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Shift Beers is a podcast by people who work in the brewing industry for all beer lovers. Dedicated to long nights and early mornings.

Shift Beers is a podcast by people who work in the brewing industry for all beer lovers. Dedicated to long nights and early mornings.


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Shift Beers is a podcast by people who work in the brewing industry for all beer lovers. Dedicated to long nights and early mornings.






Episode 42: Stop, Collaborate and Listen

This week on Shift Beers it's all about collaborations! We drink some collaboration beers, a gin and a mead! We say that's a well rounded night of drinking if we do say so ourselves.


Episode 41: Jetpack'n

This is one of those shows where we really didn't have a theme. We just brought a bunch of beers and talked about things. One of those things was Jetpack'n. What's jetpack'n you ask? If you don't know you'll just have to listen! Don't worry though we tried some banger beers too!


Episode 40: We Drink 40s

Episode we drink 40s...that's pretty much it. Share your photos of you drinking a 40 with us this week with #shiftbeers for a chance for a virtual high five!


Episode 39: Gas Station Singles Vol 2 Live At Fretboard Brewing

Well this was a fun one! We knew we had to pull out all the stops when our good friend Mitch from Fretboard Brewing asked us to do a show live on their stage. We thought back to all of the fun times we've had on the show and what we could do to top the best shows we've ever done. There was only one real answer. Gas Station Singles Vol 2! That's right, we visited the best gas stations Cincinnati has to offer and we picked out some bangers from the singles cooler. From Monaco 69 to Four Loko...


Episode 38: Untappd Arcade

Who gets the high score!? This week we invited our friend Kat to the show. She's a bartender in the industry, but has been involved in Cincinnati's chapters of Girls Pint out and Pink Boots Society for even longer! How fitting to have her on the show when we play a game we dubbed Untappd Arcade! Each person brought a beer they thought carries a high rating on the Untappd app without looking. Let's see who brought the highest scoring beer!


Episode 37: Bourbons Not From Kentucky

In our business we see a lot of people try to tell us Bourbon can't be made outside of Kentucky. We do our best to correct that common misconception, but some people just don't want to listen. This show is dedicated to those people. This week we sat down and tried some Bourbons that weren't made in Kentucky! Don't worry though, we also had our fair share of bonus beers!


Episode 36: Summer Bangers Vol 1

Summer is here! (Technically) and we decided to dive into a selection of delicious summer bangers or patio pounders as you will. Chris isn't here this week, but we were able to catch up with Beth and Bryan after not being on last week. We spill a lot of beer and make Bryan's office really sticky too...let's be real though, his office is always sticky.


Episode 35: The Chris & Josh Show

Everyone left on vacation and left Chris and Josh alone to record the podcast this week. It's either going to be a train wreck (unless Denzel Washington has something to say about it) or amazing. You can be the judge!


Episode 34: The "Other" Queen City

In this episode Beth's friend Keri joins us from Charlotte, the other Queen City and she brought some beers with her! A lot of beers actually, and a Smirnoff Ice (gotta listen to the show for that one) None of us have been to Charlotte so it was a really awesome experience to enjoy some beers from another region of the country without having to go there! Tune in for a good time mmmmmmkay?


Episode 33: Micro or Macro IPA Edition (and a Canadian)

If you remember waaaay back in Episode 19 we did Micro or Macro Crispy Boi Edition, well we're back at it again, this time with IPAs. Two of us bought macro IPAs and two of us bought micro or craft IPAs. We all blind tasted them, tried to guess which one was which and we all discuss which ones were our favorites! We also had our very first international guest on the show Bret from the Neubert Report hopped on for a bit while he was walking around Canada drinking beer in the streets because...


Episode 32: Our milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

This week we dive into the wide world of milkshake beers! (Mainly IPAs) Josh also forgot to hit record so we got 20min in and had to start over. Fun times!


Episode 31: Worse Than Malort

And we're back! Why why why do we do this to ourselves? Remember the gas station singles episode? Well, we decided to attempt to one up it with the worst liquor we could find at our local liquor store. From shitty scotch, to a rose wine blended vodka and more we dive deep into the world of shitty alcohol. The goal? To find something worse than Malort. In this show we also try a plethora of bonus beers mostly from breweries here in Cincinnati! We also call our friends The Gnarly Gnome and...


Episode 30: Jeff From Lagunitas

Look, we're gonna say this episode might start out not the best. As you know we all work in the brewing industry and we've been busting our butts to open up a new taproom at the place we work at so this round of shift beers was a little more tired than normal, but LET US TELL YOU. Jeff from the Lagunitas Taproom in Petaluma, CA saved this episode by being one of the best sports ever. See, Lagunitas put a number on their cans to call with feedback, but for whatever reason it rings in to their...


Episode 29: Shift Boats

In this episode Josh brings his chug, sip or cellar selections, he has a beef with the entire state of Florida, Bryan shows up late and scares the shit out of Chris and we all drink delicious bonus beers brought by all In all seriousness this show is pretty dope! We drink a beer that's 6 years old! Tune in and see which one it was!


Episode 28: The Suck Zone

Welcome to another fantastic episode of Shift Beers! This episode we jump into what we call the new age black and tan...where really we just mix a bunch of beers we think taste good together. Wow your friends with your creations at your next party with these ideas! You won’t believe combo #2! Why is this episode called The Suck Zone? Tune in to find out! Was that enough clickbait to get you to listen? We hope so!


Episode 27: Shandyception

Since spring is in the air the Shift Beers crew decided it was time to crack open some shandies and fruit beers. Josh brought off the shelf shandies, Bryan brought some fruit tarts and Beth brought her build your own shandy kit with some bangin' beers and equally bangin' lemonade and lemonade accessories. With all kinds of lemon, lime, and raspberry (aides) available to us we ended up "shandying" everything on the table....including the pre-made shandies because why not? You looking for...


Episode 26: Cocktail and Cocktail Accessories

This episode we dove into the world of cocktails with the newest member to the team at the place we don't work at! Giacomo is a mixologist that has worked at many establishments in Cincinnati and he pre-mixed a few cocktails for us to try on the show. It's always fun to get on the other side of the drinks business especially when we all work at a distillery as well! Full warning, he was developing some signature cocktails for our new brewery space before the episode so we all had a few sips...


Episode 25: That one time at band camp we replaced Bryan with a button

Wow, this one was a doozy! Bryan sadly could not join us this week, but never fear! We have a sound board now and have replaced him with a button! All jokes aside, Kevin, our operations manager at the place we don't work at jumped in and we tried a lot of delicious beers and one bomb ass cider. We didn't quite have a theme this week, so we wandered around a bit talking about musical instruments we played back in high school and college, video games, and eating edibles. Yes, those...


Episode 24: Bockfest!

We're back at it again with a very special episode of Shift Beers! If you're not from Cincinnati you might not understand this episode, but take some time and learn about bock beers and what makes them so awesome. We love them so much we have a huge festival each year celebrating the style of beer. It involves goats, beer, and sausage queens. Sounds like a great time to us!


Episode 23: Beerfest Stories

We weren't able to enjoy beerfests and beer events this year so we all decided to crack some beers and tell some infamous beerfest stories in this episode. Some of them were funny....others were tragic. From falling down, to throwing up to late night tow truck adventures we've experienced it all. We drank a lot of great beers this episode, but Warped Wing Brewing took the show as Beth brought us a bunch of goodies from a recent visit. We also try some nasty seltzer and that weird Raging...