instead of candle during power outtage - Pole dancing at kindergarden - Disney Princes Murder - Swords legal to carry in Texas - Square UFO sighting Music: Admiral Longtooth...


Ep 52: Stupid and Quick

Hey Hey WE'RE BACK! Shamble on this week with several local stories and other real weird things! - Memphis chicken restaurant drug scandle - Flesh eating bacteria - Update n body found in river after visit to Graceland - Last Blockbuster Movies develops their own beer - Big Foot sighting in TN - OOOPS a Fake Story - Bag of Bones found in Hermitage, TN - Return of lost Ruby Red Slippers - Memphis man defiles corpse - Drive through drug trailer Promo: Boozy Movies...


Ep 51: ShambleFest2020

Shamble on this week with stories about: Woman throws artifacts in river - possibly cursed? Man pretend to be ex-fiance's mother's ghost Drug tunnel in KFC Man passes out in drive through with drugs A shark with red face Dolphins saved by man with longest arms in the world Nessie Photo dubbed best in years Woman fired by NASA over tweets Special Promo: That's Weird Podcast Music: Admiral Longtooth...


Ep 50: Blamber Blawson & Flessica Flusher

Shamble On this week with a brand spankin new episode! This week we ramble on about: Two old guys breaking out of a nursing home to go to a metal festival Teen wants to marry zombie doll (?!?!?) An update on Amythiest and her ghost dates Rabid Beaver What NOT to put up your hoo-ha Girls thwart kidnapper with gas station snacks Fake Man Buns - our opinion Woman in MI gets poop in mail $100k Ramen Noodle Heist Shamble On! Promos: Bicker Bots Podcast...


EP 49: Shambleversary - The Super Cut

Welcome to ShambleFest! We have been at this for a year now and we love you all for coming back week after week to share in our weird, wild world of WTF news and wacky stories. To celebrate, we have put together a (really long, wow we didn't think it would be this long!) SUPER CUT episode. Take a trip back through the last year and as always…Shamble On! This episodes includes: All things Corey Feldman - Ep 1, 14, 33, 48 Woman Has Intimate Relations with a Ghost - Ep 19 Church of the Drunken...


EP 48: Corn Dog Rat

Happy Monday and Shamble On with us! This week's stories include: -Corey Feldman Update -The Hot Water Challenge -Weird Wedding Night Job Request -Oooops a fake story! -Important messages from the CDC -Shark Theft -Big Foot Erotica In Politics -Personal Shamble Fish Stories -Corn Dog Rat Special Promo for Macabre London: Music: You Don't Tell Me by Admiral Longtooth


EP 47: The Shortest One

Welcome to a short but action packed episode of ShambleFest! This week hear stories about: - Betsy Devos and her stolen yacht - Water found on Mars! - 666 Murder - LGBT Stand In Mom - Naked man in Nashville McDonalds - Every Time I Die guitarist save woman's life with beer to the eye Shamble On!


EP 46: The One Where Everyone is an Idiot

Happy Monday and welcome to ShambleFest! This week everyone is an idiot and we tell you how! - Raccoon terrorizes local store - Outrage over Costco's polish sausage - Sarcophagus update!! - Stolen nuclear material goes unreported - Local man steal's dates car and goes on another date - Drunk man fights on reflection - #InMyFeelings challenge - Giant Jeff Goldblum statue in London Special Promo: I Shake My Head


EP 45: Fartin' Out Ya Mouth

It's another great week here at Shamble Fest! Tune in for: - Stormy Daniels gets arested - Giant sarcophagus discovered - Burglar breaks into escape room...can't escape - Instagram model gets shark bit - Woman dies in garage with mechanic - Teen gets USB chord stuck...someplace horrible - Drunk driver lights cigg with burning car - Giant Dorito sells for $12k - Lamborghini catches fire at gas station - Woman tries to take WW2 bomb through airport Special Promo: Watching My Stories...